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MAX16820 Ideal Driver for 12V AC MR16 LED Lamp

By: Da Feng Weng

MAX16820 LED Driver board is used for driving 3W MR16 LED lamp (Fig.1). The driver's power topology is a buck circuit with hysteric mode control. It supplies average 700mA to 3W white LED. SPEC: Vin=12V AC from electronics transformer and Dimmer VLED=4V (one 3W white LED as load) ILED=700mA

Fig.1 Top and Bottom sides of the MR16 LED Driver board

Fig.2 MR16 LED Driver board Schematic

Key Components BOM:

Components description Output inductor Freewheel Diode Buck Power MOSFET Input Capacitors Control IC Rectifier Sense Resistor Mark in Schematic L D Q C1 U1 D1~D4 R Value or Part No. [email protected] MBRX130-TP FDN359BN 2.2uF/50V Ceramic Cap MAX16820 MBRX130-TP 0.2


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