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TaskStream Definitions

Author: Reviewer: ULV Student Person authorized to provide feedback to students (authors) about the content of work. The TPA Program prohibits the use of a "Reviewer" Person authorized to provide formal assessment of student work. A one-time code used to register for a TaskStream account. Person authorized to create and manage program setup, enrollment, and grouping. An assigned code that allows authors to access their TaskStream Programs. Program codes are provided to all lead instructors to distribute to course instructors. ULV Student ID#

Evaluator: Key Code: Manager: Program Code:

TaskStream ID Code:

About the Message Center

The Message Center is an internal e-mail program. This means that you can only exchange messages with other TaskStream subscribers. The Message Center provides a way to compose, receive, read, store, reply to, and forward e-mails, attach documents and create folders. The Message Center also lets you send TaskStream work, such as Rubrics and Lesson Plans, to other TaskStream users. Note: Messages sent to your Message Center may be automatically forwarded to the external email address associated with your TaskStream account. Access Your Inbox: The Message Center view defaults to the Messages tab where all of the messages in your Inbox are displayed. New or unread messages are indicated by the sealed envelope symbol in the first column. Previously read messages are indicated by the opened envelope symbol in the first column. To view messages from a folder other than the Inbox, select the appropriate folder name from the Go to Folder pulldown menu and click the Change button. Read a Message: To read a message, click the Subject link of that message.

File Your Messages into a Folder: Select the message you want to file by clicking the checkbox in the second column. Then select a folder from the Move to Folder pulldown menu, and then click the Move button. TaskStream will automatically move your message(s) and allow you to view the contents of that folder. Delete Messages: To delete a message or messages from the Messages tab, check the boxes next to each message to be deleted. Then click the Delete Selected Messages button. To access your folder of deleted items, click the Deleted link from the Folders tab. **Change Notification Preferences** You can change your notification preferences by clicking the Preferences tab. You can choose to receive a notification message to the external e-mail address of your choice each time a new email is sent to you through the TaskStream Message Center. Compose Messages: To compose a new message, click the Compose tab at the top of the Message Center. To address your new message, click the Select Recipients button associated with the To: area to open the Member Locator. There are two ways to find TaskStream members to whom you wish to send a message. You may use the Member Search area to search by first, last, or full name. You may also use the Member Locator area to browse through your community to find individuals by the area with which they are most closely associated. To do this, click the Expand button. You can then check the box next to the folder in which you wish to search, and then click the Search button. In the search results column, you will see the names of all of the people who are included in that folder. Once you have located a recipient using either of the above options, click the checkbox next to his or her name in the Search Results column. That individual will automatically appear in the Selected Member column. You can select as many recipients as you like. Click the Save and Close button when finished. Next, type a subject for your message in the Subject field and compose your message in the Message text box. When you are finished, you can click either the Check Spelling button, the Save Draft button, or the Send Message button. Note: Drafts are stored in the Draft folder. Attach a Document: To attach documents to your message, click the Add Attachments button. Click the Browse button to locate the file you want to attach. Note: To save file storage space, you may opt not to keep a copy of the attachment in your sent folder. Simply uncheck the box for this option. The browse button will open a Choose File window similar to a Save or Open File window. Now, you need to locate your file. When you find your file, highlight it by clicking its icon once. Then click the Open button to return to the message center window. Finally, click the Add File button.

For University of La Verne CEOL Students Using your TaskStream Key Code

You have been selected to receive a TaskStream account. The key code that has been issued to you is intended for your use only. Follow the directions below to create/renew your account on TaskStream `Tools of Engagement'. 1. Go to 2. On the TaskStream home page click the Subscribe/Renew button located on the purple area on the top left side of the screen.

You should now see the Purchase or Activate Subscription page. 3. Select whether or not you are creating a new account (First Time Subscriber), renewing an account, or converting a guest account. Then enter the key code specified below in the appropriate fields and click the Continue button. Key Code: 32544Y-EKYTYR

User Name:_________________________ Password__________________________ 4. Complete Steps 2 and 3. During step 3, make sure to note the username and password that you have chosen.

This will be the username and password you will use to access TaskStream.

5. Confirm your registration information in Step 4. If you need to edit any of the information you have entered click the Edit button. Otherwise click Continue to complete your registration.

6. The next page will display a link to take you to the home page where you can enter your username and password to login and begin using your TaskStream account.

Using your TaskStream Self-Enrollment Codes

You have been selected to participate in a TaskStream program. The program code that has been issued to you is intended for your use only. Follow the directions below to enroll yourself into a TaskStream program. 1. Go to and login to your TaskStream account.

2. From either the home page or the My Programs page, you can simply click the SelfEnroll button.

3. Enter the program code specified below in the appropriate field and click the Search button.

Program Child Development M.S. Child Development B.S Child Life Educational Counseling Reading School Psychology Special Education Special Emphasis Teacher Education Self-Enrollment Code CDMS CDBS Childlife ULVPPS RdgCC SchlPsy SElevel1 SElevel2 MedSE Task1MS (Task 1 Single subject candidates should consult with their instructor) Task2 Task3 Task4 tpadocuments PASC1

Educational Management

4. You will be able to review the program information that corresponds to the code that you entered. To be enrolled in the program, click the Enroll button. If you do not wish to be enrolled in the program at this time, click the Do Not Enroll button.


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