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Proportion Word Problems - 1

1) If 50 gallons of oil flow through a feeder pipe in 30 minutes, how long will it take to fill a tank of 1,250 gallons capacity? 2) On a map, 25 miles is represented by one inch. If the measurement between two towns is six inches, how many miles apart are they?


A watchmaker makes 18 unique watches in 30 days. How long will it take him to make two dozen?


If a worker turns out 120 barrels of product in one hour, how many barrels are being turned out in 40 minutes?


A baseball player hit 55 times in 165 times at bat. At this rate, how many times will he have to come to bat in order to hit 70 times?


A group of seven students are filling balloons for a school carnival. If it took them 2

1 2

hours to fill 250 balloons

how long will it take them to fill 700 balloons?

1) 750 min. or 12

1 hours 2

2) 150 miles

3) 40 days

4) 80 barrels

5) 210 times at bat

6) 7 hours



The directions on a bottle of ammonia tell to dilute two cups of ammonia in three gallons of water. How much ammonia should be poured in 1

1 2


The average cost of three college textbooks is $96.65. What is the average cost of five books?

gallons of water?


A crew of three can pour 85 feet of sidewalk in eight-hours. How long will it take them to pour 135 feet of sidewalk? Round to the nearest tenth.

10) The Jackson's want to plant eight blue petunias for every 12 red geraniums. They are to buy a total of 70 plants. How many plants should be petunias?

11) The sun shines on two buildings at the same time, creating 30 foot and 45 foot shadows. The larger building is known to be 60 feet tall. How tall is the shorter building?

12) If three members of the ecology club can plant six new trees in one morning, how many trees could be planted if nine members helped?

7) 1 cup ammonia

8) $161.08

9) 12.7 hours

10) 28 petunias

11) 40 feet

12) 18 trees


Proportion Word Problems 1

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