Dr. Nihal kumar, BHMS, Pune

Aph. No. 1 :- Physician mission Aph. No. 2 :- Ideal cure Aph. No. 3,4,5 :- Physician's qualification

Aph. No. 4 Epidemiology Application Aph. No. 5 Causes Exciting Maintaining Fundamental

Aph. No. 3 Perception Disease Medicine

Aph. No. 6,7 :- Manifestation of disease

Aph. No. 7 Removal of totality of symptoms means removal of disease

Aph. No. 6 Unprejudiced observer, Portrait of the disease

Aph. No. 8 :- Restoration of health Aph. No. 9-17 :- Vital force

Aph. No. 10 Aph. No. 11 Material body with V.F. V.F. in disease state Aph. No.12 Disease due to internal Derangement of V.F.

Aph. No. 9 Propertise of V.F.

Aph. No. 13 Materialism in medicine

Aph. No. 14 Disease manifestation

Aph. No. 15 Affection of V.F.

Aph. No. 16 Removal of dynamic cause By dynamic

Aph. No. 17 Removal of symptoms cure, medicine

Aph. No. 18 :- Symptom totality

Aph. No. 19-24 :- Knowledge of remedies, drug, proving & Formal derivation of law of similars

Aph. No. 20 Drug proving Aph. No. 21 Pathogenetic symptoms Curative in medicine Aph. No. 22 Contraria contraribus curanter (Antipathy)

Aph. No. 19 How medicines cure

Aph. No. 23 Demerits antipathy

Aph. No. 24 Only similia similibus curanter

Aph. No. 25-29 :- Homoeopathic law of cure

Aph. No. 26 Homoeopathic law of cure Aph. No. 27 Curative power of medicineSymptoms similar of disease

Aph. No. 25 Merits of homoeopathy

Aph. No. 28 Confirmation of law of nature

Aph. No. 29 How homoeopathic cure takes place

Aph. No. 30-34 :- How medicines are stronger than natural disease

Aph. No. 31 Medicine acts unconditionally Aph. No. 32 Natural diseases affects Conditionally Aph. No. 34 Dis-similar diseases does not cure but similar diseases

Aph. No. 30 Regulation of dose

Aph. No. 33 Medicines are superior than Natural diseases-cures

Aph. No. 35-42 :- Law of dis-similar

Aph. No. 36 Existing stronger repels the weaker Aph. No. 37 Allopathy-chronic disease remains uncured

Aph. No. 35 What happens when two Dissimilar diseases meetsn together Aph. No. 38 New stronger suspends The weaker one

Aph. No. 39 Routine examples

Aph. No. 40 Complex diseases

Aph. No. 41 Natural + Artificial= complex

Aph. No. 42 Dis-similar diseases complicates One another

Aph. No. 43-51 :- What happens when two similar diseases meets together

Aph. No. 44 They neither-repel, suspend Nor form complex Aph. No. 47 Lesson Aph. No. 50 Why-for cure we should Not depend upon nature Aph. No. 45 How they work

Aph. No. 43 To similar diseases cure

Aph. No. 46 Example Aph. No. 49 Minute observation

Aph. No. 48 Experience to teech Aph. No. 51 Advantageous of similia

Aph. No. 52-60 :- Different system of medicine

Aph. No. 53 Why homoeopathy is best Aph. No. 56 Antipathy Aph. No. 59 Examples of disadvantages Aph. No. 54 Allopathy is based on guess work Aph. No. 57 Antipathy-examples Aph. No. 60 Disadvantages of increasing Potency

Aph. No. 52 System of treatment

Aph. No. 55 Allopathy temporary relief Aph. No.58 Antipathy disadvantages

Aph. No. 61-62 :- Ideal system of medicine

Aph. No. 62

Aph. No. 61 Disadvantages of antipathy & Advantages of homoeopathy

Aph. No. 63-69 :- Primary and secondary action

Aph. No. 64 Explanation Aph. No. 65 Examples Aph. No. 66 Homoeopathic medicines primary & secondary action

Aph. No. 63 Primary & secondary Action

Aph. No. 67 Antipathy primary & secondary action

Aph. No. 68 Advantages of homoeopathy

Aph. No. 69 Disadvantages antipathy

Aph. No. 70 :- Summery Aph. No. 71 :- Miniature organon (three points necessary for curing) Aph. No. 72-81 :- Classification of diseases

Aph. No. 73 Types of acute disease Aph. No. 74 Artificial chronic diseases Aph. No. 75 These are most incurable Aph. No. 78 True chronic disease

Aph. No. 72 General survey of disease Acute & chronic

Aph. No. 76 It is only when the still Sufficiently powerful that the Injury can then be repaired,often Only after long time, if original Disease be at the same time Homoeopathically eradicated. Aph. No.79 Knowledge of syphilis, Sycosis

Aph. No. 77 Pseudo chronic diseases

Aph. No. 80 Fundamental cause psora

Aph. No. 81 Development of psora

Aph. No. 82 :- Individualization Aph. No. 83-104 :- Case taking

Aph. No. 84 Recording of symptom Aph. No. 85 New symptom on fresh line Aph. No. 86 Physician observation

Aph. No. 83 Physician1. free from prejudice 2. sound senses 3. attentive Aph. No. 87 Details of Symptoms

Aph. No. 88 Use of general expression

Aph. No. 89 Precise & special?

Aph. No. 90 Aph. No. 91 Obsrevation Past treatment & recording

Aph. No. 92 RecodingAcute symptom

Aph. No. 93 Private?

Aph. No. 94 Investigation of maintaining cause

Aph. No. 95 Recording of long suffering

Aph. No. 96 Reccording of hypochondric Case

Aph. No. 97 Recording of indolent case Aph. No. 100/101/102 Investigation of the epidemic Disease in particular

Aph. No. 98 Record only patients language Aph. No. 103 Investigation of psora

Aph. No. 99 Recording acute case is easy

Aph. No. 104 Utility of nothing down in writing the picture of the disease for the Purpose of curing in the progress of the treatment.

Aph. No. 105-145 :- Drug proving

Aph. No. 106 Knowledge of medicine Aph. No. 107 Drug proving on sick Aph. No. 108 Drug proving- healthy individual

Aph. No. 105 Investigation of Pathogenetic power Of medicine Aph. No. 109 Own creditDr. hahnemann Aph. No. 113 Exception Narcotic Aph. No. 117 Idiosyncrasies

Aph. No. 110 Allopathy-effect of drug on healthy person Aph. No. 114 Primary action in moderate doses Aph. No. 118 Individualization Of drug Aph. No. 122 Prove simple drug

Aph. No. 111 Aggrement with poision drug effect Aph. No. 115 Alternating action

Aph. No. 112 Primary & secondary action of drug Aph. No. 116 Prove drug on groups & not on individual Aph. No. 120 careful drug proving

Aph. No. 119 Individualizationdrug action Aph. No. 123 Method of preparation

Aph. No. 121 Drug doses for Proving Aph. No. 125 Drug proving Diet

Aph. No. 124 Single drug proving

Aph. No. 126 Qualities of prover

Aph. No. 127 Drug proving on both sexes

Aph. No. 128 prove only dynamic drug

Aph. No. 129 Small dose

Aph. No. 130 First dose actsRecord symptoms Aph. No. 134 Drug proving on Many person Aph. No. 138 Alteration in health during drug proving

Aph. No. 131 Increasing the dose

Aph. No. 132 Drug proving of weak medicinal substance Aph. No. 136 All symptoms of drug can't be noted on one person Aph. No. 140 Literate prover Aph. No. 143 Materia medica pura Aph. No. 145 Remedy

Aph. No. 133 Through drug proving? Aph. No. 137 Comparison of large & moderate dose Aph. No. 141 Ideal proverPhysician himself

Aph. No. 135 Confirmatory reproving Aph. No. 139 Illiterate prover

Aph. No. 142 Investigation of effect of medicine

Aph. No. 144 Building of material medica

Aph. No. 146-154 :- Method of selection of medicine

Aph. No. 147 Homoeopathic specific remedy Aph. No. 150 Indisposition Aph. No. 153 For choice of remedy striking, singular, uncommon & symptoms Of the disease should be considered Aph. No. 148 Natural disease caused by dynamic inimical agency Aph. No. 151 Important diseases have a number of symptoms Aph. No. 154 Homoeopathic medicines cure acute disease without much disturbance

Aph. No. 146 Idea about employment Of medicines to get perfect Homoeopathic cure Aph. No. 149 Chronic diseases takes Proportionate time to cure Aph. No. 152 Acute disease Selection is easy

Aph. No. 155-160 :- Dose

Aph. No. 155 Appropriate dose Aph. No. 158 Homoeopathic agg. In acute disease

Aph. No. 156 Homoeopathic agg. & potency Aph. No. 159 Smaller the dose slightest the agg.

Aph. No. 157 Homoeopathic agg. & Medicinal agg. Aph. No. 160 Removal of symptoms without disturbance

Aph. No. 161-171 :- Remedy reaction

Aph. No. 162 Partial selection of similimum Aph. No. 166 Rare use of selection of unhomoeopathic medicine Aph. No. 163 Appearance of accessory symptom Aph. No. 167 Wrong in selection acute disease-antidote Aph. No. 164 Few, rare, similar symptom & their cure Aph. No.168 Follow up

Aph. No. 161 Homo.- agg. In Acute & chronic disease Aph. No. 165 Unhomoeopathic medicine

Aph. No. 169 Analogous medicines

Aph. No. 170 Follow up

Aph. No. 171 Use of antipsoric medicines

Aph. No. 172-184 :- One sided diseases

Aph. No. 173 Definition Aph. No.174 Classification Aph. No. 175 One sided diseases with internalcomplaint

Aph. No. 172 One sided diseases & Imperfect selection of Similimum Aph. No. 176 Careful initial examination One sided diseases Aph. No. 179 Effect of medicineRecovery Aph. No. 182 Discovery of remedy

Aph. No. 177 Selection of medicine in internal one sided diseases Aph. No. 180 Appearance of accessory symptoms-natural disease Aph. No. 183 What to do

Aph. No. 178 Effect of medicine-cure

Aph. No. 181 Accessory symptoms due to medicine Aph. No. 184 Continue as previous Till complete cure

Aph. No. 185-203 :- Local diseases

Aph. No. 186 Acute local maladiesexternal causes Aph. No. 189 Clarification of misconception Aph. No. 187 Chronic local maladiesinternal cause Aph. No. 190 Managementlocal maladies Aph. No. 191 sign of improvement

Aph. No. 185 Definition of local Maladies Aph. No. 188 MisconceptionLocal maladies

Aph. No. 192 Follow up Treatment Aph. No.196 Selection of Medicine Aph. No. 200 Internal dynamic Remedy

Aph. No.193 Local diseasesman as a whole Aph. No.197 Local diseasessyphilitic & sycotic Aph. No. 201 Effect of late Treatment

Aph. No. 194 External application Aph. No.198 Topical employment of medicines Aph. No. 202 Local maladies allopathic treatment

Aph. No. 195 Antipsoric treatment Aph. No. 199 Partial selection of similimum & local Application

Aph. No. 203 Local maladies & external application

Aph. No. 204-209 :- Chronic diseases

Aph. No. 205 Chronic disease manifestation Aph. No. 206 Determine the miasm & Treat accordingly Aph. No. 209 Formation of the portrait of the disease

Aph. No. 204 Types of chronic diseases

Aph. No. 207 Effect of treatment Taken till today

Aph. No. 208 Perception of obstacles

Aph. No. 210-230 :- Mental diseases

Aph. No. 211 Present characteristic symptom are helpful for selection of remedy Aph. No. 212 Aph. No. 213 Each medicine brings Selection of homo change in state of mind medicine in such & disposition diseases

Aph. No. 210 Mental one sided Diseases difficult To treat

Aph. No.214 Treatment of mental Diseases Aph. No. 218 Past h/o of the Patient

Aph. No. 215 Mental & corporeal diseases are same

Aph. No. 216 Somato-psychic type

Aph. No. 217 Disease portrait= mental+ physical Symptoms

Aph. No. 219 Aph. No. 220 Aph. No. 221 Comparision b/w Selection of medicine Management of past & present symptom in chronic mental disease acute mental disease Aph. No. 223 When not treated with antipsorics the disease aggravation Aph. No. 224 Mental diseases of doubtful origin Aph. No. 225 Emotional diseases

Aph. No. 222 Radical treatment Of Acute mental Diseases Aph. No. 226 Treatment of emotional diseases

Aph. No. 227 Behavior with the patient of mental diseases

Aph. No. 228 Complete cure of emotional diseases-antipsorics Aph. No.230 Radical treatment of mental diseases

Aph. No. 229 Behavior of physician With the patients

Aph. No. 231-244 :- Intermittent & Alternating diseases

Aph. No. 232 Alternating disease Aph. No. 233 Typical intermittent diseases Aph. No. 234 Non febrile typical intermittent diseases

Aph. No. 231 Intermittent disease - Febrile - Afebrile

Aph. No.235 Management of intermittent Fever

Aph. No. 236 Appropriate time for administration of medicine

Aph. No. 237 Time for prescribing medicine when there is Short attack of disease Aph. No. 240 Intermittent fever & antipsoric medicine

Aph. No. 238 Repetition of same Medicine Aph. No. 241 Intermittent genus Epidemicus

Aph. No. 239 Every medicine causes different peculiar fever Aph. No. 242 Psoric intermittent fever

Aph. No. 243 Aph. No. 244 Treatment of pernicious Endemic intermittent fever intermittent fever

Aph. No. 245-258 :- Homoeopathic posology

Aph. No. 246 Mode of employing remedies in chronic disease Aph. No. 250 Acute disease & Wrong selection Aph. No. 247 Repetition of the dose Aph. No. 248 How to increase the power of medicine

Aph. No. 245 Diet, regimen & Mode of employing Medicine Aph. No.249 Antidote Aph. No. 253 Signs of agg. & Amelioration

Aph. No. 251 Repetition of medicine in the same potency

Aph. No. 252 Removal of obstacle in the way of cure Aph. No. 256 Sign of wrong similimum

Aph. No. 254 Aph. No. 255 How to identify whether Follow upit is agg. Or amel. Recordings

Aph. No. 257 Favorite remedy

Aph. No. 258 Never be prejudised to Any remedy

Aph. No. 259-263 :- Diet & regimen

Aph. No. 260 Investigation of obstacle in cure Aph. No. 261 Regimen in chronic diseases

Aph. No. 259 Diet & regimen during treatment Aph. No. 262 Diet in acute disease

Aph. No. 263 Allow desired diet to the patient

Aph. No. 264-272 :- Homoeopathic pharmacy

Aph. No. 265 Employment of correct medicine Aph. No. 268 Medicines- exotic substances Aph. No. 271 Physician- knowledge Of pharmacy Aph. No. 266 Medicines- vegetable & animal kngdom Aph. No. 269 Dynamization of drugs Aph. No. 272 Administration of remedy

Aph. No. 264 Genuine unimpaired medicine Aph. No. 267 Medicines- indigenous Plants Aph. No. 270 Methods of dynamization

Aph. No. 273-274 :- Law of simplex

Aph. No. 273 Single or complex medicine Aph. No. 274 Advantage of use of single medicine

Aph. No. 275-283 :- Strength of the dose for homoeopathic use

Aph. No. 276 Effect of high potency Aph. No. 279 Homoeopathically selected Medicine Aph. No. 282 Homoeopathic aggravation Aph. No. 277 Minimum dose Aph. No. 280 Signs of correct selection perfect cure Aph. No. 283 Unsuitable medicine in Small dose is not harmful

Aph. No. 275 Large dose is injurious Aph. No. 278 Potency selection

Aph. No. 281 Signs of restoration

Aph. No. 284-285 :- Route of administration

Aph. No. 285 External application of medicine

Aph. No. 284 What part of the body are susceptible To the influence of remedies

Aph. No. 286-291 :- Ancillary measures

Aph. No. 287 Mineral magnet Aph. No. 288/289 Animal magnetism & mesmerism Aph. No. 291 Bath

Aph. No. 286 Electricity & galvanism

Aph. No. 290 Massage



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