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Published by Shore Health System, 219 S. Washington St., Easton, MD 21601 Executive Editor: Patti Willis Managing Editor: Linda Mastro Creative Director: Kim Quigley Photography: Melissa Grimes-Guy, Paragon Light and the Shore Health System archives For additional copies, contact the Corporate Communications Department at 410-822-1000, ext. 5222 or e-mail [email protected] Shore Health System is committed to providing equal opportunity in the areas of employment practices and patient services. There shall be no discrimination against any persons because of race, color, belief, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability or financial status.





In simple math, one plus one equals two. In the complex world of health care, this same formula produces partnerships that bring together resources, talents, skills and dreams for the future of our community. Whether looking back at our heritage or planning for the future, partnerships drive the success of Shore Health System. The partnership formed from the 2006 merger with the University of Maryland Medical System capitalized on our common histories, experience and clinical excellence. Collaborations with physician practices and other healthcare organizations expand our reach into the community. The partners whom we most value are the friends, families and visitors who entrust us with their health care.





A Message

from the

President and CEO

Shore Health System's mission of providing Exceptional Care, Every Day took root in our community hospitals over a century ago and continues today through partnerships that take many forms. In 2007, we celebrated the centennial of The Memorial Hospital at Easton and Dorchester General Hospital nears its 110th year. This was a time to reflect on our growth and the many successes made possible by the exemplary teamwork between our physicians, staff and volunteers. Our goal to attract up to 50 additional physicians will be possible through our partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) and the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The individuals who form our medical staff of nearly 300 are committed to helping us deepen and broaden the scope of clinical services available to our community. We move into the next century with a unified continuum of medical services. Our "hub and spoke" model consists of acute care hospital services in centralized locations with outpatient centers located out in the communities close to where people need them. The financial and clinical resources of UMMS enable Shore Health System to address some of its most pressing needs, including a new regional medical center and access to highly specialized clinical services, such as neonatal, trauma and cardiac care. Day to day, every patient interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety. To achieve the high standards we have set for ourselves, Shore Health System has invested millions of dollars in staff, equipment and systems that make it possible to analyze each patient interaction and measure our performance. We also join with other healthcare leaders throughout the state and across the country to develop processes that keep people safe while they are in our care. Whether looking back at our heritage or planning for the future, partnerships drive our success. And the constant partners whom we most value are the friends, families and visitors who entrust us with their health care. Joseph P. Ross President and CEO


Recruitment of physicians to the Shore Health System medical staff has expanded the availability of primary care and specialty expertise. In 2007, Shore Surgical Care was formed with four surgeons specializing in general, vascular and thoracic surgery. Two pain management physicians chose Easton to launch Shore Comprehensive Pain Care at The Memorial Hospital at Easton. Additional physicians joined practices in emergency medicine, endocrinology, neurology, neurosurgery, obstetrics, gynecology and cardiology. New services on the horizon include a Neurological Day Rehabilitation program and a Balance Center at Dorchester General Hospital, and a Joslin Diabetes Center. Kidney specialists who completed fellowships in nephrology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have set up practice in Easton, where candidates for kidney transplants will have convenient access to pre-surgical evaluation and post-surgical follow up with members of the prestigious University of Maryland Medical Center kidney transplant team. Shore Health System Information Technology experts are considered an integral part of the clinical team responsible for providing frontline patient care. By leveraging the latest systems solutions, they collaborate with physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers to expand systems and services that directly affect each patient. The power of two extends to the measurement of how well Shore Health System and the other members of the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) network are performing against an established quality "report card." Across the system, clinical leaders look at data such as mortality rates, medication errors, patient satisfaction and patient falls, and they share best practices for how to achieve even higher scores. Facility expansions that will take Shore Health System well into the next century are progressing through the planning stages. UMMS and Shore Health System have teamed up with county legislators to open a free-standing emergency center in Queen Anne's County by 2009. The Emergency Department at Dorchester General Hospital is scheduled for expansion and renovation in 2008. Looking even further into the future, the planning committee of the Shore Health System Board of Directors has initiated a 24-month-long planning process to identify strategies for meeting the region's need for a new regional medical center. As the planning committee moves into its second year of study, it is considering the healthcare demands of the growing mid-Shore population and the economic, environmental, engineering and regulatory impact of possible locations for the new medical center.



A Message

from the

A Message

from the

Chairman of the Board

On July 1, 2007, we marked our first year as a member of the University of Maryland Medical System. The Board of Shore Health System unanimously approved the merger with UMMS because we believe this partnership will greatly enhance our ability to achieve our priorities. These priorities are focused on improving clinical services in our community and gaining the much-needed capital to build a new mid-Shore medical center in a timely manner. We have already seen significant progress toward achieving our clinical goals. We have successfully recruited two nephrologists, a neurosurgeon, two general surgeons and a thoracic surgeon. We recently authorized the purchase of a multi-million dollar daVinci® surgical system, which will assist urologists who perform delicate prostate surgery. We have also begun planning to open a Joslin Diabetes Center and a kidney transplant clinic. These are all very positive strategies for improving health care in the communities we serve. The Board has a very strong strategic planning committee that is diligently working to study the many economic, environmental and logistical aspects of selecting a site for and building a new regional medical facility that will serve our needs well into the future. As your Board of Directors, we monitor closely the financial performance of our hospitals and consider that performance in every decision we make. But, financial performance is not the only key indicator of how well we are meeting the needs of the community. Especially high on the Board's priority list is the quality of the services we provide. We spend a significant portion of our monthly meetings focused on quality and how to attain and exceed the highest healthcare standards. We are fortunate to have a strong Board of Directors. The members lend us their expertise and personal perspectives to ensure that Shore Health System has the people, facilities, equipment and technology to keep improving as a top tier healthcare organization. John Dillon, Chairman Shore Health System Board of Directors

Memorial Hospital Foundation Chairman

The growth of the Memorial Hospital Foundation since its inception in 1982 represents a strong partnership with the community. Growing its assets from a modest beginning, the Foundation is poised to support a more advanced and innovative hospital. Through the recent partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System, the Foundation will assist Shore Health System in bringing new clinical services, technology and physician specialists to the region while addressing some of its most pressing needs, including the need for a new state of the art regional medical center. Since 1982, strong community leadership has led the Foundation in its fundraising efforts, including the Foundation's successful campaign to raise nearly $8.5 million toward capital improvements for healthcare initiatives in 1989. Funds raised through the Foundation's bequests, annual appeal gifts and planned gifts have risen substantially since then, including annual support given to the Foundation by the Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital. Through the support of the Memorial Hospital Foundation, a number of innovative healthcare programs have been initiated, including Shore Health System's Critical Care University and Graduate University nursing education programs, which have reduced the nursing shortage experienced by the organization. Other recent innovations supported by the Foundation include purchase of the latest stereotactic radiation technology at Shore Regional Cancer Center, ImageCube surgical review technology available in the Memorial Hospital operating rooms, and perinatal bassinets in the Birthing Center for babies at risk. The Foundation appreciates the generous community donations which perpetuate the culture of philanthropy which has been with the hospital since its beginnings. A viable Foundation enables the continuous delivery of Exceptional Care, Every Day. Lloyd Beatty, Chairman Memorial Hospital Found Board of Directors



a year to celebrate

In 2007, Shore Health System

celebrated the centennial of


The Memorial Hospital at Easton, which was founded as

Emergency Hospital in

The Memorial Hospital at Easton, Dorchester General Hospital, Shore Home Care, and Shore Health System's outpatient services all earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval in 2007. This recognition, which extends previously awarded accreditation for an additional three years, validates that these affiliates have earned the highest national standards for healthcare quality and safety set by the Joint Commission, which evaluates and accredits nearly 15,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the United States. The Memorial Hospital at Easton was among the first 15 Maryland hospitals to earn Primary Stroke Center designation from the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. Partnerships with area Emergency Medical Services providers and the hospital's Brain Attack Team (shown here) ensure that individuals with stroke symptoms will receive the highest level of appropriate care as soon as the 911 call is made. 1 In May, 2007, the Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation celebrated its grand opening at Memorial Hospital. Acute rehabilitation is a comprehensive program of coordinated interdisciplinary services focused on evaluation, treatment and education for patients recovering from an accident, injury, surgery and illnesses such as stroke. This "hospital within a hospital" provides care 24 hours a day, seven days a week under the direction of a board certified neurologist and a skilled team of rehabilitation specialists. The facility is equipped with large patient rooms, many of them private, two rehab gyms, an activities of daily living apartment, and a multifunctional activities room. 2

Dorchester General Hospital nears its 110th year & both hospital Auxiliaries reflected on the

many ways they have supported


patient care for more than 50


Amid these historical celebrations, Shore Health System, its physicians and

staff collaborated to mission of

Exceptional Care, Every Day.

earn honors and deliver services to support the


Shore Comprehensive Pain Care opened in September, 2007. The center, based at Memorial Hospital,

uses a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic pain, combining the best of traditional medical care with alternative medical options. The center's mission is to create a personalized plan for each pain patient in order to best restore quality of life. Patients have access to physicians and a psychologist specializing in pain management; a team of dedicated nurses; and a physical therapist, who specializes in spinal care and back injuries. The center also refers patients to the Shore Health System Center for Integrative Medicine, when appropriate, for massage therapy and acupuncture.

Construction of the Emergency Services and Outpatient Pavilion at Memorial Hospital

celebrated a milestone by placing the final steel beam above what will be the entrance to the new Emergency Department when it opens in December, 2007. Traditionally, placement of the highest steel beam during a construction project is referred to as "topping out." Before it was hoisted by crane up to its place on the steel structure, the beam was signed and decorated with an American flag and a small evergreen tree. Shown signing the beam are Joseph P. Ross, President and CEO for Shore Health System, and Edmond F. Notebaert, President and CEO of the University of Maryland Medical System. 3 Nursing continued its journey toward designation as a Magnet Hospital for Nursing Excellence. Research into evidence-based patient care practices and education for novice and experienced nurses are top priorities for the Nursing Executive Team. Over 280 nurses participated in a program entitled "Relationship-Based Care" to discuss the positive impact on patient and staff satisfaction that occurs when the art and science of nursing come together in the form of constructive relationships. In 2007, Shore Health System's nationally recognized Critical Care University and Graduate University graduated 31 RNs (shown here), bringing the five-year total to 140. 4


4 5



A $2 million investment enabled Shore Health System to replace most X-ray films with digital images at all of its diagnostic and imaging centers. The move to digital imaging enables physicians to view X-rays almost immediately anywhere they have secure Internet access. 1

Higher scanning speeds of the General Electric 8-channel 1.5T high field MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine installed at the Diagnostic and Imaging Center in Easton makes it possible to perform bi-lateral breast scans, a bonus for women whose physicians order an MRI to investigate an inconclusive mammogram or assess women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Computer-aided detection software compatible with MRI now enables radiologists to compare MRI breast scans to a database of known malignant results, which aids reaching a definitive diagnosis. With the upgraded MRI, magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) can be used to perform abdominal, leg and other vascular studies. 4


PET CT service is now available at Memorial Hospital. PET CT combines the power of two imaging

tools - positron emission tomography and computed tomography - to provide information that helps physicians determine the appropriate course of care for many forms of cancer. In the operating room, surgeons are offering back pain sufferers another option. X-Stop, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, relieves pain associated with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that causes severe back and leg pain. X-Stop (short for `extension stop,' displayed here by neurosurgeon Curtis Nelson, MD) is quick and safe, even for individuals who have health risks that prevent them from undergoing more complicated forms of surgery. 2 Radiologists are now performing kyphoplasty, a minimally invasive procedure used to treat vertebral compression fractions. The procedure is normally done on an outpatient basis without general anesthesia in the interventional radiology laboratory at Memorial Hospital.

The Regional Sleep Disorders Center at Memorial Hospital under the medical direction of Peter Whitesell, MD (shown here), responded to the changing technology of the evolving field of sleep and neurodiagnostic testing with an investment in state of the art monitoring and reporting technology. With all new equipment used to monitor and analyze patients as they sleep in a hotel-like setting, the center will soon have the capability to expand services to other locations. Physicians can access sleep studies online for review and interpretation. The completed studies are then transmitted to a patient's electronic medical record and to the ordering physician. 3

The Digestive Health Center completed renovations at its Easton facility. Adding an additional procedure

room and four patient preparation areas increases the center's ability to accommodate a higher volume of physician referrals for colonoscopies and endoscopies.

The Wound Healing Center located at Memorial Hospital attracted more physician specialists to its panel of providers to accommodate the demand for proven methods of treating chronic wounds. As a center of excellence, the Wound Healing Center provides quality of care and exceptional healing rates reported by National

Healing, the comprehensive wound care management company with which Shore Health System has partnered to offer this service on the mid-Shore.

The Balloon SinuplastyTM system was installed at Memorial Hospital for patients whose sinusitis has not responded to other medical or surgical treatment. The endoscopic sinus surgery performed by a specially trained ear, nose and throat specialist uses an FDA-approved balloon catheter to dilate blocked sinuses without removing tissue or bone. Patients require less anesthesia than other surgical procedures and experience shortened recovery time.

The Cardio-Pulmonary Fitness and Wellness program celebrated ten years of serving mid-Shore

residents through its centers at Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hospital. Certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, the three-phase program begins during inpatient treatment then continues through a monitored outpatient routine that gradually transitions to ongoing maintenance.

The Information Technology team works side-by-side with clinical staff to develop forward-thinking systems solutions. With the implementation of MEDITECH's Patient Care System, nurses, physicians and other clinicians have increased access to patient information for clinical decision making, improved documentation legibility, and the ability to standardize care between Shore Health System facilities.

Installation of the 4Medica clinical laboratory system was another step to integrate physician office practices more directly into Shore Health System. Physicians and their office staff have a more efficient method of ordering and reviewing laboratory test results for their patients. To date, 20 physician office practices are using the system to requisition lab tests and review results online.

MEDITECH's Emergency Department Management (EDM) application assists Emergency Department

clinicians and staff in the critical task of caring for patients quickly and efficiently. The EDM system serves as a communication tool between physicians, nurses and the ancillary departments, tracking patient information, such as test results, medication orders and vital signs. Once a patient is ready to be discharged, the system generates patient care instructions, follow-up reminders, referrals, forms and prescriptions. 4 Over 250 supporters of Dorchester General Hospital turned out for Snow Ball 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay in Cambridge. The formal dinner dance hosted by Michael D. Joyce, MD, and Rose Joyce raised $108,500 for renovations planned for the Dorchester General Hospital Emergency Department. The Dorchester General Hospital Foundation was the presenting sponsor. 5

a year to celebrate

1 3 2


measuring success

Shore Health System's commitment to quality and patient safety is led by the Board of Directors. This group, which includes experienced business executives, physicians, private citizens and senior management, measures how well Shore Health System is meeting its responsibility to the community. The Process Improvement committee meets monthly to review a quality "report card" that shows how Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hospital are performing against a list of established quality measures. 1 Under the direction of Shore Health System's Chief Medical Officer, a team of experts oversee process measurement and quality improvement initiatives that bring together physicians and staff, such as Martin Forrest, MD, and ICU nurse Chris Matulay (shown here), who ask "What is best for our patients?" and make changes based on the answers they find. Senior leadership sponsors teams that share experiences and develop solutions with their colleagues through collaborative partnerships led by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Maryland Patient Safety Center. These organizations identify critical issues that affect patient care and assemble hospitals from around the nation to develop strategies to ensure that "first, do no harm" is the guiding principle of every patient interaction. 2 CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, one of the largest insurers in the State of Maryland, chose Memorial Hospital to participate in a pilot initiative called the Gold Card program. This initiative gives select hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic region greater flexibility to determine how they manage a patient's length of stay. Memorial Hospital through the Case Management team (shown here) was chosen for having demonstrated exemplary practices of managing lengths of hospital stays by balancing the needs of patients with the requirements set out by the insurers who pay the bills. 3



HealthStream, an independent research company, helps Shore Health System find out what

patients think about the care they receive. The consultants conduct telephone interviews of a randomly selected sample of patients who have been hospitalized or who received services at any outpatient center across the mid-Shore. Responses from each call are kept confidential and anonymous by the independent research firm. Likewise, patient privacy is carefully protected. Department managers can review online reports daily to begin to address any issues that have been reported even before quarterly management reports are distributed. Every quarter, Shore Health System celebrates the successes of its Shore Stars, the departments that earned the highest patient satisfactions scores. Past honorees have been Shore Regional Cancer Center, including Shore Regional Breast Center; Food and Nutrition Services; The Joint Center; Respiratory Care; and various nursing units.

by delivering quality



Throughout the year, members of the Shore Health System medical staff, along

with nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation specialists and other clinical

education on a variety of topics. These initiatives translate into thousands of staff hours and

staff travel into the community with free healthcare

raise awareness about disease prevention, management of medications,

dollars freely given to & other health topics.

reaching out to...

Through the popular Ask the Doctor series, physicians met with community groups across the mid-Shore to discuss the latest developments in everything from breast cancer to helping seniors live safely at home. Participants met with orthopedic surgeon Myron Szczukowski, MD (shown here) to learn about joint replacement. They talked to family physicians about staying healthy during travel and winter weather; and they heard about advances in cardiac care and urology. 1 Nurses and other healthcare professionals staffed the Shore Health System Wellness Tent at the American Heart Association's Chesapeake Heart Walk. The volunteers conducted free cholesterol screenings and blood pressure testing and met with visitors to discuss ways to prevent and recover from stroke and diabetes, and how to safeguard their families and their homes in the event of emergencies. 2

Classes and support groups bring together healthcare professionals with patients and their families

who are navigating the medical, emotional and financial implications of cancer, diabetes and heart disease diagnoses. The Birthing Center continued its popular childbirth classes that focus on labor and delivery, breast feeding and helping big brothers and sisters prepare for the arrival of a new baby. The annual Waterfowl Festival organizers rely on the Shore Health System nurses who volunteer every year to staff the first aid station. Since 1985, dozens of nurses have been providing minor care and facilitating triage of more serious illnesses as thousands visit Easton for this annual event.


Shore Regional Cancer Center is now among over 20 Maryland hospitals and cancer centers eligible to participate in the Red Devils, an organization with the mission to improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families. Thanks to a grant awarded to the

2 Red Devils from the Maryland Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Shore Regional Cancer Center has access to financial resources that provide services needed by mid-Shore women as they move through a breast cancer diagnosis. A mosaic created by breast cancer survivors was installed at Shore Regional Breast Center at Memorial Hospital. The art therapy project, which was partially funded by the Breast Center, was an opportunity for a group of women to explore the emotional and psychological aspects of their cancer experience. 3





The Talbot County Children's Advocacy Center (CAC), a partnership between the Talbot County Department of Social Services and Shore Health System, earned accreditation by the National Children's Alliance. Located at The Memorial Hospital at Easton, the CAC was recognized

for its separate, child-friendly facilities for interviewing and providing services to victims and their nonoffending family members; specialized medical evaluation and treatment; coordinated, multidisciplinary investigation of reports of abuse; regular interdisciplinary case review; and meeting the standards of cultural competency and diversity. Shore Health System continued its tradition of impressing the judges of the annual Health Care Heroes competition by reaching finalist status in five of the six categories in which awards are given to recognize the contributions of Maryland healthcare professionals. Devin Trinkley, RN, FNE-A/P, Coordinator of the SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner) Nurse program (shown here), won in the Nurse Hero category; Patient and Family Advocate Ruth Sullivan, MS, RNC, CRRN, CNA, in the Health Care Professional Hero category; and Shore Regional Breast Center outreach workers Consuelo Carpenter, Jane Escher, RN, and Mattie Fountain in the Community Outreach Hero category. Other finalists were Susan Forlifer, MD, Medical Director for Shore Regional Breast Center, in the Physician Hero category, and Volunteer Hero Ken Sadler, also known as Dr. Goodwrench, a Caring Clown volunteer. 1 In the heat of the summer of 2007, Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hospital participated in a statewide pandemic flu preparedness exercise under the direction of the Maryland Office of Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Preparedness and Response. The drill was designed to be a learning environment in which participants could test their pandemic flu emergency response plans. Shore Health System was the only Maryland health system that was a primary participant in testing a hospital's ability to respond to a large increase in demand for patient care and an influx of infectious patients. 2

The Memorial Hospital Foundation & Generous Donors: The Power of Two Meeting Community Needs

Friends of the Memorial Hospital Foundation make it possible for the community to benefit from new clinical services and programs that enhance the health of mid-Shore residents. On the following pages, you will read about some of the donors and volunteers who exemplify the generosity of the many people who make it their business to invest in the future of health care.

benefit the community



charles capute

Safeguarding the Legacy of Donors

When Charles Capute moved from Pittsburgh to the Eastern Shore in 1987, he came to practice law and to be closer to family. Soon after he arrived, he met leaders of the Memorial Hospital Foundation and began a relationship that has spanned 20 years. As the chair of the planned giving advisory council of the Memorial Hospital Foundation, Capute took the lead in educating the community as well as accountants, insurance agents and attorneys about estate planning. "The Foundation saw a need to educate prospective donors and their advisors about the options available to them for distributing their wealth," Capute explains. "Memorial Hospital and all non-profit organizations benefit from having an educated community of givers." Capute joined the Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors in 1988. He has served as Secretary along with Chair Lloyd Beatty and Vice Chair Moorhead Vermilye since that time. "People leave money to Memorial Hospital with the idea that it will stay in the community," Capute says. "Our responsibility is to deploy the money entrusted to us according to the specifications and the spirit with which it was given." Looking back, Capute is proud of the talented volunteers he has recruited onto the Foundation Board and the planned giving council. Reflecting on his accomplishments, he says, "The most rewarding part of my work with the Foundation has been seeing the gratification of donors, who get a sense of pride and satisfaction when they advance the cause of Memorial Hospital. When people come to me for advice on how to invest their money, they light up when they hear that they can leave a legacy by supporting healthcare in their community." Capute's commitment to the Memorial Hospital Foundation extends to what he calls "friend raising" by sponsoring teams for fundraising golf tournaments and hosting tables at the annual Gala dinner dance. "These events are ways in which we can help the hospital and have fun," Capute says. Julia Marlowe, Vice President of Philanthropy for Shore Health System, comments, "Charlie is a model for philanthropy, especially in a close knit community such as ours. He does more than respond to our annual appeal. I can always count on him to be a resource for the Foundation and for our donors as they make decisions that benefit the future of healthcare on the Eastern Shore."

eleanor requard

Offering Hope and Independence

Eleanor Requard credits her husband's generosity and interest in the welfare of others as the force behind their ongoing support for the Memorial Hospital Foundation. Before he passed away in 2005, Thomas Requard learned that Shore Health System would be adding an acute rehabilitation center at The Memorial Hospital at Easton. The couple made a $1 million gift to the Foundation so that the specialized rehabilitation care that restored hope and independence for Tom 20 years earlier was available for everyone who needs it. At the grand opening of the Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation in May of 2007, Mrs. Requard shared the story of how her husband benefited from acute rehabilitation after the sudden onset of Guillain-Barre, a neurological syndrome that causes paralysis. He had been admitted to a Baltimore rehabilitation hospital and participated in what she described as "pretty rugged" therapy for over 10 weeks. "Tom never forgot that experience," Mrs. Requard said. "When he heard that Shore Health System was constructing an acute rehabilitation center at Memorial Hospital, he said to me, `Let's see if we can help.' That's why we are part of the team involved in bringing this center to our community." Mrs. Requard added, "You need capable and caring people working as a team to provide this kind of service. Also, patients must have faith and determination that they will get well." She emphasized the importance of family involvement and how having the Requard Center in the region makes that easier.

Charles Capute

Andrew McCarthy, MD, and Eleanor Requard



butch townsend

Golfing for a Cause

Butch Townsend's relationship with the Memorial Hospital Foundation began on the golf course. He helped run the Memorial Hospital Golf Tournament when he was the assistant golf professional at Hog Neck Golf Course between 1995 and 1998. He began playing in the tournament in 1999, and in 2005, agreed to chair the event. "Memorial Hospital is a key part of our community and I have enjoyed playing golf for a good cause," says Townsend, who lives in Easton and is now a commercial and personal insurance agent for Bartlett, Griffin & Vermilye. "As the chair of the golf tournament, my job is to create an event that is exciting for some of the area's finest golfers." In 2006, Townsend took the Shore Health System Golf Tournament into the big leagues when it became an invitational. "There are so many golf tournament fundraisers in this area," Townsend explains. "Even though the Foundation's golf tournament has been one of the most popular on the Eastern Shore, I wanted to take our tournament to the next level by attracting individuals who support the hospital and golfers who would appreciate the value of what we were offering." Townsend tapped his community connections to sign up hole sponsors. The invitational, which has sold out both years, has already earned a reputation as a premier tournament. Every golfer receives a deluxe gift package of high quality golf accessories. Throughout play, golfers find surprises around every corner, including food and beverage stations. Under Townsend's leadership, the Shore Health System Golf Tournament's three-year fundraising total has exceeded $130,000. Beneficiaries of his fundraising efforts have included the Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation, the new Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital, and the Century Fund for Patient Care.

Butch Townsend

Making Tomorrow Possible

The Memorial Hospital Foundation extends gratitude to every member of the Annual Giving Societies. Those listed on the following pages made a contribution to one or more of the Foundation's annual fund appeals and events during the fiscal year of July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007. During that same time frame, many other gifts were designated for specific uses.



* deceased

Thanking our donors for making tomorrow possible.

designated giving

General Benefit of Memorial Hospital:

Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital


Easton Lions Club

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Willse


AGFA Corporation

Dorchester General Hospital:

Auxiliary of DGH Dorothy A. Metcalf Foundation George B. Todd Fund

Cancer Services/Programs:

Ms. Frances D. Barrett Mrs. Shirley Baynard Mrs. Donna P. Bohaker Ms. Jeanne C. Booze Ms. Jeanne W. Cockey Mrs. Jennifer L. Coleman Mrs. Lisa E. Cooper Mrs. Regina L. Coursey Mrs. Lisa J. Davis Mrs. Judith deMille Donelan Mrs. Susanne M. Draper Mrs. Nancy E. Duvall Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Greiner Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Haddaway Mrs. Marian D. Haumersen Ms. Amy Higgs Mr. and Mrs.* Clifford L. Hilk Ms. Amy I. Johnson Ms. Jenna Joiner Mrs. Ruth L. Kaszuba Ms. Crystal Kelkowski Dr. Monroe Harnish Martin* Mrs. Renee M. Medri Mrs. Ethel Ann Milby Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Miles, Jr. Mrs. Julie Etta Mills Ms. Eleanor G. Murphy Mrs. Melissa K. Myers Nancy P. Pippin Longaberger Associates Mr. and Mrs. John North Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Novak Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Ovens Mrs. Lynda H. Palmatary Ms. Sherry R. Perkins Mrs. Tana E. Potter Mrs. Brenda L. Prettyman Mrs. Frances E. Reinhardt* Mrs. Louise M. Remmert Mrs. Mary C. Rolfes Ruthsburg Community Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Saunders* Mr.* and Mrs. James A. Shearman Mrs. Wendy C. Sparks Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Van Voorhis Mr. and Mrs.* David H. Wallace, Jr. Mrs. Nancy L. Walls Mrs. Kerri S. Weigley Mrs. Kathern H. Yeager Mrs. Jill E. Youse

Requard Radiation Oncology Center:

Mrs. Eleanor Requard

Emergency Services:

Easton Lions Club

Shore Regional Breast Center:

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Klinger Talbot County Education Center

Juvenile Diabetes Camp:

Mrs. Sherry Collier Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Kilmon Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mann Ms. Goldia Newman Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Wimbrow

SHS Caring Fund:

Mrs. Kathy Abend Ms. Jessica A. Adkins Ms. Thelma E. Aldridge Dr. Allan A. Anderson and Ms. Ingrid Ramos Mrs. Wynne Aroom Ms. Diane Y. Baltimore Ms. Alisa L. Banks Ms. Joyce Banks Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Bell Mrs. Barbara Bilconish Ms. Carla A. Blake Mrs. Florence L. Blough Tamar R. Bragg Ms. Julia M. Bratcher Ms. Twilla E. Brice Terry Brooks Ms. Charlotte A. Brown Ms. Kathleen Burton Ms. Michelle L. Butts Ms. Deborah B. Cahall Ms. Pamela Callahan Mrs. Angela Camper Ms. Christi R. Camper Ms. Noshima Camper Mr. Shawn M. Carter, Jr. Ms. Annette M. Carver Ms. Mary Charles Mr. Robert J. Charles, Jr. Ms. M. Denise Chodnicki Ms. Vilma Condon Mrs. Charlene H. Copper-Pierce Ms. Joann Cox Ms. Rebecca T. Creasy Mrs. Nancy F. Dail Ms. Lois D. Darr Ms. Mary C. Denny Mrs. Mary Deshields-Basilio Mr. G. Donald Dietrich Ms. Ronni Dietrich Ms. Chamice K. Dill Ms. Joann Dixon Mrs. Susanne M. Draper Ms. Sheila Dunning Ms. Donna Elbourn Ms. Michele J. Eustace Ms. Mattie Evans Mr. Ryan M Fairbank Ms. Michelle D. Faulkner Ms. Dawn Feher Ms. Miriam Feldmeier Mrs. Linda J. Ferara Ms. Patricia J. Ferguson Ms. Anya Fitchett Ms. Kathryn E. Fitzhugh


Ms. Robin Lynne Aaron Mrs. Wynne Aroom Mr. and Mrs. David W. Asche Mrs. JoAnne R. Baker Mrs. Barbara Bilconish Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Bloodsworth Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Braut Mrs. Sandra Bryan Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cannon Ms. Alida C. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dyott Mrs. Addie C. Eckardt Mrs. Sheila M. Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Kunz Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries Ms. Diana Gail McWilliams Medical Staff of Shore Health System Mr. David G. Mercier Mr. and Mrs.* Richard W. Moore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Motovidlak, Jr. Mrs. Linda K. Pittman Mrs. Teresa M. Plog Mr. and Mrs. George Shoener Mrs. Ruth P. Sullivan Mr. James M. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tomey Mrs. Wendy Sue Towers Mrs. Lauren M. Wade Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Walbridge Susan and Randy Walbridge Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Walsh Mrs. Terri Webb Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Weber, Jr. Mrs. C. Michelle Whewell

Palliative Care Suite:

Mrs. Shirley S. Gooch

Patient Care Century Fund:

Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital Chevy Chase Bank Mr. and Mrs. N. Bryson Goss Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Hammonds Harris Crab House, Inc. Dr. W. David Hill Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hunter, Jr. John H. Hampshire, Inc. Kent Island American Legion Post 278 Medical Staff of Shore Health System


Talbot County Education Center Benson & Mangold Real Estate, LLC Mrs. Nancy S. Dyott Easton Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Frey Mrs. Betty M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Pritchett Mr. Daniel A. Tanner, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth J. Trickay


Ms. Kathy Flamer Mr. John Flynn Mrs. Mary Jane Flynn Ms. Charlstine Foreman Ms. Patricia Foreman Ms. Karen Fowler Ms. Inez Freeman Ms. Nancy A. Furno Ms. Lori Geisler Ms. Karen Genero Ms. Davina Gibbs Mr. Gregory A. Gibson Ms. Gail Gilless-Pardoe Mrs. Sheila M. Greenwood Mr. Edward Greer Ms. Deborah L. Grimm Mrs. Cynthia M. Gullion Ms. Katherine Hammond Mr. and Mrs. David L. Handley, Sr. Ms. Margaret Harper Ms. Charlotte Harris Mrs. Ann E. Hash Ms. Nikki Lee Hazel Mr. F. Bruce Herman Mrs. Robin L. Herman Ms. Barbara S. Hill Mrs. Felicia M. Hitch Ms. Nadine Houston Ms. Lillian M. Hubbard Ms. Margaret M. Hubbard Ms. Paula Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hurley, Jr. Ms. Kimberly D. Hutchins Mrs. Julie R. James Ms. Nicole Leatherman Janes Mr. Theodosious Jenkins Mr. Kenyon T. Johns Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Johnson Ms. Linda V. Johnson Ms. Pamela D. Jones Mr. Roland E. Jones Ms. Michele M. Kelley Ms. Rose M. Langrell Ms. Shirley A. Larrimore Ms. Nakia D. Lawrence Mr. Timothy T. Lawson Mr. Robert A. Le Master Ms. Connie L. Lewis Ms. Constance Lewis Ms. Susan B. Lewis Ms. Brenda J. Lopez Ms. Melissa S. A. Lourie Mrs. Kathleen A. Lowery Mrs. Jeannette P. Lusby Ms. Lavanda L. Major Mrs. Jessie R. Malone Ms. Julia A. Marlowe Ms. Linda M. Mastro Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mathewson Ms. Ruth McCord Mr. James McFarlane Ms. Carolyn McFillin Ms. Heather A. McGlaughlin Mrs. Kimberly L. McGrath Ms. Renna McKinney Mrs. Sue D. McLaughlin Ms. Patty McNeal Ms. Vonnie J. Mende Mr. Steve Midway* Ms. Janetta Milligan Ms. Michelle A. Molock Ms. Annette Moore Ms. Amanda M. Moseley

Ms. Jennifer L. Mueller Ms. Sherry Newcomb Ms. Bernadette K. Newman Mrs. Tara L. Newman-Bell Ms. Megan Novak Mr. Henry F. Noyes Ms. Sarah J. Olsen Mrs. Roxine W. Palmer Ms. Darlene C. Patrick Ms. Samantha Patrick Ms. Judith L. Paul Ms. Mary Ann Pierce Mr. Roger Pinder Mrs. Patricia P. Plaskon Ms. LaDonya M. Potts Ms. Amalia Punzo Mrs. Wendi A. Rhodes Ms. Sharon Richter Ms. Sherry L. Roeder Mr. Wendell S. Rojas Mr. Ryan H. Rosenstein Ms. Joan M. Russell Mr. Kenneth R. Sample Ms. Lenora J. Sampson-Taylor Ma Amparo G. San Juan Ms. Kathryn D. Satchell Mr. John P. Sawyer Mrs. Joanna B. Schmidt Ms. Julia P. Schuyler Ms. Megan Scochin Mrs. Eugenia L. Scott Mr. Ira W. Short Ms. Elaine Shortall Ms. Mary E. Shortall Ms. Paula A. Sibert Ms. Melinda Simpkins Ms. Wendy H. Simpson Ms. Melissa N. Smallwood Ms. Francine L. Smith Ms. Karen Sproul-Serrano Mrs. Kathleen S. Spurry Ms. Sandra Stanco Ms. Roxanne A. Stanford Mrs. Patricia Steele Ms. Edna Stevenson Mrs. Ruth P. Sullivan Mrs. Tracy N. Supcoe Ms. Carlene L. Taylor Ms. Danielle S. Thomas Donsha Thomas Ms. Sherry Thomas Ms. Vanlee A. Thomas Ms. Ruth A. Thompson Mrs. Carolyn Timms Mr. Richard Todd Mrs. Raynette Travers Ms. Sarah L. Turano Ms. Angelina B. Valdez Mr. Richard A. Wales Ms. Deandra l. Walker Mr. Dionne N. Walker Ms. Margaret F. Walker Ms. Shannon Walls Ms. Christine C. Walton Ms. Catherine Warfield Ms. Aimee Watkins Ms. Audrey West Ms. Brendette Wilkins Ms. Alice M. Wilkinson Craig and Patti Willis Ms. Maria Williams Mrs. Lenora Beth Wilson Ms. Lynette F. Wongus

Ms. Tonya Wright Mr. Joel R. Yacks Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Zajac Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zimmerman

Social Services Patient Assistance:

Mrs. Tina Marie Brown Mrs. Susanne M. Draper Ms. Michele J. Eustace Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn Ms. Catherine A. Foxwell Mrs. Marie C. Harkowa Ms. Nancy S. Harr Ms. Providence A. Hutchins Ms. Nikita A. Johnson Mrs. Barbara R. Keyser Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Knox Mrs. Paula R. Larrimore Ms. Linda M. Mastro Mrs. Lise K. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. George Shoener Mrs. Ruth P. Sullivan

annual fund giving

Russell J. & Margaret B. Ferree Society - ($10,000 - $24,999)

Anonymous Darby Foundation Dorothy A. Metcalf Foundation Mrs. Margaret B. Ferree Mr. David Gang and Ms. Charmaine Ditmar Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Stoltz

Care Giver's Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lea, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Stanley, Jr.

Sustainer's Society ($2,500 - $4,999)

Asplundh Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George M. Neall, II Mrs. Ellen Rajacich United Way Of Caroline County, Inc.

Benefactor's Society ($1,000 - $2,499)

American LegionTalbot Post No. 70 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. David C. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Bissell Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bolling, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Franz Eugene Burda Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Capute Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Cecil III Delmarva Power Easton Hospitality II, LLC/Holiday Inn Express Mr. J. Gordon Firstman Mrs. Betty R. Fox Mr. William P. Griffin, Sr. Kent Island American Legion Post 278 Mr. and Mrs. Horace M. Lowman, Jr. Admiral Kinnaird McKee Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Meyerhoff Mrs. Jean C. Miller Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. William H. Munn Mr. & Mrs. Ted Peck Vice Admiral* and Mrs. William L. Read, USN Mr. and Mrs.* John J. Roberts Mr. Thomas C. Ross Mr. Thomas O. Stanley Tri-Gas & Oil Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Uhl


* deceased

Dr. James C. Walsh Mrs. Helen D. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wheeler Easton Family Physicians Easton Lube Eastside Memorial VFW Post 2996 Mrs. Patricia J. Eberly Dr. and Mrs. Ludwig J. Eglseder, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Eichler Elliott Equipment & Hardware Mrs. Susie Creighton Embert Mr. and Mrs. Michael Epprecht Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fichtner Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Files Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Flynn, Sr. Mr. W. Thomas Fountain Mr.* and Mrs. William M. Freestate Mr. Paul A. Fuld, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Gardner Mr.* and Mrs. Richard G. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Getsinger Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Gipe Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Girard Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goodyear Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gorske Gospel Tabernacle Church No. 5, Inc. Mr. William G. Greenly Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Greiner Mr. and Mrs. James P. Griffin Mr. Bernard L. Grove, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Guidera Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Harvey Mrs. Virginia Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Craig V. Hawkins Mr. Franklin Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hazen Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Herson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hill Mr. Joseph W. Holecheck Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hollingshead Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Porter Hopkins The Hon. William S. Horne Mrs. Jayne B. Horner Mrs. Martha F. Horner Mrs. Nina R. Houghton Mrs. Hilda Hrechun Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hynson, Jr. Mr. J. B. Jarrell, Jr. Mrs. Edna M. Jefferson John D. Hynes & Associates, Inc. John W. Johnstone, Jr. and Claire L. Johnstone Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Kaouris Dr. Ona M. Kareiva Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Keene Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Keller Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kelly, Jr. Capt. and Mrs. Fred K. Kieser Dr. and Mrs. Watson Kime Mr. and Mrs. Abner Kingman Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Kittredge Mr. and Mrs. Harold Klinger Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Knight Dr. and Mrs. John I.F. Knud-Hansen Dr. John P. Knud-Hansen Mrs. Deborah N. Kudner Mrs. Sheila S. Lanahan The Hon. and Dr. Jeffrey M. Lang Mrs. Linda S. Laramy Mr. and Mrs. James R. Larrimore, Jr. Ms. Nellie Leatherberry Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Lerman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Linck Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lindsay Dr. Clarence H. Little Mrs. Marilyn H. Luthy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reed Madary, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Magee Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Makosky Mrs. Sheila H. Mann Ms. Julia A. Marlowe Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Marshall Mrs. Jacqueline Martino Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Marton, Jr. Mr. L. Everett Marvel Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Masters Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Mather Mr. Joseph E. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCauley Mr. and Mrs. Dufferin R. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. George V. McGowan Mr. Jonathan T. McLane Mr. and Mrs.* Edward O. McNicholas Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Michael Mr. and Mrs. William C. Millar Mr. Lloyd Williams Moore Mr. Richard W. Moore, Jr. Mr. Paul S. Moorhead and Ms. Rebecca Otter Mr. and Mrs. John H. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Nash Dr. and Mrs. Curtis N. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Newnam, III Mr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Noonberg Mrs. Vivian B. North Mr. and Mrs. William J. Novak Mrs. Mariana E. Nuttle Mr. and Mrs. Ernest T. Oskin Mr. and Mrs. John Pagenstecher Mr. Royce A. Peabody Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Potter Mr. and Mrs. J. Eugene Prevost Ms. Susan Rabenhorst Ms. Jamesene A. Randall Reliable Pest Control Mrs. Carolyn H. Revelle Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Reynolds Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. Rhodes Mr. Donald S. Rice and Ms. Elizabeth Loker Mr. and Mrs. Craig Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Risley Mr. and Mrs. James L. Robfogel Mrs. Ann Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Lee G. Rubenstein Ms. Adrienne W. Rudge Mr. and Mrs. Roderick N. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Schiwy Mr. William Kennth Schnaitman Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schneebeli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Schubert Ms. Betty Schulz Mr. Dietrich W. Schulz Mr. and Mrs. William L. Scott Mr. William Shakespeare, Jr. Ms. Georgia W. Shaw Mrs. Eunice B. Shearer Mr. and Mrs. R. Lennon Shufelt Dr. and Mrs. David Smack Smith & Downey Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith III Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stalfort Mr. and Mrs. James S. Starkey Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Stegemann Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Stephenson Mr.* and Mrs. William C. Storey Mr. John Swaine, Jr. Talbot County Chapter AARP 1601 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Taylor Temple B'Nai Israel The Bernard and Betty Hardesty Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Friel Foundation, Inc. The Hermitage Trust The Talbot Bank Dr. James B. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuart Thompson, Jr. Mr. John E. Thomson Mr. and Mrs. James Thorington II Mr. John K. Todd, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Touchard Mr. and Mrs. Barclay H. Trippe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Trippe Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Twilley Mr. and Mrs. O. Ray Vass Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Vermilye Mr. Clinton A. Vince Mr. and Mrs. James M. Voss Dr. Jane Wang Mrs. Margaret H. Washington Dr. Corinda S. Waters Michele and John Welch Miss E. Jayne Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wheeler Ms. Cynthia B. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Meade Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Taylor White III Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. White, Jr. Mrs. Bertha B. Wilson Mrs. Helen Witt Mr. and Mrs. George R. Wolf Mr. Roy A. Wright, Jr. Mr. Teressa C. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Wrightson Mr. and Mrs. William E. Younger Mr. Marlin Zimmerman Ms. Marie Zinninger Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Britt Mr. and Mrs. George H. Brower Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bruckner Mr. and Mrs. Dillard E. Bryant, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Buczek Ms. Mildred Callahan Bullock Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Burch Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Burtis Mr. and Mrs. W. Ellsworth Cadell Mr. and Mrs. William F. Callaway Mr. Gordon K. Calvert, Sr.* Ms. Rosella B. Camper Caroline Business Equipment Mr. and Mrs. Will E. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Christopher V. Chansler Mr. Johnny Chesnutt Mr. and Mrs. James W. B. Church, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D. Theodore Clark Mr. and Mrs. John T. Clark, III Mr. William J. Clark Ms. Donna M. Clem Mr. and Mrs. James B. Clements Mr. J. Rosse Collins, Jr. Ms. Joan F. Condon Mrs. Julia B. Condon Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cook, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Coss, Sr. Mrs. Patricia C. Crane Mrs. Patricia L. Currey Ms. Juanita B. Dadds Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Davidson Mr. and Mrs. James L. Davidson Mrs. Nancy M. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Sherman DeMaris Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Dembo Mrs. Delia B. Denny Dr. and Mrs. David Dianich Mrs. Clementine Dickerson Mr. Edward M. Dickie Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dierker Mr. and Mrs. John D. DiLaura Mrs. Helen A. Dill Mrs. Sarah H. DiNapoli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Doddridge Mr. and Mrs. Ian Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Doom Mr. George E. Droter Mr. and Mrs. Omer G. Dulin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Dunner Mrs. Evelyn M. Earp Miss Elsie M. Ebling Mrs. Mildred A. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. John S. D. Eisenhower Mr. W. Porter Ellington Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ellwanger, Jr. Mr. William Norris Embert Mrs. Frances L. Emory Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Ewing, Sr. Mrs. Dolores M. Faulkner Mr. Donald S. Faulkner Ms. Helen V. Faulkner Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Feldhuhn Mr. Ron G. Fillippo Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fink, Jr. Mr. Richard B. Fisher Mrs. Joyce S. Flamer Mrs. Ollie H. Forest Mr. and Mrs. Wendell O. Foxwell Mrs. Mary J. Francis Mrs. Bessie C. Franz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Frederick, Sr. Ms. Deborah D. Frey Mrs. Doris C. Gardner Mr. Virgil L. Gerber Mr. and Mrs. Robert Girvan Gise Ms. Helen Gocs Mr. and Mrs. Errol D. Goddard Mr. and Mrs. John F. Goedeke, Sr. Good Scents Company Mr. Bengt Goransson and Ms. Lisa E. Foss Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Gouge, Sr. Ms. Mary Green Mr. Wayne M. Green Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grogan Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Grosh Mr. Donald C. Grove Mr. Roger R. Guest H&S Bakery Mrs. Ella A. Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Haddaway Ms. Gloria Shaw Hamilton Ms. Margaret E. Harmsen Ms. Kathryn M. Harris Ms. Jeanne B. Hechmer Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester K. Helminiak Ms. Mary Louise Hemsley Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Henkel Mrs. Hannah R. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Herman C. Henschen Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Henson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Hepler Ms. Christina Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hilderbrandt II Mrs. Elizabeth Hite Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Holland Mrs. Alice Ruth Holliday Mr. Conrad F. Horney, Sr. Ms. Gertrude Hoskins Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hoxter Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H. Huber Mrs. Ethel M. Hubert Ms. Mary D. Huddleston Mrs. Beverly Huxster Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Ikenberry Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Insley Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ireland Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel E. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brooks Jansen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jesilionis Mr. Arthur Johnson Mrs. Frances D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaspar Mrs. Margaret A. Kaufman Mr. Samuel Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. J. Chester Kellam Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Kellenbenz Mr. Robert E. Kelley, Sr. Ms. Deborah A. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kerr Mrs. Evelyn M. Keys Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kingsbury Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Klages Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Klinken Mr. and Mrs. Clement L. Klug, Jr. Mr. Frederick H. Knight III Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lagana Mr. David L. Lampert Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lang Mrs. Jean F. Larner Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Leaver Ms. Marjory J. Lee Mrs. Doris F. Leonard Mrs. Dorothy B. Lewis

Compassionate Aid Society ($100 - $999)

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Abruzzese Major General and Mrs. Andrew H. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Awalt Mr. J. Malcolm Bahrenburg Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Bank Ms. Cynthia E. Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Baumann Mr. and Mrs. Duane W. Beckhorn Rabbi and Mrs. Donald R. Berlin Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Bevard Mr. and Mrs. Dewey E. Blades Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Blades Mrs. Diane Blair Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Booth Dr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Bounds Mrs. E. Marie McGrath Bowens Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Bright Mr. and Mrs. George Bromwell Mr. John H. Brothers Mr. and Mrs. James G. Brown Mr. Oliver W. Brummell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Buchman Mr. John C. Butner Mr. Donald M. Butterworth Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Byrnes C I Reflections C. Paul Cox Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Callahan, III Dr. George R. Callender, Jr. Admiral and Mrs. James F. Calvert Mr. and Mrs. B. Vance Carmean, Jr. Carmean Grain, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Carmean Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Carraher Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Carter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cashen Mrs. Jean R. Child Mr. and Mrs. David F. Clopper, Jr. Rev. Robert E. Coine Mr. Philip G. Conner Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Coppage Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Cotter Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Covey Mr. J. Gary Cox Mr. and Mrs. R. James Crowle Dr. Victor Crown Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Culver Mr. Hugh C. Daly Dr. and Mrs. David B. Danner Richard and Barbara Daspit Davis, Moore, Shearon & Assoc., LLC DC Electric, Inc. Mrs. Virginia Decker Susan and Dick Deerin Mr. John G. Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dennis Mrs. Helen S. Dettbarn Mr. Alan H. Dickey Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. DiNapoli, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Ditch Mr. and Mrs. David G. Draut Mr. Frank S. Dudley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Wade Dudrow Mr. C. Kenneth Dulin Mr. & Mrs. Weber Duncan Eastern Springs Water Co., Inc. Easton Church of God Women's Ministry

Friend's Society - ($1 - $99)

Dr. and Mrs. Jorge H. Abrego Mr. Elmer G. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Andrew, III Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Andrew Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. William V. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. John A. Atwood Mrs. Shirley F. Aveson Ms. Emily J. Bailey Ms. Alice E. Banks Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Batson Mr. and Mrs. John T. Batty Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Beacham Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Begor Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bell, Jr. Mr. Dale A. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Berry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Betz Ms. Doris L. Beulah Mrs. Atha M. Blades Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Boicourt Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Booth Mrs. Delores J. Bowens Ms. Ruth D. Braxton Mrs. Carolyn S. Bray Ms. Gina Maria Brent


Our donors.

* deceased

Mr. Frank H. Libman Mrs. Heather M. Loeffler Ms. Sharon T. Logan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald MacDonald Mr. Philip L. Mackie Col.* and Mrs. George E. Mann II Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Marsh Mr. and Mrs.* William I. Mason Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mathena McCrone, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGuinness Ms. Rita C. McKenrick Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McNeal Mr. and Mrs. William P. McQuiggan Mrs. Emilie T. McWilliams Mr. Sandy S. Medford Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron Mr. and Mrs. George F. Meyerle Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Middleton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Milburn Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Miller III Mr. David W. Milligan Mr. and Mrs. W. James Milliken Mrs. Louise Mills Mr. and Mrs. Mark Monath Mrs. Frances Mondoweney Mr. and Mrs. T. Weldon Monteith Mr. and Mrs. John Peter Morba Mrs. Anna L. Morgan Mr. Thomas B. Morison Ms. Betty Ann Morris Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Morris, Sr. Mr. Joseph S. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newberg Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Norman Mr. and Mrs. David J. O'Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Knight O'Mara Mrs. Margaret D. Orem Overeaters Anonymous Ms. June Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid A. Parenteau Mr. and Mrs. Thad J. Pecorak Mr. William A. Peoples Mr. Francis A. Phillips Mr. David Stanley Platts Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Powell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Pyper, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Quick, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Ranish Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rankin, Jr. Mrs. Vivian Rhea Ms. Lynne L. Riley-Coleman Mr. and Mrs. James W. Roach Mr. Theodore Robbins II Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Reed T. Rollo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rosette Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Ruark Mr. Charles A. Russell, Jr. Mr. Gilbert C. Salmond Ms. Carrie A. Sampson Joyce Santo Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Sappington Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Saville Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scherping Mr. and Mrs. Willy R. Schlossbach Mrs. Carlene G. Schmick Ms. Dorothy E. Seaton Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Seely, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Seibert Mr. Ernst S. Selig Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Shanks Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shearer Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Sheehy Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sherman Mrs. Anne C. Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. Shortall Mr. William E. Shortall* Mr. and Mrs. Terrence G. Slacum Mrs. Anna M. Sparks Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Spedden Mrs. Gertrude E. Spiering Mr. and Mrs. Carlton E. Spitzer Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Stahl Mr. William Staley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Steeg Mrs. Fannie M. Stevens Mr. William T. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Stomps Dr. Roger M. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Vernon D. Stotts Mrs. Theda Warren Stubbs Ms. Ruth S. Susini Mr. and Mrs. Stanley O. Tall Mrs. Alice T. Talley Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lee Tate Ms. Beverly Y. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. G. Rodney Taylor Ms. Mary Taylor Mrs. Pauline Taylor The Hyde Parker's Club, Inc. Mrs. Arlene M. Thomas Ms. Goldie Thomas Ms. Joanna Lloyd Tilghman Mr. Kenneth W. Tindall Mr. John P. Tokarz Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Hubert C. Trego, Jr. Mrs. Mary R. Tremper Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Trippe Mr. and Mrs. William W. Trumbore Mr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Tucker Mr. Richard L. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Horatio W. Turner, III Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Tyler United Way of Delaware Mr. and Mrs. James W. Valliant Mrs. Aurelia M. Van Derveer Ms. Dorothy S. Vanderpool Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. VanGilder Mr. Ernest C. Vernon Mr. and Mrs. Cloid E. Voeste Mr. and Mrs. William W. Vowler Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wafer Mr. Lewis L. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Walker, Jr. Joyce and Leonard Walter Mr. Gerard T. Warwick, III Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wells Mr. and Mrs. James A. Welsh Mr. Tom Wendowski Mrs. Edith L. Wharton Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Willey Ms. Lillie P. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Neill J. Willoughby Ms. Adele C. Wilson Ms. K. Nancy Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Woerner Mr. and Mrs. Winslow Womack Ms. Alice H. Wongus Mr. Howard Wood Ms. Melissa M. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morse Wood Mrs. Vera Worm Mr. and Mrs. William J. Yeager Mr. Royden S. Zimmerman HELEN MARTH EWING Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Ewing, Sr. CAROL FAULKNER Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin NICHOLAS R. FLAGLER Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fisher MILDRED M. FULD Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Franklin Edwards DENISE O. GRIFFIN Mr. William P. Griffin, Sr. MARY P. GROVE Mr. Bernard L. Grove, Jr. HARRY H. HACKETT Mrs. Ella A. Hackett BETTY HARMSEN Ms. Margaret E. Harmsen RICHARD P. HARVEY Mrs. Virginia Harvey HELEN B. HAWKINS Mr. Franklin Hawkins DEANIE HEALY Ms. Donna M. Clem ROLAND R. HOPKINS Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Broll Ms. Mildred Callahan Bullock Choptank Tribe Camping Club Ms. Cathy S. Foreman Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Grunden Mr. and Mrs. Danny Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Leonard N. Hopkins JOHN HUBERT Mrs. Ethel M. Hubert THOMAS HUGHES Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman CLARENCE A. JEFFERSON Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Jefferson DOROTHY M. JOHNS Mrs. Julia E. Alley Mr. Chuck Andrews Mrs. Sally P. Bertics Mr. and Mrs. William H. Briggs Mrs. Sandra E. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Winford B. Carroll Comfort Keepers Ms. Chris Dimeler Mrs. Cecelia G. Dennis Ms. Diana L. Duncan Mr. Tim Dutton Ms. Tyrice M. Gorham Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Haddaway, Jr. Mrs. Lois Harrison Hurlock United Methodist Church Mr. Sean Kim Ms. Peggy Kobbe Mrs. Mildred T. Kroll The Hon. Jeffrey M. and Dr. Lynn Z. Lang Mr. and Mrs. Clinton S. Lewis, Jr. Mr. Ken Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Peerman Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Reeser Ms. Eunice C. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Roslund Ms. Sue Rudzin Mrs. Karen B. Salmon Mr. and Mrs. Brent Spurry Talbot County Branch - N.A.A.C.P. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. West White Marsh Elementary School HENRY E. & MARY K. JOHNSON Ms. Ruth S. Susini DONNA D. JUDGE Mr. and Mrs. James P. Griffin CUBA KANE Mrs. Clementine Dickerson HARRY F. KAUFMAN Mrs. Margaret A. Kaufman FRITZI KNUD-HANSEN Dr. John P. Knud-Hansen ELSIE LACAST-VISSERS Mr. and Mrs. James W. B. Church, Jr. JANE LEDNUM Mr. and Mrs. Sterling A. Mullinix ALICE R. LEONARD Mr. Thomas C. Ross CHARLES LEWIS Mrs. Dorothy B. Lewis NORA W. LOWERY The Talbot Bank HORACE LOWMAN Mr. and Mrs. Horace M. Lowman, Jr. JOHN LUTHY Mrs. Marilyn H. Luthy CHARLES MADARY Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reed Madary, Jr. ALBERT MAKOSKI Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Makosky MARY ELIZABETH A. MALONEY Mr. Harry R. Fluharty J. DAVID MANN Mrs. Sheila H. Mann ROBERT MARTINO Mrs. Jacqueline Martino MARTHA B. MARVEL Mr. L. Everett Marvel IRENE E. MAYER Ms. Lucy B. Carriker Mrs. Debbie Crouch Mr. and Mrs. John S. Koegel Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lynch Dana and Mary Meintzer St. Mark's Ministry to Aged, Inc. Mrs. Mary E. Wells WILLIS L. MCGLAUGHLIN Mr. and Mrs. Tawes P. Harper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Horney Mr. and Mrs. Rufus M. Todd HENRY F. MCGRATH Mrs. E. Marie McGrath Bowens LEWIS MCLAUGHLIN Mr. David D. Book LEE D. MCMAHAN Tri-Gas & Oil Co., Inc. STEPHEN M. MIDWAY Mr. and Mrs. George H. Brower Ms. Miriam Feldmeier Mrs. Karen Hendricks Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. Nursing Department at Memorial Hospital Mr. Christopher Parker Potteiger-Raintree Mr. Joseph P. Ross Willow Construction, Inc. DORA MITCHELL Ms. Teressa C. Wright CRYSTAL M. MOORE Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cattaneo Mr. and Mrs. James E. Grabb Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. McMahon Dr. and Mrs. Reinhardt O. Sahmel Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Wooten RICHARD MORGAN Mrs. Anna L. Morgan IDA MORRIS Mrs. Edith L. Wharton MARGARET MURRAY Mrs. Arlene M. Thomas JOHN C. NORTH Mrs. Vivian B. North EVE MARI NUGENT Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Linck BYRON H. NUTTLE Mrs. Mariana E. Nuttle SIDNEY R. OREM Mrs. Margaret D. Orem CHRISTOPHER C. PARKS Ms. Beverly Y. Taylor JOSEPHINE J. PATCHETT Finance Department of Shore Health System Ms. Julia A. Marlowe Mr. and Mrs. Neal O'Shea Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Weiland ELINORE PEABODY Mr. Royce A.Peabody BETTE J. RAYNOR Ms. Donna Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Dunham Ms. Dawn D. Henckel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. McGahan Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Tyde O. Mowers Ms. Evelyn M. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. James W. Raynor Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Tomlinson WILLIAM L. READ Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dennis Ms. Deborah D. Frey John W. Johnstone Jr. and Claire L. Johnstone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McDonald Mrs. Ellen Rajacich Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Sappington Dr. and Mrs. Steven Scherping Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Schubert Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith III Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuart Thompson, Jr. CLARA ROCHE Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coldwell Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Cuttler MARK T. ROGERS Mrs. Ann Rogers KENNETH ROSETTE Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rosette DORIS M. ROTH Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Roth HELEN RUSSELL Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Crowley Mrs. Peggy M. Culhane Mr. and Mrs. William G. Greenage II Mr. and Mrs. James A. Harding VIOLA SALMOND Mr. Gilbert C. Salmond LENETTE D. SATCHELL Mr. David M. Adams Mr. and Mrs. John H. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Anthony Anthony, Walter, Duncan & Wilcoxon, LLP Ms. Cheryl L. Armitage B.P.O. Elks #1622 Mr. and Mrs. R. Sherman Baynard Mr. and Mrs. Scott Beatty, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Bohan Christine and Amanda Boudrie Mr. and Mrs. Sydney P. Britt Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Bryan Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. Byington CBIZ, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Sean Callahan Champion Realty

gifts given in memory of


Our donors.

FRANCIES D. ALEXANDER Mr. Roger E. Harris Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sheppard ONEIDA ANTHONY Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. William M. Knight EVA AND ROBERT ASHBY Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Keene ROBIN R. BACHAND Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. L. Botsford Easton Church Of The Brethren ASHLEY BAYNARD Mr. and Mrs. R. Lennon Shufelt E. A. BINEBRINK Mr. and Mrs. James S. Starkey JOSEPH M. BRADEN Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Freestate Mrs. Betty M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. James W. Thompson, III JANE G. BROOKS Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Marton, Jr. PATRICIA V. BROWER Mr. and Mrs. George H. Brower OLIVER AND LYDA BRUMMELL Mr. Oliver W. Brummell, Jr. DORIS M. BUCKLER Ms. Harriet W. Claggett Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Doll CHARLES C. BURTON Mrs. Virginia Burton Fire Equipment Crew at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Ford, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. King Mr. John Masterson Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Murray Suskin Ms. Phyllis B. Watson NANCY BUTTERWORTH Mr. Donald M. Butterworth PEARLIE MAE CLAGGETT Ms. Lillie P. Williams WILLIAM H. CONDON Mrs. Julia B. Condon PRESTON C. CREIGHTON Mrs. Susie Creighton Embert BRIAN DICKEY Mr. Alan H. Dickey EVA R. DICKIE Mr. Edward M. Dickie G. LINDEN DUFFEY Ms. Mary D. Huddleston ANNA DULIN Mr. C. Kenneth Dulin RANDOLPH L. DUNHAM Mr. and Mrs. Robert Girvan Gise HELEN AND HERBERT ESELGROTH Ms. Helen Gocs EMMA L. EWING Mrs. Eleanor W. Crowder Dover Neck Electric, Inc. Mrs. Betty W. Ewing Mr. and Mrs. William B. Ewing Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Lane Tom, Shelley, Brian and Kari Mielke Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Reid, Sr. Ms. Virginia Saulsbury Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Shortall, Jr. The General Ledger

* deceased

Sylvia and Cecil Gannon Mr. and Mrs. John Hock Mrs. Blair N. Jones Mrs. Traci Jordan Mr. Alfred F. King III Mrs. Judith Arnold Madole Mr. and Mrs. William T. Riley, Jr. Mrs. Gail L. Romain Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. White Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Wilson MORGAN B. SCHILLER Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman G. KENNETH SCHMICK Mrs. Carlene G. Schmick THEODORE W. SELBY Ms. Geraldine M. Natale JEANNETTE F. SHARP Ms. Florence S. Truitt SALLY SHARPE Mr. and Mrs. John T. Batty WILLIAM N. SHERBERT Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Booth Mrs. Carolyn S. Bray Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Klinken THOMAS STANFIELD Mr. and Mrs. J. Chester Kellam H. EDWARD TALLEY Mrs. Alice T. Talley JEANNE TOKARZ Mr. John P. Tokarz T. J. TREMPER Mrs. Mary R. Tremper BARCLAY TRIPPE Mr. and Mrs. Barclay H. Trippe, Jr. SUSAN VAN DER WENDE Mrs. Cheryl Augustitus Mr. and Mrs. Glen K. Bertholf Ms. Roberta J. Clark Mrs. Florence Dempster Mr. and Mrs. James F. Frantz, III and Family Mr. David C. Gates Ms. Karen Hagan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Hasz Dr. and Mrs. William P. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson Ms. Jane Larson Ms. Bonnie M. Louden Mr. George E. Luecker Mrs. April L. MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Millis Mrs. May V. O'Neal Mr. and Mrs. James M. Quinn Mrs. Marita Redsecker Mr. Mark Sponsler Tidewater Direct LLC Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Tucker, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Van Der Wende Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Van Der Wende BEATA WALSH SHS Directors MARY W. WALSH Dr. James C. Walsh DONALD J. WALTERS Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brownley Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Grubb Mr. and Mrs. James W. Thompson, III MR. AND MRS. JOHN WHARTON SR. Mrs. Edith L. Wharton JOHN WHARTON JR. Mrs. Edith L. Wharton IDA WHARTON Mrs. Edith L. Wharton MARY I. WHARTON Mrs. Edith L. Wharton FLORENCE P. WHYE Ms. Rosella B. Camper HALEY RENEE WILKINS Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron GEORGE W. WILSON Mrs. Frances D. Johnson JEAN WOHLGEMUTH Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Burtis RUBY C. WOOLFORD Ms. Sharon T. Logan FRANK P. WRIGHTSON Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Balone Camp Temagami Mrs. Elizabeth Dawkins Ms. Angela C. Dise Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Dise Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dise and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dulin, Sr. FoodStrategy, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hamilton, Jr. Mr. Powell Harrison and Ms. Louise Merryman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Luke V. Howard, Sr. Mrs. Monica D. Kelly Mr. Jerry L. Kyle Ms. Karen B. Leeds Ms. Leslie A. McClintick and Ms. Carol Sink Mrs. Annette D. Newcomb The Covello Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Tucker Ms. Donna L. Voight Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Williams Mrs. Charlotte Windmiller Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Young Delmarva Power Alden James, M.D., P.A. Dr. Kenneth Judd and Dr. William Bair Miles & Stockbridge Dr. and Mrs. Michael Moran Lois A. Narr, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Greg Oliver Rose Hill Family Physicians, LLC Patrons: Mr. George Adams Dr. and Mrs. William E. Bair Mr. and Mrs. Richard Balling Ms. Mary Ann Baum Bay Country Security, Inc. Ms. Barbara Bilconish Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Blankley Lawrence G. Bohlen, Esquire Ms. Florence Brohawn Ms. Nita F. Burdette Dr. and Mrs. Craig W. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carmean Ms. Joy T. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Damon H. Carroll, Jr. Chesapeake Cardiology Clinic Choptank Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. William W. Clyde The Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Dryden Dr. and Mrs. William D. Elliott Generation III Marina The James A. and Patricia O. Goodyear Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenleaf Scott and Janet Haddock John and Irene Hansen Ms. Nancy Fleishman Harper Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hayes Hubbard's Pharmacy, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hughes, Sr. The Hurley Family Charitable Trust ISG International Ms. Phyllis F. James Ms. Jane S. Jones Ms. Sheila Lanahan Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. Lloyd, Jr. Ms. Marilyn Luthy McWilliams Financial Group Vinodrai M. Mehta, M.D. Mr. David Milligan Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Moore Judge and Mrs. John Norton III OSI Support Services, Inc. Charles C. Powell, Inc. Nan and Jody Powell Dr. and Mrs. Paul Reinbold Mr. and Mrs. Don Robbins, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sampson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Shepard Theda Warren Stubbs Eyup Tanman, M.D. The National Bank of Cambridge Thomas Funeral Home, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thomas, Jr. Tidewater Anesthesia Associates Ms. Helen C. Travers Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Vetre, Sr. Dr. Ginger Young Eagle Sponsor: Service Transport, Inc. Birdie Sponsor: John H. Hampshire, Inc. Sodexho, Inc. Pro Sponsor: Anonymous Fidelity Investments The Talbot Bank Willow Construction, LLC York International Hole Sponsor: Albright's Gun Shop Annapolis Paint Company Baystreet Plaza Benson & Mangold Real Estate, LLC Best Care Ambulance, Inc. Chesapeake Cardiology Clinic Chesapeake Medical Systems, Inc. Cookes Hope Dankmeyer, Inc. Decorating Den Systems, Inc. Easton Bank & Trust Company Easton Utilities Commission Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc. Lankford-Sysco Food Services, Inc. Marvesta, LLC McCrone, Inc. Medical Credit Services, Inc. Nason Construction, Inc. Robert Morris Inn Sea Watch International, LTD Smith & Downey Talbot Oriental Rugs The Avon-Dixon Agency Tri-Gas & Oil Company, Inc.

Members of the 2006 Snow Ball planning committee celebrate their fundraising success

gifts given in honor of

STUART M. BOUNDS Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Blades GARY FELLOWS Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron JOHN FLYNN Ms. Jennifer L. Smock TERESA A. FREDERICK Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Frederick, Sr. KATHERINE M. HOLECHECK Mr. Joseph W. Holecheck TOM HUFENBEIN Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron TIM MILLER Miss E. Jayne Wesley NANCY NELSON Dr. Curtis N. Nelson MAURICE E. NEWNAM Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron MYRON J. SZCZUKOWSKI Mr. and Mrs. William J. Novak ADAM WEINSTEIN Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weinstein KATHERINE WENDOWSKI Mr. Tom Wendowski CHARLES E. WHEELER Ms. Adrienne W. Rudge The Memorial Hospital Foundation makes every effort to ensure that this tribute to our donors is accurate. If there is an error, please contact the Foundation office by calling 410-822-1000, ext. 5763

These companies provided matching gifts to donations made by members of their company programs

B D Associates Constellation Energy Group Foundation, Inc. Corn Products International, Inc.

Golfers at the 2006 Shore Health System Golf Invitational at Talbot Country Club

DGH 2007 snow ball


Presenting Sponsor: Dorchester General Hospital Foundation Diamond Sponsor: Eastern Shore Emergency Medicine Physicians, LLC Gold Sponsor: Medical Staff of Shore Health System Warwick Manor Behavioral Health, Inc. Silver Sponsor: Allen Family Foods, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Allan A. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Fred Bailor Benevolent Protective Order of Elks 1272 Delmarva Radiology Midshore Surgical Eye & Laser Center M. S. Shariff, M.D., P.A. Sodexho, Inc. University of Maryland Medical System Bronze Sponsor: Syed I. Ali, M.D. Bank of the Eastern Shore Beazer Homes Dr. Paul Brant Practice of Optometry Cambridge Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. Choptank Community Health System, Inc.

Memorial Hospital Foundation donor Shirley Gooch (center) with the nurses of the Memorial Hospital Palliative Care Suite.

2006 golf tournament

Presenting Sponsor: Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Delmarva Masters Sponsor: Clark Charitable Foundation, Inc.


memorial hospital auxiliary

Carrying On a Tradition of Service

Volunteers have played active roles throughout the 100-year history of The Memorial Hospital at Easton. In 1947, the volunteer corps formally united as the Junior Auxiliary, which is now known as The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital. Over its 60-year history, the Auxiliary has raised almost $5 million for Memorial Hospital and volunteers have contributed close to 2 million hours of service. Today, Auxiliary volunteers are often the first person a visitor meets at the Memorial Hospital Information Desk and in the Gift Shop. They assist staff with escorting patients and are available in the Emergency Room, Surgical Services, Shore Regional Breast Center and the Children's Advocacy Center. Outside of the hospital, they are a comforting presence at Shore Regional Cancer Center, the Digestive Health Center, and at outpatient rehabilitation and diagnostic centers in Easton and Denton. Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteers conduct hypertension screenings and knit hats and Christmas stockings for newborns. Every Christmas season, the Auxiliary raises money for new equipment and patient services through the Tree of Lights fundraiser. The Commission Shop, which was founded in 1962, has been a major source of revenue for the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. In 2007, the resale shop moved to a new, expanded Easton location and was renamed The Bazaar at 121 Federal Street. Today, there are 250 active volunteers in the Auxiliary's main unit in Easton and its unit in Denton, with another 127 sustaining members. President Neal O'Shea comments, "We appreciate when people recognize our efforts. For retirees who are looking for something to keep them active, while helping them meet new people and give back to their community, the Auxiliary offers an ideal volunteer opportunity." Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Board of Governors Officers Neal O'Shea, President Joe Shultz, First Vice President Lois Dittman, Second Vice President Theresa Stephan, Recording Secretary Janet Granger, Corresponding Secretary Diane Bisanar, Treasurer

Past Presidents of the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary celebrating the organization's 60th birthday are (left to right) Pat O'Hanlon, Debbie Hayes, Nancy Trippe, current President Neal O'Shea, Betty Jean Wheeler, Julie Wojcik and Ann Northrup.

dorchester general hospital auxiliary

Securing the Future of Nursing

The Auxiliary of Dorchester General Hospital understands that the hospital's future depends on educating the nurses who provide frontline patient care. The Auxiliary established the Nursing Grant Fund in 1978 to assist qualified men and women who are pursuing a nursing education. During its 29-year history, the fund has distributed nearly 100 nursing scholarships totaling over $85,000. Grants underwrite the cost of tuition, books and other educational expenses. The five-person Nursing Grant Committee selects applicants based on financial need, academic accomplishments, work experience, references and a written statement from the applicant. The students are typically enrolled in the Chesapeake College, Wor-Wic Community College and Salisbury University nursing programs. Several graduates now work as nurses at Dorchester General Hospital, where they are repaying the Auxiliary's generosity by caring for their family and friends. The Nursing Grant committee sponsors bake sales and jewelry vendor sales and appeals to members for donations. Friends and family of deceased Auxiliary volunteers often make memorial contributions to the fund and the Auxiliary gratefully accepts donations from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Elks, Dorchester Ruritan Club, Wal-mart and other community organizations. These gifts allow the Auxiliary to award as many as five nursing scholarships each year. "We are grateful for the support of these clubs and businesses," says Auxiliary President Debbie Thomas, who chairs the Nursing Grant Committee. "They help the Auxiliary educate qualified nurses, which keeps the Shore Health System nursing vacancy well below the state and national averages." Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary Officers Debbie Thomas, President Vivian Coghlan, First Vice President Dorothy Geoghegan, Second Vice President June McKelvey, Recording Secretary Dickie Hargis, Treasurer Janet Lawrence, Membership Dues Secretary Nancy Gale, Financial Dues Secretary Yoshi Smith, Corresponding Secretary Pat Wood, Joanne Hart, Rebecca Norman, Members at Large

Members of the Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Grant Committee reunite with nurses who benefited from the scholarship program. Pictured are (clockwise from bottom left) Auxiliary volunteers Bonnie Rimpo and Suzanne Press; nurses Beth Faes, Ruth Donaldson and Haley Newcomb; Auxiliary President Debbie Thomas; and nurse Melody Brown.



Financial Report


Shore Health System, Inc.

OUR INCOME Net Patient Revenue Other Operating Revenue Net Operating Revenue OUR EXPENSES Salaries & Employee Benefits Depreciation/Amortization Interest Other Operating Expenses Total Operating Expenses OUR NET RESULTS Net Operating Profit/(loss)

Non-Operating Revenue FY 2006 FY 2007

Our Board of Directors

Care Health Services, Inc.

OUR INCOME Net Patient Revenue Other Operating Revenue

FY 2006 FY 2007

157,565 3,392 160,957

172,189 4,751 176,940

5,584 (9) 5,575

5,865 21 5,886

Net Operating Revenue OUR EXPENSES

82,001 10,039 2,267 63,075 157,382

92,722 10,315 2,224 65,857

Salaries & Employee Benefits Depreciation/Amortization Interest Other Operating Expenses Total Operating Expenses OUR NET RESULTS Net Operating Profit/(loss)

3,049 13 0 2,175 5,237

3,264 20 0 2,127 5,411










Non-Operating Revenue

Total Net Income/(loss)



Total Net Income/(loss)



Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.

OUR INCOME Net Patient Revenue Other Operating Revenue Net Operating Revenue OUR EXPENSES Salaries & Employee Benefits Depreciation/Amortization Interest Other Operating Expenses Total Operating Expenses OUR NET RESULTS Net Operating Profit/(loss)

Non-Operating Revenue FY 2006 FY 2007

Shore Clinical Foundation, Inc.

OUR INCOME Net Patient Revenue Other Operating Revenue

FY 2006 FY 2007

0 0 0

0 0 0

4,182 154 4,336

4,663 167 4,830

Pictured are (left to right), seated, Joseph Anthony, Treasurer; Michael Moran, MD; Julie Wojcik, Memorial Hospital Auxiliary representative; Phyllis Matthai, Assistant Secretary; Christopher Spurry; middle row, Neil Mufson; Robert Carmean; James Peterson; Debbie Thomas, Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary representative; Joseph P. Ross, President and CEO for Shore Health System; David Milligan; P.J. Hunt, Memorial Hospital Association representative; back row, John Dillon, Chair; Marlene Feldman; Stuart Bounds Secretary; and Edmond F. Notebaert, President and CEO for the University of Maryland Medical System. Unavailable for the photo: Richard Loeffler, Vice Chair; Charles Lea, Vice Chair; Margaret Ferree; Ludwig Eglseder, III, MD; Michael Joyce, MD; Christine Galan, MD; D. Gregg Oliver, MD; and Hershel Johnson, Dorchester General Hospital Community Association representative.

Net Operating Revenue OUR EXPENSES

Medical Executive Committee

138 10 0 449 597

145 8 0 423 (576)

Salaries & Employee Benefits Depreciation/Amortization Interest Other Operating Expenses Total Operating Expenses OUR NET RESULTS

2,760 2 0 2,690 5,452

3,752 5 0 2,861 6,618





Net Operating Profit/(loss)

Non-Operating Revenue





Total Net Income/(loss)



Total Net Income/(loss)



Shore Health Enterprises, Inc.

OUR INCOME Net Patient Revenue Other Operating Revenue Net Operating Revenue OUR EXPENSES Salaries & Employee Benefits Depreciation/Amortization Interest Other Operating Expenses Total Operating Expenses OUR NET RESULTS Net Operating Profit/(loss)

Non-Operating Revenue FY 2006 FY 2007


FY 2007 Patient Days Admissions


0 27 27

57 57 57

35,284 10,148 3.50 97 3,121 2,462 37,319

12,986 3,322 3.90 36 799 692 18,402

Average Length of Stay Average Daily Census

0 12 81 18 111

0 12 0 137 149

Ambulatory Surgeries Inpatient Surgeries Emergency Room Visits

System-Wide Statistics

FY 2007 Births 1,121






Total Net Income/(loss)



Pictured (left to right), front row, Allen Anderson, MD, Chief of Division, Dorchester General Hospital and Chief of Psychiatry; Mark Langfitt, MD, Chief of Pediatrics; Michael Joyce, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dorchester General Hospital; middle row, Michael Judd, MD, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Christine Galan, MD, Chief of Division for Memorial Hospital; Salvatore Verteramo, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Memorial Hospital; Christian Evans, MD, Chief of Radiology, Dorchester General Hospital; back row, David Danner, MD, Chief of Pathology; Robert Middleton, MD, Chief of Anesthesiology; and Martin Forrest, DO, Chief of Medicine, Memorial Hospital. Unavailable for the photo: John Dillon, Chair of the Shore Health System Board of Directors; William Bair, MD, Vice Chief of Division, Dorchester General Hospital; Thomas Chiccone, MD, Vice Chief of Emergency Medicine, Memorial Hosptial; Sue Davis, Director of the Medical Staff and Accreditation; Morris Effron, MD; Jeff Johnson, Senior Vice President for System Development and External Operations; Christopher Levey, MD, Chief of Radiology, Memorial Hospital; Mark Malkus, MD; Kimberly Oster, MD, Secretary/Treasurer, Memorial Hospital and Vice Chief of Radiology, Memorial Hospital; Christopher Parker, Vice President of Clinical Services; Kevin Stitely, MD, Chief of Surgery; Myron Szczukowski, MD, Chief of Orthopedics; Noman Thanwy, MD, Chief of Medicine, Dorchester General Hospital; Michael Tooke, MD, Chief Medical Officer; Gerard Walsh, Chief Operating Officer; and Eric Widmaier, MD, Secretary/Treasurer, Dorchester General Hospital.


Boards of Directors for:

Memorial Hospital Foundation

Lloyd L. Beatty, Chairman W. Moorhead Vermilye, Vice Chairman Charles T. Capute, Secretary Joseph P. Ross, President and CEO, Shore Health System Douglas Croker Delia B. Denny Deborah Hayes Keith A. McMahan William H. Munn C.E. "Ted" Peck

Shore Clinical Foundation

Elizabeth Draper Brice, Chairman Pam Fleckenstein, Secretary Frank Adams, Treasurer Henry Leonard, III Shore Health System: Joseph P. Ross, President and CEO Walter Zajac, Vice President of Finance Debbie Cannon, Director of Operations, Shore Clinical Foundation

Memorial Hospital at Easton Association

Dorchester General Hospital Community Association

P.J. Hunt, President, Centreville

Leanne Allen, 1st Vice President, Easton William Evey, 2nd Vice President, Preston Linda Ellis, Secretary, Bozman Caroline County Denton Fred Spence Charles Huber Catherine Spence David Whaley Preston Ronald Fearins Patsy Fearins Queen Anne's County Centreville Jane Coppage Diane Brown Talbot County Bozman Joyce Jones Mary Jane Eustace Easton Jodi Baker Elaine Farquhar Jennie Hyatt Thomas Herbert, MD Betty Baer Julie Goldsborough Karen McLoughlin Stacey Wrightson William Neary Walter J. Cuttler Brenda Wooden Cassandra Guy Faye Roser Ronald Chiste Karen Bailor David Lee Melissa Taylor Ellicot McConnell, PhD Neavitt Marie Zinninger Oxford Judy Strong Mary Holston St. Michaels Les Callaway Donald G. Beck, DVM Nancy Knowles Kathleen Hughes Robert Knowles Royal Oak Fred Israel

Herschel Johnson, President, Cambridge

Edmund Connelly, Vice President, Cambridge Nancy Spicer, Secretary, Church Creek Cambridge James Adkins George Ames Christine Burkett Jerry T. Burroughs Ruth Braxton Lemuel Chester Wendell O. Foxwell Mary Handley Roger Harrell James Lewis Deborah Luthy Jackalyn Noller Berthena Pinder Sister Dorothy Prettyman Sean Reincke Bonnie Rimpo Joseph Schulte Bonnie Shertenlieb Reverend Cynthia Stanton Corinda Waters, PhD Deborah Weber Church Creek Barbara Steiner Karen Tolley East New Market Henry Hernandez Rosalie Dolan Bertha Dockins Linda Hubbard Easton George Radcliffe Hurlock Jessica L. Lane Doug Scott Sharon Wall Rhodesdale Carolyn Green William Collier Pauline Pinkett Taylors Island Eleanor Polley Patti Carpenter Tieder Toddville Evelyn Robinson Trappe JoAnne Hart Woolford D. Graham Slaughter, MD Medford "Buck" Travers

Care Health Services

Caroline County Health Department: Becky Loukides Dorchester County Health Department: Roger Harrell Talbot County Health Department: Kathy Foster; alternate: Gloria Dill Shore Health System: Rita Holley, Director of Shore Home Care Jeffrey Johnson, Vice President of System Development and External Operations Gary Jones, Director of Cardio-Pulmonary Services Chris Parker, Chief Nursing Officer Joseph P. Ross, President and CEO Walter Zajac, Vice President of Finance



contact us

Dorchester General Hospital 300 Byrn Street Cambridge, Maryland 21613 410-228-5511 TDD 410-228-7685 The Memorial Hospital at Easton 219 S. Washington Street Easton, Maryland 21601 410-822-1000 TDD 410-820-5704 Birthing Center The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-822-1000, ext. 5700 410-476-3771, ext. 5700 Center for Cardio-Pulmonary Fitness and Wellness Dorchester General Hospital 410-228-5511, ext. 8201 The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-822-1000, ext. 5208 Diagnostic and Imaging Centers Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511, ext. 8350 The Memorial Hospital at Easton: 410-822-1000, ext. 5678 2540 Centreville Road, Centreville: 410-758-0011 920 Market Street, Denton: 410-479-3510 10 Martin Court, Easton: 410-820-7778 Digestive Health Services Digestive Health Center 511 Idlewild Avenue Easton, Maryland 21601 410-820-8838 Dorchester General Hospital 410-228-5511, ext. 8336 Joint Replacement Center The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-822-1000, ext. 5406 1-877-245-1026 Nutrition Counseling Dorchester General Hospital 410-228-5511, ext. 8474 The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-822-1000, ext 5339 Regional Sleep Disorders Center The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-822-1000, ext. 5338 410-476-3771, ext. 5338 Shore Comprehensive Pain Care The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-820-6517 Shore Family Practice 2540 Centreville Road Centreville, Maryland 21617 410-758-3877 920 Market Street Denton, Maryland 21629 410-479-1388

The Memorial Hospital Foundation 219 S. Washington Street Easton, Maryland 21601 410-822-1000, ext 5763

Shore Health System and its members and affiliates take pride in our many accreditations and memberships. Accreditations include:

The Joint Commission ­ The Memorial Hospital at Easton The Joint Commission - Dorchester General Hospital The Joint Commission - Shore Home Care Home Health and Hospice Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems - Primary Stroke Center designation for The Memorial Hospital at Easton Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education American Society of Health System Pharmacists for Pharmacotherapy Residency American College of Radiology for magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and mammography Food and Drug Administration Mammography Quality Standards Act American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation College of American Pathologists State of Maryland Laboratory Licensure Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) American Association of Blood Banks American Academy of Sleep Medicine Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories College of Pastoral Supervisors and Psychotherapists National Children's Alliance for the Talbot County Children's Advocacy Center

Shore Home Care, Home Health and Hospice 121 Federal Street, Suite 3 Easton, MD 21601 410-820-6052 Shore Pediatrics 8579 Commerce Drive, Suite 104 Easton, Maryland 21601 410-822-8550 828 Airpax Road, Building B, Suite 600 Cambridge, Maryland 21613 410-228-6161 Shore Regional Breast Center The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-820-9400 410-476-3771, ext. 5387 Shore Regional Cancer Center Requard Radiation Oncology Center 509 Idlewild Avenue Easton, Maryland 21601 410-820-4187 Shore Rehabilitation Services InpatientServices Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511, ext. 8363 The Memorial Hospital at Easton: 410-822-1000, ext. 5532 Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation: 410-822-1000, ext. 5845 OutpatientServices 27 Sunburst Center, Cambridge: 410-221-0029 146 Courseval Drive, Centreville: 410-758-2810 920 Market Street, Denton: 410-479-3300 10B Martin Court, Easton: 410-822-3080 CenterforIntegrativeMedicine 607-B Dutchmans Lane Easton, Maryland 21601 410-770-9400 Vascular Center The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-822-1000, ext. 5809 Wound Healing Center The Memorial Hospital at Easton 410-820-6500

Memberships include:

The American Hospital Association The Maryland Hospital Association Association of Community Cancer Centers. The Caroline County Chamber of Commerce The Talbot County Chamber of Commerce The Queen Anne's County Chamber of Commerce The Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce The Kent County Chamber of Commerce The Maryland Healthcare Ethics Committee Network Maryland-National Capital Homecare Association Maryland Hospice Network

Shore Health System complies with all applicable federal and state agency codes and regulations, specifically the Americans with Disabilities Act, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Food and Drug Administration.




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