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Avaya Microsoft CRM Integration Solution

Enhancing customer service... with the right information at every touch point

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When your customers call, can everyone in your organization r e s p o n d i n a w a y t h a t m a k e s t h e c u s t o m e r s a y,

" "

That's great service!

N o w t h e r e 's a w a y t o m a k e i t h a p p e n : A v a y a a n d Microsoft have created a solution that puts important customer information at your fingertips when you need it most--the moment a customer is contacting your business. The pre-packaged solution from Avaya and Microsoft integrates your Avaya communications system and your customer databases. Now when a customer calls, your communications system will automatically find the information about the caller--from pending orders and service issues to special requirements and shipping addresses--and deliver it right to the desktop. Everyone in your organization will instantly have the information they need to be personal and effective. A n d y o u r c u s t o m e r s w i l l h a v e p l e n t y o f r e a s o n t o s a y, " T h a t 's g r e a t s e r v i c e ! "

Is CRM for my business?

Every business that `touches' its customers in some way, be it through phone conversations, e-mail or Web contact, can benefit from this solution to enhance their customers' experience. The Avaya Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration Solution is right for you if you are interested in: · · · Increasing sales Enhancing overall customer service Controlling the cost of delivering customer service · Ensuring that accurate customer information is available when customer calls come in · · · Personalizing interactions with callers Handling more calls more easily Reducing the number of call handlers

Customer service that helps growing businesses

For most growing businesses, delivering great service is an ongoing challenge--and it's not for lack of trying. Service is often impersonal and inefficient because the information needed to do it right is often unavailable. It may be scattered in different departments across the company--sales, accounting, technical support. And the most important information of all--who last communicated with a customer and what happened-- may never have been recorded. Sometimes just answering the phone in a timely fashion and responding to e-mails promptly is a major challenge. In today's business world, customer service is critical to long-term growth and profitability. It can be 6 to 7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.

Now Avaya and Microsoft are changing all of that by offering a pre-packaged solution that integrates customer data stored in Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM with the Avaya IP Office Compact Contact Center solution--and making that information available with every customer contact.

Putting the right information... at every touch point

Now when a customer calls, instead of searching for information or requiring the customer to provide it, a "screen pop" of information automatically appears with a complete record of the customer's account and recent interactions. The person handling the call can tell at a glance: · · Who is calling Who the customer last spoke to The status of pending orders or service issues Basic data: contact name, e-mail/phone numbers, shipping and credit information, etc. The Avaya Microsoft solution makes an integrated view of customer data available to everyone in your company--so customers get the personal attention they demand, every time they call.

Using all of your resources

Just about every business has the resources to deliver a superior customer experience. There are 3 key building blocks: · · · People Communications Customer records

· ·

But until now, there hasn't been an easy way to get all of these resources working together.

Avaya Microsoft CRM integration in action

Microsoft CRM

searches customer database for a match and calls up customer records linked to that number.

"Hi, Mr. Brown. I see your recent order was delivered today. What can we help you with?"

Avaya IP Office

identifies caller number.


Avaya IP Office

"screen pops" information to agent PC. CALL IS ANSWERED

Outbound Dial-- With Outbound Dial, anyone

can automatically dial a customer by clicking a button on contact and account screens.

Screen Pop --The Avaya Microsoft solution will call up the customer's complete record based on their number, and "screen pop" the information onto a PC.

A complete solution from the industry leaders

As leaders in communications and business applications, Avaya and Microsoft combine technical innovation with decades of experience meeting the needs of small and medium businesses. Connecting Microsoft Business Solutions CRM to Avaya IP Office contact center functionality allows you to integrate all contact points in a way that will transform the way your business interacts with your customers-- improving sales and service profitability while maintaining low cost of ownership and a fast return on investment.

A comprehensive customer database

Microsoft Business Solutions CRM is a .NET connected business application that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of companies wishing to implement a CRM solution. Microsoft CRM automatically tracks all interactions, regardless of how they were initiated, between a company's sales and service employees and its customers. Later, each interaction can be recalled individually, or combined with others to create a complete history, commonly known as a 360-degree customer view.

A complete contact center

The Avaya Compact Contact Center is a comprehensive solution for formal and informal contact centers (up to 75 agents) and supports voice calls, e-mail, Web chat, and Web callback, delivering: · · A full set of customizable capabilities for the routing of incoming calls Comprehensive management and reporting capabilities managers can use to control costs, enhance the customer experience and get the most out of their contact center investment · A wide range of advanced features such as wallboards and easy-to-use agent screens that are designed with a Microsoft® Outlook® look and feel

Integrated sales and customer service modules in Microsoft CRM enable employees to share information to improve sales success and deliver consistent, efficient customer service. Sales and customer service features include leads and opportunity management, a complete view of customer history, automated incident management, and a searchable knowledgebase. Microsoft CRM also includes reporting tools for accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity and employee performance.

Important customer information at your fingertips


Update customer records while you are on the phone, send an e-mail, check on the latest sales promotions-- with Avaya and Microsoft CRM it's all at your fingertips.

Accounts and contacts

At any time, you can get fast access to all your accounts and contact information.

More sophisticated call handling

Combining the power of Avaya telephony with the breadth of Microsoft CRM in one pre-integrated, pretested and pre-packaged solution opens the door to new ways to personalize service. How incoming calls are routed in your business can be adapted based on a wide range of customer criteria, enhancing your ability to address the needs of specific groups of customers. Your customers will experience shorter hold times, fewer transfers and quicker responses, as well as personalized service.

The CRM challenge facing every growing company

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build the relationships that generate ongoing sales. That's what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about. Historically, CRM solutions have been primarily for big businesses that could justify a major capital investment and substantial resources in personnel and management. But in today's highly competitive marketplace, CEOs and decision makers in small and growing businesses need to find new ways to increase sales and profitability. Customer service is the way to do it.

Enhanced reporting and management

The ability to retrieve and track real-time information on customer sales and service history will provide your business with the tools you need for accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity. With detailed call data compiled in an integrated, searchable knowledgebase, you can literally keep your finger on the pulse of your performance.

For most growing businesses, managing the daily volume of customer communications is a major challenge: The reality in most growing companies is that a small number of employees wear many hats, handling a wide range of customer inquiries--one minute it's about billing, the next it's sales and then technical support.

Getting fast access to the information needed to respond to these inquiries helps growing companies make the best use of resources. Customers want to be known--they expect service to be Sales campaigns

Manage the sales process across your business-- from the initial contact to closing the sale.

personal and are disappointed when they need to keep explaining who they are and why they are calling. Quick access to customer records enables growing companies to offer service rivaling that of much larger enterprises.

Knowing who last talked to a customer and what took place is vital to any customer service strategy.

Capturing data about each interaction and making it available throughout the organization is the key to consistent, costeffective customer service.

T h e r i g h t s o l u t i o n f o r t o d a y 's m a r k e t

Avaya IP Office with Microsoft CRM will help your business build more profitable customer relationships, enhance your business efficiency and allow you to better understand your customers' needs. You get a solution that is: Efficient

· Handle more contacts · Reduce overheads · Evaluate customer interactions · Integrated call data in searchable knowledgebase


· Integrated sales and service modules · Integrated telephony and CRM (e.g., "screen pops") · Leads and opportunity management


· Automated incident management · One-click agent Outbound Dial · Re-evaluate your business processes to maximize resources


· Understand business performance · Identify customer trends

Learn more

The Avaya Microsoft CRM Integration offer consists of:

· Avaya IP Office (R1.4 or higher) and Compact Contact Center · Microsoft CRM (Professional Edition) · Avaya-developed middleware, integrating Microsoft CRM with Avaya IP Office/ Compact Contact Center.

Avaya has worked with Microsoft to build this solution from the ground up. The result is a single pre-integrated, pre-tested solution for CRM and telephony that helps you achieve some of your key business objectives. You don't have to worry about purchasing and integrating different tools and services from multiple vendors-- minimizing configuration and ongoing support costs.

The solution is available through Avaya authorized BusinessPartners and sales representatives. To learn more, contact your local Avaya representative today or visit us at

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