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STREAMLINE DVDR/SP The New DVD ±R Production System

The STREAMLINE inline production system for recordable DVDs (DVD-R and DVD+R) is now available with the SPACELINE finishing module. The new STREAMLINE DVDR/SP combines the advantages of the STREAMLINE with the speed and leading finishing technology of the proven SPACELINE DVD replication line, the most successful DVD production tool in the world. The combination of profound process knowledge in the field of recordable media and outstanding DVD manufacturing experience has led to the higher efficiency of the STREAMLINE DVDR/SP. The unique spin cooling station right after each moulding machine, the stringently-held principle which requires that equal thermal conditions are maintained for both DVD-R halves throughout the production line, and the basic



SINGULUS is a young company with a remarkable success story. Founded in 1995, producing only a stand-alone CD metallizer, the company grew to become the world's leading supplier

High Performance Replication Lines for Recordable DVD

SPACELINE bonding module. The STREAMLINE DVDR/SP permits high quality recordable DVDs to be manufactured at a cycle time below 7.0 seconds and a dry cycle potential of less than 6.0 seconds. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is wellprepared to provide all process knowhow necessary to start up the production of recordable DVD media.

concept of using two injection moulding machines operating under identical conditions, are essential for long-term stable disc production with minimum tilt. These elements as well as the process-proven dye modules, known

for their low volume/high precision dosing, low energy consumption and easy operation, provide optimallyconditioned DVD±R substrates for the SPACELINE finishing module. The final processing of recordable DVDs is performed using a SMART CATHODE sputtering unit and the reliable

Pioneer Certifies SINGULUS V Metallizer for DVD Production

In July of this year the Metallizer SINGULUS V Smart passed successfully the qualification tests for DVD 9 production at Pioneer Video Corporation (PVC), Japan, after an evaluation period of several weeks.






er of CD and DVD inline manufacturing equipment. This success came from a dedicated focus on the optical disc market and innovate R&D leading to new proprietary technologies.

Klaus Hammen Appointed as New Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing

SPACELINE on the Röhm booth and a SKYLINE Duplex integrated into the Anwell China DVD-R system. On the 2nd day of the exhibition, SINGULUS Vika China invited for our official dinner. 150 guests attended the dinner. Guests of honor included Government officials, important China customers and members of the SINGULUS Management Board, Mr. Guo Ya Hui, the President of Samlink China, and Mr. Kevin Parnell, the President of SINGULUS Asia Pacific. Mr. Koh Seng Cheng, Director of Sales & Marketing, made a presentation and welcomed our guests. Mr. Guo Ya Hui from Samlink also made a SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG has appointed Dipl. Ing. Klaus Hammen Executive Vice President as of September 2, 2002. He will be responsible for R&D and Worldwide Sales and Marketing of all products in SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES. After studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Munich he experienced various engagements in the higher technical management of the German plant and machine building industry. Before joining SINGULUS he was Head of the Engineering Department at Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH. Klaus Hammen was appointed Technical Director of our company as of February 1, 2000 and was since then responsible for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, for Production and Materials Management as well as for coordination of all SINGULUS EMOULD activities.

Replication Expo 2002 in Shanghai

The SINGULUS group of companies recently participated in the Replication Expo 2002, Shanghai, China. The main SINGULUS display consisted of a fully operational STREAMLINE Duplex complete with EMOULD moulders, which ran actual process. Also was a SINGULUS OMP mastering system on display. The show was well attended and we estimate that several hundred people visited the SINGULUS display during 3-day event. SINGULUS also had a fully operational DVD 9

brief presentation on behalf of SINGULUS and Samlink China. The theme of our dinner was the ,,Continuing Commitment from SINGULUS to the Chinese Market". During the 3-day show event, SINGULUS Vika China also officially opened our second representative office. The Shanghai office is located to provide better service and shorter response time to our Northern based customers. The office has 3 full time staff: Ms. Connie Xia Kang, (Office Manager), Mr. Greens Pan (Technical Sales Support), Mr. Frank Zheng Mu (Sales Manager). SINGULUS Vika China now has two representative offices in China and more than 20 full time sales and marketing staff to support our growing business.



SINGULUS is a young company with a remarkable success story. Founded in 1995, producing only a stand-alone CD metallizer, the company grew to become the world's leading supplier

Cinram International Inc. is one of the world's largest independent providers of pre-recorded media products and services. Founded in 1969, Cinram has expanded through agreements, alliances and acquisitions from the manufacturing and distribution of vinyl records, audio and video cassettes to CDs and DVDs. Production facilities are now located in the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Europe. Cinram's introduction to the DVD market started in 1997 through business alliances with major studios. Cinram has since rapidly become one of the top DVD suppliers in North America and Canada. As their requirements for DVD equipment grew, Cinram began to evaluate the various DVD replication systems available on the market. The first SPACELINE was installed in Canada for testing in April 2001, and after a period of 2 months, its performance led Cinram to select the SPACELINE in general for their facilities in the U.S., Canada, France and, recently, also Mexico.

The Operations Directors at Cinram's various facilities are impressed by the performance of both equipment and support staff alike. Jiri Vondrak, GM of Cinram, Canada, is particularly impressed by the latest version SPACELINE with Sumitomo SD35E moulding machines, calling it an "excellent choice; it exceeded our performance expectation in speed and yield. It is operator friendly, very reliable and stable in the difficult DVD process." Mike Goff, Operations Director at Cinram in Huntsville, states: "Expansions of this size always test the capabilities of a supplier. We had confidence that SINGULUS would be able to handle our account, and they have demonstrated that they are more than capable." Jean-Luc Lebeury, Operations Director of the CD and DVD facility in France, comments: "Since their installation, the SPACELINES have certainly lived up to our performance expectations. We've also found the technical competence of the SINGULUS support team to be of a high standard." SINGULUS is obviously pleased by Cinram's confidence in equipment and service to meet their growing needs as a major supplier to the DVD market. As Dale Butrymowicz, SINGULUS U.S. Vice President of Marketing & Sales, states: "We worked closely with Cinram to determine their expectations for the equipment, installations and support. Now we are working to ensure that we meet those expectations."

The Decision to expand with SINGULUS SPACELINES was based upon the performance...

Marcel Tuchner, Executive Vice President of Cinram International stated: "The decision to expand with SINGULUS SPACELINES was based upon the performance of the equipment. After running it in our Toronto facility, we concluded that the SPACELINE was the system bestsuited for all our operations."






er of CD and DVD inline manufacturing equipment. This success came from a dedicated focus on the optical disc market and innovate R&D leading to new proprietary technologies.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Receives Major Orders for DVD Lines in 2002

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is now benefiting considerably from the strong worldwide growth in DVD. The dynamics of the transition from CD to DVD, now in full swing in the global optical disc market, are reflected in sales of replication systems for the mass production of prerecorded DVD for video and computer games: international marketing institutes such as Understanding & Solutions project that this area will grow by annually 40% in the U.S. and up to 60% in Europe within the next 2-3 years. With a 1-2 year lag time, additional demand ranging in the billions of units will be unleashed in the Asian markets, particularly in the People's Republic of China. With a global market share of appr. 65% and a clear lead over its closest competitor, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is the unequivocal market leader in this machine sector. The largest worldwide DVD manufacturer has been our leading customer for years and has contributed significantly to the increase in installed DVD systems this year expected total 160 units or more, up from 79 in 2001. The transactions are comprised of three large orders placed by customers in the U.S. and Europe as well as additional single orders throughout the world. All indications are for our key customer's continued expansion of their leadership position in the years ahead; we will subsequently share the exceptionally strong growth in this global market.



SINGULUS is a young company with a remarkable success story. Founded in 1995, producing only a stand-alone CD metallizer, the company grew to become the world's leading supplier

SINGULUS EMOULD Opened New Training Center in Aachen/ Wuerselen

SINGULUS EMOULD GmbH designs, assembles, develops, markets and supports all electric injection moulding machines specially designed for the optical disc industry. With superior technology and a staff of highly skilled experts, SINGULUS EMOULD is prepared to take on the challenges of this expanding market. SINGULUS EMOULD has established a training center in Wuerselen, Germany, to maintain a level of continuous training for our current and future customers. The location in Germany is geographically central to serve our customers and offers an excellent structure with airports, major highways and hotels close to our facilities. The training center facility is integrated in the main building of SINGULUS EMOULD and is divided into a theoretical and practical area. Designed as an operating facility & showroom without downstream equipment it is dedicated to the process education of optical disc moulding technologies and will be manned at all the times. From basic application and process know-how to specific customer application training SINGULUS EMOULD is able to provide individual tailored training programs using modern interactive tools like audiovisual presentations and documentation. Please contact us for detailed information on training programs, scope of training, dates, languages etc. Remco van der Wel, an experienced member of the SINGULUS EMOULD staff, is Manager of Technical Training and has already conducted a number of EMOULD injection moulding training classes. The comments and feedback, that we have received until today, let us know that SINGULUS EMOULD has hit a home run with providing a learning venue for our customers. The courses are scheduled on an `as needed` basis for our customers, who are welcome to contact Remco and to discuss space availability. Our flexibility in working out a training schedule that fits the customers´ staff and production needs is one more example of our commitment to customer support.

CONTACT Remco van der Wel SINGULUS EMOULD GmbH Training Development Manager St.-Jobser-Strasse 52 D-52146 Wuerselen, Germany Tel. (direct): +49 (0)2405 60 19 89 Fax: +49 (0)2405 60 19 65 email: [email protected]

Our equipment available at Wuerselen One EMOULD Moulding machine 50 iA series One EMOULD Moulding machine S2000i 50A series AFM microscope Dr. Schenk Prometeus Various other test equipment, capable of measuring optical, electrical and mechanical defects Our Services Customer operator and maintenance training Customer demonstrations Customer in-house staff training Training Program: Basic operator & maintenance training Basic injection moulding process technology Process control and production optimization Inspection and quality assurance for CD, DVD and recordable formats Product environmental testing Basic mould training Advanced mould training (in cooperation with mould supplier)






er of CD and DVD inline manufacturing equipment. This success came from a dedicated focus on the optical disc market and innovate R&D leading to new proprietary technologies.

Why Own Mastering Makes Sense The recent years have seen a number of established replicators taking the decision to invest in their own mastering facility instead of outsourcing the stampers. The reasons

Delivery Times As delivery times become shorter, the requirement to purchase stampers from a third party can seriously threaten the ability of a replicator to meet customer deadlines which in


and arguments for having an inhouse mastering capability are many and varied. Total Process Control The demands of DVD production mean that it is essential to carry out stringent quality control checks at all stages of the complete disc manufacturing process. These checks cannot be guaranteed when purchasing stampers from a third party. The receipt of a bad stamper leads to long and unnecessary delays that have an impact on the ability of a replicator to deliver on time. The production of DVD also requires a high degree of tuning between the stamper making and the replication processes to obtain final products with the correct signal quality and cosmetic characteristics. The attempt to carry out this process optimization with stampers provided by a third party is often a slow and expensive exercise with sometimes no guarantee of a successful final result. Having mastering in-house leads to shorter and simpler communication between those responsible for mastering/stamper making and those responsible for replication. turn results in a weakening of the position within the market place. Unnecessary delays due to the logistics of outsourcing stamper production are completely eliminated for a replicator with in-house mastering/ stamper making facilities. Security Content owners are becoming increasingly aware of the requirement to take all possible measures to ensure the integrity of their copyrighted material and to protect this material against piracy. This means that these important customers are looking for a production facility that offers the required guarantee of security. Particularly a production facility carrying out all stages of the complete manufacturing process is able to offer this level of security. Cost Reduction An in-house mastering/stamper making capability significantly reduces the overall production costs and therefore provides a further possibility to gain a cost competitive edge within the market place.

Mastering with the DMS 8000 The SINGULUS OMP DMS 8000 Mastering System offers the ideal solution for replicators wishing to start (or to expand) with their own mastering. The user-friendliness of the system, together with the high degree of flexibility and unrivalled quality control, allows for an

optimum migration from a replication only facility to a full-scale manufacturing site. The DMS 8000 offers the lowest cost per master of any available system which means that cost efficiency as well as a guarantee of quality can be simultaneously achieved with the minimum of investment.


SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG Hanauer Landstrasse 103, D-63796 Kahl, Germany Phone: +49 - 61 88 - 440 0 Fax: +49 - 61 88 - 440 110 E-mail: [email protected] Internet:

Associated Companies:

Germany: SINGULUS EMOULD GmbH St.-Jobser-Strasse 52, D-52039 Aachen Phone: +49 - 2405 - 60 19 13 Fax: +49 - 2405 - 60 19 99 E-Mail: [email protected] Netherlands: SINGULUS OMP BV De Rijn I, NL 5682 PJ Best Phone: +31 - 499 - 33 81 81 Fax: +31 - 499 - 33 81 80 E-Mail: [email protected]



SINGULUS Golf Event at Media-Tech Expo

Following the successful Media-Tech Expo 2002 event in May at Frankfurt, Germany, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES held its first ever Golf Tournament. The event hosted by Roland Lacher, President of SINGULUS, was held at the beautiful Spessart Golf course in Alsberg, Germany. 30 golfers from 15 countries participated in the tournament. Amongst the group were some sharp golfers with handicaps ranging from 4 to the "you better give up golf" types. The success of this first time event ensures that this will become a regular SINGULUS Media-Tech feature. Kevin Parnell, President of SINGULUS Asia Pacific, was the overall winner. Kevin was delighted with his win and vowed to put up an aggressive defence of his title at the next tournament to be held after Media-Tech Expo 2003 in Las Vegas.

France | SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES France Tel.: +33-47 58-6 09 54, Fax: +33-47 58-6 09 55 e-mail: [email protected] Great Britain | SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES UK Ltd. Tel.: +44-1793-78 42 00, Fax: +44-17 93-78 42 22 e-mail: [email protected] Italy | SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Italia s.r.l. Tel.: +39-071-7 93 03 12, Fax: +39-071-7 93 08 21 e-mail: [email protected] Latin America | SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Ltda. Latin America Tel.: +55-11-36 41 01 13, Fax: +55-11-36 41 14 46 e-mail: latinam[email protected] Singapore | SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Asia Pacific Tel.: +65-67 41 19 12, Fax: +65-67 41 12 13 e-mail: [email protected] Spain | SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Iberica Tel.: +34-93-6 75 00 25, Fax: +34-93-5 90 64 26 e-mail: [email protected] United States/Canada |SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Tel.: +1-860-683 80 00, Fax: +1-860-683 80 10 e-mail: [email protected] West-Coast Office | SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Tel.: +1-805-3 73 62 16, Fax: +1-805-3 71 74 33 e-mail: [email protected]



The MODULUS multi cathode metallizer passed the final acceptance test at Matsushita, Japan for DVD-RAM. Our SUNLINE RW replication line is running under full production at Sentinel, Belgium. A STREAMLINE Duplex including EMOULD IMMs for DVD-R production was shown in operation at Replication Expo 2002, Shanghai. Crest National, Hollywood, CA, placed order for a special Super Audio CD -SACD- SPACELINE. The system was successfully tested and shipped! The R&D- and engineering activities involved in new business development made it necessary to expand the building at our Headquarters. The approx. 1000 sqm expansion was started recently and it will be finished by year end. SINGULUS Vika China opened a new office in Shanghai, to improve local support. New representatives have been appointed for Scandinavia and Bulgaria.

New Vice President and General Manager for West Coast/Mexico Marketing, Sales & Service Operations

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Inc., USA, is pleased to announce the appointment of Neil Brokenshire as Vice President and General Manager for West Coast/Mexico Sales & Service Operations. Neil will be responsible for managing the company's Sales, Marketing, Service and other operating resources and activities. Neil brings with him more than 12 years of progressive experience within the vacuum technology industry. He started his career at Leybold Canada Inc. as a System Sales Engineer, and was rapidly promoted to the positions of National Sales and Marketing Manager, Vice President of Operations and finally President of Balzers SCI Corp. His record of achievement in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Operations Management is extensive. Comment from Neil: "I have great respect for the SINGULUS company and look forward to contributing to the ongoing success and growth of this organization."

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