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Preparation for the BOC Examination Andy Carter, ATC College of William & Mary ACES Preparatory Workshop

Discuss the construction of the BOC Exam... Expose you to the types of questions found on the BOC Exam... Expose you to available resources for preparing for the BOC Exam...

To objectively discriminate between someone who can and cannot demonstrate minimal competence as outlined in the "most" current Role Delineation Study


"Job Analysis" "Job Analysis"

Universal Competencies

Appear across all domains

Physically Active Individual

Age Gender Recreational vs Highly

"Defines the current entry-level... Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required for practice in the profession of Athletic Training

Materials presented today are" Public Domain.

Performance Domains

I. Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection II. Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis III. Immediate Care and Emergency Care IV. Treatment and Rehabilitation

Exam Content

25% 22% 19% 22% 12% 100% EXAM BLUEPRINT

V. Organization and Professional Health and Well-Being

RDS 2010

Domain 1

(0101Tasks (01010107)

Knowledge of... Skill in...

Introduction to the DOMAIN 1

READ before starting Domain1

(pg 35):

Breakdown of individual TASKS within Domain 1 (pages 35 - 47)

Written summary/description of each TASKS within Domain I (pg 35-38) Graphic/Chart summary of each TASKS within Domain I (pg 38-41) Example D1:Task 0101

Written Summary: page 35-36 Graphic Summary: page 38

25% of the BOC EXAM


Minimize risk of injury and illness of individuals and groups impacted by or involved in a specific activity through awareness, education, and intervention.

Physical activity carries an inherent risk of injury or illness. Some activities have a higher risk of injury as documented in epidemiological studies 86, 87. Behavioral risks are more common in certain activities and must be recognized. Concerns over weight loss and body image are more common in wrestling, gymnastics and bodybuilding 88,89. While proper nutrition may be used to improve performance, inadequate nutrition, disordered eating 89,91,92, and incorrect methods for weight loss are associated with heightened risk of injury an illness 18. Nutritional considerations are also critically important for participants with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes or .......

pg. 35

Graphic Summary

ID Domain 1 0101

Knowledge of


Injury/Illness prevention and wellness protection ­ education participants and managing risk for safe performance and function Minimize risk of injury and illness of individuals and groups impacted by or involved in a specific activity through awareness, education, and intervention · Roles of appropriate individuals (e.g. administrators, management, ... · Behavioral risk (e.g. nutritional, sexual, substance abuse, blood-borne ... · Catastrophic risk (e.g. nutritional, sexual, substance abuse, blood-borne.. · Common risks (e.g. musculoskeletal, integumentary, neurological, ... · Effective communication techniques (e.g. multimedia videos, ........ · Environmental risks (e.g. heat, cold, altitude, sunburn, insects, lightning....... · Mechanisms of common and catastrophic injury · Communicating effectively · Identifying appropriate resources · Identifying risk

pg. 38

Skill in

Written Simulation Practical

Computer Based Test

Integrated Exam

Practical Clinical Decision Skill Application Making


Assess Cognitive Skills


Section-- One Section--4 hours to complete

No transition from one question type to the next The ability to move forward or backward throughout the entire exam ("Submit" only

after question 175)

unscored) 175 Questions (scored and unscored)

The number of each type of question will vary from one testing window to the next.

Unscored Experimental / Field Test items

Candidates do not know which items are experimental

175 Questions 240 Minutes

Multiple Choice Type Question

Regular (1 correct answer / 4 distractors) Pictures / Video / Lab data

Alternative Item Type Question (Stand Alone)

Drag and drop Hot Spot N-wise / Multi-select Animated simulation

Focused Testlets

Scenario followed by 5 key/critical questions related to the scenario May use any of the above "Item types"

Question 1: Multiple Choice Question 2: Multiple Choice Question 3: Stand-alone alternative item: N-wise Multiple Choice Question 4: Multiple Choice Focused Testlet: Scenario Read the scenario carefully. The next five questions will deal with this scenario) Question 5: Drag and Drop Question 6: Multiple Choice Questions 5 ­ 9: Focused Testlet Question 7: Animated Simulation Question Question Question Question 8: 9: 10: 11: N-wise Multiple Choice Hot Spot question Multiple Choice Stand-alone alternative item: Hot Spot question

Computer Based Testing

Follow Directions HELP




Sample exam questions

Sample Multiple-Choice

Computer Based Testing

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Multiple choice Drag and Drop / Hot Spot N-wise multiple choice


Animated simulation

Tutorial Link

Scenario Video Picture Text

Example 1



Drag and Drop



Hot Spot (surface anatomy) Animated simulation



Multiple choice




Sample exam questions

Example 2



Multiple Choice

N-Wise multiple choice


Drag and Drop (essentials)


Animated Simulation N-Wise multiple choice





Sample exam questions

Multiple Choice ­ No penalty for wrong answers Alternative Items (points for...)

Correct answers Correct order


The exact point value for each question is determined as a function of the weight assigned to each content category (BOC) Every question has the potential to be weighted differently

How "important" is it for an entrylevel Athletic Trainer to know How "critical" is it for an entrylevel Athletic Trainer to know What % of time does the Athletic Trainer spend performing this task

Objective Scoring

Scores are reported on a scale from 200 ­ 800 Passing Score = 500

Accumulate points for correct answers

Can receive partial credit

Smallest unit of analysis

Single answer Entire problem

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For current information on a certificationvariety of certification-related topics, candidates for BOC certification are encouraged to visit the BOC website. WWW.BOCATC.ORG

click on Candidates and/or Resources

Study Materials

Title: Role Delineation Study 6th Edition (2010) Author: BOC Publisher: BOC , INC

Title: BOC Candidate Handbook Author: BOC Publisher: BOC , INC

Study Materials

ACES Preparatory Workshops

NEXT Workshop:

July 15-17: College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, VA

Find out what you do NOT know in regards to preparing for the BOC Exam

Focus of Areas of Weaknesses

Develop a Study Plan of Action Expose you to the types of Questions found on the BOC Exam

Discuss possible strategies and resources

Reduce your fears in regards to the EXAM and Test Day Anxiety

Online study guide with two mock exams designed to identify strengths and weaknesses

Discussion of the Role Delineation Study Detailed report of performance by Domain AND Task Top-Ten Weakest Tasks List of key terms found in missed questions

NATA Member Price of $29 per exam

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From Candidates

75 Questions

5 Versions of Integrated Study Mode Price: $30.00

5 Versions of Integrated Test Mode Price: $30.00

Self Asssment Exam

Position Statements

Scientifically based (peer reviewed research with a team of authors who are experts)

Official Statements

Shorter statements on timely topics

Consensus Statements

Produced with two or more outside organizations

Support Statements

Statements between the NATA and another organization (s) supporting each other's stance

Title: Athletic Training Action I &II Author: Stopka Publisher: Cramer Products Title: Sims-Master Author: Breitbach Publisher: Cramer Products

Title: Exam Master Author: Castle Publisher: Cramer Products

Title: Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training Author: Amato, Hawkins, Cole Publisher: SLACK, INC ISBN # 1-55642-758-1

Title: NATA Entry-Level Athletic Trainer Author: Kleiner Publisher: FA Davis ISBN # 0-8036-0785-7

Title: Assessing clinical proficiencies in athletic training Author: Knight Publisher: Human Kinetics ISBN # 0736041990

Study Materials

Ch. 1

Title: Practical Skills Manual for Evaluation of Athletic Injuries Author: Holcomb Publisher: FA Davis ISBN # 0803607849 Title: Preparing for Athletic Trainers' Certification Examination Author: Cartwright Publisher: Human Kinetics ISBN # 0736034536

Title: Athletic Training Exam Review Author: Van Ost Publisher: SLACK, INC ISBN # 1-55642-764-6


Review all of your OLD exams from previous AT courses.

(Take notes on concepts you do not understand) Take


Make a list of all Injuries/Illnesses that you come across in your notes, text books, tests, etc.

(Review so that you are familiar with all terms)


Get familiar with the BOC Role Delineation


Organize the areas above into "Study Clusters"


Access available "Internal" and "External" Study Resources


Develop a Study Time Line STUDY/STUDY/STUDY...



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