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Wow! Where has this year gone? It is almost Treasure Week time again. We have been so busy, it just sneaks up on you. Mandy will have a kids hunt on Saturday and I will be having Junior Hunts on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Tony & Evie Jaeger will have kids hunts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. So if you have anything laying around you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Remember the kids are the future of this great hobby, so let's keep them interested. Also anything you would like to donate for a token prize for Silver Seeker day would be greatly appreciated. As you know Silver Seekers is our only sponsor for that day and the $1,000 was put into dimes for the hunt. Let's make Silver Seeker day a great one. Speaking of Treasure Week, it seems we have a bunch of new people coming this year. Should be a good week. I am sorry I have been so lax in getting results from the different hunts we have been to in the last couple of months. I do have some of them and will pass them on. At Randy's hunt in March, Eddie Davis took first in the Men's Comp and Gary Manning and Floyd Speiser tied for 2nd. Janet Manning won lst in the Women's Comp. Seniors saw Ron David taking lst and Jim Goodermuth and Rick Schramm tied for 2nd. The Kevin Award was given to Gary & Janet Manning. At the Daytona Hunt Chrissy Wissinger won a Minelab X-Terra 50 on a raffle and a Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II in the Top 50. Dennis Wissinger won a pinpointer as a token prize. Susie Creason a gold coin in the Top 50; Sue Race a 10 oz. Silver Bar in Top 50; Bob Truitt a Diver Detector Pro in the Top 50; and in Men's Competition Dennis Wissinger took 2nd and Bob Truitt 3rd. Silver Seeker winners at the FMDAC Spring convention at Niagara were as follows: Top 16 ­ Chuck Froelich - $100.00 treasure bag; Ed Davis ­ 3 $100.00 treasure bags; Rolo Davis $100.00 treasure bag; Alice Bertzfield Grand Prize $1250 treasure chest; Sue Robbins - $100.00 treasure bag; George McElhone - $100.00 treasure bag; Nick Bidding ­ 2 $100.00 treasure bag; Jo Ashley $100.00 treasure bag; Sue Race - $100.00 treasure bag. Also Terry Smith was a Garrett 150 detector and Marion Musser won a Garrett 250 detector. Ann Falk won the Deaf Fund Quilt. In the Barrell of Bucks Marion Musser won the top prize, the 1881 $5.00 gold coin; Art Montgomery won a 1/10 oz gold coin; The Silver Seekers club won a 2 peso gold coin; Carl McFeeders won a 2 peso gold coin; and Silver Rounds were won by Judy Stobbe, Bob Feldman, Ann Falk, Ron Falk, and Marge Cleaves. Lyle Thomas was the winner of the Detector raffle. Congratulations to all the Silver Seekers on a job well done.

Silver Seeker Speaker-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 2 of 6 At Duane's Hunt in May I do not have the results of the men's comp but I am pretty sure that Ed Davis won it and Gary Manning came in 2nd. I do know that Mary Gonyea won 1st in the Women's; Janet Manning was 2nd and Debbie Buxton was 3rd. In the Seniors it was Chuck Froelich winning it and Jim Goodermuth and Bob Feldman tied for 2nd. I have talked to Christine Beaton and they have a new baby boy, Ryan Charles born in April. He will be at Treasure Week this year so we can all goggle over him. In May we had lunch with Ed Strnad and Ruth. They are both doing good and very happy. Congratulations to Mandy Bucevac, Travis Hayes and Josh Disch on their graduating from high school. Don't know if there are any others or not, so again if I missed anyone sorry. Tony D'Angelo is back in the hospital with a staph infection. Hopefully they can get him straightened out now. He was at the FMDAC convention, but in a lot of pain. It was so good to see some of you that came for Mandy's graduation party. We had quite a representation of Silver Seekers at her party. Duane & Linda Biller, Mike & Sue Race, Dave Carter, Mikie Campbell, Anita, Bill & Casey Major, and Sandy & Wayne Troyer. She was so tickled that they came. She has always said that the Silver Seekers are her family as she started coming with us when she was 3 years old. Thanks again. Don't forget we will be needing workers to work the raffle table at Treasure Week. Men or Women are welcome to work it. We have regulars that work every year and we need some new blood to work, so they can get a rest or a break. We also will be having a Silver Seeker covered dish/meeting one night at Treasure Week, just don't know which night yet. Remember to sell your tickets and if you are going to return the stubs to me via mail, I must have them by July 3rd as we will be leaving to go out probably the 5th or 6th. At the FMDAC Spring Convention, Bonnie Montgomery was awarded the Betty Weeks Women's Achievement Award. This award is presented every year (usually at the fall convention) by the past recipients of this award. Bonnie is a member of the Genesee Valley Club as well as the Silver Seekers. Bonnie is constantly helping out and does anything that she is asked to do. The plaque reads "This award is given to a women each year who has given more than expected, when it comes to the education, protection, and preservation of the hobby of metal detecting. You have gone out of your way to insure that future generations can The Silver Seeker Cruise is setting sail on October 1st, 2006 from Tampa, FL For more info, contact Duane Biller at (724) 439-1380 or e-mail him at [email protected] ******************************************* Well take care and I will see you all at Treasure Week. Till then, Jill ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Silver Seeker Speaker-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 3 of 6 enjoy our great hobby and has never hesitated when called upon." Congratulations on a job well done, Bonnie. JUNE ANNIVERSARIES

& & & & & & & $ & & &! & & & & & $ # #& & & ! ! & & & & ! & & &

And speaking of Winners ­ Alice Bertzfield won the Grand Prize at the Niagara Hunt. Good job Alice. All the FMDAC conventions she has gone to, this was a first.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES JUNE BIRTHDAYS

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Silver Seeker Speaker-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 4 of 6

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Lancaster, PA ­ contact Mike Race at [email protected] or phone (717) 355-0691 Myrtle Beach, SC ­ FMDAC Fall Convention ­ Bay Watch Resort For Info contact Jill or Duane


& $ & & & % & & & CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO ALL!!!!!!! & & !


ALSO PLEASE NOTE ­ Anita will post any hunt flyer on the Silver Seeker website. So if you have a hunt and want to have her post it, send it to her [email protected] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


CALENDAR OF EVENTS 6-23, 24, 25 ­ Treasure Fest ­ Lancaster PA For info, contact Ed Burke at 570-287-5022 or Duane Biller At 724-439-1380. 7/8-7/15 Shreve, OH ­ Treasure Week 2006 For more info contact [email protected] or call (330) 364-1608 New Concord Ohio ­ Hayes Hunt For more info contact Don Hayes At (740-872-4217) or e-mail him [email protected] Seymour, Ind. ­ The last hunt at Wray's. For more info [email protected] Java Center, NY ­ Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers ­ for more info Contact John Howard at (583) 663-7368 or e-mail him at [email protected]


This is Mandy and Kyle at her graduation party. She was glad to see a lot of you and thanks you so much for coming. She is extremely busy right now with work (she is being trained and going to school to become a manager), gollege orientation and going on vacation to Canada the week before Treasure Week. I told her I would jot down a few things. I am sure she will sit and chat with you at Treasure Week. She is also getting her kids hunt ready for that, so if you have anything, you can bring it to her. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Silver Seeker Minutes from the May meeting May 20, 2006 The 100th meeting of the Silver Seekers was called to order at the Old National Pike Hunt, Fairchance Gun Club by President Carl McFeeders. The previous minutes and treasurer's report were read and approved.


Silver Seeker Speaker-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 5 of 6 1st Readings were read for David Ozack of Pittston, PA recommended by Mike & Sue Race; Tanya Pittman of Denver, PA recommended by Mike & Sue Race; Tom Melton of Cincinnati, OH recommended by Ken Weitlauf; Mariam Offenhartz of Solon, OH recommended by Jill McFeeders; Gene Crovella of Port Orange, FL recommended by Rolo Davis; Paul Scranton of Jamestown, NY recommended by Jill McFeeders; and Lynn Howard of Rochester, NY recommended by Jill McFeeders and John Howard. 2nd readings were read for James Bujonowski, Keith Galloway and Wilma Ruff. All were voted into the membership of the club. Welcome. It was announced that the Silver Seekers was the biggest club in the FMDAC. It was also announced that Mike Race won a detector on the Wayne Otto raffle, as did Don Daily. There were quite a few Silver Seekers that won. Carl also announced that the Silver Seekers had won a 1 peso in the FMDAC coin raffle at the Spring convention in Niagara Falls. Mike Race made a motion that we use it for a token prize in our club hunt at Hayes. Doug Cleaves 2nd it. Motion carried. Carl said there was a good turnout of Silver Seekers at the FMDAC convention in Niagara. It was noted that Alice Bertzfield a member of the Silver Seekers won the Grand Prize, which was a treasure chest worth $1250. There were quite a few Silver Seekers that were in the top 16. Carl talked about Treasure Week and said that at his point he had 32 entries for Silver Seeker Day. He said he has bought dimes for that day and has bought them from anywhere from 60 cents to 72 cents. Also anyone wishing to donate anything for a token prize for Silver Seekers Day, it would be greatly appreciated. Also for Kids Hunts and Junior Hunts. Also Anita and Sophie reminded everyone about the Chinese Auction and said that they could give the stuff to them or bring it to Treasure Week. Jan Niemeyer said that since we were talking about Treasure Week, she had something she wanted to do. She made me (Jill) sit in the middle of the room and presented me with a wrapped present. It contained the Treasure Week quilt that she had won last year at Treasure Week that Sophie Froelich had made. She said they have enjoyed it for a year and felt that I (Jill) should have it, as that is where it belonged. (Thank you so much) After the tears were wiped away, new business was brought up. Our next meeting will be at the Treasure Fest at Lancaster, PA on June 24th. There will be nomination of officers at the June meeting and election of officers at the July meeting at Treasure Week. The 50/50 of $56.00 was won my Mike Race. Carl talked about our gold coin raffle and that if you had not received your tickets yet, to please get them from Jill or they will be sent to you. He explained to the new members that for every book of tickets that you will, you receive 1 chance for a 1/10 oz. gold coin that is also drawn at Treasure Week for the sellers. Also if your dues were paid by this date, then you are eligible to hunt in the club hunt that we have at Hayes. Duane talked about the FMDAC spring convention and that it was very good. He praised Mark Schuessler and John Howard for a job well done. He also talked about the Fall convention which will be held at Bay Watch Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC on November 10th, 11th and 12th. The flyers are out and if you have any questions, contact Jill or Duane. Find of the Month winners were: Jewelry ­ Walt Genther ­ a class ring which was 14k white gold Miscellaneous ­ Bill Major ­ a US Lock Coin ­ there was no entry for coin Best overall ­ Walt Genther for the ring

Silver Seeker Speaker-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 6 of 6 Don Hayes made a motion to adjourn the meeting, John Howard 2nd it. Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Jill McFeeders Sec/Treas So we will we see you at the hunts, Good Luck and Good Detecting. Carl


Just sitting here trying to think what to write. Thinking of Treasure Week coming up in a couple of weeks and wondering how to put on a hunt when silver is so high, that it will still please all the people. They are all used to so many coins in the fields and this year there will be half as many as two years ago. Two/thirds as many as last year. I wonder what will be said? Don't know what to do about it. We're going to be having two silver hunts and the other one will be a fun hunt. I don't know just what yet. Our Silver Seeker day will be fairly nice with the extra coins from the Silver Seekers. Oh well, we'll do what we can. Seems this year we have a lot of new names entered. I have about 12 entries as of now, so hope we'll be where we were last year. The deep hunt was planted, thanks to the help of Wayne Troyer. We went out and did it one evening last month. It should be a nice one. We still need items for the Chinese Auction on Sunday night. This is a good money maker for the club. If you have anything you want to get rid of, bring it along and give to Anita or Sophia. The June meeting is the 24th of June at Lancaster, PA hunt. We're leaving here Thursday to go over. Should be a fun time and a good hunt. I don't have much news from the FMDAC this time, but don't forget the Fall convention in Myrtle Beach, SC in November. The accommodations are nice and the beach sand is good.



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