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Exciting. Efficient. Extraordinary. Essential.

Everyone's excited about the Simplex® 4100ES (eServices) Fire Alarm System. It's easy to see why. Our next-generation platform can make your job easier, improve serviceability, and carry your entire life-safety operation into the future.

The 4100ES platform is Extremely well aligned with my goals as an engineer. The advanced capabilities enable me to write a spec that provides a high-quality life-safety system and serves the needs of my client--today and into the future.

The 4100ES makes emergency communications more Economical. I can connect all my fire panels on a common network and easily send centralized emergency communications. I have control over my system while maximizing our life-safety infrastructure investments.

Evolutionary. That's how I describe TrueInsight Remote Service. With its remote diagnostics, the 4100ES helps maximize system uptime. SimplexGrinnell is better able to resolve any system issues on the first visit, by dispatching the right technician with the right parts.


In a busy factory environment, I need Effortless support for my life-safety systems. With Remote Download, a SimplexGrinnell technician can download all the programs for our networked panels from one location. My staff doesn't need to accompany the tech to each panel, saving us time and money.

The 4100ES gives my hospital Enhanced records storage. Records management is vital to our day-to-day operations and accreditation. The Mass Storage Device stores building plans and inspection/test records inside the panel, so they're always easily available.

I love how Efficient the new Install Mode is. I can activate the 4100ES one floor at a time, without a SimplexGrinnell technician. I get a single reminder that other floors haven't been activated, great for my phased retrofit projects.

As a building owner, the 4100ES offers Extraordinary value. Forward and backward compatibility allows us to upgrade with little disruption to my properties and staff, reducing total life-cycle costs. It can become essential to my operations.

The Simplex 4100ES Fire Alarm


System takes our leading fire and life-safety technology to a new level.

SimplexGrinnell has led the industry


with the 4100U system. Now, with the 4100ES platform, we've added a suite of technology and service improvements that can make everyone's job easier, from contractors to facility managers and building owners, by improving serviceability, reducing costs and saving time.

Fire and Life-Safety Platform

InfoAlarm large-screen display shows graphic information in myriad ways, supporting up to 854 characters of text. Flexible, programmable switches give your operators simple, onetouch control over critical system functions such as elevators and fans, and allow critical messages to be launched with the push of a button. The Mass Storage Device can archive all 4100ES programs as well as tests and panel changes. It is supervised for failure and removal.

Sleek, new-look cabinet blends well with your building's architecture and is very much in character with the 4100ES system's Internet-ready features. The 4100ES supports TrueInsight Remote Service, the game-changing Integrated audio is ideal for emergency communications applications. Up to eight channels of digitized voice allow simultaneous and unique messages to be broadcast to different areas of a facility. 4100ES system programming can be downloaded from a remote location over a corporate LAN. This decreases download time while avoiding the need to have escorts accompany technicians to sensitive areas of a facility. Internet-based technology that enables remote diagnosis of our advanced Simplex systems. Install Mode is ideal for retrofit projects. It can eliminate trouble conditions for devices that are not yet installed-- or installed but not yet commissioned.

Upgrade to the Simplex 4100ES Fire Alarm System and maintain more control, improve serviceability and realize savings. No extra cabinets needed, and everything is within easy reach.


TrueInsight Remote Service and our team of certified technicians can increase system uptime and business continuity. Storage Device lets you easily and securely store and archive system data. Mode can greatly simplify retrofits and upgrades. Downloads enable faster programming and operation of a full network of panels from a central location.

· Mass

· Install

· Remote

Increased connectivity means reduced downtime

With TrueInsight Remote Service, the 4100ES system maintains a constant connection to SimplexGrinnell. If a problem--or even a potential problem--occurs, our remote diagnostic capabilities kick in. Sometimes we know about an issue even before the customer. And it helps us send the right technician with the right parts, which can enhance efficiency, increase uptime and avoid multiple service calls. This makes the 4100ES system ideal for facilities where a technician must be accompanied by authorized personnel at all times, such as universities, hospitals, prisons and industrial complexes.

Secure storage for improved access and compliance

Our Mass Storage Device stores and archives vital data within the panel, such as system software programs, building plans, inspection/test reports and other critical site information. No extra cabinets are needed in the control room, and everything is within easy reach. Plus, the Mass Storage Device is supervised so you can be alerted in the event of removal or failure.

Easier installation and upgrades

Projects that require a phased installation can leverage the benefits of Install Mode. While in this mode, the 4100ES can provide a single trouble alarm for points that are programmed in the system but haven't yet been wired--or are wired but not yet commissioned. This can eliminate recurring troubles during installation and reduce system operator frustration.

Remote Downloads minimize disruptions

and get you up and running faster than ever. Technicians can download programs to your entire network of panels from a single location. The new programs will automatically be archived on the Mass Storage Device, along with all previous programs, for easy retrieval and comparison. Forward and backward compatibility remains the foundation of SimplexGrinnell's "Customer for Life" philosophy. Even early 4100 panels, released in 1988, can be easily upgraded to the 4100ES platform--using existing wiring and without removing the cabinet. This can protect your longterm investment and minimize disruptions.

Exciting new features, same great reliability

The new 4100ES system retains all the critical functions of the 4100U, including industry-leading emergency communications/ mass notification capabilities, our innovative Simplex SafeLINCTM Internet interface, and the ability to generate and specifically target multiple alerts simultaneously.

Service options to fit you-- and your budget

We offer four levels of service that are designed to enhance the functionality and value of the 4100ES system, while offering choices to fit your budget. You can select from fixed-cost or pay-as-you-go service options. Whatever service level you choose, our network of 150 local company-owned offices can work hand in hand to help you define system needs and stay within budget. With our end-to-end capabilities, we can lay out, install, commission, service and support your 4100ES system with an industry-leading team that includes hundreds of trained, certified technicians. Corporate Sales and Marketing 50 Technology Drive Westminster, MA 01441-0001 Tel: (978) 731-2500 Toll-Free: 1-(800) 746-7539 Canada Corporate Office 2400 Skymark Avenue Mississauga, ON L4W 5K5 Tel: (905) 212-4400 Fax: (905) 212-4401 Toll-Free: 1-(800) 565-5400

SimplexGrinnell is continually improving its products; specifications are subject to change without notice. Tyco, Simplex, SimplexGrinnell and Be Safe are trademarks of Tyco International Services AG or its affiliates or subsidiaries. All other trademarks referenced herein are trademarks of their respective owners. License numbers available at or contact your local SimplexGrinnell office. © 2011 SimplexGrinnell LP. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. MC103-162-714 311


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