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Signs 2 Design, a Manchester based leading sign and design company which prides itself on exceptional quality, high levels of service and affordability. This has led to our recognition as one of the UK's leading architectural sign manufacturers, something we are extremely proud of. Combining intelligent sign design with high quality and durable materials, we achieve both stunning vision and functionality to bring buildings and environments to life. Our multi-talented team have experience in creating both interior and exterior signage solutions to many market sectors, including corporate; education; hotel and leisure; local government; museums and galleries; NHS and healthcare; and residential.


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Transform your 2D concept into amazing 3D reality using our industry experience in a wide range of sectors

Page 04 Braille & Tactile

Stunning range of DDA-compliant signage from the UK's number one Braille & tactile sign manufacturer

Page 05 Built-Up & Flat-Cut

Built-up & flat-cut signage which achieves stunning visual impact in both exterior and interior spaces

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Full colour printed or vinyl-cut graphics can be produced economically and used for a wide range of signage applications

Ordering is easy

Post: Call: Fax: Email: Visit: Signs 2 Design, Unit 12 City Court Trading Estate Poland Street, Manchester M4 6AL 0800 002 9930 0800 002 9940 [email protected]

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With rotary and laser technology, we use each technique to its optimum advantage to create stunning engraved signage

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Signage solutions that are not only stylish and informative but stand up to the environment and weather well

Page 09 Fire & Safety

Extensive range of self adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic and photoluminescent signs as well as more stylish bespoke options

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A comprehensive range of fully functional internal signage solutions to suit both contemporary and traditional dwellings


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Update information quickly and efficiently with our extensive range of contemporary modular sign systems

Modular Sign Systems


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This section can only serve as an introduction, to highlight the endless possibilities offered by our bespoke signage solutions. The initial concept is usually driven by architects, designers and building owners, and then is passed to our experienced project team, who with meticulous planning will begin to transform 2D concepts into amazing 3D reality. We listen carefully, taking on board customers' specific requirements, before giving the best possible advice, in terms of design, materials and functionality. Once we have identified the type of sign you require, we put our creative skills to work and, using our extensive industry experience in a variety of sectors, we create a signage solution for the relevant building or environment. Our talented graphic design team devise a new concept using the latest studio software, including Sign Lab, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Using all of the latest advanced features, we provide you with high resolution scaled artwork of the proposed options, ensuring that we meet every critical point of the specific requirement. At this stage, the design is either `good to go' or `alterations are needed'. Only when you are 100% happy with our proposal do we then pass it to our production team in the factory, who use all of their practical skills to achieve stunning bespoke signage.

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Braille & Tactile

Our reputation as the UK's number one Braille & tactile sign manufacturer speaks for itself! Combining innovative manufacturing techniques with intelligent sign design, all of our range of DDA-compliant signs are aesthetically pleasing, robust and fully functional. Our products are manufactured with guidance from the Royal National Institute of Blind People to conform to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. It's an astonishing fact that in Britain there are over 2 million people with sight loss, which is approximately one in thirty. Displaying high-contrast Braille & tactile signs in prominent positions helps reduce the challenges that blind and partially sighted people fight on a day to day basis. Metal Durable and stylish metals such as brushed stainless steel are manufactured using revolutionary manufacturing techniques which set us apart from our competitors. Raster beads are integrated directly into the metal substrate with extreme precision, before the raised tactile text and pictograms are routed directly to the face of the sign. This range of DDA-compliant signage needs to be seen to be believed and is of a really superior quality. Plastic Available in a variety of thicknesses, various plastic products are available depending on the application and requirement. Manufactured in a similar way to the metal signs, our plastic range not only offers quality and durability but is extremely versatile. Full-colour graphics and logos can also be incorporated into this particular range of Braille & tactile signs, so, as well as being compliant and giving valuable information where necessary, the signs can adhere to corporate guidelines and branding.


Call us free: 0800 002 9930

Fax us free: 0800 002 9940

Built-Up & Flat-Cut

We manufacture both built-up and flat-cut signage, both of which are suitable for exterior and interior spaces. A popular choice with architects and designers, this type of signage enormously enhances buildings and environments, creating a distinct impression. Built-Up The 3D visual status that built-up signage can present makes this type of sign extremely popular in today's market. Fabricated from laser-cut metals and acrylics, each project is carefully hand-crafted and finished so that the face meets the return with maximum strength and durability. Our new premium range of metal finish built-up signage is fully finished with soldered returns and is of really superior quality. Where the face meets the return, the resulting edge is highly polished, leaving a continuous return. With this particular range, letters can be manufactured from as little as 50mm high with a 6mm return. Flat-Cut Flat-cut letters and numerals are a standard sign type and are a popular product in the industry. This type of signage provides instant colour and visual presence to any building or environment and can also be used to complement built-up signage to stunning effect. We laser cut all our metals and acrylics with extreme precision, leaving a clean, finished edge. This is something which a CNC router fails to do and its finish is inferior in comparison. A variety of fixings are available, including plastic locators, brass locators, threaded rods and also VHB tape. Note: Powder coating is available for both built-up and flat-cut signage and can be matched to most industry standard colours such as BS or RAL references.

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Digital Print & Vinyl

Digital Print Digital printing is an affordable solution to what would have formerly been a very expensive project. This state-of-the-art process uses solvent-based inks to print directly onto vinyl and banner materials with exceptional quality. With the versatile print and cut facility, this intelligent feature operates a contour cutting operation directly after the printing process and cuts with extreme accuracy for even the most intricate graphics. Digital printing can be used both for self-adhesive vinyl applications and for applying to a variety of signage materials, including aluminium, dibond and foam board. Artwork can also be reverse printed onto vinyl and then applied to the rear of a clear acrylic sign panel to create stunning full colour signage. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it has the added benefit of being low-maintenance and tamper-proof. Vinyl Almost any graphic, symbol or typeface can be cut quickly and economically when using vinyl applications, making the process more suitable for smaller productions and one-offs. Once cut and weeded, it can be used as self-adhesive vinyl signs or applied to signage materials in the same way as digital printing. We have an extensive range of matt and gloss vinyl colours and when creating multi-coloured signage different vinyls are applied with an overlay process. Aside from the industry standard colours, opal frosted vinyls are available and are very popular in the industry, achieving stunning results as both window graphics and signage.


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Using the very best in engraving technology, our precision engraving machines create bespoke engraved signs for a wide range of applications. The quality and durability of this product is what has made this type of signage popular with architects for many years and continues to do so. Not only are engraved signs aesthetically pleasing, they are also manufactured to stand the test of time in both exterior and interior applications. With the capacity for both rotary engraving and co2 laser engraving, we use each technique to its optimum advantage. Our skilled craftsmen perform both methods onto materials such as satin aluminium, polished brass, brushed stainless steel, acrylics and engraving laminates to create high-quality signs, labels, name-plates and plaques. Rotary Engraving Rotary engraving is the traditional method of engraving where a motorized spindle is controlled by an on-board control panel. A rotating tool/cutter moves from X to Y to remove the surface material to a set depth and follows a pre-set cutting path from the advanced computer software. The speed rate of the tool is the cutting speed and the lateral movement is the feed rate. Each has a profound effect on the quality of the finish. CO2 Laser Engraving Laser engraving is ideal for both engraving and cutting and allows for much finer detail than rotary engraving or milling. Depending on the material used, the laser will either vaporise the surface layer or change the colour of the surface, creating a contrast. By controlling the output of the laser, its pulse rate and the speed of the movement over the surface, the engraving or cutting can be precisely controlled for each specific material.

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Exterior sign solutions are instrumental in presenting vital first impressions to clients, visitors and residents as they arrive at their destination. Our talented team use all of their valuable experience to create a consistent signage scheme that will impress, welcome and inform on arrival. The aesthetics and branding style should effectively represent any company or organisation, incorporating elements, such as logo, text, graphics and corporate colours. Each sign is custom-made and for us it is imperative that each sign is designed in such a way that it becomes a unique architectural structure within its given environment. With our vast experience and knowledge of many market sectors, we create and supply a plethora of external signage solutions, including wall-mounted, postmounted, projecting, free-standing totem, pole and plank system and sign trays, all of which are designed to enhance buildings and environments. Our external signage solutions are well-known for their quality, both in terms of design and functionality. We work hard to create signage that not only looks and feels right but also stands up to harsh environments and weathers well. Using a range of durable materials and sign systems, we aim to provide a low-maintenance sign solution that will last for many years to come.


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Fire & Safety

In our modern and dynamic society, it is of paramount importance that buildings and environments display fire & safety signage that complies with BS and EC regulations, therefore mandatory signs should be strategically positioned around the building to ensure the safety of its users and visitors. Standard We have just launched an extensive range of `off the shelf' products in our new `The Safety Signs Brochure'. This brochure is in an easy-to-use digital version and displays many products, including fire action signs, fire exit signs, prohibition signs and warning signs, just to name a few. All signs are screenprinted onto self-adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic or photoluminescent plastic and come with rounded corners to complete the ultimate safety measure. To view our fire & safety signs online, simply visit our website and click on the brochures category. Bespoke Some environments demand a more elegant or contemporary approach to fire & safety signage. In this case, architects and designers look for a more distinctive take on this type of signage by using alternative materials and fixings to suit the individual project. We work with specifiers to create a consistent scheme that not only complies with regulations but looks aesthetically pleasing in any corporate environment.

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Our extensive range of interior signage can be used in both contemporary and traditional spaces. Using materials such stainless steel, aluminium, brass, acrylic and intelligent modular sign systems, we design and manufacture to suit every organisation and its budget. Branding and corporate identities can also be adhered to with the vast majority of internal signs and we can match to most industry standard colours. Interior signage has three key elements, which are outlined below. Directory An internal directory is the main navigation of a building and incorporates key information for visitors and clients. On arrival, this information should give them overview of the choices and destinations they wish to take, pointing out clearly which direction to take and in some cases providing a floor plan. Way Finding Way finding signs should be clear and concise, again navigating visitors and clients around buildings without confusion. A consistent scheme should be carefully designed and thought out before implementation. Room Identification Room signs should be simple, employing a unique design that is consistent throughout a building and that reflects the business and organisation, whatever the destination may be.


Call us free: 0800 002 9930

Fax us free: 0800 002 9940

Modular Sign Systems

Now more than ever, it is essential to have a sign system that offers the flexibility to update information quickly and efficiently. Modern environments are often subject to change and using a sign system alleviates the problem of having to replace a whole unit. The simplicity of modular sign systems is what makes them an extremely popular product with clients, designers and architects. Their versatility allows the end user to maintain and interchange signage, whilst ensuring that corporate styles and guidelines are still adhered to. Our extensive knowledge of sign systems and their functionalities allows us to offer the best possible advice before considering which systems suits you and your building best. Our most popular systems are industry classics, including Arcline, Artemis, MSS Classic, Spandex Insertz, Spandex Slatz and Vista, all of which are unique in their own way. Permanent solution to temporary signage... Equipped with nothing more than an office printer, the end user can create impressive signs direct from their desktop and update them just as easily. Most of our sign systems allow for a clear cover sheet that can be removed; not only does it enhance the appearance of the graphics, it also protects against unwelcome tampering.

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