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The Newsletter of the Short Hills Ski Club August 2007


Greetings fellow skiers and snowboarders! I hope you are enjoying your summer at least half as much as I am. Irene Huhner has handed over the editorial reins of the Ski Scoop to me and this is my first issue. The SHSC Ski Scoop has been in publication for over 50 years. With each new editor there have been changes which have evolved the Ski Scoop, from that first publication in November 1953, to what it is today. I am thankful for Irene Huhner, Tom Milner, Don Klein, Pete Webster, and the many others who have laid the foundation for this publication. I intend to continue the tradition for 2007-2008. Many thanks to Irene for a phenomenal job as Editor of the Ski Scoop for 2006-2007. I will attempt to fill Irene's shoes with the same enthusiasm. Now, if only the computer would cooperate! The publication of the Ski Scoop will continue to be via the internet, in keeping with "Green" thinking. The newsletter will be posted on the SHSC website and will be emailed to the distribution list via our NEW president, Marie Nardino. Please print/share with your friends who DO NOT have an email account. The highlights of this newsletter include: Spring Banquet recap Meet the NEW Board Calendar of Events Announcements!



The spring banquet was held at Il Villaggio in Carlstadt, NJ on Saturday, April 21st. As members arrived in the banquet room they were greeted by the wait staff with plates of appetizers. After grabbing a drink, guests mingled to talk about the great ski season and how great everyone looked.

(Please see page 2 for continuation of this article.) __________________________


The easiest way to do this is to contact our webmaster via our webpage at . Or just give Ted a CD with your digital photos . He will upload the photos to the webpage.

This year's award recipients:

Barney Sarossy: Tom Milner* Most Ski Days Male: Craig Duda & Chad Watkins Most Ski Days Female: Cissy Duda, Karen Pabst & Mariann Mann 400 Ski Days: Barbara Ciechacki 300 Ski Days: Tom Gutwein 200 Ski Days: Mariann Mann 100 Ski Days: Kathy Caccavale, Jeff Cannon, Cissy Duda, Don Klein

* See page 4 for more info on the Barney Sarossy award.


I would personally like to welcome this year's newly elected board members! By now, the 2007-2008 Board has met three times to focus their attention on the betterment of the SHSC for the upcoming ski season. If you would like to provide input for the upcoming ski season, you may access the survey on the website.

Happy reading! Sincerely, Colleen Bradley VanPell

Vermont is vibrant in the summer!


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After the cocktail hour, everyone settled into their seats for a wonderful meal which included lobster ravioli. The lavish dinner was followed by scrumptious pastries and a canolli filled cake. The music was then turned up and dancers hit the floor. Members took a break from dancing for the distribution of the annual awards. The party goers had such a blast that Il Villagio had to kick everyone out at closing time. For those who missed the banquet, you missed great friends, great food and a great time! Article and Photos submitted by Ann Hopkins!

Ms. Cashen presents the Barney Sarossy award to Tom Milner. Tom Milner is once again in charge of skier development .

Debbie Cooper and Andreas Faber (VP of Lodge) enjoy a tender moment at the Spring Banquet. See Announcements...

Barbara Ciechacki receives recognition from Ms. Cashen, for having 400 LodgeDays. Barbara is our Historical Chairwoman.

Newlyweds, Josh and Lacey (married in March) enjoy the company of Barbara and Jim, Bill Miller and guest.

Ann Hopkins and her committee did a fantastic job planning the Spring Banquet this year. If you would like to be a part of the banquet committee for 2008, contact Tim Brogan.


Rob Pabst has been a member for more than 20 years. Rob has been extremely involved in club operations for many years. Elected Trustee: Ann Rice has been a member of the club for more than 15 years. Prior duties include Membership Committee. Trustee: John Zimnoch has been a member since 2001. Previous duties include General Treasurer. Trustee: Dotty Klein has been a member since 1986. Previous responsibilities have included Lodge Treasurer, Trustee, Records, Hospitality, and Membership Committee. Trustee: Keith Wilcox previously held the position of VP of Membership and has been a member for about 4 years. Trustee: Chad Watkins previously held the position of VP of Lodge and has been a member for about 10 years. Trustee: Doreen Cashen previously held the positions of VP of Membership and President and has been a member for about 6 years. ______________________________



Maria Ospina tied the knot with Bill Selvidio in July 2007. Debbie Cooper became Andreas Faber `s bride in July 2007. Tom Milner and Susan Stimpson were married in May 2007.

Spotlight on our new Board Members

Each issue, the Ski Scoop highlights one of the club's members.

Upcoming Events!

4th Annual Golf Outing, September 15--16, 2007

President: Marie Nardino has been a member since 1987. Past responsibilities include; General Treasurer and Trustee. VP of Membership: Tracy Dragos has been a member since 1997. Past responsibilities include VP of Membership, Secretary, Trustee, and Membership Recruitment. Lodge Treasurer: Bill Radzelovage has been a member since 1997. Past responsibilities include completing tax returns. General Treasurer: Joel Blank has been a member since 2003. Joel was in charge of Discount Lift Tickets last ski season. VP of Lodge: Andreas Faber has been a member of the club since 2005. Secretary: Joanne Schiding has been a member of the club since 2005.

Elected Trustee and Chairman of the Board:

The Board members meet monthly to discuss matters of the club.

Green Mountain National, Killington on Saturday, Sept. 15th. Includes breakfast, registration, tee times, massage (reservations required), dinner, awards ceremony $155 for golfers, $65 for non-golfers. Additional fee for

massage services.

September budget review and approval

Please attend our annual budget meeting on Tuesday, September 11th. All ACTIVE members should attend this meeting. The Board will have the proposed budgets for both the lodge and general treasury for your review and approval. Please plan to come out and support this important night.

Contact: [email protected] (see website for past pictures) _________________________ Bike Weekend October 6th and 7th For detailed information..... Contact: Marty Dragos [email protected] Or [email protected]

Show your support and plan your summer weekend now!


P.O. Box 116, Short Hills, NJ 07078 Website:

Who is Barney Sarossy?

Barney Sarossy was a member of the SHSC in the early/mid 1960s. Barney had been a freedom fighter in his native Hungary, taking part in the unsuccessful 1956 Hungarian Uprising. He came to the USA after escaping from Hungary by swimming across the Danube River. Joining the SHSC, he became a very well liked and admired member for both his cheerful and helpful personality and for his willingness to expend himself in all ways for the good of the club. At the time of Barney's untimely death from a staph infection, this annual award was established to be given to members whose contributions and services to the club are judged to most closely emulate those of Barney Sarossy.

2007-2008 Board Members

President Marie Nardino VP Membership Tracy Dragos VP Lodge Andreas Faber Lodge Treasurer Bill Radzelovage General Treasurer Joel Blank Secretary Joanne Schiding Elected Trustee Ann Rice (2007-2009) Elected Trustee Rob Pabst (2006-2008) Trustee Doreen Cashen Trustee John Zimnoch Trustee Dotty Klein Trustee Chad Watkins Trustee Keith Wilcox


Maria and Bill Selvidio were married July 21. Debbie Cooper and Andreas Faber were married in July. --------------------------Have you recently had a child, proposed to , or married your soul mate? Please send your special news to me at [email protected] to include in a future newsletter.

2007-2008 Other Contacts Newsletter Editor Colleen Bradley-VanPell Webmaster Ted Heidemann Competition Bruce Roberts Discount Lift Tickets Craig Duda Membership Recruitment John Strauss Jamboree John/Tracy/Marie NJ Ski Council Susan Donlan Party Chair AdrianMaas/Holly Dressler Spring Banquet Tim Brogan Trip Chair Chad Watkins Sunshine Astrid Martin Historical Barbara Ciechacki House Mike Moran/Mike Hahn Communications Bill Bittner

Upcoming Events

August 21 Board of Trustees mtg September 8--9 WORK WEEKEND contact Shaun Rice-- bring: ladder/paintbrush

the k out ndar Chec cale ite webs the latest for ents ev


Have an idea or an article for a future newsletter? Have any interesting updates on a former or current member? Have a favorite stop while going to/from the lodge? Have a favorite place in Vermont?

September 11 Monthly and ANNUAL BUDGET meeting (membership budget approval) September 15--16 Golf Weekend (Contact Mark Anderson) October 6--7 Bike Weekend (contact Marty or Joanne) October 9 Monthly meeting November 6 Weekly meetings resume through April

SHSC meets at the Elks Club on Maple Street in Summit, NJ. Meetings start at 8:30 pm. Arrive earlier and catch up with your "winter" friends.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month until No-


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