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Energy Savings Warranty Program

Efficient and Cost Effective Insurance For your Efficiency Contractor's Energy Savings Guarantees

This program offers Energy Savings Warranty insurance to high quality Energy Efficiency Contractors who provide energy improving upgrades and guarantee the amount of savings to be achieved. Energi's warranty product will serve as a strong insurance backstop to the energy savings guarantees you provide to end customers, who may range from educational institutions to commercial facilities.

About Energi

Energi Holdings is a leading provider of specialty risk management solutions, including insurance and reinsurance, to certain sectors of the Energy Industry. Founded in 2005 by accomplished insurance professionals and energy industry leaders, Energi's competitive strengths include the ability to attract quality valueoriented clients and the development of proprietary loss prevention, claims management, and risk selection techniques. Energi is licensed to do business in all 50 states. Energi has expanded its offerings to provide solutions for alternative energy segments and now, energy efficiency by way of Energy Service Companies and the projects they undertake.

Energy Savings Insurance Benefits:

Risk Transfer of Balance Sheet Obligations: Energi's ESW Program will allow Contractors to remove the liability attached to energy savings guarantee contracts from their balance sheets, freeing up capital and improving their financial condition. Engineeringfocused Underwriting: Energi's inhouse energy engineers will review your project and estimated cost savings to ensure we are confident in the projections. This review will provide additional credibility to your energy savings projections, offer assurance in Energi's industry expertise and ensure your policy is priced correctly. Competitive Edge: The Energi program will enhance the overall service and product offered by Contractors, giving the company a competitive edge in offering energy savings upgrades. Customer Credibility and True Guarantee: By providing insured energy savings guarantees from a recognized worldleading insurance company, customers will have peace of mind and faith in your Contractors credibility and service. Claims Management: Energi's experienced claims handling team, as well as our engineering experts will continually monitor realized savings in order to preempt and remediate any claims that may arise.



Website: Contact: Ronald Guerra or Eric Sigel, CPCU Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Phone: 6102878800

CONFIDENTIAL: The following document and any related conversations are strictly confidential. © Energi Insurance Services, Inc.


Microsoft Word - Energi Energy Savings Warranty Brochure grn 091310 Sigel

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Microsoft Word - Energi Energy Savings Warranty Brochure grn 091310 Sigel