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Slipper Clutch for 6-Gear-Boxer 1 Installation Instruction

Preface: This instruction is for installing a slipper-clutch "cat clutch c2" in the BMW Boxer with a four-valve engine with 6 gear transmission, as of the model year 1997 up to today (or print date of this brochure in the spring of 2008). On the example of the BMW R 1200 Sport the following work steps that are necessary to mount the slipper clutch are shown in the figures and text and are described. Note: The proper mounting is the first requirement for the slipper clutch to work reliably. In order to reach the clutch at all, it is necessary to separate the transmission and the engine. The work steps for disassembly of the machine, as well as the assembly must be completed in accordance with the work guidelines established by BMW Motorrad (Munich) for the respective models. The model specific repair instructions necessary for this purpose can be purchased from the BMW dealer in form of a CD or DVD ("BMW RepRom"). Please contact San Jose BMW:

Figure 1

Manufacturer of "cat clutch c2" slipper clutch and responsible for content: FAT-CAT GmbH ? Performance Parts ? Spaichinger Straße 4 ? D-78582 Balgheim ? Germany Tel (0049) -(0 74 24) 9 31 37 51 ? Fax (0049) -(0 74 24) 9 81 03 63 State of technology, figuresand text 04/2008. © All rights to figures and text are reserved. Technical changes are possible at any time without special notification. Installing the "cat clutch c2" slipper clutch according to this instruction is at your own risk. Worldwide proprietary protection of form and design of the "cat clutch c2" slipper clutch.

Assembly Requirements

The following is necessary in order to properly disassemble and assemble a BMW four-valve Boxer engine for installing the slipper clutch: Technical and craftsmanship qualification of the mechanic-minimum standard: "Passed final examination of motor vehicle mechanic". Flawless tools such as Torx wrench, hexagon sockets with extensions and ratchet, fork wrench, ring wrench and Allen wrench, torque wrench, mallet, screwdriver with various flat and cross blades.

Workshop auxiliary equipment

The following workshop auxiliary equipment and new parts are necessary for the assembly of the slipper clutch: Optimoly MP 3 (high-performance grease): It is required for greasing the teeth of the transmission driveshaft where the slipper mechanism is attached to, and the internal teeth of the clutch friction plate (or external teeth of the Slipper mechanism). Tube containing 100 gram (BMW order number 07559062476) Loctite 243 (bolt lock "medium strength"): Is required to bond the six M6 screws. Flask containing 10 ml (BMW order number 07589056031) Fastening screws, clutch pressure plate on base plate for 6-gear transmission: 6 piece Allen screws M6 x 20 (BMW order number 2121332469) Clutch Alignment Arbor All required parts and equipment are available from San Jose BMW ( Caution: According to the BMW direction, the screws and toothed disks must be replaced with each assembly. Tip: Attach each screw to the thread by applying a drop of Loctite 243 "medium strength".

Assembly notes

General Instructions Before any assembly work as well as while the machine is being stripped and disassembled until the transmission and engine are separated, please pay particular attention to the following:

Caution: It is highly recommended to use a lifting platform! Caution: Carefully prop up the machine and secure it with belts from falling forwards, backwards and to the sides. Caution: Please only use stable under support and additional frames, NO paper cartons, wooden boxes or beer crates! Caution: Make sure that no Bowden cable, cable and cable plug are pinched, draw stressed or bent. Tip: Please only use a brass brush, BMW cleaner (or brake cleaner) and clean, lint-free rags for cleaning the surfaces. Tip: Before assembly carefully remove all residues of the old screw retainers from all screws to be secured with Loctite (works best if using brake cleaner).

Figure 2: Propping up machine for assembly and carefully secure it using tension straps. Figures 3 to 7: View of the clutch disk and slipper mechanism

Figure 3

Slipper mechanism on transmission drive shaft

Clutch housing cover

Figure 4

= Screws for tightening the clutch housing cover on the base plate. Use only new, standard production screws (Allen screw M6 x 20 with firmly attached toothed disk). Tighten screws all around evenly step by step to 12 Nm.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Special notes about assembly For 6-gear transmission: To allow for evenly attaching the clutch housing cover, it is necessary to complete the assembly using longer screws M6 x 25 (in place of the fastening screws M6 x 20). Only with the M6 x 25 screw, every screw is able to grip already starting with the first thread. Therefore, purchase six of these M6 x 25 screws in plenty of time before starting the assembly work (available from San Jose BMW: Wheel spacers: The four-segment friction plate by Sachs Racing is 9/10 mm thicker than the standard production BMW friction plate. If a Sachs clutch disk is installed, then 0.9 mm thick wheel spacers must be installed between the flywheel and clutch housing cover (figures 12 and 14). It is best to bond these wheel spacers to the flywheel using instant-set adhesive, or it can be "bonded" using a hint of grease. Remove the standard production clutch 1. Crosswise loosen and remove the six M6 screws step by step. 2. Remove clutch housing cover, clutch disk and flywheel. 3. Thoroughly clean all parts. 4. Remove clutch push rod, check inserted felt strips: If not okay, replace with new part. 5. Check: Are all the M6 inside threads in the clutch housing panel cutter bolted to the crankshaft in working order? If not, install HeliCoil or replace disk (refer to the BMW directions).

Comparison of standard production clutch friction disk (left) with four-segment friction disk from Sachs Racing with installed driver for slipper mechanism (right)

Figure 9

Figures 8 and 9: Standard production and Sachs clutch disk.


S= Alignment pin must be provided and be technically flawless.

Evenly apply to interior and exterior a hint of grease (BMW recommends Optimoly MP3)




Figures 10 and 11: Assembly of the clutch using the slipper mechanism and the Sachs friction plate.

Figures 12 and 14: Installation of the Sachs friction disk with wheel spacers.

Figures 13a and 13b: Watch installation direction of the clutch disk.

Install the Slipper clutch 1. Place flywheel flat on a clean table. 2. Place friction disk in center, thin band faces up (figures 12, 13a and 13b). Important: On the other side (thick band) is a red dot: This dot must point towards the engine (figure 13b). 3. Insert slipper mechanism (figures 10 and 11). 4. Attach wheel spacers (bond), figures 12 and 14. 5. Attach clutch housing cover, alignment pins must slip into the bores intended for this purpose. 6. Insert M6 x 25 screws. 7. Grab entire clutch package with both hands and attach to the clutch housing (figure 15). 8. Evenly screw in Allen screws step by step (max. 2 rotations for each one!)

WARNING! NEVER attempt to disassemble, mechanically change or otherwise manipulate the slipper mechanism, due to a risk of severe injury!

Figure 15: Use longer screws M6 x 25 to assist assembly. 9. Center clutch disk: 9.1. Insert aligning arbor (available from San Jose BMW: in the slipper mechanism, center disk. 9.2. Remove the mounting device Allen screw one after the other, replace with the fastening screw, and tighten to 12 Nm. 9.3. Without aligning punch: Attach transmission to engine and observe the following at the same time: The clutch is centered on the flywheel. Insert slipper mechanism in the toothing of the clutch disk, slightly wiggle back and forth, temporarily screw in two M8-housing screws, then replace M6 bolts as described under 9.2 and tighten to 12 Nm.

Limited Warranty

When used as intended, all CC Products are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials to the original purchaser for six (6) months from the date of purchase. Any CC Products part or product determined to be defective by CC Products/San Jose BMW will be repaired, replaced or its purchase price refunded, at CC Products/San Jose BMW's election. Purchasers' sole remedy shall be repair, replacement, or refund of the purchase price of the defective part(s) or product(s) as provided above. No other remedy (including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages for lost profits, lost sales, injury to persons or property, or any damages) shall be available. No other agreement or understanding, oral or written, shall modify these terms unless that other agreement or understanding shall have been reduced to writing and signed by both the purchaser and Christopher Hodgson, President. IF PURCHASER IS NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH ALL OF THE STATED CONDITIONS OF THIS SALES AGREEMENT, THE PURCHASER MAY RETURN THE UNBLEMISHED CC PRODUCTS/SAN JOSE BMW PRODUCT IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING WITHIN TEN (10) DAYS OF PURCHASE FOR A FULL REFUND (MINUS THE COST OF SHIPPING).

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