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Sieck HealthCare Consulting's new PEP© initiative impacts

"patient satisfaction" and "access to care" while simultaneously targeting quality and cost from point-of-entry to

A New Generation of Health Care Delivery


For more information on our services, contact: Sieck HealthCare Consulting 9431 Jeff Hamilton Road Mobile, AL 36695 Tel: 251.633.4043 Fax: 251.607.9145 Email: [email protected]

The industry leader in the alliance of clinical and financial strategies

Sieck HealthCare Consulting

"We can give you peace of mind and a new sense of direction, leading to solid decision making and precise execution of your hospital operations"

Provider Excellence Program (PEP©)

It is estimated that 70% of all hospital admissions will funnel through the Emergency Department by 2010. It is critical that facilities begin placing the proper human and technology resources at this point of entry to intercept and offset the demands this volume will create on your system. With healthcare reform in fullforce, it is imperative that facilities evaluate its operation plans beginning with the Emergency Department targeting quality and cost simultaneously. Sieck HealthCare Consulting has visited more than 1300 hospitals and has the experience to handle the most political situations. We can completely turn around your system or enhance your existing program. Solve your operations issues with one comprehensive program. The Provider Excellence Program (PEP©) is an integrated health care delivery model designed to meet industry standards focused on patient centeredness, access to care, quality, and cost. The PEP© initiative was developed to integrate Patient, Physician, Hospital, and Payors into a seamless "Best Practice Model" intended to optimize clinical and financial outcomes for all health care providers. Meeting consumer health care needs has become a challenge for all providers, clinically and financially. Accountability of the services is an essential component of our Health Care Delivery Model. The innovative PEP© initiative is NEW cutting edge concepts for this NEW era of health care delivery meeting the challenges of accountability to all stakeholders.

Additional Services, Resources, and Information

Sieck HealthCare - your complete solution!

Apart from the PEP© program, SHC offers a variety of consulting services for clients who require staged implementation of our projects and/or other services such as capturing separately payable observation for specific conditions. SHC can provide onsite consulting packages for convenience and optimal use of time. Sieck HealthCare offers flexible plans covered in:

Sandra Sieck is a HealthCare Reform Field Specialist and national thought leader in the economics and processes of hospital operations. Her knowledge and experience gives us a distinct advantage when delivering the key elements essential for successful inpatient and outpatient services that impact overall hospital operations.

Sandra can provide vital information that will significantly impact "patient satisfaction and access to care" while simultaneously targeting quality outcomes and your bottom line through a new generation of health care delivery

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1 Day (onsite visits) 2 Day (onsite visits) Conference Calls, etc.

For more information on our programs and services please contact: Tel: (251) 633.4043 Fax: (251) 607.9145 Email: [email protected] or visit and

We do not solicit expensive software and licensing, no monthly reports, and no monthly chart reviews. We provide straight forward strategic planning unrivaled by others in the industry. A solid understanding of these essential elements can elevate your facility as a premier hospital in your community, state, and/or across the nation. Let Sandra and her team give you the knowledge and confidence to changehealth care delivery.

Provider Excellence Program 1

NEW 2nd Access Point

The CACU is the new 2nd access point to care designed to offset the burden of chronic and nonemergent patients on the Emergency Department referred by admitting Physicians. This new unit will allow facilities to triage, test, and package patients for further evaluation, appropriate admission, observation or discharge.



This new concept is based on aligning your patient, quality, and financial objectives at the point of entry. Ensure the success of your operations by understanding your patients before they impact your system. Understand the positive benefits of meeting medical necessity, quality indicators, and enhancing patient satisfaction.


Provider Management Cycle PMC


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ABC Model and Y-Model©

ABC model--is a conceptual model optimizing third door opportunities for timely clinical decisions - CACU or Outpatient Observation.

transitional order sets initiated at the decision point without delay Decrease risk with a Safe discharge.



Data storage, retrieval, and review impacts patient, facilities, and physicians.

Bad data out = bad reimbursement in

Reallocation of Resources

New concepts such as placing proper resources at the point of entry can greatly enhance clinical and financial outcomes. Simple placement of Case Management and Utilization Review personnel at the entry point into the system, most commonly the Emergency Department. This reallocation significantly can impact claims denials, insurance collection, and LOS.

Adv. Position of Tech/Pharm

The first line of defense for most facilities is the Emergency Department. The efficiency and effectiveness of this department can positively or negatively impact clinical and financial outcomes for services beyond this entry point. Technologies and Pharmacology generally found in the inpatient settings are now finding new locations at the systems point of entry impacting efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety and satisfaction.

Data developed in your institution is review by:

Y-model© --is a tool for identifying and correcting systematic flaws with a ZERO defect model. This powerful tool links quality directly with finance.

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Sieck HeatlhCare Brochure

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