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Metra's RFID operated electronic locking system

- electronically controlled lockers - for fitness, hotels, universities, factories, clubs, hospitals - use cards, key rings, wristbands... for opening - different RFID tags available - friendly user interface - simple setup with extra keypad - connection to payment module

How the system works

ELS RFID features: - vacant lockers are usually opened - user chooses any free locker - PC optional - Control Unit supports up to 16 lockers ELS RFID system is simple stand alone system. It allows locking with the use of existing cards or tags. User chooses any free locker store his belongings and closes the locker door. To confirm the locking he/she must approach card or tag on user friendly display, which shows him the number of locker and locks it. To unlock all that must be done is approach the card or tag near display and the locker opens. This kind of locking was well tested and it is used in many different fields. It is excellent for fitness centers, wellnesses, spas, pools... It can be used in hotels with existing hotel cards for safely keeping, in hostels, on bus, rail stations and airports. It proved its roughness in factories and plants. The system is well recognized because of its simplicity and user friendly interface. All of the components can be integrated in almost any kind of locker. This system also supports the connection of payment module in case we want to charge the lockers usage. The payment module is connected to the control unit and it can be for 50 cent, one or two Euros (for different currencies contact our sales department). The module doesn't support refunding. In case user looses his card, the lockers can be opened with the use of master card previously set up in the system, with setup keypad or set If there is a need of occupancy monitoring system can be upgraded with network controller. Adding a Network Controller with PC gives the system advanced features. It supports data collecting through CAN network and allows status of lockers (occupied/free), alarm and maintenance warnings, data analyzing and setting up of lockers through the network. One control unit supports up to 16 electronic locks (lockers). In case there are more lockers in the facility more control units are needed. In each control unit locker numbers are set up. (Example first control unit from 1 to 16, second from 17 to 32,...)

System technical drawing

System components

System components: - Electronic Lock - Control Unit RFID (*which media is supported, see the table bellow) - Network Controller For detailed system components refer to our ELS Keypad product catalogue or see our flyers on web site.

Systems user guides and installation manual

For user guides please see our ELS RFID user guides manual. For installation of the system please see our ELS RFID installation manual.

IS SD LF MF TG A ISO 15693 reader 13,56 MHz. Reads all ISO15693 compatible RFID Tags. SkiData Reader. Reads all SkiData RFID tickets (125khz as well as 13.56 MHz). LF Multitag reader. Reads different Low Frequency (125 ­ 134 kHz) RFID Tags. Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S, EM Marin Mifare reader. Reads all ISO14443 A/B compatible RFID Tags. Technogym reader. Reads Technogym RFID Keys. Tagsys reader. Reads C210 and C240 RFID Tags from Tagsys


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