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Sirius' Canopy Containment Air (CCA) canopies have been designed specifically to enhance the removal of cooking fumes and heat from the commercial kitchen environment. Our canopies feature: · · · · · · · · · CCA technology to reduce air-flow and exhaust rates, minimise air-spillage and increase overall efficiency. Unique 3-chamber NVX filters for exceptional filtration of grease and other particles. Perforated front plates to deliver a constant supply of clean, fresh air directly into the workplace for a comfortable environment that is conducive to creativity. Stratified supply air distributes cool air across the entire workplace. Seamless, fully-welded stainless-steel construction for improved hygiene and a high-specification finish. Optional plume and temperature detection air management technology designed to regulate canopy operation in line with actual cooking activity. Integrated supply and extract systems to allow you positive control of your ventilation system. Low-energy fluorescent triphosphor lighting included as standard. Fully removable light fitting for safe and easy maintenance access.



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Function Recessed spigot to ensure that canopy height is not a barrier to installation Drop rod connection. The canopy has been designed with an array of hanging points distributed along the flange to aid installation in even the most challenging environments. Ceiling-install facia to accommodate variable ceiling heights. This allows the canopy to be installed flush with the ceiling or embedded within it without hindering performance. Removable front panel: either perforated (for supply air) or solid (extract only). 10mm high-density closed-cell insulation to prevent internal condensation. CCA fan CCA outlet ports Fully removable, flush-mounted light fitting for ease of maintenance and service access Fully gasketed access door and locks to facilitate spigot connection and lamp replacement Low-energy fluorescent triphosphor lamps High-efficiency 3 chamber NVX filter Single-wrap extract plenum to prevent grease leakage Grease draw. Set conspicuously lower than the canopy and fitted with a flush, easy-reach handle.



Sirius Capture and Containment Air canopies are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC laser technology and press-brake tools for the highest quality finish and accuracy in reproduction. The canopies are manufactured from fully austenitic 1.2mm 1.4301 stainless steel finished to a super-sheen standard. Welding and high-tensile bolts are used throughout the construction process for increased strength and structural rigidity. The canopy is supplied with an internally mounted high-efficiency and low-noise CCA fan. This has been designed to work in conjunction with the canopy's structure to achieve the optimum containment capacity. Lighting is included as standard. Our unique, purpose-built lighting system uses low-energy fluorescent triphosphor lamps and will provide in excess of 500lux directly to the work surface. Triphosphor tubes have a significantly longer life, lower mercury content and can provide better colour rendering than their traditional fluorescent counterparts. To further optimise light output, the lamps are fitted with an internal reflective surface. For easy and safe access to spigots and other connections, the fluorescent light fitting is fully removable and all exposed edges are gasketed. This means you can install and maintain the canopy without having to dismantle the ceiling or find a means of accessing the hood from above. Unique to Sirius Products, our canopies are able to accommodate variable or uneven ceiling heights without obstructing the supply air plenums. This is thanks to the front ceiling install facia that allows the canopy to be embedded within the ceiling or fitted flush without hindering performance. CCA technology High-pressure air is projected towards the cooking plume from supply plenums located on the inner wall of the canopy. This creates a negative pressure inside the hood that draws the cooking plume and its constituent pollutants away from the workstation and towards the canopy filters. Our CCA canopy uses approximately 35 l/s of air per metre of canopy plus an extra 5 l/s at each end in order to achieve effective capture and containment of contaminants. To further minimise air spillage from the hood, our canopy features an in-built inner lip to displace escaping air and redirect it towards our high-efficiency filters.


Specifications and model identification

Our CCA canopies can be manufactured to suit almost any site and specification. They are available in two standard heights and widths, and variable lengths as detailed below. Height: 450 or 555mm Width: 1300 or 1600mm Length: As required. Minimum length 1000mm. CCA Canopies are available with extract only, or integrated extract and supply air.

Product codes

CCA: Capture and Containment Air CCA-A: extract only CCA-S: extract and supply air E: number of extract spigots C: circular R: rectangular S: number of supply spigots Example: CCA-S ­ 555(height) x 1300(width) x 2500(length) ­ E3R ­ S3


Product dimensions ­ CCA-S

CCA-S 555 x 1600

CCA-S ­ 450 x 1600

CCA-S ­ 555 x 1300

CCA-S ­ 450 x 1300


Product dimensions ­ CCA-A

CCA-A 555 x 1600

CCA-A 450 x 1600

CCA-A 555 x 1300

CCA-A 450 x 1300


Recommended specifications

The kitchen canopy shall be constructed from fullyaustenitic 1.2mm 1.4301 stainless steel and finished to a super-sheen standard. The canopy shall be complete with:

· · · · · · Canopy Containment Air (CCA) technology high-efficiency 3-chamber NVX grease filters exhaust air spigots low-energy fluorescent triphosphor light fittings removable access panel for installation and maintenance access ceiling-install facia

CCA technology delivers high-pressure low-volume directed air into the canopy itself. The resulting pressure change guides the rising cooking fumes into the hood. The canopy shall use no more than 35 l/s of directed supply air per metre of canopy, plus an extra 5 l/s at each end to achieve the optimum containment capacity. The hood is supplied with a high-efficiency and low noise EC fan designed to work in conjunction with the canopy itself. Grease filters The canopy shall use patent-pending high-efficiency 3chamber NVX grease filters. The grease filters feature three distinct contrarotating grease-displacement vortices for efficient particle removal. Buttress supports maintain the structural integrity of the filter in fire.

The size shall be as indicated in the drawings. Outer casing Outer casing panels are constructed from fullyaustenitic 1.2mm 1.4301 stainless steel finished to a super-sheen standard. All panels are of modular construction. The front panel is removable for maintenance and features a ceiling install facia to accommodate variable or uneven ceiling heights and aid installation. Exhaust air Exhaust air flow rates shall be calculated by considering the actual convective heat generated by the cooking applications directly beneath the canopies. The canopy shall be mounted at the height specified in the drawings. Any alteration to height can result in significant increases in required exhaust air flow and will reduce the efficiency of the system. The canopy features a funnel entrance to the grease filter location to increase capture efficiency, lower air pressure and reduce the noise impact. Supply air Supply air is delivered in a stratified pattern via the perforated front plate. More air is emitted at the top to aid the diffusion of supply air across the entire workplace. CCA technology The canopy incorporates CCA technology to minimise heat spillage from the hood, reduce exhaust air flow rates and enhance capture efficiency along the front lower edge of the canopy.

Filters shall aim to minimise the noise impact of the canopy. They feature funnelled air inlets to reduce high-frequency noise. Light fixtures Low-energy fluorescent triphosphor lighting shall be inbuilt into the canopy as standard. The light fixture shall provide in excess of 500 lux directly to the work surface. The lamps have a nominal average lifetime of 24,000 hours, and deliver a `cool white' light for an accurate reflection of the food. A reflective lamp casing shall enhance efficiency and distribution of light. The light fitting is secured within a stainless steel hinged access hatch. This hatch opens to provide easy, safe and convenient maintenance access. All edges shall be fully-gasketed and watertight.


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