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Weeke CNC Machining Center, Model BHX 500 Optimat

Weeke's BHX 500 Optimat is a flexible CNC machining center designed primarily for routing, boring, and grooving of flat panel components without special workpiece fixtures. The Weeke factory, located in Northern Germany, is uncompromising and maintains extremely high quality standards. They are an ISO 9001 certified machine tool builder. Weeke uses world class suppliers for critical items not made in house. Externally sourced components are sold and serviced on a worldwide basis and, of course, here in the U.S. Insistence on quality, coupled with the use of highly industrialized components, results in a very stable machining center--one that requires a minimum of inspection, preventive maintenance, or repair. The BHX 500 Optimat is constructed on a steel frame, with heavy steel plates welded to the frame inside the base to insure stability. The design and substantial mass provide a solid, vibration-free platform for the machining head. The head rides on THK linear motion guides. In fact, the X-, Y-, and Z-axes are all supported on THK machine tool guides. THK guides were designed to produce extremely smooth positioning at high traverse rates. They have outstanding stability--both in the radial and side directions. The X-axis is driven by a zerobacklash, pre-loaded helically ground rack and pinion gear system. The Y- and Zaxes are driven by high precision ball screw. Indramat solid state drives and digital AC servo motors are utilized to move the axes. Fiber-optic cables are used for communication between the drive system and the Beckhoff machine control.


The BHX 500 Optimat features a Windows based control with user-friendly WoodWOP 5.0 programming software. In addition to the programming software in the machine control, the WoodWOP program is included (on CD-ROM) for installation on other PC's. With a PC in the office, the machine can be programmed off-line using the same intuitive icon driven software the operator has in the machine's computer control. Workpiece Dimensions Minimum work piece length: 200 mm Maximum work piece length: 2500 mm Minimum work piece width: 70 mm Maximum work piece width: 1000 mm Minimum work piece thickness: 4 mm Maximum work piece thickness: 80 mm Maximum work piece stacking: 2 pieces Automatic Workpiece Clamping Units Two (2) work piece clamping devices with integrated stop system feeds parts in and out of the machine without disturbing edges via TBO-System (Top-Bottom Open-System). - Separate adjustment of the clamping devices via rack and pinion gear in Xdirection. - Digital AC servomotors. - The position of the clamping devices at the work piece is program-controlled. - Adjustment of the clamping devices between the separate processing steps in the processing area is possible. - Automatic measuring of the work piece thickness is integrated in the clamping device.


Upper Processing Support - Rigid aluminum cast construction. - Integrated threefold divided table with selectable air cushion. - Lateral stop system. - Adjustment of the axes in Y- and Z-direction. - Ball bearing spindle (Z-direction) and rack and pinion gear (Y-direction). - Digital AC servomotors. - Suitable for fitting of various configurations. Lower Processing Support

- Rigid aluminum cast construction. - Integrated threefold divided pressure beam with selectable air cushion. - Adjustment of the axes in Y- and Z-direction. - Ball bearing spindle (Z-direction) and rack and pinion gear (Y-direction). - Digital AC servomotors. - Suitable for fitting of various configurations.

Workpiece Feeding Area - Smooth-Pressure System Air cushion table in rigid frame construction. - Surface from phenolic board with tracer valve.


Two (2) Vertical Boring Blocks 32 Spindles Vertical drilling block each in the upper and lower processing support with 32 drilling spindles each (separately activated with infinitely program controlled high speed range). Spindle clamping to achieve the drilling depth safely. · · · · · · · · · · · Stroke: Z-direction: 60 mm Drilling depth: maximum 38 mm Direction of rotation: right hand/left hand Speed: 1500 - 7500 1/min Frequency-controlled Drive: 2 x 2.7 kW Shaft diameter: 10 mm Total length of drill: 70 mm Drilling diameter: maximum 35 mm Distance between spindles: 32 mm Type of spindle: individually selectable

Two (2) Grooving Saws X-Y 90° Grooving saw aggregate each in the upper and lower processing support for processing in X-Y direction, 90 degrees swiveling. · · · · · · Cutting depth: 30 mm Cross section: maximum 70 mm2 Rotation: 1500 - 7500 1/min Frequency-controlled Tool diameter: 125 mm Blade width: maximum 5 mm


Two (2) Vertical Router Motors (ETP-8 HP) Routing aggregate each in the upper and lower processing support, suitable for shaft tools. Manual tool change. · · · · · · · · · · · Tool holder: for shaft diameter 25 mm Tool diameter: maximum 50 mm Visible tool length: minimum 65 mm / maximum 100 mm Tool weight: maximum 2.5 kg Tool intake: manually by means of fast hydro clamping system ETP 25 Direction of rotation: right hand / left hand Speed: stepless, 6000 - 18000 1/min Programmable Drive: frequency controlled AC-motor Maximum capacity at the tool: up to 5 / 6 kW in continuous and intermittent operation

Infeed Table with Automatic Workpiece Feeding and Positioning (Weeke #3407)

Workpiece Removal Area - Cross belt conveyor in rigid frame construction. - Eight (8) transport belts, frequency-controlled drive. - Eight (8) electro-pneumatic controlled disengaging device with integrated universal rollers. CE Safety and Protection Devices

- Safety fences in the lateral and rear area.

- Safety mats in the feeding area.


Documentation - Documentation in printed form and as CD-ROM including spare parts catalogue and wiring diagram. Central Dust Extraction - For connection to a dust extraction device. Electrical Equipment

- Free-standing switch cabinet.

Electronic Hardware

- Control including drive modules. - Intelligent control system, while the CNC-Control steers the processes new data can be independently inserted at the PC. - PC (personal computer) with operating surface. - Intel Pentium compatible. - English operating system Windows XP embedded. - 15 inch graphic monitor (TFT). - 512 Mbyte RAM memory. - Minimum 40 Gbyte hard disc drive (different partitions). - 3 1/2 inch diskette drive. - Free port (Ethernet) is optionally onboard. Additional PCI ports allow further network cards. - Serial interface for barcode, modem or ceiling laser. - Parallel interface for printer. - CD-ROM-drive for reading and writing of CD`s (no dust protection guarantee). - USB connection at the operating panel.

DXF-Postprocessor Basic for CAD-Systems DXF-Postprocessor for the connection of 2D CAD-programs to WoodWOP. - Import of 2D DXF-files - Converting is carried out under fixed profiles (rules). - Display of the geometry, layer and drawing elements. - Creation of the WoodWOP programs. Conditions for the DXF-file: The drawing elements have to be filed on the corresponding layers for differentiation of the processings. The layer should include numeric values for the definition of the Z-axis. - Operating system Microsoft Windows 98/ME resp. Windows NT4/2000/XP - Alphanumeric layer definition Licenses for further users upon request. -


Barcode Software (Barcode Control) The barcode control is prepared for connection to a barcode reader of Datalogic. Software to read a barcode via the serial interface. The software allows for the following individual adaptation of the barcode information: - Program name. - Place number. - Modus for two places at the same time, e.g. for alternating processing. The barcode can additionally include up to four variables. When using variables the new NC-program is automatically generated after scanning through the production list. Hand Terminal A hand terminal with potentiometer for feed speed control and emergency push button is available to operate the machine. Software For Power Control System WoodWOP is a workshop orientated programming system (WOP) of the Homag Group. A standardized data format allows the interchange between all CNCmachines of the Homag Group. Machine Data Recording (MDR) Information about maintenance rates. Production List Creation of manufacturing processes in list form. Active positions can be processed parallel or in series. Definition of up to ten (10) variables for the variant processing.

Technical Specifications

Number of vertical drilling spindles Vertical drilling spindle power Vertical drilling spindle speed X/Y-axis grooving saw power X/Y-axis saw rotation speed Saw blade diameter required Router spindle power (power constant from 9000 rpm to 18000 rpm) Router spindle speed ETP tool holders supplied

2 x 32 2.7 kW/3.5 HP 1,500 to 7,500 rpm 2.7 kW/3.5 HP 2,000 to 7,500 rpm 125 mm/5" 2 x 6.0 kW; 8 HP 1,200 to 24,000 rpm 2


Collets for ETP tool holders Length of machine Width of machine Height of machine Max. panel thickness Machine weight Positioning speed X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Z-axis (Pressure Plate)

2 7200 mm/23.6' 3170 mm/10.4' 2820 mm/111" 80 mm/3.1" 6999 kg/ 15,432 lbs. 138 M/min 80 M/min 50 M/min 27 M/min

Utility Requirements Electrical Operating Voltage Frequency Amperage Service Total Connected Load Dust Extraction Connection Size(s) Static Pressure Air Volume Compressed Air Connection Size(s) Pressure Required Compressed Air Consumption Ambient Temperature Operating Range Foundation Surface pressure in the area of the points of support: 1.20N/MM2 Thickness of concrete minimum 200 MM (7.9") 10° - 40° C (min/max) 50° - 100° F (min/max) ° ° ° ° 1 in 100 psi CA 2500 NL/MIN 7 bar 2 @ 280 mm (height approx. 2560 mm) 90 ft/sec 3500 cfm Minimum 2500 PA Minimum 5500 m3/h each Air Velocity (minimum) Minimum 25 m/sec 3 Phase 208/480 volt, + / - 5% 60 HZ 80/35 Amps @ 208/480 Volts 19.5 kW


Concrete quality C25/30 XC1 capable of bearing pressure and tension The foundation has to be at ground level Voltage supplied must not fluctuate in excess of =/- 5% of its stated value. Voltage must be balanced phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground. Note: The stated values are only applicable to the machine as specified. Adding or deleting optional equipment may change service connection requirements.


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