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S-76 Helicopter Program Marks 700th Delivery


By Ashlee Thomas, Sikorsky Communications

ikorsky Aircraft Corp. celebrated the continuing success of the S-76® helicopter program on Jan. 30 with a delivery ceremony for the 700th aircraft to be produced since the program's inception. A major pharmaceutical company accepted the S-76C++TM helicopter into its corporate fleet during the celebration. "We take pride in the success of the S-76 helicopter," said Marc Poland, Vice President, Commercial Programs. "Today's ceremony is a testament to the reliability and sustainability of Sikorsky's products and people." To date, the S-76 aircraft has accumulated more than 4.7 million flight hours with more than 200 operators in 37 countries. The latest production model, the S-76C++ helicopter, continues to deliver at a rate of approximately one per week with an impressive backlog that reaches Integrated product: S-434TM well into 2009. re-launched Sikorsky President Jeffrey P Pino said, "You . New S-76® Flight Test Site don't get to deliver 700 aircraft from the same Customer Survey Begins line unless you've built great quality, reliability, and safety into those aircraft over time and your customers recognize it."

Above, audience at the S-76 700th delivery ceremony.


The pharmaceutical company customer currently operates three S-76C++ aircraft, flying 2,000 hours per year with an average flight time of 17 minutes. The S-76 helicopter continues to serve multi-mission roles that include offshore oil, corporate, VIP emergency medical service, search and rescue, , and civil defense. The latest and most advanced model, the S-76DTM helicopter, is scheduled to enter production in 2010.


Marc Poland, Sikorsky Vice President, Commercial Programs, addresses the crowd during the 700th Delivery Ceremony in the Commercial Flight Operations hangar on Jan. 30, 2008.

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February 2008


X2 TechnologyTM Demonstrator Unveiled

HOUSTON, Texas ­ Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. unveiled its X2 TechnologyTM Demonstrator on Feb. 24, 2008, at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The X2 Technology Demonstrator is designed to show a helicopter can cruise comfortably at 250 knots, while retaining desirable helicopter attributes including excellent low speed handling, efficient hovering and autorotation safety, and a seamless and simple transition to high speed. "The X2 Technology Demonstrator is an integrated suite of technologies intended to advance the state-of-the-art, counterrotating coaxial rotor helicopter. As we continue to work to prove out and mature the technologies that will allow the X2 Technology Demonstrator to become a viable product, we are focused on testing its limits and finding out where this technology will take us," said Jeffrey P Pino, Sikorsky President. . "This could be a `game changer' in the industry. We are diligently pursuing this as a research project. We are testing the limits and pioneering this exciting innovation."

The crowd at Heli-Expo 2008 in Houston, Texas, got the full glimpse of the X2 TechnologyTM Demonstrator, a fully funded Sikorsky Aircraft research project that is pushing the limits of vertical flight.

Among the innovative technologies the X2 Technology Demonstrator employs are:

· Fly-by-wire flight controls · Counter-rotating rigid rotor blades · Hub drag reduction · Active vibration control · Integrated auxiliary propulsion system



Web Site Transformed!


HOUSTON, Texas ­ Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. announced the transformation of its Internet Web site,, during an unveiling Feb. 24, 2008, at Heli-Expo. The site uses rich media in a number of areas to elevate the visitor's experience, using a combination of video and FlashTM animation to bring Sikorsky's aircraft to life. The site also features an Interactive Aircraft Tour that invites users to get close to the features that make Sikorsky's aircraft the best in the world. Navigation on the new site has also been dramatically improved to give visitors easier access to the most valuable information. "The Sikorsky Web site is increasingly the company's `front door' to a global audience and the first experience many people have with the Sikorsky brand," said company President Jeffrey P Pino, "The site is truly a business tool de. signed to meet the increasing demands of the global marketplace, giving users a consolidated view of Sikorsky's services and products."

HOUSTON, Texas ­ Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. launched a comprehensive solution for customer support with the introduction of Sikorsky Aerospace Services on Feb. 24, 2008, at Heli-Expo. Formerly known as Sikorsky's Worldwide Customer Service, the rebranded Sikorsky Aerospace Services unites leaders in the aftermarket field to offer customers the strength of a major manufacturer with the flexibility and personal attention of a small company. A multi billion dollar supply chain is the foundational support for the consolidated effort, which will provide an array of customer support including training; overhaul and repair; spares to aircraft delivery; field services; inventory management; and fleet management solutions. "Sikorsky Aerospace Services will offer customer solutions that are tailored to fit each customer's requirements," said David Adler, Senior Vice President, Sikorsky Aerospace Services. "It's `one-stop shopping' designed with an eye toward customer responsiveness and satisfaction."

Sikorsky Aerospace Services Launched!

February 2008


Norrlandsflyg Signs for Eight S-76DTM Helicopters

HOUSTON, Texas ­ Norrlandsflyg AB and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in a ceremony on Feb. 26, 2008 announced that the Swedish helicopter operator has agreed to delivery position agreements for The S-76D helicopter offers more than a 1,000-lb increase in useful load verses the S-76C+ eight S-76DTM helicopters, the next generation model of the Sikorand extended range performance over the S-76C++ aircraft. sky S-76® helicopter. Norrlandsflyg is a leading helicopter operator for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) achieve," said President Jeffrey P Pino. Norrlandsflyg is under contract . missions in Sweden. The company currently operates a fleet of nine S-76 with the Swedish Maritime Administration's SAR division and performs helicopters in Sweden for air ambulance (Medevac/HEMS - Helicopter all the Swedish maritime SAR missions, said Chief Executive Officer Emergency Medical Service) and SAR duty and has leading expertise Fredrik Skanselid. "The S-76 helicopter has a solid record of performance in around-the-clock SAR duty. This spring, another two factory fresh in this capacity, and we are looking forward to seeing what the next genS-76C++TM helicopters will be added to the fleet. "We are pleased to eration of this aircraft will bring. The S-76D helicopter performance will have this opportunity to deepen our relationship with Norrlandsflyg give us the ability to offer an enhanced and unparalleled service to our and to broaden the global expanse of Sikorsky products. We are equally clients, be it in the SAR or HEMS role." excited at the prospects for success that the S-76D helicopter is poised to


CHC Helicopter Corp. and Sikorsky Mark 20K Fleet Hours Milestone with S-92® Helicopters

HOUSTON, Texas ­ CHC Helicopter Corp. and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. on Feb. 25, 2008, marked the milestone of 20,000 fleet hours with Sikorsky S-92® helicopters. CHC previously announced signing a contract for 12 S-92 aircraft. The company and its predecessors have operated Sikorsky equipment for more than 50 years, beginning with the S-55 helicopter. Today, CHC remains a major operator of the S-76® and S-92 helicopters, and has fielded the first fully equipped, dedicated Search and Rescue (SAR) S-92 helicopters. "This latest acquisition is a clear indication of CHC's confidence in the S-92 helicopter," said Sikorsky President Jeffrey P Pino. "We look . forward to working closely with CHC, as their forthcoming S-92 helicopter deliveries expand globally over the next several years in both offshore and SAR markets." Sylvan Allard, President, CHC, said the four SAR S-92 helicopters are performing well as they operate in Northern Scotland's harsh environment. "One of these SAR machines recently saved the lives of 14 Spanish fishermen from their foundering vessel off the Scottish coast in horrendous weather conditions," Allard said. "In addition, CHC's offshore-equipped S-92 helicopters continue to proliferate around the world." Three new S-92 helicopters are now based in Denmark, and CHC recently provided a second S-92 aircraft for operations in Malaysia.

Evergreen International Aviation Buys Four S-76C++TM Aircraft

HOUSTON, Texas ­ Evergreen Helicopters, Inc., a subsidiary of Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., has signed contracts for four S-76C++TM helicopters, the model of the proven S-76® helicopter workhorse currently in production. The helicopters will serve in a variety of missions including offshore oil, utility, emergency medical service, and search and rescue. The first of these aircraft is slated to enter service this summer. Evergreen also has position agreements for ten S-76DTM helicopters, the next version of the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter, currently in development.

Sikorsky and Schweizer Aircraft Introduce S-434TM Helicopter

HOUSTON, Texas ­ Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. and its subsidiary, Schweizer Aircraft Corp., announced at Heli-Expo the launch of their new S-434TM helicopter. Now in development, the aircraft is the next iteration of the Schweizer 333TM helicopter model, incorporating many of the design and performance technologies developed on the Fire Scout VTUAV. "The S-434 helicopter introduces a whole new level of flight performance," said Paul Schweizer, Vice President of Schweizer Aircraft. "With a fourbladed rotor system, increased power and a larger fuel tank, the S-434 helicopter will fly farther and faster while having a larger useful load than its predecessor." Sikorsky Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer Stephen B. Estill said the new aircraft follows in the tradition of innovation that both companies proudly uphold. Position agreements will now be offered, Estill said.


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February 2008

Fin a l Br i ef i n g

Sikorsky Customer Survey to Launch in March Committed to our customers

Sikorsky Aircraft, in keeping with its passion for excellence and customer commitment, has embarked on a comprehensive End-to-End Customer Loyalty Program. As part of the program, an online Customer Satisfaction Survey will be launched in March 2008. Survey takers will identify critical needs, and the results will be analyzed to determine how to incorporate the needs into Sikorsky's continuous improvement processes. Please look for the E-2-E Customer Satisfaction survey e-mails that will be sent by Sikorsky Aircraft and Harris Interactive, a world-class market research firm conducting the survey on behalf of Sikorsky. Sikorsky appreciates your participation, feedback and candid comments. A brief summary of the results will be provided to each customer who responds to the survey. To ensure you are in the distribution of the survey e-mail, please contact [email protected]

AVIC II Joins Shanghai Sikorsky

SHANGHAI, China ­ AVIC II, through its subsidiaries Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation and Shanghai Xinsheng Aviation Industry Investment and Development Company, on Jan. 31, 2008, announced it is joining Shanghai Sikorsky as a shareholder. Shanghai Sikorsky is a civil aerospace joint venture company whose other shareholders are Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. and Shanghai Little Eagle. Shanghai Sikorsky, established in 2003 by Sikorsky and Shanghai Little Eagle, focuses on nurturing the Chinese civil helicopter market and serving its growing vertical lift needs. The venture's business includes civil helicopter sales and support, including services and training, and general aviation services. With Changhe and Xinsheng becoming shareholders, Shanghai Sikorsky will soon expand its business to provide supply chain management services and to serve both Sikorsky's and Changhe's civil fleet in China.

S-76DTM Flight Test Site Chosen

By: Robert Blake, Chief of Flight Test for the S-76DTM

ikorsky's Development Flight Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., has been chosen as the flight test site for the S-76DTM helicopter program, representing another step forward for the program. The flight test team has already begun to set up offices at Gwinn Airport, located on the Sikorsky Development Flight Center property. Once assembled, the multinational flight test team will consist of approximately 50 engineers and shop employees from Sikorsky Aircraft, Pratt & Whitney Canada, and Thales (France).

The Gwinn Airport test site will become increasingly active in support of S-76DTM helicopter development as the program moves toward the first flight of the S-76D prototype later this year.


This publication contains forward-looking statements concerning future business opportunities. Actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to changes in procurement priorities and practices or in the number of aircraft to be built; challenges in the design, development, production and support of advanced technologies; as well as other risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to those detailed from time to time in United Technologies Corporation's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.


Parting Shot

Special Delivery!

The Sikorsky S-76® helicopter has been commemorated by a Swedish postage stamp. Norrlandsflyg AB operates the S-76 helicopter for the Swedish Maritime Administration. The S-76 SAR helicopters are based in six locations along the Swedish coastline.



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