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Route Planner


Operate Route Planner directly in the existing Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV Create the most efficient delivery routes by a few clicks Plan routes for sales visits Deliver more while saving time, miles, and fuel expenses Deliver orders before a specific time Improved customer satisfaction Increased delivery efficiency View orders, trucks, weight, and volume all in one form Route Planner enables you to plan order delivery based on shipment date. You can view orders, assign truck to each order, and view gross weight and volume of each order in the truck order planning form. The system automatically calculates the total weight and volume of each truck for you and tells you remaining weight and volume. If a truck is overweight or overloaded, you are able to move orders from one truck to another or change the assigned truck to keep the truck within limit. Create routes by a few clicks To determine the best delivery routes, just click a few buttons to create routes for each truck and optimize route orders. You can always add another stop by choosing Order or Customer to make each truck more efficient. To better serve your customer, Route Planner even allows you to deliver an order before a specific time. Deliver orders efficiently Integrated with Microsoft MapPoint 2010, Route Planner allows drivers to have clear driving directions with highlighted routes and stops displayed on a map. You can send directions to mobile devices or GPS if needed. Route Planner also provides you with the truck order packing sheet, helping you to load truck in reverse stop order.



Fully-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SimCrest Route Planner is a smart and easyto-use tool designed to help warehouse managers optimize daily route-planning processes. Route Planner automatically determines the best route for each truck and provides drivers with detailed driving directions and maps. With Route Planner, you can enjoy less transportation costs, increased delivery efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.


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Benefits: Assists your sales Department in selecting the right configuration for your clients A Production Configurator to help you manufacture a specific production BOM and routing, or Kitting Support an indefinite number of levels in the questionnaire Available with Web Enhancement Integration


Benefits: Process Credit Cards directly in DynamicsTM NAV Everything is handled in DynamicsTM NAV No External Terminal is necessary Payments can be automatically posted The system handles separate authorization and capturing of funds Will handle credit cards on all sales documents as well as stand-alone (no document)


Benefits: Cash Basis Accounting at the click of a button. Utilize Account Schedules for powerful financial reporting. Seamlessly Integrated with DynamicsTM NAV Does not replace Accrual method in DynamicsTM NAV but rather allows for both Accrual and Cash Basis viewing of your books.


Benefits: Print (export) any DynamicsTM NAV report or document to Excel® As easy as clicking the Print button No need for Dataports Works for all DynamicsTM NAV reports and documents


Benefits: Never again will you have to print and mail documents Print documents in HTML or PDF Format Save on costly pre-printed documents, postage, and envelopes Include logo's and other graphics in the printed documents


Benefits: Fully functional US and CA payroll integrating to DynamicsTM NAV G/L and Bank Ledger All federal and state reports included Keep track of upcoming events like when to file and pay taxes File and pay payroll taxes electronically with subscription

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