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Signposting the way to Ll beauty (from a press release issued by the Llyn Penisula AONB Project Officer Lea Hughes) n's After many months the project to restore the traditional black and white fingerposts on Llyn was completed in September. For many years now these signs have been looking a little sorry for themselves, missing fingers and generally having seen better days. After a quick survey to assess the location and condition of the fingerposts, Signpost Restoration Ltd was commissioned to undertake the restoration work. Now these old fingerposts, which were erected at the beginning of the last century, as a result of the 1903 Motor Car Act, are back to their former glory and again doing their work. They can be seen at the following locations: near Abererch, Beudy Bigin, Botwnnog, Llanengan, Nonhoran, Penygroeslon, Sam Bach and Sam Mellteym. Also, by a separate but linked project by Llanengan Community Council, two new signposwts in old fashioned style have been erected at Myntho and Abersoch. The original signs were made by Royal Label Factory ­ Stratford on Avon, Jones & Jones of Flint and J.H.Williams & Sons of Porthmadog. Their were no guidelines back in 1903 as to how the fingerposts should look, so each Council developed signs with their own identity. The restoration of the signs has been commissioned by the Ll Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Unit and a n grant was obtained from the Llyn Sustainable Development Fund. "The original posts had been looking a bit worse for wear, some had lost a finger or two!" said Lea Hughes, AONB Projects Officer, "the signposts are part of Llyn's history and add something to the character of the area, it's important that we make the effort to keep hold of features like this that add something to the beauty of the Ll n." This project followed on from the work already undertaken by Signpost Restoration in restoring existing village nameplates and manufacturing new plates in 2006. The restoration involved welding damaged signs, cleaning, pattern making and casting of new signs where required in aluminium (as per the originals) and painting. Once installed the signs proved not only to have an impact on tourism, an important of the Llyn Peninsula's economy, but also to provide an improvement to the environment that was appreciated by the local population.

"Through the restoration of milestones, way markers, village nameplates and fingerposts the distinctiveness of this beautiful part of rural North Wales has been rescued and is now portrayed better than it has for almost 100 years and the AONB should be congratulated on completing its far sighted project." David Gosling, Signpost Restoration Ltd.




Microsoft Word - SRest NL.doc

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Microsoft Word - SRest NL.doc