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· Supports both Simplex TrueAlarm® analog sensors and TrueAlertTM addressable notification appliances ­ leading-edge technology for you and your customers · Lowest installed costs in the industry, because the 4100U uses T-Tap wiring, fewer harnesses and new multi-point addressable devices that eliminate additional power wiring · Enhanced diagnostics to quickly identify potential installation errors and ensure faster time-to-acceptance · Remote access allows rapid on-line diagnostics and testing by SimplexGrinnell service technicians · Low retrofit costs ­ You can frequently usethe sameinstalledwiringwhenupgrading existing 4100 systems to the 4100U

Fast, low-cost installation ­ a contractor's dream

Welcome to the Simplex 4100U Universal Fire Alarm Platform ­ the industry's premier fire detection and alarm system family from the world's leading life safety company. Building upon the legendary field-proven performance of the Simplex 4100 Series, the next-generation 4100U leverages new technology, design improvements, T-Tap wiring and advanced diagnostics to offer the lowest-cost installation of any top-of-the-line fire alarm system today. The 4100U family is designed to offer your customers the highest levels of fire protection while providing you a fast, smooth, efficient installation no matter

the facility or application. A host of innovative system and design improvements make it easier and more economical than ever to install SimplexGrinnell fire systems ­ boosting your profitability and business success.

Partnering with SimplexGrinnell is smart business.

When it comes to meeting your customers' fire protection needs, no one does it better than SimplexGrinnell. Partnering with SimplexGrinnell aligns you with an industry leader whose expertise, technological innovation and market leadership are unequaled in the industry. Looking to meet 21st century challenges with 21st century technology? Choose SimplexGrinnell.


Whether it's an office tower,

campus, hospital or industrial center ... a smaller facility like an apartment, restaurant or small office ... the 4100U is the contractor's solution of choice.

Simplex 4100U


Lower installation costs, higher profitability

The modular Simplex 4100U family offers a number of hardware improvements to speed installation, whether you're installing a single-panel 4100U or a 4100U Distributed Network in a 50-story office tower. Our PC boards offer easier access, and we've reduced creating opportunities to download programs, upload factory software upgrades and collaborate with our specialists on remote diagnostics. The panel is just a phone call away from the industry's largest service organization. SimplexGrinnell can help you acceptance test the installed 4100U system remotely before construction is complete, verifying the job and allowing you to close it out faster.

Be smart. Call us today!

To learn more about the next-generation Simplex 4100U and 4100U Distributed Network, call 1-800-746-7539 in the U.S. or visit our web site at

The 4100U Advantage

4100U systems support both TrueAlarm analog sensing and TrueAlert addressable notification, giving you all of the cost-saving benefits of T-Tapping and global addressability in both fire detection and fire notification. · TrueAlarm gives your customers the highest performance in fire detection with the lowest possible installation and wiring costs. · TrueAlert is now integral to the 4100U panel, eliminating the need to install the 4009 Addressable Controller and reducing labor, materials, wiring and checkout. · Addressability ensures software control of each device, without the need for costly additional wiring.

Everything you need to succeed · Ground Detect for faster system

checkout; eliminates wire testing the number of harnesses to provide simpler, less restrictive module interconnection and cleaner wiring installation. Power supplies and amplifiers include built-in NACs to further simplify power distribution. And all modules support earth ground-fault isolation to make locating earth grounds a snap.


· Isolators for rapid troubleshooting

of wiring faults

· Transient Protection protects contractor warranty period

New easy-to-install IDNetTM devices

The new 4100U IDNet addressable devices, many with line-powered operation, will dramatically cut your device installation costs. These IDNet devices provide additional savings because you'll install fewer of them. Most mount in common single-gang or 4-square electrical boxes. All IDNet devices have an LED to assist in troubleshooting and status verification.

· Termination of contractor wiring is

easily accessible and pluggable

· Card frame allows easy addition of

expansion modules

· Panel Modem Access for faster service

and commissioning

· Service Reports for proof-of-system

progress and readiness

© 2001 SimplexGrinnell LP All rights reserved. Printed in USA. Since SimplexGrinnell is continually improving its products, specifications are subject to change without notice. IDNet, Miniplex, Simplex, TrueAlarm and TrueAlert are trademarks licensed to SimplexGrinnell by the owner, ADT Services AG, also a Tyco company. All other product references herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

· MiniplexTM distributed systems for

reduced installation cost

Faster acceptance testing

The 4100U is modem-ready for instant on-line communications with SimplexGrinnell service technicians,

· Flexible, cost-efficient digital or analog voice evacuation solutions


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