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NOTICE OF PROPOSED CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT SHULTZ v. ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE, ET AL. IF YOU BOUGHT STACKED UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE ON A SINGLE MOTOR VEHICLE POLICY FROM ERIE IN PENNSYLVANIA BETWEEN JULY 12, 2000 AND NOVEMBER 1, 2011, YOU COULD RECEIVE PAYMENT FROM A CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT. Erie has determined that you may be included in the settlement of the above class action. Erie denies all responsibility for the claims. The Settlement Agreement has complete details. You have legal rights. The Settlement Agreement, along with other relevant court documents, can be found on the website at WHO IS INCLUDED? The potential settlement class includes all Pennsylvania Erie insureds who paid a premium for stacked uninsured/underinsured single motor vehicle policy coverage at any time from July 12, 2000 to November 1, 2011. MONETARY BENEFITS. Erie will pay up to a maximum of $9,000,000 which includes attorney's fees and costs. Payments to class members will be based upon the number of policy periods during the period set forth above. Class members who submit a signed claim form may receive a minimum of $6.75 but no more than $8.00 for each policy period. To be eligible for a payment, you must submit a signed claim form by January 14, 2012. NON-MONETARY BENEFITS. Erie has also agreed, beginning October 1, 2011, to change its policy to provide a coverage differential for single motor vehicle policy insureds who select stacked uninsured/underinsured coverage. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Complete and mail the attached claim form or exclude yourself from the settlement by mailing a letter to the Notice Administrator at: Shultz v. Erie Insurance Exchange, et al., c/o GCG, Inc., EXCLUSIONS, PO Box 9850, Dublin, Ohio 43017-5750. If you exclude yourself, you give up all rights to be included in the proposed settlement. If you previously received a notice of this class action, and you excluded yourself, note that the class period has been extended to November 1, 2011; thus, it will be necessary for you to file a second exclusion for the extended period of time by January 17, 2012. If you don't exclude yourself, you may object to the settlement by January 30, 2012 by following the instructions set forth in the Settlement Agreement. The Court will hold a hearing on February 29, 2012, to consider whether to approve the settlement. For more information call the Class Adjudicator at 1-888-285-9447 or visit the website at _________________________________________________________________________________________________

CLAIM FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill in as much of this form as you can (print or type only), sign and mail it to: Shultz v. Erie Insurance Exchange, et al., c/o GCG, Inc., PO Box 9850, Dublin, Ohio 43017-5750. Do not send any documentation to support your claim at this time. THIS CLAIM FORM MUST BE POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 14, 2012.

I may be a member of the Class described above as: (a) I was a named insured on a single motor vehicle policy issued by Erie between July 12, 2000 and November 1, 2011 providing stacked uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage; the subject policy was in effect for an entire policy period; and the subject policy number is _________________________________________ (provide if available).

_____________________________________________ Shultz Settlement Class Member (Your Signature) _____________________________________________ Shultz Settlement Class Member (Print Your Name) _____________________________________________ Current Street Address (if different than mailing address) _____________________________________________ City, State, Zip (if different than mailing address) _____________________________________________ Phone Numbers (home/cell) _____________________________________________ E-mail (if any)




Microsoft Word - ERI Notice 11.21.11.docx

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Microsoft Word - ERI Notice 11.21.11.docx