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2008/09 Annual Report

Sinai Akiba Academy provides an outstanding general and Judaic education, engaging children in both the joy and discipline of learning. We introduce students to a life of personal growth, sensitivity, responsibility and intellectual inquiry, shaped by Jewish practices and informed by a respect for diversity of thought.

Table of Contents:

Headmaster's Letter Sinai Temple Sinai Akiba Academy Committee Development Committee Budget Committee Annual Giving Donors Current Parent Donors Grandparent Donors Friends, Faculty and Staff Alumni Donors Alumni Parents Raise the Paddle Donors Auction Donors Endowments/Special Funds Awards Restricted Funds, Memorial Gifts and Tributes 8th Grade Class Gift Centennial Campaign Grandparents Association SAA Sub-Committees PTA

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Headmaster's Letter


Dear Friends, During the past 15 years our leadership saw 2008­2009 and 2009­2010 coming. They didn't know it would be these particular two years, but they wisely determined to prepare for difficult times. We knew that tuitions alone could never provide a stable and excellent educational program. We turned to our parents, friends and supporters and, with their and your support, created a development program that would enhance excellence in good economic times and sustain it in bad. This annual report bears witness to the strength of the Sinai Akiba community. In difficult times you showed your determination to sustain a high level of education and, equally important, to make the school affordable to those who need assistance. What you have demonstrated is commitment to community, to kids and to the Jewish future. Our Sinai Akiba Academy committee, headed by Jeff Wolman; our development committees, headed by Rob Strauss; our development department headed by Janet Rosenblum and many others invested hours of effort in enabling us to achieve the successes documented by this annual report. They­and all of you who contributed­deserve the thanks of our entire community. In Pirkei Avot, Rabbi Shimon says that the greatest attribute a person can have is haroeh et hanolad -- to see what is coming, by which he really meant to sense the future consequences of his or her actions. Those who built the structure that sustains the school today demonstrated that attribute; and the pages of this report testify that you are continuing in that noble tradition. I thank you, but more than that, so do our students. Sincerely, Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin


Sinai Temple

From Rabbi David Wolpe From the Executive Director

Each year we feel the pride of watching students grow. Greater than pride, however, is wonder: for they grow far beyond anything we can teach or transmit. Our students flourish because their souls are attuned to the music that life has to offer. The Vilna Gaon points out that when Proverbs compares the Torah to water falling on soil, it implies that everything depends upon the nature of the ground; only if it is rich soil will it produce flowers. We see the beauty of Torah showering the souls of our children, and bringing forth a dazzling array of colors. We thank you anew for the privilege of teaching them and learning from them, and creating a sacred community. Rabbi David Wolpe

"Sinai Akiba Academy is the crown jewel of Sinai Temple."

- Rabbi David Wolpe

The synagogue, for many of us, is a second home. It is home to our spiritual needs, our friendships, our Jewish commitments, and our support for the Jewish people around the world. We are fortunate that within the walls of our home is a school filled with the voices of children - our future. It is written in the Torah: "You shall teach them diligently unto your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up..." Torah entrusts in our hands the education of our children in "Its way." The Torah tells us that we teach our children by how we act in our homes, how we act in our community and how we act towards the outside world. It teaches us that from the moment we get up until the moment we retire at night, what we do and how we act is one of the ways that we teach our children to walk in the ways of our Torah. Our wonderful schools and their staffs, as well as the entire Temple staff, create an environment, an educational system and a community that help fulfill the Torah's vision of a world filled with goodness. It is clear that we have successfully transformed the synagogue and school community into a welcoming home with many opportunities to experience Torah and all the goodness that comes from living a Jewish life. Together, we continue to look to the future and focus on both the individual and collective needs of our extended family members. B'shalom, Howard Lesner


SAA Committee

Lise Applebaum Etty Arnall Norman Becker Jamie Berman Melissa Bordy Irit Eliyahu Jeanne Huybrechts Renee Krauss Alice Lainer Lisa Lainer Shelley Lawrence Howard Lesner Laurie Levenson Silvia Malamud Julie Mayer Dalia Moghavem Helen Molitz Julie Platt Pejman Salimpour Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin E. Randol Schoenberg Navid Shooshani Lora Silverman Kurt Smalberg Lisa Spector Robert Strauss David Wohlberg Jeffrey Wolman, SAA Chair

"Sinai Akiba Academy is the crown jewel of Sinai Temple." ­ Rabbi David Wolpe Sinai Temple is a world class institution and SAA is its beacon. In the true spirit of chevrah and the pursuit of academic excellence, administrators, faculty, staff and parents work together to create a community of learning, tolerance and tikkun olam. From gesher to eighth grade, we nurture the love of learning and Torah that will allow our students to be proud Jews and productive citizens of the world at large. The SAA Committee is charged with supporting the administration to enhance the learning and community experience at the school for our students. In a trying economic environment, Lora Silverman, Vice-Chair of the SAA Committee and Chair of the Budget Committee was able to present a budget that did not compromise programmatic integrity. Against this very same backdrop, Rob Strauss and his Development Committee delivered an Annual Giving Campaign that will continue to ensure a quality education for our students and includes additional funds to support tuition assistance. Lisa Lainer and the Recruitment Committee once again helped fill our youngest classrooms with gesher and kindergarten students ready to embrace the love of learning exemplified by our students. Julie Mayer and the Education Committee continue to raise the bar of academic excellence at SAA. Finally, Silvia Malamud provides a powerful bridge between the parents, faculty and the community outside of SAA with a PTA that is both inclusive and effective. I would also like to mention Etty Arnall, Chair of the Grandparents Association, who spearheaded a Grandparents Association dinner dance in honor of Nettie Becker that helped fund the eighth grade Israel trip. We are indeed blessed to have such committed individuals give so generously of their time and lead the rest of us in making contributions to the school in so many different ways. Our responsibilities as lay leaders are not only a labor of love for our children, but made fun and more enriched due to our stellar administrators. For years, Rabbi Scheindlin has run this crown jewel with excellence, assisted by an extraordinarily competent administrative team--Shelley Lawrence, Helen Molitz, Irit Eliyahu, Marcia Fellner, Barbara Goodhill, Janet Rosenblum and Jeanne Jacobs-Gaffney. We thank you for all you do. Chazak chazak venitchazek. Jeffrey Wolman, Chair


Development Committee

Robert Strauss Development Chair

Annual Giving Chairs Gaby and Danny Cosgrove Luiza and Andrei Iancu Leigh and Robert Strauss Major Gift Chairs Jamie and Joel Berman Daphna and Pejman Salimpour Pamela L. and E. Randol Schoenberg Terry and David Wohlberg Headmaster's Event Chairs Elenor Gabay Terry Wohlberg Alumni Council Chair Jodi Berman `80

Grandparents Association Chair Etty Arnall Grandparents Association Parent Liaisons Brenda Mehdyzadeh Estela Shemian Sandy Shohed Parent Gatherings Coordinators Rebecca Kekst Sharona Nazarian Sara Stern PTA President Silvia Malamud Immediate Past Chair Dalia Moghavem Additional Committee Members Janet Dardashty Ellie Khorsandi Karen Samuels

Development Assistant Sandra Oliva Development Coordinator Millie Wexler Development Director Janet Rosenblum

This has been the most challenging year for the Development Committee in SAA's history. The economy has severely impacted so many of the families that comprise our community. And yet, as so many of us suffered, our wonderful SAA community generously gave like never before. We've all heard the saying, "Those who can, should." This year, those who can, did. Moreover, even those who really couldn't, did anyway. The generosity of our community, financially and in spirit, is both amazing and humbling. We, the members of the Development Committee, are truly and sincerely touched by the outpouring of support from all sources. The Annual Giving Campaign was again exceptionally successful under the capable leadership of chairs Gaby and Danny Cosgrove, Luiza and Andrei Iancu, my wife Leigh and myself. Even in this rough economy, we still enjoyed 91% parent participation and raised a total of $532,731. An additional $398,020 was raised from other fundraising programs, including the PTA's Annual Event and Auction, Raise the Paddle, the first Grandparents Dinner Dance, tribute gifts and restricted contributions, resulting in a fundraising total of $930,751. The 2009 Annual Event ­ An Affair in Black and White ­ was a beautiful evening, and everyone who attended had an amazing time. The SAA PTA Board acted together as chairs of the event, with PTA President Silvia Malamud and Directors Adriane Bergman, Elenor Gabay, Cici Hallegua, Afsaneh Illoulian, Julie Pardo, Sandy Shohed, Jessica Sneider and Leigh Strauss, doing a magnificent job. The room was beautifully decorated, the food and drink flowed, and the music motivated everyone to dance. The Annual Event would not be complete without the hard work of our Auction Chairs Adeena Fitterman, Neda Mehdizadeh and Shiva Mosch. Overall net of expenses, the Annual Event and Auction raised in excess of $66,000. Under the dynamic leadership of chairs Etty and Claude Arnall, parent liaisons Brenda Mehdyzadeh, Sandy Shohed and Estela Shemian, and a cadre of hard-working grandparents, SAA's Grandparents Association again demonstrated its support for SAA students by organizing various social activities including a memorable Grandparent's Day. Moreover, our first ever Grandparents Dinner Dance, co-chaired by Etty and Claude Arnall and Valentin and Morris Eshaghpour, was held in honor of Nettie Becker. This extremely successful event raised in excess of $62,000, making the overall contribution from grandparents the largest in SAA's history. Well done! We definitely want to turn this event into a tradition. The Headmaster's Event was held at the lovely Beverly Hills home of Daphna and Pejman Salimpour. The Headmaster Chairs, Terry


Ways of Giving

Wohlberg and Elenor Gabay, have always been great assets to the Development Committee and we are thankful to them for organizing this exquisite event. A special thank you to Janet Dardashty who also worked hard to ensure the success of the evening. The Alumni program is also thriving. We've initiated SAA's first Alumni Council, chaired by SAA alumna Jodi Berman '80. As with past years, several reunions and an SAA alumni networking mixer were held, and fundraising from this group has seen steady growth. It is of vital importance that our alumni remain connected with SAA and each other. It has been my pleasure to serve as the chair for the Development Committee for the first time. With the support of SAA Chair Jeff Wolman, Headmaster Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin, Development Director Janet Rosenblum, and Sandra Oliva and Millie Wexler in the development office, our committee was able to reach its ambitious goals. My deep appreciation to all.

All gifts made to Sinai Akiba Academy are vital to the advancement of the school and the efforts to develop and maintain a challenging curriculum reflective of our mission to provide the highest quality of education for our children. Charitable gifts provide tremendous personal satisfaction as well as significant tax benefits. A tax consultant can help you design a giving plan for the benefit of Sinai Akiba Academy, or you may contact the Development Office at 310.475.6401, ext. 3285. Cash and Pledges Cash gifts are deductible for income tax purposes to the full extent of the law. Checks should be made payable to Sinai Akiba Academy. Pledges may be made at any time for multiple year gifts. Pledges fulfilled by June 30, 2009 were credited to the 2008-2009 campaign. Matching Gifts Hundreds of companies support education through matching gift programs. If you own a business, gifts can be made in the name of your business.

2008-2009 Fundraising Summary*

Annual Giving Campaign Raise The Paddle Campaign for Tuition Assistance PTA Annual Event and Auction (net) Grandparents Dinner Dance (net) Tuition Assistance Grants SAA Gifts to the Renovation/Centennial Campaign

(New gifts and pledges for 08-09)

$532,731 $119,630 $66,120 $62,078 $40,313 $40,000 $40,000 $23,769 $6,110 $930,751

Planned and Deferred Gifts Information about planned gifts and estate planning, including charitable trusts, bequests, pooled income funds, charitable gift annuities and insurance gifts, is available through the SAA Development Office. Stock and Appreciated Securities Gifts of stock and securities may also provide additional tax advantages while benefiting SAA. When you give appreciated securities to SAA, your deduction is based on the full fair market value on the date of the gift, and you avoid capital gains on approved securities.

(Includes Book Fair, Holiday Boutique, Mishloach Manot and Sinai's Night at the Pier)

PTA Fundraising (other)

Endowment/ Restricted Contributions Misc. Contributions Total Net 08-09 Fundraising



Budget Committee

Lora Silverman, Chair

Lise Applebaum Norman Becker Melissa Bordy Ira Friedman Alan Grushcow Jeanne Jacobs-Gaffney Jackie Klein Nahum Lainer

Howard Lesner Silvia Malamud Hamid Moghavem Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin David Shapiro Kurt Smalberg Robert Strauss Jeffrey Wolman

The goal of the SAA Budget Committee is to set a balanced budget that limits tuition as much as possible while still maintaining the excellent quality of our school. In a typical year, tuition is increased to support competitive pay increases for our outstanding faculty and staff, and to fund enhancements of our program. At the same time, we must be mindful of our obligation to fund financial aid so that our school program will remain accessible to all families who desire a Jewish education for their children, regardless of ability to pay. This was anything but a typical year. As we tried to hone our expense estimates and project annual giving yields and financial aid needs, the economic condition of the country was becoming less certain by the day. Given our concern for the recession's impact on our own community we placed a priority on increasing tuition assistance funds in order to keep our school community in tact. Ultimately, we committed to raising tuition 4%, which was the lowest increase in 10 years. As you can see from these charts, tuition income does not fully cover the expenses of running the school. We are grateful to those in our community who help us


close that gap each year through generous donations. We remain cognizant of the near-term effect of compounding tuition increases from year to year, and we have tasked ourselves with developing a long-term solution to maintain affordability of our school. Last, I am grateful to my committee for the time and effort they devoted to our task, to our Headmaster, Rabbi Scheindlin, for his time, patience and guidance, and to our Business Manager, Jeanne Jacobs-Gaffney, for her hard work, graciousness and sense of humor throughout this process.



70% Salaries and Benefits 8% Transfer to Endowment 88% Tuition and Fees 7% Annual Fundraising 3.5% Other 1.5% Endowment Interest 7% Tuition Assistance 5.5% Instructional Programs and Equipment 5% Building, Maintenance and Temple Charges 4.5% Administration, PR and Development


Annual Giving Campaign Current Parent Donors

The Annual Giving Campaign, our sustaining fund, supplements our operating budget from year to year and enriches the educational experience for our students. Under the leadership of our dedicated chairs, the 08-09 campaign raised a total of $532,731 and enjoyed 91% parent participation. Giving was abundant throughout our entire Sinai community with increased support from our alumni, alumni parents and grandparents. The school is extremely grateful to all of our donors for their generous contributions and commitment to Sinai Akiba.


($18,000 and up) Julie and Marc Platt Allison and Bennett Rosenthal Pamela L. and E. Randol Schoenberg Helen and Jim Zukin


($10,000 - $14,999) Jamie and Joel Berman Jill Jablonow and Robert Freundlich Karen and Neil Haltrecht Daphna and Dr. Pejman Salimpour

Annual Giving Chairs

Campaign Chairs

Pictured above, left to right: Leigh and Robert Strauss Gaby and Danny Cosgrove Luiza and Andrei Iancu

Major Gift Chairs

Jamie and Joel Berman Daphna and Pejman Salimpour Pamela L. and E. Randol Schoenberg Terry and David Wohlberg


Total Donations: $469,806


($5,000 - $9,999) Tanaz and Farshad Asherian Kelly and Dr. Andrew Brooks Karen Samuels and Elliot Brown Deborah and Leon Farahnik Elenor and Arman Gabay Orna and Behzad Kianmahd Dr. Lisa and Gary Lainer Brenda and David Mehdyzadeh Susan Jacoby Stern and Joel Stern Leigh and Robert Strauss Terry and David Wohlberg Lesley and Jeffrey Wolman

Double Chai Circle

($3,600 - $4,999) Lise and Dr. Rob Applebaum Melissa and Michael Bordy Drs. Fariba and Nathan Fischel Nazanin and Saiid Forouzan Dr. Luiza and Andrei Iancu Shelley and Paul Lawrence Mojy and Sammy Mehdizadeh Kathryn and Dr. Carey Strom Mindy and David Weiner

Headmaster's Circle

($2,500 - $3,599) Michele Breslauer and Jeffrey I. Abrams Brigitte Arnall Dr. Linda Sax and Norman Becker Nicole and Bradley Brooks Mindy and Brad Caplow Drs. Gaby and Daniel Cosgrove Rona and Ben Cosgrove Juliet and Nick Danesh Kori and Darren Dworkin Rachel and Parham Farahnik Adeena and Wayne Fitterman Dr. Simone and Larry Gold Stephanie and Geoffrey Gold Anat and Ron Hakakian Sylvia and Mark Karlan Rebecca and David Kekst Ellie and Dr. Sam Khorsandi Jackie and David Klein Deborah Kattler Kupetz and David Kupetz Gilda and Dr. Murray Lappe Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz and Scott Lenz Gaelle and Henri Levy David Lewis Nooshin and Dr. Sohail Mahboubian Silvia and Dr. Ariel Malamud Laura and Chuck Mandel Julie and Joel Mayer Dr. Haleh and James Mehdizadeh Sharon and Amos Meron Vaughan and Nick Meyer Laurie Levenson and Doug Mirell Ruthy and Dr. Jamshid Moossazadeh Drs. Sharona and Daniel Nazarian Veronica and Steven Nessim Caroline and Behzad Nourafshan Dr. Doris and Joseph Nourmand Dr. Ellie and Fred Pourbaba Fredrica and Dr. Robert Reiter Talia and Jamie Resin Lisa and Hugo Rose Sherry and Dani Saleh Dana and Evan Schlessinger Lili and Dr. Jamshid Shafai Dr. Sylvia and David Shapiro Sandy and Farshid Shohed Navid and Kamran Shooshani Fereshteh and Shahriar Shouhed Talya and Alon Sida Jessica and Dr. Richard Sneider Lisa and Neal Spector Sara and Benjamin Stern Lora Silverman and Keith Stolzenbach Deborah and Eric Swanson Sharon and Touraj Tour Jennifer Kattler Trilling and Lawrence Trilling Pamela Weisberg Kim and Mark Zucker

Grade Level Chairs

Gesher Stephanie Gold Rebecca Kekst Kindergarten Lori Goldstein Vaughan Meyer Immanuel Spira 1st Grade Brad Brooks David Shapiro 2nd Grade Karen Haltrecht Suzanne Lenz 3rd Grade Ruthy Moossazadeh Jennifer Kattler Trilling 4th Grade Sandy Shohed Sharon Tour 5th Grade Jill Jablonow Ellie Pourbaba 6th Grade Mindy Caplow David Weiner 7th Grade Deborah Kattler Kuptez Susan Smith 8th Grade Laura Mandel Gita Zarnegar-Schlussel

Chai Circle

($1,800 - $2,499) Adriane and Michael Bergman Orit and Ron Cohen Loretta and Michael Helfant Jilla and Saied Isaacson Suzan and Matthew Lamishaw Sharona and Khosrow Rahimian Hanna and Yaakov Revah Rita and Dr. Fariborz Rodef Niloofar and Ramin Roofian Adrienne and Daryl Seltzer Sabrina Silvers Susan and Saul Smith Eliana and Rabbi David Wolpe Elena and Kevin Yeshoua Sandy and Harry Zimmerman

We extend heartfelt thanks to our dedicated parent volunteers who assisted with the 2008­09 Annual Giving Campaign. Their enthusiasm and leadership were instrumental to the success of the campaign and to reaching 91% parent participation.


Current Parent Donors

Class Participation by Grade

Gesher Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 84% 91% 93% 88% 96% 88% 99% 92% 89% 88%


($1,000 - $1,799) Angela and Ben Cohan Roya and Peter Cohen Janet and Siamak Dardashty Daryoush Dayan Elham and Kourosh Dayan Carolyn and Fred Delijani Mojgan and Dr. Abbey Esagoff Nazanin and Dr. Jacob Esagoff Evline and George Eshaghian Shirin and Mark Gabay Sharona and Bob Golbahar Lori and Kirk Goldstein Farnoush and Hilbert Haghnazarzadeh Sabrina and Dr. Kamran Hakim Anjele and Dr. Eddie Harouni Tina and Eddie Kohan Evie Klein Kraft Mojgan and Dariush Maddahi Dorice and Jacob Melamed Dalia and Hamid Moghavem Ilana and Shahram Mokhtarzadeh Shirin and Dr. Youram Nassir Catherine and Joseph Nazar Bita and Ben Nehmadi Shahla and Michael Pashaie Farnaz and Maurice Refoua Nora and Mois Refoua DeDe and Peter Roussak Deborah and Jody Rubin Mitra and Hersel Saeidy Andreia and Dr. Richard Silvera Dana and Howard Simon Dawn and Dr. Ira Smalberg Eric Spitz Elham and Dr. Bialick Tabibian Delilah and Dr. Mark Urman Millie and Paul Wexler Kambiz and Nazy Zarabi


($500 - $999) Azadeh and Frank Afari Celia and Dr. Ken Alpern Nora and Jack Amin Dalia and Dr. Mike Bardi Sharen and Behzad Bekhrad Rachel and Dr. Mark Beller Rona and Ramin Benyamini Desiree and Shawn Bleet Niloofar and Daniel Boudaie Sigal and David Byrnes Haleh and Shawn Dadbin Drs. Gina and Sid Danesh Beatrice and Sean Dayani Melissa and Dr. Harvey Deutsch Jeffrey Doocy Julie Flapan and Rabbi Andrew Feig Rona and Mehran Forouzan Amy and Eric Goldstein Marcia and Ron Hacker Cici and David Hallegua Judith and Martin Hendlish Sharona and Dr. David Hoorfar Dr. Nathana and Jeffrey Horn Karre and Lou Jacobs Lilian and Maurice Kashfian Farideh and Hamid Khorsandi Susan and Bahman Kianmahd Tara and Shan Kohan Elayne and Nader Maghen Toby and Philip Midgen Liza and Shahram Moalemzadeh Kathy and Dr. David Moghimi Graciela and Morey Moore Shiva and Mark Mosch Claudia and Dror Nakash Sepideh and Fred Nehorayan Janet and Mark Neman Shiva and Sina Niku Linda and Jack Nourafshan Julie and Ron Pardo Sandra and Evan Roklen Tiffany and Jimmy Rosen Iris and Stephan Sabbah Diana and Edward Sabin Betti and Dr. Kamran Saidara Sheila and Kamran Samooha Dr. Gita Zarnegar and Dr. Fredric Schlussel Helen and Jay Shadi Dr. Gina and Michael Shayefar Nora and Abraham Shofet Natalie and Sohrab Shooshani Deborah and Dr. Marcelo Spector Shirley and Danny Suleminian Mitra and Michael Tome Maha Visconti Debbie Djavaheri and Dr. Kayvon Yadidi Elena and Kevin Yeshoua Sunda and Mark Zafrin


Annual Giving Campaign


(up to $499) Anonymous Juliet and Kayvan Abselet Hilda and Joseph Akhamzadeh Jaklin and Graham Alliance Sari and Michael Arnall Estelle and Brian Ashkenazi Anna and Jerry August Barbara Lloyd and Clinton Bailey Revytal and Simon Barlava Bita and Mehrdad Bekhrad Debbie David and Daniel Ben-Zvi Debby Wagger and Dr. Zvi Bern Azita and Bijan Bina Sarit Finkelstein-Boim and Nahum Boim Laura and Dr. Gregory Cohen Sharon Spira-Cushnir and Andrew Cushnir Yael and Joseph Daee Ladan and Dr. Shaun Daneshgar Diane Haas Dassa and Ron Dassa Dr. Kimberly and Peter Diamond Orit and Amir Eckstein Marjan and Gadi Emein Nazy and Ehsan Eshaghian Mitra and Yousef Eshaghzadeh Minoo and Isaac Faliv Sue and Avi Feigenblatt Sharon Gold and Matthew Fonck Elsie and Behman Fouladian Sharone Levinson and Gabriel Frig Jacklin and David Gabaee Angela and Dr. Eli Gabayan Annette and Lior Gal Yael and Oded Gelfer Julie and Robert Getman Marjan and Robert Ghodooshim Jory Goldman Dr. Bonnie and Rabbi Jan Goldstein Drs. Shiva and Daniel Golshani Lisa and Dan Grossman Deborah and Sam Hakim Michelle and Fred Halimi Pauline and Navid Hamid Marina Romano and Daniel Hamuy Galit and Ron Harel Abby and Larry Harris Wayne Himelsein Dora L. Horin Sigal and Philip Ineno Fariba and Rob Janpanah Arianna and Rabbi Isaac Jeret Sheila and Tony Kamran Tammy and Scott Karp Rachel and Ron Karu Sholeh and Abraham Kashefi Karen and Gary Kessler Betty and Mehran Khalpari Sharona and Dr. Moeiz Koshki Fariba and Feridoon Lalezari Stefani and Bruce Langer Mitra and Abie Larian Jessica Lassner Lorie and Andrew Lassner Janice and Charles Lavine Kim and Amos Legerman Maurice Leiter Marci Maniker-Leiter Aviva and Jason Levin Dr. Pamela and Michael Levine Susan Levy Carolyn Mahboubi Sarah and Arnon Manor Peter Markus Neda and Ben Mehdizadeh Anoosheh Bostani and Ron Mehrdad Marcy and Frank Melton Sharon Waxman-Memmi and Claude Memmi Ronit and Alberto Menache Dallia and Kamran Meshkani Hava and Benny Mirovski Penina and Nace Moghadam Niloofar and Michael Moghavem Dalia Esra and Dr. Gian Piero Moretti Karen and Simon Morovati Angela and Edmond Nahouray Sherry and Kevin Naydavood Sepideh and Behzad Neman Isac Novian Nancy and Maury Pearl Shirley and David Pourbaba Lina and Frank Pournazarian Elham and Danny Rad Stella and Rabie Rahmani Drs. Bonnie and Irwin Reich Tara and Jay Reisbaum Tal Gozani and Didier Reiss Gail and Fred Rollman Roberta Goodman-Rosenberg and David Rosenberg Lisa and Dr. Joseph Rosenbloom Vania Nemanpour and Houshang Roshan-Kashani Vicki and Mark Rothman Michelle and David Sack Mojdeh and Masoud Saeidi-Omrani Tracy and Dale Schatz Annie Seaton Katrin and Ebby Shakib-Khou Elena and Parviz Shamtoub Estela and Moris Shemian Shoshana and Jeremy Shine Adda Shur Rutti and Lionel Simon Pamela and Kevin Singer Samira and Kamyar Solouki Dr. Beth and Immanuel Spira Julie Stein Sharon and Jonathan Swerdlow Nadina and Fernando Szew Anet and Jack Tabaroki Mahasti and Shahrad Tabibzadeh Yasmin and Hagai Toper Janet and Aviv Tuchman Leslie and Lee Wallach Ilanit and Michael Wasserberg Ron West Natalie and Jacob Wizman Beverley and Edwin Woolf Lori and Donny Yankelevits Hilda and Fred Yeshova Lily and Rafael Zakaria Shoshana and Parham Zar


Grandparent Donors

Total Donations $24,821.32

Martin and Sheila Seaton with granddaughter Violet Lewis

Dahlia Trilling with grandparents Nancy and Bernard

Maskilim/Scholars Carol and Gershon Kekst Hannah and Jordan Kekst Headmaster's Circle Alice and Nahum Lainer Sophie and Sam Lainer Marlene and Howard Mayers Dora, Nathan and Joey Schoenberg Chai Circle Arnold Gilberg M.D. Ph. D Jaron and Georgia Lenz Adit and Tsahi Gozani Sasha, Misha and Yosha Reiss Shomrim/Guardians Robert Beren Samantha '97, Jonah '00, Hannah '04, Benjamin '07, and Henry Platt

Joan Beren Samantha '97, Jonah '00, Hannah '04, Benjamin '07 and Henry Platt Lela and Norman Jacoby Rena '00, Ethan '02, and Anna Stern Larry Rabb Alexandra Gura Linda and Stanley Trilling Jonah, Lyla and Dahlia Trilling Bonim/Builders Abira and Geoffrey Breskal Asaf, Naomi, and Galia Grossman, Ben, Michael, and Ruth Sack Gabrielle and Dr. Malcolm Cosgrove Jenna, Julia, Jonathan, Noah and Natalie, and Caroline Cosgrove Nancy and Bernard Kattler Jonah, Lyla and Dahlia Trilling; Ariella `08, Rachel `08 and Noa Kattler-Kupetz

Charlotte and Tom Lane Mollie '07, Eli and Andrew Seltzer Georgia and Elliott Lawrence Sammy and Aaron Lawrence Sheila and Martin Seaton Zachary and Violet Lewis Bonnie and Alan Strauss Aaron '08 and David Strauss Chaverim/Friends Correen and Norman Abramson Grace and Matthew Levine Julie and Arthur Cohen Talia and Noam Karu Yona and Joe Cohen Sammy and Aaron Lawrence Marilyn and Bennett Cohon Jacob, Jordan and Matthew Pardo Mahin and Dr. Ayoub Daneshgar Alex Daneshgar

Barbara and Sanford Gold Jacob, Ryan, and Micah Gold Roberta and Gene E. Goldman Gavriela '05, Noah '08, Kaile, and Jared Applebaum Sandy and Bill Goodglick Rebeca '02, Samson '05, Jacob `07, and Jonah `09 Schatz Sylvia and Stanley Haltrecht Jared, Jessica, and Elizabeth Haltrecht Rita and Irwin Kopin Noah, Hannah, and Kayla Hendlish Rita and Arthur Kurtz Benjamin and Zachary Goldstein Daniele and Jules Lassner Erin Lassner Irene and Eddy Matalon Seth Wexler


Annual Giving Campaign

Friends, Faculty and Staff

Total Donations $19,587

Gabrielle Cosgrove, Jonathan and Noah with Dr. Malcolm Cosgrove

Double Chai Circle Shelley and Paul Lawrence Held Family Foundation Lacine and Joseph Held Lisa and Robert Held Chai Circle Eliana and Rabbi David Wolpe Shomrim/Guardians Shomrim Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program Roslyn and Abner Goldstine Milken Family Foundation Janet and Bobby Rosenblum Millie and Paul Wexler Bonim/Builders Julie Flapan and Rabbi Andrew Feig Judy and Tom Flesh Mount Sinai Memorial Park Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin Sempra Energy Sinai Temple Sisterhood

Marlene and Howard Mayers

Afsar and Saeed Matloob Sheela '02, and Marc '05 and Daniella Shouhed Lili and Moussa Mehdizadeh Lillian and Simone Mehdizadeh Edna Neidorf Victor, Mara and Samantha Stolzenbach Doris Ostrow Sarah '02, Henry '05, and Corey '08 Gitman Carmella and Dr. Nissan Pardo Jacob, Jordan and Matthew Pardo Sue and Howard Platt Samantha '97, Jonah '00, Hannah '04, Benjamin '07 and Henry Platt Marion and Stanley Robboy Benjamin, Joseph, and Alexandra Meyer Grace and Harvey Rosenbloom Jordan, Ashton, and Skyler Rosenbloom

Linda and Stanley L. Samuels Ella and Elijah Brown Al Schatz Rebeca '02, Samson '05, Jacob `07, and Jonah `09 Schatz Lee and Myron Simon Samantha `09, Melissa, and Jordan Simon Kurt Smalberg Fallon and Abby Smalberg Flora and Herb Smithline Amanda, Jacob and Dean Reiter Drs. Marion and Matthew Solomon Shira Goldstein Bonnie and Alan Strauss Aaron '08 and David Strauss Celia and Joseph Szew Sophie Szew Judith Wexler Seth Wexler

Chaverim/Friends Jacqueline and Yahya Ahdout Irit Eliyahu Marcia Fellner Barbara Goodhill Rickie and Cantor Joseph Gole Jeanne and Dirk Huybrechts Jeanne Jacobs-Gaffney and Bill Gaffney Michal and Howard Lesner Vivian and Dr. Richard Levy Aviva and Jason Levin Hava and Benny Mirovski Helen and Dr. Howard Molitz Frida Eytan and Mike Nosrati Elham and Danny Rad Alisha and Rabbi Ahud Sela Rabbis Deborah and Brian Schuldenfrei The Bank of New York Mellon Ilanit and Michael Wasserberg


Alumni Donors

Total Donations $19,330

Alumni Networking Mixer speakers (l to r) Pamela Singer `77, Michael Lesser `76, Jodi Berman `80, Dr. Jeremy Fine `88, and Melody Ahdout `96

Annual Giving Campaign

Alumni Council members (back row, l to r) Meredith Michaels `98, Aaron Aftergood `94, (front row, l to r) Eitan Weinstock `98, Tova Leibovic `99, Dena Kravitz `95

This year was an exciting year for SAA alumni as we kicked off our first Alumni Council with representatives from various classes. The council, chaired by Jodi Berman '80, includes: Aaron Aftergood '94, Amir Blachman '82, Daniel Cosgrove `83, Dena Kravitz '95, Tova Leibovic '99, Michael Lesser `76, Neda Shafai '99, Meredith Michaels '98, and Eitan Weinstock '98. The council had their first Alumni Networking Mixer that featured alumni speakers from various careers including law, medicine, non-profit, entertainment, and business, with over 60 alumni in attendance.

Class of 2005 at the home of Matthew Felker `05

Maskilim/Scholars Dr. Lisa and Gary Lainer `78 Headmaster's Circle Drs. Gaby and Daniel Cosgrove `83 Rona `79 and Benjamin Cosgrove `80 Lora Silverman'75 and Keith Stolzenbach Chai Circle Aliza and Michael Lesser `76 Bonim/ Builders Rabbi Joshua Katzan `78 Debbie Djavaheri '83 and Dr. Kayvon Yadidi Chaverim/Friends Jennifer and Aaron Aftergood `94 Daniel Ahdout `07 Jonathan Ahdout `03 Melody Ahdout `96 Gavi Applebaum `05 Noah Applebaum `08 Jodi Berman `80 Amir Blachman `86 Andrew Bogart `07 Charles Bogart `04 Jenna Bordy `06 Shayna Bordy `03 Odelia Zand Cooper `89 Yonina Dorph `87 Adrian Engel `98 Daniel Eshaghian `06 Michael Eshaghian `02 Harry Etra `01 Corey Gitman `08 Henry Gitman `05

Sarah Gitman `02 Dr. Elana Gordis `84 and Mitchell Earleywine Adam Griffin `95 Brandon Grusd `86 Clinton Grusd '91 Jared Grusd `89 Sean Grusd `05 Chanel Halimi `03 David Kahn '88 Danielle Kasirer `00 David Kasirer `98 Joanna Kasirer Kaplan `93 Jonathan Kasirer `01 Danielle Salem Kassin `86 and Marcus Kassin `86 Allison Klein `04 Grant Klein `09 Juliana Klein `04 Cary Kraft `04 Ethan Kraft `08 Dena Kravitz `95 Shadi Lalezari `00 Shahrzad Lalezari `01 Talia Leibovic `03 Tori Leibovic `07 Tova Leibovic `99 David Lieber `09 Dena Lieber `04 Sarah Lieber `99 Meredith Michaels `98 David Mirharooni `94 David Moghavem `07 Eli Moghavem `06 Nathan Moghavem `05 Nuriel Moghavem `03


Alumni Parent Donors

Total Donations $30,649

Alumni parents Michael and Corie Koss pictured with Rabbi Scheindlin.

In loving memory of Marissa (Reiter) Proctor ­ class of 1983, who regretfully passed away on May 31, 2009. She will be missed greatly by our Sinai community.

Daniel Nessim `03 Leora Nessim `08 Naomi Nessim `05 Daniel Nussen `98 Gregory Nussen `03 Justin Nussen `01 Benjamin Platt `07 Hannah Platt `04 Jonah Platt `00 Samantha (Platt) '97 and Michael Auerbach Joshua Pourgol `03 Benjamin Rosen `03 Emily Rosen `07 Rebecca Rosen `04 Michael Rosenblum `01 Sarah Rosenblum `04 Adam Rucker `98 Sarah Rucker `01 Jordan Russ `07 Joshua Russ `05 Samantha Russ `01 Melody Sayers `99 Aaron Schmidt `97 Ariela Schmidt `01 Neda Shafai `99 Pamela Klamer `77 and Kevin Singer Daniel Tenenblatt `93 Karen Tenenblatt `97 Jonathan Weinbach `90 Amiel '88 and Jennifer Weinstock Eitan Weinstock `98 Sarah (Weinstock) '90 and Michael Blum Steven Westerman `93 Romina (Rivani) Zarimani `90

Maskilim/Scholars Sheila and Aaron Leibovic Anna and William Tenenblatt Double Chai Circle Frida and Joel Glucoft Headmaster's Circle Alice and Nahum Lainer Gita and Sam Rosenwald Orna and Keenan Wolens Chai Circle Corie and Michael Koss Jan and Dr. Phil Zakowski Shomrim/Guardians Johanna and Jeffrey Gunter Janet and Bobby Rosenblum Bonim/Builders Helen and Ronald Grusd Nelly Kahn Debra and Robert Kasirer Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin Cynthia Trop

Chaverim/Friends Nancy and Emanuel Abrams Sara and David Aftergood Jacqueline and Yahya Ahdout Younes Banafsheh Anna Reyner and Alan Blaustein Ellie and Kamran Broukhim Frida and Mike Eytan Rhonda Gale Sharon and David Gitman Rickie and Cantor Joseph Gole Rita and Jeffrey Gramer Joan Isaacs Sima and Bahman Lalezari Ann Gumbinner and David Lauter Enid and Dr. Daniel Lieber Paulette and Ron Nessim Gail and Dr. Kenneth Nussen Rachel and Alan Risch Marla and Peter Rosen Sunny and Larry Russ Jessica and Michael Sacher Susan and Isaac Schmidt Ronna and Ronald Spiegel Shelley and Steven Weinstock Helen and Richard Weston Lily and Rafael Zakaria


Raise the Paddle for Tuition Assistance

Total donations: $119,630

Betty Matoff with Rabbi Wolpe.

Alice and Nahum Lainer with Rabbi Scheindlin.

In light of the current economic climate, our Annual Event and Auction devoted the traditional Raise the Paddle effort to support Tuition Assistance for the coming year. Two full scholarships were generously sponsored by Betty Matoff and Alice and Nahum Lainer; and a record $119,630 was raised by our Sinai community to ensure that funds would be available to families impacted by the financial downturn. To the following families who supported the 2008­09 Raise the Paddle Campaign, we thank you for your generosity and for being there to lend a helping hand to members of our Sinai family.

Gifts of $18,000 and higher Alice and Nahum Lainer Betty Matoff Gifts of $10,000 The Goldman Family Sooky and Sam Goldman Myra Lurie and David Goldman Kaye Goldman Clarke Jory Goldman Daphna and Dr. Pejman Salimpour

Gifts of $5,000 Anonymous Karen Samuels and Elliot Brown Sylvia and Mark Karlan Julie and Marc Platt Pamela L. and E. Randol Schoenberg Gifts of $2,500 Dr. Luiza and Andrei Iancu Afsaneh and Michael Illoulian Lisa and Gary Lainer Leigh and Robert Strauss Lesley and Jeffrey Wolman Gifts of $1,800 Jackie and Manny Silverman


Jory Goldman

Daphna and Dr. Pejman Salimpour

Julie Platt

Randy and Pam Schoenberg

Gifts of $1,000 Revital and Ofer Abutbul Galia and Sam Cohen Mashid and Farzad Feizbakhsh Elenor and Arman Gabay Karen and Neil Haltrecht Dr. Suzanne and Scott Lenz Silvia and Dr. Ariel Malamud Shiva and Mark Mosch Bita and Ben Nehmadi Caroline and Behzad Nourafshan Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin Navid and Kamran Shooshani

Gifts of $500 Juliet and Kayvan Abselet Adeena and Wayne Fitterman Rona and Mehran Forouzan Shelley and Paul Lawrence Neda and Ben Mehdizadeh Dalia and Hamid Moghavem Karen and Simon Morovati Kathy and Brad Shapiro Sandy and Farshid Shohed Lora Silverman and Keith Stolzenbach Sharon and Tony Tour

Gifts up to $499 Lise and Dr. Rob Applebaum Etty and Claude Arnall Barbara Lloyd and Clinton Bailey Orly and Giora Bareket Dr. Linda Sax and Norman Becker Adriane and Michael Bergman Melissa and Michael Bordy Michele and Jeffrey Breslauer Drs. Gaby and Daniel Cosgrove Irit Eliyahu Julie Flapan and Rabbi Andrew Feig Sue and Avi Feigenblatt Marcia Fellner Jeanne Jacobs-Gaffney and Bill Gaffney Barbara Goodhill Cici and David Hallegua

Ellie and Dr. Sam Khorsandi Julie and Joel Mayer Marcy and Frank Melton Laurie Levenson and Douglas Mirell Helen and Dr. Howard Molitz Julie and Ron Pardo Talia and Jamie Resin Janet and Bobby Rosenblum Alisha and Rabbi Ahud Sela Tali and Alon Sida Kurt Smalberg Lisa and Neal Spector Delilah and Dr. Mark Urman Terry and David Wohlberg Shoshana and Parham Zar


Annual Event and Auction

An Affair in Black and White

Shari Charalambous Children's Book World Clementine Angela and Ben Cohan Rona and Ben Cosgrove Coty Beauty CP Shades Cristophe Salon Crown Car Wash Danesh Dermatology and Laser Surgery Dangene McKay Bailey and Associates Delice Bakery Digital Motion Discover Hawaii Tours, Inc. Disney/ABC, Inc. Disneyland Resort DNJ Gallery Dodgers Stadium Doheny Kosher Meats Dreamgear Dina Dvir Kori and Darren Dworkin Elat Market Irit Eliyahu Elle 2000 Elyse Walker Fanta Sea Yatchs and Yatch Club Rabbi Andrew Feig Sue and Avi Feigenblatt Feldmar Watch and Clock Center Marcia Fellner Adeena and Wayne Fitterman Food Cafe' For Kids Only Rona and Mehran Forouzan Fothion, Inc. Elsie Lavian and Benjamin Fouladian Linda and Jerry Freedman Christine Friedman Fundamentals First Elenor and Arman Gabay Garden Court Hotel Peter Garland Kim Geoghan Giacomino Drago Good Eye Optometry Audrey Goodman Got Kosher Barbara Gross Hagit Granitz Photography Isaac Hakim Karen and Neil Haltrecht Alison Hurwitz-Kelman and Etan Kelman Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Luiza and Andrei Iancu Il Pastaio Restaurant IQ Optometric Center Italy's Little Kitchen Ivy Greene For Kids Jaimie Geller Jewelry Jem Caterers Bobbe Joy Karen Chase's Dance For Kids Yaffit Kaufman Kay' n Dave's Cantina Rebecca and David Kekst Kamran Khavarani Evie Kraft Kristine's Day Spa Laemmle Theatres Lorie and Andy Lassner Rebekah Lauter Lawrence of Labrea Shelley Lawrence Learning Encounters, Inc. Suzanne and Scott Lenz Howard Lesner Vivian Levy Lisa and Andy Licht Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel Luxe Hotel Sunset Blvd. Danielle Diamond and Leo Malagon Silvia and Ariel Malamud Malibu Beach Inn 3D Marketing and Public Relations Annie Marks Bea Marks Matsuhisa Restaurant Mattel, Inc. McCormick and Schmick's Michael's Restaurant Helen Molitz Montage Beverly Hills Marcia Moran Shiva and Mark Mosch Andrea Murphy, Personal Trainer Nagila Pizza Rhonda Nail National Public Radio Caroline and Behzad Nourafshan Natasha Novian Pacific Theatres Paliskates Pat's Restaurant Peninsula Hotel Planet Bravo Julie and Marc Platt Porta Via Thierry Pourtoy, Palette Cosmetics Princeton Review Elham Rad Sharon Rapp Kaiyana Rain Rockreation Janet and Bobby Rosenblum Allison and Bennett Rosenthal Bobbe Rothbart Eileen Russell Anna Sakellariou

Annual Event and Auction Chairs

We wish to thank the following businesses, families and institutions for their generous donations to the Sinai Akiba Auction: Juliet Abselet Sorha Afahri Jaqueline and Yahya Ahdout Akasha Restaurant Alford Mikolaj Salon Alfredo Catering Aquarium of the Pacific Armand's Fireplace & BBQ Adina Armin Susan Bass Beller Nutritional Institute, LLC Adriane and Michael Bergman Sylvia Bernstein-Tregub Beroukhim Catering Bond St. - Beverly Hills Brentwood Art Center Tara Butts Tory Burch BVLGARI Cafe Roma California Center for Reproductive Health California Pizza Kitchen Camp Alonim Canyon Creek Sports Camp Karen Carpenter Chameleon Technologies Inc.


Sara's Boutique SBE Restaurant Group Pamela and Randol Schoenberg Rabbis Deborah and Brian Schuldenfrei Krystal Scime Alisha and Rabbi Ahud Sela Shahen For Hair Minoo and Abe Shaoul Shema-Or Sheraton Delfina Farshid and Avid Shooshani Simon Catering Sinai Temple Pamela Singer Six Flags Magic Mountain Skirball Cultural Center Dana and Edward Slatkin Estella Smith Jessica and Richard Sneider Bella Spiegel Sprinkles Cupcakes Surfas Restaurant Supply and Gourmet Food The Adderley School For The Performing Arts The Beverly Hilton Hotel The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills The Cheesecake Factory The Ellen Degeneres Show The Hardwire Group

The Kelter Center The Oaks at Ojai The Salon The Shave The Village Pantry and Oak Room The Walking Company Tumbleweed Day Camp Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants Ultrazone Laser Tag United Talent Agency Universal Studios Claudia Upton Valerie Beverly Hills Clint Walker Warehouse Restaurant Ilanit Wasserberg Weaver's Coffee & Tea Mindy and David Weiner Millie and Paul Wexler Terry and David Wohlberg Xi'an Restaurant Mary Yaghmiazarian Nazy and Kambiz Zarabi


Endowments and Special Funds

Thanks to the generosity of several families, SAA's students and programs benefit from the income of several endowments and special funds. We invite you to consider establishing an endowment fund or to acknowledge special occasions by contributing to any of the following funds. As of June 30, 2009, total endowment funds stood at $5,423,057. Endowments

Rosalie Court and Robert Swedlin Endowment Fund Provides funds to enhance the quality of Jewish life in our community. Ezra Scholarship Fund Generates two annual awards, one for academic performance, and a second for scholarship and financial need. Joel Goldman Scholarship Fund Created in memory of Joel Goldman and designed to fund scholarships for children who could not otherwise attend Sinai Akiba Academy.

Special Funds

Dora and Neil Kadisha Teacher Appreciation Award Fund Funds teacher appreciation awards which recognize SAA teachers for their loyalty and longevity to the school. Teachers receive an award after 7 years and 20 years of service. Shafai Award Established by Dr. and Mrs. Jamshid Shafai, this award is given each year to students who demonstrate a long-term commitment to personal development and fulfillment of their abilities.

Bryna Vener Orchestra Fund Sally Gunter Curriculum Grant Fund Supports the ongoing activities of the Sinai Akiba Academy orchestra. Established in memory of Sally Gunter, the fund provides professional growth opportunities for Sinai Akiba Academy teachers. The fund offers annual grants to Sinai Akiba Academy Financial Assistance Fund teachers for research or for significant curriculum development projects. Funds tuition assistance for qualified students. Kianmahd Scholarship Fund Provides a source of funds for financial aid and scholarships to deserving Sinai Akiba Academy students. Liggett Family Teachers' Endowment Fund Funds teacher benefits and training to ensure the high quality of the Sinai Akiba Academy teaching staff. Sinai Akiba Academy Endowment Fund Supports various aspects of the school program, including financial aid and program enhancements. Sinai Akiba Academy Technology Endowment Fund Supports and enhances Sinai Akiba Academy technology programs. Pam and George Smith Resource Center Endowment Funds the learning support program which helps students who have special learning needs. Bee and Sam Smotrich Scholarship Fund Benefits one or more students attending Sinai Akiba Academy as determined on the basis of financial need. Spiwak Scholarship Fund in Memory of Sarah Baran Provides financial assistance for deserving students who would otherwise not be able to enjoy a Jewish day school education. Tenenblatt Family Education Fund Supports and enhances the educational program of Sinai Akiba Academy. Ethel Weinberg-Jacob Weiss Fund for Jewish Education Provides financial assistance for deserving students who would otherwise not be able to enjoy a Jewish day school education.



The Bureau of Jewish Education ­ Bolotin Award This award, established by the Bolotin Foundation for a graduate of Sinai Akiba Academy, is for excellence in Judaic and general studies as well as community service. The B.J.E Bolotin Award is awarded to: Jonah Schatz Ezra Scholarship Award This award is given each year to Sinai Akiba Academy students who demonstrate high achievement in their studies, with emphasis on Judaic studies achievement. The Ezra Scholarhip Award, established by Dr. and Mrs. Ezra Novak is awarded to: Mateen Akhamzadeh Talia Karu Arielle Mokhtarzadeh Ramah Scholarship Award This award is given each year to a Sinai Akiba Academy fourth grade student who demonstrates achievement in Judaic Studies and Hebrew language. The Ramah Scholarsip Award, established by Dr. and Mrs. Norman Jacoby, is awarded to: Celene Afari Shafai Award This award is given each year to Sinai Akiba Academy students who demonstrate a long-term commitment to personal development and fulfillment of their abilities. The Shafai Award established by Dr. and Mrs. Jamshid Shafai, is awarded to: Alex Daneshgar Jason Diamond Mind ­ Torah Award This award is in honor of a student's exemplary commitment and outstanding volunteer service within and beyond the Sinai community. This award also recognizes scholastic excellence with emphasis on general studies and in recognition as a positive role model to their classmates. Certificate of achievement is presented to: Rose Bern Heart ­ Gemilut Hasadim Award Certificate of achievement is presented to: Deborah Malamud Soul ­ Avodah Award This award is in honor of commitment to tefillah lishama, adherence to and respect for religious and school dress codes, participation and attendance in school activities and good conduct. Certificate of achievement is presented to: Ariel Azhdam

The Dora and Neil Kadisha Teacher Appreciation Award This award was established by the Kadisha family and is given annually to recognize teachers for their years of service to Sina Akiba Academy: Annie Marks Bat-Sheva Akva (TA) Anita Messian (TA) (for 7 years of service) Sally Gunter Curriculum Grant Fund This award was established by the Gunter family, in memory of Sally Gunter, and is given annually for research or for significant curriculum development projects: Anna August Integrated Art Curriculum Select and implement a high-quality published curriculum to guide the art program to provide a richer experience for students. Donna Winslow and Rhonda Nail WeDo Science (Robotics) Develop an enticing and vigorous program that merges the technology and science curricula throughout SAA.


Restricted Funds, Memorial Gifts and Tributes

Restricted Funds and Memorial Gifts Tributes

Headmaster's Discretionary Fund Sara and Dr. David Aftergood Deborah and Leon Farahnik Marcia Fellner Shelley and Paul Lawrence Sheila and Aaron Leibovic Laurie Levenson and Douglas Mirell Julie and Marc Platt Daphna and Dr. Pejman Salimpour Pamela L. and E. Randol Schoenberg Niza Shprung Betty Matoff Scholarship Fund Betty Matoff Shafai Award Lili and Dr. Jamshid Shafai Sinai Akiba Academy Tuition Assitance Fund J.B. Berland Foundation Jewish Federation Education Grant and Scholarship Fund Awards Simha and Sara Lainer Scholarship Fund Award Milken Family Foundation Scholarship Fund Awards Niza Shprung Sinai Akiba 8th grade class of 2009 Anna and Bill Tenenblatt Tenenblatt Scholarship Fund Anna and Bill Tenenblatt Bryna Vener Orchestra Fund Elaine and Gordon Berman 8th Grade Class Trip to Israel Program The Rosilinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Sinai Akiba Grandparents Association Sinai Akiba PTA Joel Goldman Scholarship Fund Sara and Dr. David Aftergood Bari and Lance Bogart Sharon and David Gitman The Goldman Family Sooky and Sam Goldman Myra Lurie and David Goldman Kaye Goldman Clarke Jory Goldman

Joel Goldman Scholarship Fund (continued) Sabrina and Kamran Hakim Joan Isaacs Roneet and Ken Kahan Dr. Kamran Kalpari Deborah Kattler Kupetz and David Kupetz Shelley and Paul Lawrence Sheila and Aaron Leibovic Frida Eytan and Mike Nosrati Sunny and Larry Russ Suzanne and Marc Stein Tribute and Miscellaneous Donations to SAA General Fund Anonymous Ghislaine and Parviz Afshani Sara and Dr. David Aftergood Etty and Claude Arnall Elaine and Gordon Berman Jamie and Joel Berman Sharlene and Nimrod Blau Angela and Ben Cohan Countrywide Vending, Inc. Valentin and Morris Eshaghpour Flora and Nasser Etebar Marcia Fellner Amy and Eric Goldstein Barbara Goodhill Sabrina and Kamran Hakim Highlight Photography Robin Kroopnick Jill Krutchik Alice and Nahum Lainer Vivian and Richard Levy Gail and Perry Maloff Frida Eytan and Mike Nosrati Marvel S. Platoff Foundation Deena and Dan Messinger Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Foundation Laurie Levenson and Douglas Mirell Dalia and Hamid Moghavem Betti and Kamran Saidara Sherry Saleh Leslie Ann Migdal and Richard E. Sand Niza Shprung

Anonymous In memory of Judah Daniel White Sara and Dr. David Aftergood Headmaster's Discretionary Fund In honor of Arielle Strom's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Alison Rollman's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Joshua Aftergood In honor of the marriage of Emily and Jake Aftergood Ghislaine and Parviz Afshani In honor of Sara and David Aftergood for being honored by Hillel at UCLA In memory of Fanny Rotenberg Etty and Claude Arnall In memory of Yolanda Arnall Elaine and Gordon Berman In memory of Isaac Nazarian's mother, Mansoureh Nazarian In memory of Soraya Nazarian's aunt, Heshmat Rachel Sassouni Jamie and Joel Berman In honor of the birth of Heshel Schuldenfrei In memory of Mel Pevsnek In memory of Isaac Schmidt's father, Jacobo Schmidt Sharlene and Nimrod Blau In honor of Anna and Bill Tenenblatt Bari and Lance Bogart In honor of Eliana Wolpe for completing her first marathon In honor of Kathy Clyman for her continued support In memory of Maxine Passer's father, Eli Jabenes In memory of Mary Beth Lieberman's mother, Patricia Anne Byrne In memory of Bidjou Sadigh's mother, Khanoumagha Souladian In memory of Rabbi Wolpe's father, Rabbi Gerald I. Wolpe In memory of Melvin Linsman's Yahrzite Angela and Ben Cohan In honor of Eliyahu Broukhim In honor of Daniella Cohan's birthday In memory of Daniel Beroukhim Flora and Nasser Etebar In honor of Aziz and Monaver Etebar Valentin and Morris Eshaghpour In memory of Channah Amid


Frida Eytan and Mike Nosrati In honor of Shannon Delijani's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Joseph Ben-Zvi's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Sammy Lawrence's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Noa Kattler-Kuppetz's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Simon and Sophie Gunter's Bnai Mitzvah In memory of Rabbi Wolpe's father, Rabbi Gerald I. Wolpe Marcia Fellner In honor of the birth of Rabbi Scheindlin's granddaughter, Stella Mandy Sharon and David Gitman In honor of Paula Cohen, wishing her a speedy recovery In honor of the birth of Sara and David Aftergood's grandson In honor of Emily and Jake Aftergood's wedding In honor of the birth of Lisa and Gary Lainer's son In honor of the Schuldenfrei's son In honor of Ronna Spiegel for planning the Family Minyan Israel Trip In memory of Harry Zimmerman's mother In memory of Gail Rollman's father In memory of Nancy Pearl's father In memory of Terry Wohlberg's mother In memory of Laurie Levenson's mother In memory of Joseph Rosen In memory of Leah Rubin Amy and Eric Goldstein In memory of Benny Shprung In memory of Dani Saleh Barbara Goodhill In honor of Sammy Lawrence's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Victor Stolzenbach's Bar Mitzvah Johanna and Jeffrey Gunter In honor of Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin Sabrina and Kamran Hakim In honor of Dalia and Mike Bordi for dedicating a Torah In honor of Bea Marks, SAA Receptionist In honor of all of Leora's teachers at Sinai Akiba on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah Joan R. Isaacs In honor of Alex Berman's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Keith Stolzenbach's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Ariel Strom's Bat Mitzvah Kamran Kalpari Joel Goldman Fund

Roneet and Ken Kahan In honor of the following graduates: Elana Sassover Henry Gitman Eliya Lavine Sivana Lavine Debra and Robert Kasirer In honor of Janet Rosenblum's birthday In honor of Anna Tenenblatt's birthday Robin R. Kroopnick In memory of Ruthie Weston, mother of Richard Weston Jill Krutchik In honor of Jeffrey Wolman Deborah Kattler Kupetz and David Kupetz In honor of Noa Kattler-Kupetz's Bat Mitzvah Alice and Nahum Lainer In honor of Tova Dershowitz In honor of Jackie Ahdout on Melody's engagement In memory of Ron Pardo's grandmother In memory of Luana Horowitz In memory of Joan Horowitz Shelley and Paul Lawrence In honor of Keith Stolzenbach's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Yona and Joe Cohen's 47th wedding anniversary In memory of Andy Polsky's daughter, Ronit Polsky Sheila and Aaron Leibovic Headmaster's Discretionary Fund In honor of the following graduates: Nicole Abramson; Gavi Applebaum; David Ashkenazi; Harry Etra; Matt Felker; Jessica Fishel; Henry Gitman; Daniel Gold; Seth Goldman; Talia Kahan; Jonathan Kasirer; Michael Kerman; Naomi Nessim; Justin Nussen; Max Reisbaum; Jeffrey Rollman; Michael Rosenblum; Sarah Rucker; Josh Russ; Sammy Schatz; Tamara Weston and Alana Wolens Vivian and Rick Levy In honor of Zachary Zimmerman's Bar Mitzvah In memory of Eddie Liss Gail and Perry Maloff In honor of the birth of Joshua Aftergood


8th Grade Class Gift

Tributes (continued)

Deena and Daniel Messinger In honor of Anina Dassa's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Shannon Delijani's Bat Mitzvah Laurie Levenson and Douglas Mirell Headmaster's Discretionary Fund In honor of the birth of Bryna Vener's granddaughter Julie and Marc Platt Headmaster's Discretionary Fund Sunny and Larry Russ In honor of Sinai Akiba Academy graduating students: Nicole Abramson; Adam Berger; Matthew Felker; Daniella Fischel; Henry Gitman; Jason Kanter; Nathan Moghavem; Naomi Nessim; Max Reisbaum; Maxine Renzer; Shai Rosen and Diba Shooshani Roberta Goodman-Rosenberg and Samuel Rosenberg In honor of Bea Marks Daphna and Dr. Pejman Salimpour Headmaster's Discretionary Fund Leslie Ann Migdal and Richard E. Sand In honor of Dr. Laura Bruckner; Dr. Irwin Bruckner; and Dr. Andrew Krastnoff Susan and Dr. Isaac Schmidt In memory of Jacobo Schmidt Pamela L. and E. Randol Schoenberg Headmaster's Discretionary Fund Niza Shprung In honor of Noa Kattler-Kupetz's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Victor Stolzenbach's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Sophie Gunter's Bat Mitzvah In honor of Simon Gunter's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Joseph Ben-Zvi's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Jason Moghimi's Bar Mitzvah In honor of Shannon Delijani's Bat Mitzvah In memory of Ruthy Moossazadeh's mother, Farzaneh Somekhian Flora and Herb Smithline In honor of Amanda Reiter's Bat Mitzvah Suzanne and Marc Stein In honor of Bea Marks Anna and Bill Tenenblatt A Purim contribution in honor of the following families: Aftergood; Benaron; Huberman; Kasirer; Leibovic; Maloff and Torkan

In light of the increased demand for tuition assistance, the class of 2009 made a generous donation to the school's Tuition Assistance program as their parting gift to the school.

We thank the following families from the class of 2009 for their contributions: Hilda and Joseph Akhamzadeh Linda and Tom Azhdam Debby Wagger and Dr. Zvi Bern Azita and Bijan Bina Ladan and Dr. Shaun Daneshgar Janet and Siamak Dardashty Daryoush Dayan Sharon Dayan Deborah and Eric Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ebrahimian Orit and Amir Eckstein Sue and Avi Feigenblatt Elenor and Arman Gabay Yael and Oded Gelfer Marjan and Robert Ghodooshim Lily and Davis Harouni Dora Horin Jilla and Saied Isaacson Betty and Mehran Khalpari Tina and Eddie Kohan Gilda and Dr. Murray Lappe Lisa and Fred Larian

Michael Levy Susan Levy Nooshin and Dr. Sohail Mahboubian Silvia and Dr. Ariel Malamud Laura and Charles Mandel Julie and Joel Mayer Dorice and Jacob Melamed Ronit and Alberto Menache Dalia Esra and Dr. Gian Piero Moretti Drs. Bonnie and Irwin Reich Vicki and Mark Rothman Diana and Edward Sabin Betti and Dr. Kamran Saidara Daphna and Dr. Pejman Salimpour Tracy and Dale Schatz Dr. Gita Zarnegar and Dr. Fredric Schlussel Estela and Moris Shemian Sandy and Farshid Shohed Natalie and Sohrab Shooshani Stacy and Stanley Shure Dana and Howard Simon Eric Spitz Dr. Gina Spitz Elham and Dr. Bialick Tabibian


Centennial Campaign

Sinai Temple continues to plan for the future needs of our community through the Centennial Campaign. The recent renovation of the 3rd and 4th floors of the building, and the establishment of the Israel Center, are just two of the many projects supported by the campaign.

We wish to thank the following donors for their generous commitments to the campaign made during the 2008-09 year: Luminaries Ruth Ziegler* Pillars Alice and Nahum Lainer* Hedy and Ted Orden* Founders Angella and David Nazarian Visionaries Linda and Maynard Brittan* Anna and Bill Tenenblatt* Benefactors Miriam and Julius Lesner* Katherine Merage* Patrons Judy and Tom Flesh* Beth and Josh Friedman Mahnaz and Kambiz Hekmat* Joyce and Jerry Monkarsh* Sheri and Marc Rapaport* Winnick Family Foundation, Inc. Helen and Jim Zukin* Guardians Brenda and Harold Feit Ruth and Sidney Pilot Adrianne and Robert Zarnegin Builders Daryoush Dayan* Toni Hirsh Sylvia and Mark Karlan Nadine and Fred Rosen Shirley and Ralph Shapiro The Goldhirsh Foundation Friends Dora and Neil Kadisha The Khani Family Mahin and Nathan Ashley Janet and Harold Clavin Alice and Daryoush Khani Fred Khani Fandra and Eugene Monkarsh Gabriella and Alex Nasch Karen and Nathan Sandler Sharon and Mark Vidergauz Jan and Phil Zakowski

Mark and Sylvia Karlan, Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin

Cyrus Hekmat, Eliana and Rabbi David Wolpe, Daniela, Kam and Mahnaz Hekmat

Angella, Eli, Phillip and David Nazarian

*Indicates an "additional contribution" of $10,000 or more was pledged during the 08­09 year.

Judy and Tom Flesh, Beth and Josh Friedman

For additional information about the campaign, please contact either Rabbi David Wolpe, Tom Flesh, Campaign Chair or Abner Goldstine, Associate Campaign Chair at 310.474.1518.

Elaine and Rabbi Gerald I.z"l Wolpe


Grandparents Association

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors for their generous contributions to the first Sinai Akiba Grandparents Association Dinner Dance:

Tribute Book Donors

Founders $10,000 Anonymous Major Contributors/ Platinum page $5,000 Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation Patrons/Gold page $3,600 Etty and Claude Arnall and Family Brigitte Arnall Sari and Michael Arnall Nicole, Stephanie, Jeremy, and Joshua Arnall Nettie Becker and Family Samantha, Jeremy, Linda, Norman, Colman, and Felice Becker The Grandparents Association Rita and Jack Sinder and Friends Lea and Joe D'Agostino Suzanne and Jan Czuker Jean and Jerry Friedman Ada and Jim Horwich Trudy and Lou Kestenbaum Esther and Jose Liberman Elaine Robinson and Lou Hasson Rivka Seiden Rena and Jack Slomovic Helga and Elia Weinbach Rosalie and Dr. Ed Zalis Benefactors/Silver Page $1,800 Valentin and Morris Eshaghpour and Family Nilufar and Solie Ghalchi Dalia and Hamid Moghavem Michelle L. Eshaghpour Danielle and David Eshaghpour Yas and Dr. Arman Rokhsar Heather and Ben Eshaghpour Arny Gilberg, M.D., PhD Noralee Gold and Family Benjamin and Jonah Gold Alice and Nahum Lainer

Anna and Edward Mitchell Family Foundation Michele and Jonathan Mitchell Anthony Nesburn Family Foundation Frances and Stephen Schloss The Goldrich Family Foundation Sponsors/Bronze Page $900 Kendra and Ron Altman Barbara and Bill Belzberg Field Family Foundation Larry, Eris, Lisa, Robyn, Anthony, Ibby, and Kate Jean and Jerry Friedman Beverly and Herb Gelfand Held Properties Lisa and Robert Held Melissa and Michael Bordy Lacine and Joseph Held Lee and Jim Keller & Lainey and Scott Slotnick and Family Corie and Michael Koss Margie Oswald and Leah Steuer Dr. Nissan and Carmella Pardo & Carol and George Lutza Nickie and Joe Shapira Samuel and Helene Soref Foundation Irma and Ben Breslauer Michele Breslauer and Jeffrey Abrams Sinai Temple Board of Directors Sinai Temple Clergy Smalberg Family Kurt, Ira, Dawn, Fallon, and Abby Sandy and Jack Terner The Schoenberg Family The Sinai Akiba Academy Committee Donors/Honorable Mentions $360 Elaine Albert Jonathan Anschell Bernie Francis and Associates Bernice and Bill Cohen Comerica Bank Abigail Goldman Ada and Jim Horwich Dr. Norman and Lela Jacoby

SAA Parent Liaisons: Estela Shemian, Sandy Shohed, Brenda Mehdyzadeh

Advisory Committee: Claude and Etty Arnall, Co-Chairs Nettie Becker Julie Cohen Noralee Gold Marjorie Oswald Carmella Pardo Amalia Reisman Lily Soroudi

The Grandparents Association hosted its first Sinai Akiba Grandparents Association dinner dance, honoring Nettie Becker and benefiting the annual 8th grade class trip to Israel. The successful dinner dance was chaired by Etty and Claude Arnall and Valentin and Morris Eshaghpour, and netted approximately $62,000.00. The proceeds from the event ensured that every student could participate in the trip that culminated their Sinai Akiba experience.


Dinner Chairs, Etty and Claude Arnall; honoree, Nettie Becker; chairs Morris and Valentin Eshaghpour.

Esther and Jose Liberman Ber Oberfeld Julie and Marc Platt Morton and Barbara Scolnick Jan and Phil Zakowski Opportunity Drawing Tickets, Dinner Tickets, and Miscellaneous Donations: Anonymous Sara and David Aftergood Elaine Albert Herta and Paul Amir Carol and Sheldon Appel Family Foundation Mehrdad Azizzy Gabriella Bashner Stacey Bass Linda Sax and Norman Becker Jacqueline Bell Bentex Cotton Industries Jean and Harold Berlfein Rosa Berman Beverly and William Bierer Jeffrey Boren Rona Brand Sigal and David Byrnes Linda Camras Elaine and Elliott Caplow Jem Caterers Frieda and Albert Cavalier Joyce and Aubrey Chernick Arlette and Albert Cohen Julie and Arthur Cohen Mirielle and Sol Cohen Yona and Joe Cohen Myrna Cook Rhea and Hal Coskey Robert Cushnir Lea and Joseph D'Agostino Family Trust Diane and Ron Dassa Dunlap Capital Group Joseph Dunst Irit Eliyahu Julie Flapan and Rabbi Andrew Feig Tania Ferris Marty Fine Judy and Tom Flesh Luisetta and Bruno Forti Alice Frommer

Beverly Gelfand Julian Geller Eveline and Uri Ginsburg Carole Goldberg Rickie and Cantor Joseph Gole Sandy and Bill Goodglick Adrian Grant Lynn Einstein and Lionel Groberman Lou Hasson-Robinson Gary Hooper Ilan Israely Rachel and Ron Karu Nancy and Bernie Kattler Dolores and Henry Kelemen Frances and Howard Keller Gertrude and Louis Kestenbaum Lani and Frank Kokoszynski Rita and Irwin Kopin Shirley Kotler Nancy and Leonard Kram Jane Krask Victoria and Arnold Kupetz Sheila and Sydney LaBelle Lisa and Gary Lainer Shelley and Paul Lawrence Zipora and Gabriel Legmann Tzvia and Jehuda Limor Roslyn and Joel Linderman Lea and Alexander Loewinger Silvia and Dr. Ariel Malamud Rachelle and Edwin Marcus Judith Marlane Irene and Eddy Matalon Brenda and David Mehdyzadeh Dorice and Jacob Melamed Vaughan and Nicolas Meyer Dalia and Hamid Moghavem Kathy and David Moghimi Farah and Farhad Mokhtarzadeh Muriel and Julius Moster Rona Moussazadeh Huguette Nadjar Veronica and Steve Nessim Richard Oswald Julie and Ron Pardo Pediatric Gems Lisa and Steve Pompan Gerald Primack Amalia and Howard Reisman Gloria and Howard Resin

Talia and Jamie Resin Reznikoff Family Elaine Robinson Lynn and Marc Rohatiner Lynn and Al Rosen Judy and Gerald Rosenberg Janet and Bobby Rosenblum Iris and Stephan Sabbah Daphna and Dr. Pejman Salimpour Farah and Dr. Ralph Salimpour Al Schatz Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin Rivka and Stan Seiden Florence Shaen Lili and Dr. Jamshid Shafai Janet and Mansour Shaool Elizabeth Shapiro Jayne Shapiro Betty and Jack Sharp Blanche and Robert Shindell Sandy and Farshid Shohed Paul Silverstein Dana and Howard Simon Lee and Myron Simon Dawn and Dr. Ira Smalberg Samira and Kamyar Solouki Lily and Josef Soroudi Denise and Henry Soufer Roberta Stern Leah L. Steuer and Steuer Family Trust Leigh and Robert Strauss The Waldorf Family Foundation Mary Tracey Pari Ganji-Nabati-Tte Mary Underhill Bryna and Dr. Stuart Vener Bobbie and Gerry Wagger Helga and Elia Weinbach Mindy and David Weiner Deborah Eisen Weinstein and Joel Weinstein Millie and Paul Wexler Joan and Irving White Terry and David Wohlberg Lesley and Jeffrey Wolman Joan Zane David Ziskrout Barbara Zolla

We gratefully acknowledge the following businesses and families for their in-kind donations to the Grandparents Dinner Dance: Etty and Claude Arnall Nettie Becker Julie and Arthur Cohen Design Printing, Bijan Bina Allen Edwards Hair Salon and Spa Elat Market Harris Office Products Hotel Palomar Jem Caterers LA Premier Level 4 International, Fabian Gracian Luxe Hotel Bel Air Marjorie Oswald Carmella and Dr. Nissan Pardo Porta Via Restaurant Prive Salon Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, Dr. Andre Berger SAA PTA Signature Graphics, Inc. Millie and Paul Wexler Xi'an

Consider joining the Grandparents Association monthly meetings. For more information, please contact Membership Chair, Julie Cohen at 310.575.8859.


SAA Sub-Committees

Parent Teacher Association

Education Committee

PR and Recruitment Committee

PTA Positions 2008-2009

Julie Mayer, Chair Brigitte Arnall Susan Bass Sharen Bekhrad Laura Cohen Rona Cosgrove Debbie David Irit Eliyahu Stephanie Gold Ariel Greene Karen Haltrecht Alison Hurwitz-Kelman Shelley Lawrence Silvia Malamud Vaughan Meyer Hamid Moghavem Helen Molitz Sharona Nazarian Nancy Pearl Ilana Ribak Karen Samuels Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin Pam Weisberg Debbie Yadidi Lori Yankelevits Lisa Lainer, Chair Norman Becker Adriane Bergman Jamie Berman Mindy Caplow Shirin Gabay Karen Haltrecht Rita Rodef Diana Sabin Karen Samuels Linda Sax Natalie Shooshani Navid Shooshani Debbie Swanson Delilah Urman Jeffrey Wolman Lori Yankelevits Silvia Malamud President Elenor Gabay Jessica Sneider Vice Presidents Leigh Strauss Community-Building Director Adriane Bergman Fundraising Director Sandy Shohed School Support Director Afsaneh Illoulian Staff Events Director Julie Pardo Tikkun Olam Director Cici Hallegua Treasurer Executive Advisor Sheila Kamran Community-Building Activities Leigh Strauss, Director School Picnic Sabrina Hakim Jennifer Kattler Trilling Vaughan Meyer Julie Pardo Night at the Pier Rachel Farahnik Evie Kraft Suzan Lamishaw Parent Meeting Coordinators Bita Bekhrad Lisa Lainer Chesed Roberta Goodman-Rosenberg Karre Jacobs Book Club Annie Seaton Annual Event PTA Board Historian Delilah Urman Shabbat Swap Simone Gold Anet Tabaroki


PTA Board (left to right): Julie Pardo, Sandy Shohed, Afsaneh Illoulian, Elenor Gabay, Silvia Malamud, Jessica Sneider, Cici Hallegua, Adriane Bergman, Leigh Strauss.

Fundraising Activities Adriane Bergman, Director Chanukah Boutique Lily Harouni Adrienne Seltzer Elham Tabibian Shoshana Zar Set Up: Rona Forouzan Boutique Food Miriam Emrani Minoo Faliv Judith Hendlish Lisa Rosenbloom Boutique Cashiering Azita Bina Nazy Forouzan Marina Romano Hamuy Dawn Smalberg Book Fair Ronit Menache Dallia Meshkani Estela Shemian Debbie Swanson Movie Tickets Lilian Kashfian Auction Adeena Fitterman Neda Mehdizadeh Shiva Mosch Cookbook Lisa Rose Mitra Saeidy Kathryn Strom

Staff Events Afsaneh Illoulian, Director Staff Lounge Sharona Golbahar Nazy Zarabi Staff Back-to-School Breakfast Karen Morovati Caroline Nourafshan Staff Holiday Luncheon Mojgan Maddahi Nooshin Mahboubian Staff Appreciation Month Orna Kianmahd Susan Kianmahd Naomi Langer Farnaz Refoua Mindy Weiner Staff Appreciation Event Elsie Foloudian Susan Levy Freddie Reiter Mahasti Tabibzadeh

School Support Activities Sandy Shohed, Director Room Parents Amy Goldstein Allison Rosenthal Judaic Studies Sandra Roklen Sylvia Shapiro Hot Lunch Jamie Berman Amy Goldstein PTA Directory Evie Kraft Gilda Lappe Lag B'Omer Picnic Haleh Dadbin Rita Rodef Helen Shadi Lost and Found Gina Danesh Marcy Melton

Tikkun Olam Activities Julie Pardo, Director Big Sunday Julie Flapan-Feig Vaughan Meyer Talia Resin Drives Diane Hass Dassa Rachel Karu Kim Legerman Dana Simon Grade Level Projects Jennifer Kattler Trilling Rebecca Kekst Jackie Klein Israel Action Committee Sarit Finkelstein-Boim Simone Gold Shiva Niku Green Committee Lisa Rose


SINAI AKIBA ACADEMY Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin, Headmaster Shelley Lawrence, Lower School Director Helen Molitz, Middle School Director Irit Eliyahu, Judaic Studies Director Marcia Fellner, Administrative Dean Barbara Goodhill, Admissions Director Janet Rosenblum, Development Director Jeanne Jacobs-Gaffney, Business Manager Tracy Schatz, Early Childhood Center Director Jeffrey Wolman, SAA Committee Chair

SINAI TEMPLE Rabbi David Wolpe Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei Rabbi Ahud Sela Rabbi Nicole Guzik Rabbi Emeritus Zvi Dershowitz Cantor Joseph Gole Cantor Arianne Brown Ralph R. Resnick, Ritual Director Howard Lesner, Executive Director Danielle Salem-Kassin, Religious School Director Jackie Ahdout, Development Director Lisa Silverman, Library Director Penny Dain, Public Relations Director Ira M. Friedman, President Norman Becker, Vice-President, Education


2008/09 ANNUAL REPORT Editor Janet Rosenblum Editorial Assistants Sandra Oliva and Millie Wexler Editing Randi Ashkenazi and Annie Marks Design David Mellen Design Photography Curtis Dahl and Matt Garcia of Dahl Photograpers, Barbara Goodhill, Bobby Rosenblum Printing Design Printing

The development office gratefully acknowledges the many parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends who generously contributed their money, time and effort to Sinai Akiba Academy during the 2008-2009 school year. Every effort has been made to list all contributions accurately through June 30, 2009. If, however, an error has been made, please accept our apologies and notify us at 310.481.3285. Sinai Akiba Academy is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Solomon Schechter Day School Association and the Los Angeles Bureau of Jewish Education.

A School for the Mind, the Heart, the Soul

10400 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90024 310.475.6401 310.234.9184 fax


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