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PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD'S PASSION St. Joseph the Worker, Please Pray for Us "Please Pray for our Troops" Today's Reading: Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion 1st Reading: Isaiah 50:4-7 2nd Reading: Philippians 2:6-11 Gospel: Matthew 26:14-17:66 Gospel Reflection: This gospel is a reading of the passion (or suffering) of Christ. On this Sunday we are reading it "according to Matthew." We see Jesus betrayed by two of his friends, Judas and Peter, and by the crowd. We see him mocked and beaten by the soldiers who laughingly "honor" him as King of the Jews. Wounded, crowned with thorns, and dying a little more each step of the way, Jesus carries his cross to Calvary. His suffering is so great that he wonders if even God as left him to die alone. Still Jesus willingly gives up his spirit. With the centurion we pray: "Clearly, this was the Son of God!" Car Talk: As Holy Week begins, we are invited as the disciples were to watch and pray. How will you watch? Pray? Our Sacrifices, Our Resurrection: The ultimate end of this penitential season, the climax for which we prepare, is the most sacred time of the Church year: the three days of the Triduum-- Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. As we celebrate the institution of the Eucharist and the Passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we enter deeply into the heart of the Paschal Mystery: that Jesus went to his death for our sins, then conquered death by his triumphant Resurrection. In light of this glorious reality, our penances may seem small and insignificant, yet we know they are not. We may have done small things, but if we do them with love, they unite us in a very real way with the sacrifice of Jesus. Our sacrifices, when joined with those of the Lord, bring grace and healing to our world, sanctity to our souls, and a deep, enduring joy that allows us to experience "resurrection" and conversion at Easter . . . and beyond. If you cannot come to all three (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday Vigil) we ask that you come experience at least one. Morning Prayer in Holy Week The faithful who make daily Mass a Lenten practice can be perplexed on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday when they realize there is no morning Mass. Having gotten used to morning worship, suddenly nothing is scheduled! Some may wonder, why is there no liturgy in the morning on the three holiest days of the church year? Of course, the Church does provide a service for these mornings--it is called the Liturgy of the Hours, and it is for the start of the day. Morning Prayer will be held Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday at 8:00am. Holy Thursday and Good Friday in Annunciation Church Holy Saturday in the Fleming Center. All are encouraged and invited to begin your day with prayer. Good Friday Services at Deanery Churches: 1:00pm St. Boniface 1:30pm Our Lady of Lourdes, Montoursville 3:00pm St. Joseph the Worker Parish 3:00pm St. Luke, Jersey Shore 5:30pm St. Ann 7:00pm Resurrection, Muncy SCRIPTURE STUDY Resumes Thursday, April 28--Everyone is welcome; Thursday evening 7--8:30pm. Deacon Smith is the teacher.

APRIL 17, 2011

TRIDUUM and EASTER MASS SCHEDULE Lenten PENANCE SERVICE--7pm: Tuesday, April 19--St. Joseph the Worker (Annunciation) The Paschal Triduum: Holy Thursday, April 21: 8:00am--Morning Prayer (Annunciation) please note change 7:00pm--Evening Mass of the Lord's Last Supper (Annunciation) Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Fleming Center after Mass until Night Prayer 10:45pm--Night Prayer (Fleming Center) Good Friday, April 22: 8:00am--Morning Prayer (Annunciation) 12:10pm--Stations of the Cross (Annunciation) 3:00pm--Good Friday Liturgy (Annunciation) 8:30pm--Tenebrae Service (Fleming Center) Holy Saturday, April 23: 8:00am--Morning Prayer (Fleming Center) please note change 10:00am--Blessing of Baskets (Ascension Hall Conference Room, 2100 Linn Street) 8:30pm--Easter Vigil (Annunciation) (Service begins outside Annunciation / Fleming Center) Easter Sunday Masses, April 24: 7:30am--9:00am--11:00am (Annunciation) 9:15am (Mater Dolorosa) -- 11:15am (Ascension) NO 5:00pm Mass on Easter Sunday

Good Friday Collection is for the Holy Lands. Your financial contribution helps to support the struggling Christian community and to protect Christianity's holiest places. Please be generous. Rice Bowl Donations can be turned in by placing in the collection basket or bringing to the parish office during office hours. Finances at St. Joseph the Worker Parish-- Your stewardship and generosity to your parish are greatly appreciated and needed. Last Week's Collection--$13,755.95 Weekly Collection Budget--$14,500.00 Special collection will be taken up at all Masses this weekend. Proceeds from the collection will be sent by the Diocese of Scranton to Catholic Relief Services to benefit earthquake victims in Japan. Thank you for your generosity

Four Leaf Clover Winners: 04/07/11 #033 Doris DiPalo 04/09/11 #908 Pat Glodek

$ 50.00 $ 50.00

Church Cleaning (Annunciation) this Wednesday April 20 at 9am. Volunteers are always welcome to help clean the Lord's house. FOUND--Doggie Angel pin, red rosary case with tag "God Bless Teresa", gold ring, green Irish rosary beads, white rosary beads, star burst bobble for necklace or earring. "The Easter Bunny Didn't Rise From The Dead"


RELIGIOUS EDUCATION NEWS Jim Foran--323-3799 or 916-6277 [email protected] NO Religious Education ALL LEVELS this weekend-- PALM SUNDAY or next weekend-- EASTER SUNDAY. CLASSES at All Levels resume on Sunday May 1st, Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. PARISH PENANCE SERVICE for St. Joseph the Worker--All families are reminded of our Parish Penance Service THIS Tuesday April 19th at 7pm at Annunciation. MONDAY, April 18 8:00 am Frank & Mary Stetts (Larry Stetts) 12:10 pm Lillian Glodek (Lew & Pat Glodek) TUESDAY, April 19 8:00 am John McMahon (Pat & Diane Damaska) 12:10 pm Thomas & Myra McConnell (Family) WEDNESDAY, April 20 8:00 am Raymond Vogel (Family) 12:10 pm Mary Snyder (Sophia Engler) THURSDAY, April 21, HOLY THURSDAY 8:00 am Morning Prayer 7:00 pm Deceased Priests of Annunciation, Ascension, Holy Rosary and Mater Dolorosa Churchs FRIDAY, April 22, GOOD FRIDAY 8:00 am Morning Prayer 12:10 pm Stations of the Cross 3:00 pm Passion Liturgy 8:30 pm Tenabrae Service SATURDAY, April 23, HOLY SATURDAY / EASTER VIGIL 8:00 am Morning Prayer 8 :30 pm Living & Deceased Parish Members SUNDAY, April 24, EASTER SUNDAY 7:30 am (Ann) Vernon "Whitey" Wykoff (Carl & Kathryn Moore) 9:00 am (Ann) Evelyn Williams (Linda Pfleegor) 9:15 am (MD) Josephine LeFever (Marie Miele) 11:00 am(Ann) Sylvan Bradley (Family) 11:15 am (Asc) Kolcz Family (Maria Halabura) 5:00 pm NO Mass Banns of Marriage--Please pray for those soon to exchange vows in the Sacrament of Matrimony here in our parish: Lance Antolick, St. Joseph the Worker Parish and Alyson Taylor Megan Strouse, St. Joseph the Worker Parish and Adam Moyer

"Because of the focus on penance and reparation it is the tradition to make sure we go to Confession at least once during this Season to fulfill the precept of the Church that we go to Confession at least once a year and receive the Eucharist at least once a year during Eastertide."

THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Gertrude Hawk Easter Candy Sale--by selling it or purchasing it. Your continued support is appreciated. MAKE HOLY WEEK SPECIAL Take advantage of the traditions of the Church for celebrating Holy Week. Take steps to indicate that this is not life as usual, but a special time set apart. Do that through what you eat, what you do in the evenings, what you talk about, and what you do upon waking and going to sleep. For example, you might set aside an evening to read the Gospel accounts of Jesus' passion and death. Try to involve younger people in any Holy Week ceremonies, and prepare your children for such participation by explaining what the symbols and readings mean to you. Did you know ... Holy means "set apart." Christians set apart an entire week--Holy Week--to recall the events surrounding the suffering, death, and Resurrection of Jesus. Find information and activities for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday by going to

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POTLUCK with PADRE"--Come join "Potluck with Padre", an evening designed to enable all members of St. Joseph the Worker parish to enjoy a potluck dinner with Fr. Kirby. Each family will be asked to contribute a dish towards the dinner and in return Fr. Kirby will share a short teaching about the Catholic Faith, followed by time to ask questions and will end with prayer. This evening will afford everyone an opportunity to get to know other members of the parish as well as their Faith a little bit better. This monthly "POTLUCK with PADRE" will be held in the Fleming Center the last Tuesday of each month beginning NEXT Tuesday, April 26 from 5:30-7:30PM. BINGO Monday, April 18, 2011 in the Fleming Center. Doors open at 5PM. Bingo begins at 6:30pm. Volunteers are always NEEDED and welcomed. Please Welcome and Keep in Your Prayers Our Newest Parishioner: Lorraine DeWald

Prayers for Healing: Please pray for and support those parish family members who are sick or with special medical intentions: Rylee Zabrosky, Katie Webster, Mary Vogel, Kathy Remsnyder, Warren C. Houseknecht, Theresa Lomison, Sophie Ross, Tom Derone, Tracy Mariano, Mary Davenport, Tim Edwartoski, Mary T. Smith, Lynn Marie Busch, Helen Lowe, Eleanor Boroch, Bernice Kuna, George Hindman, Barb Regland, Ron Shoemaker, Lorenzo Minnella, Viola Bashnick, Patricia Shuey, Joyce McMullen, Donna Magill, Dan Gerber, Kay Hunter, Chase Aderhold, Joann Nau, Irene Gohrig, John Cimabue, Don McBride, Jim Bertin, Samantha Howell, Lilliana Frame, Andy Cerquozzi, Tony Cerquozzi, Rose Kaleda, Rich Genga, Sylvia Garcia, James Lusk, Mary Paulus, Grace Revak, A.J.Asiello, Jennie Marino, Sandy Hughes, Al Pompeo, Rosemary Carey, Tim Repella, Charlene Eveleth Isabell, Michael Gilson, Bernie Deime, Auburn Segraves, Bob Hamaker, Vince Grazulis, Crystal Lacey, Laurie Noviello, Cobe Johnson, Charles Jean, Matt Tedesco, Steve Bobik, Joe Bacon, Betty Carnevale, Theresa Sniffen, Ed Nolan, Claude McQuillen, Gerry McQuillen, Joanne Engel, V.Kay Hunter, Pauline Noviello, William Cummings, Jr., Timothy Drake, Kathy McBride, Patti West, Lucile Morrison, Louis Hart, Genevieve Pompeo, Harriet Matlack, Mike Jones, Richard Hafer, Billy Greenawalt, Dolly Rolley, Helen Scoppa, Hank Colling, Richard & Diane Blee, Madonna Cavanaugh, Michael Gardner, Jim Gresko, Tim Thompson, Kevin Plocinski., Margaret Fitzsimmons. Please call the parish office to add or remove names from the list.




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