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Ultrasonic Testing - Level 1


Course Overview

It is recognised that the effectiveness of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) applications depends upon the capabilities of the personnel who are responsible for and perform Ultrasonic Testing. This recommended practice has been prepared to establish guidelines for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel whose specific jobs require appropriate knowledge of the technical principles underlying the Ultrasonic tests they perform witness, and monitor, or evaluate. To certify alldelegateswhocompleteallformalitiesofthetrainingmodulewithaLevel1UltrasonicTesting Certification as per ASNT-SNT-TC-1A-20.

Course Content

· Basic principle of acoustics · Equipment testing methods · Calibration · Straight beam examination · Angle beam examination · Evaluation of base material product forms · Evaluation of weldments · Discontinuity detection · Evaluation


At the end of the course all candidates will sitforaLevel1exam.Eachcandidatewill beacertifiedNDTUTLevel1Engineerupon successfully passing the exam. The examination will be in accordance with ASNT StandardandSNT-TC-1ALevel3Professional. Candidates are encouraged to bring an electronic calculator. Programmable calculators are permitted as long as it does not have an alphanumeric keyboard. No other books, paper, or charts will be allowed. Candidates should plan to arrive at the examination site at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled examinations. No one will be admitted after an examination has started. Candidates will receive results immediately after the exam at the end of the training. For certification related training course, candidates will receive their certificates 1-2 weeks after the exam. Candidates who fail to achieve a pass score will be required to sit the exam again.

Industries that will benefit

·FoodandBeverage ·Mining ·Cement ·Steel ·MineralProcessing ·Printing ·PulpandPaper ·OilandGas ·Pharmaceutical ·Manufacturing ·Petrochemical ·PowerGeneration ·MunicipalUtilities ·MotorRewinders ·MaintenanceContractors ·Timber ·PumpManufacturers ·Chemical

Target Audience

Condition Monitoring Engineer/Technician, Electrical Manager/Supervisor, Engineering Manager/Supervisor, Mechanical Maintenance Engineer/Manager/Supervisor, Operations Manager/Supervisor, Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer/Supervisor/Manager. Course Information Time Days Course Fee Exam Fee Course Type Category Certification

8.30am ­ 4.30pm 4 days + 1 day exam $1,595 AUD + GST $1,915 NZD + GST Included On site & Public Work Identification International NDT UT Level1

Course fee is per person and Public courses. Contact SKF for On site course fees. Refer to Enrolment form on page 107.

60 | SKF Training Handbook

Enrolment form

REGISTER NOW Complete your details and fax back to Reliability Systems Marketing

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d Early Bir


FAX: +61 (3) 9567 8798

Standard Course Fee: $1,595 AUD + GST $1,915 NZD + GST Exam Fee: Included DELEGATE DETAILS Name Email Name Email Name Email Name Email Company Name Address City Tel ( ) State

Premier Plus Discount Bring 3 or more delegates to the course and benefit froma7%saving.(cannotbeusedinconjunctionwith any other offer) VIP Member Discounts Please ask for details. Job Title VIP No Job Title VIP No Job Title VIP No Job Title VIP No

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1. Enrolment:Enrolmentswillbeconfirmedinwritingpriortothecoursecommencementdateandaresubjectto:(1)receiptofthecompletedenrolment form; (2) payment prior to course date, or receipt of purchase order from approved Corporate Accounts. Enrolment can be made by faxing the form to SKF Reliability Systems Marketing on 613 9567 8798. 2. Fees: Course fees are inclusive of course materials and refreshments. Contact Reliability Systems Marketing for group discounts. To qualify for a VIP discount, please quote your SKFRS VIP membership number. 3. Cancellation/Substitution: Cancellation will only be accepted in writing and acknowledged by SKF. Cancellation is free of charge when received at least 3 weekspriortocoursecommencement.Between1-3weeksbeforethecoursecommencementdate,50%ofthetrainingfeewillbecharged.Thereafter, fullcoursefeeispayableandisnon-refundable.Suitablesubstitutesarewelcome. 4. Copyright etc: All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by SKF in connection with this course is expressly reserved and any unauthorised duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited. 5. Important notice: SKF reserves the right to change course schedules, discontinue courses, modify course content, limit class size and cancel courses as it deems necessary without penalty.

UltrasonicTesting-Level 1


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