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After a long, cold and rainy winter, Nay Nay left her spot under a Santa Monica freeway onramp to move into an apartment at the Trust's Charles Cobb Apartments.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We share a lot of stories about the transformative power of having one's own home. We also talk extensively about the importance of onsite treatment and services to help our residents overcome the causes of homelessness. The stories that sometimes get lost though, are the ones about the incredible efforts taken every day to help build a stronger sense of community within our apartment buildings. Many of those efforts are led by dedicated and determined volunteers. Recently, two very special efforts were undertaken to help Trust residents rebuild their lives. Last month, volunteers from the Ur-Bin Garden Network began working with residents at the Charles Cobb Apartments to develop an edible garden on the Cobb's roof. The Ur-Bin Garden Network is a group of volunteers dedicated to installing community gardens of all shapes and sizes throughout Downtown Los Angeles and

bringing neighbors together in the process. The amazing volunteers from Ur-Bin are teaching residents at the Cobb to grow everything from strawberries to squash. You can follow the garden's progress and see what foods we have harvested through the Trust's Facebook page. Committed volunteers also helped turn a vision into a reality through a recent effort called the "Dish Depot." Last fall, our good friends at Heath Ceramics suggested that they could collect some dishes for Trust residents by offering a promotion, wherein their customers would receive 25% off their purchase if they donated gently used dishes to the Trust. We were overwhelmed when a month later Heath delivered over 4,000 dishes to us! Volunteers, including Heath employees, came together to distribute the dishes to residents through the Dish Depot. A total of 138 Trust residents participated in the Depot. Each resident was given the opportunity to pick up to 18 pieces from a selection of bowls, plates, mugs, glasses, vases and a variety of decorative items. Having enough dishes, and matching dishes at that, allows residents to both enjoy their

homes individually and entertain neighbors, friends, and family. While it is an amazing experience to see a resident sign a lease and receive a key to an apartment, thus ending a stage in their life of homelessness, we know that move-in day is just one step in a long journey. The "Success" in "Homes. Support. Success." is actually living a meaningful, rich and fulfilling life. It is opportunities, like the chance to grow your own vegetables or proudly entertain in your own home, that characterize that success. We are indebted to the many men and women who volunteer their time to bring those opportunities to Skid Row Housing Trust and our residents. Sincerely,

Mike Alvidrez


The Trust News Spring 2011

1317 EAST SEVENTH STREET LOS ANGELES, CA 90021 213 683-0522

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Development Corner

In Construction

TheNew Genesis Apartmentshavenow reached35%constructioncompletion.The NewGenesisApartmentsareanexampleof theTrust'seffortstotransformourearly housingsitesintomoreeffectivepermanent supportivehousing.TheNewGenesis developmentreplacesthe30-unitsingle roomoccupancyGenesisHotelwitha beautiful,new106-unitapartmentbuilding, servingamixed-incomepopulationranging fromformerlyhomelessmenandwomento workingartists.DesignedbyKilleferFlammangArchitects(, thenewbuildingwillbeLEEDPlatinumand includesgroundfloorretail.TheNew GenesisisscheduledtoopeninMarch2012.

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Experience permanent supportive housing firsthand by attending a tour. The Trust is now hosting monthly tours of the Abbey Apartments and the New Carver Apartments. Come and see how we are solving homelessness ­ every day. To attend our next monthly tour or to schedule a future visit, email [email protected], call (213) 6830522 x122 or visit the website at

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Volunteeryourexpertiseintax preparation,art,musicorcooking andprovideneededservices toresidents.

In Development

TheStar Apartments(above)hasreceived criticalfundingcommitmentsfromthe HousingAuthorityoftheCityofLosAngeles andtheLosAngelesHousingDepartment.In March,theTrustsubmittedanapplicationfor theLowIncomeHousingTaxCredits,the lastpieceofcapitalfundingneededtostart construction.IftheStarreceivestaxcredits thedevelopmentwillbeonscheduletobreak groundbeforetheendof2011!TheStaris theTrust'slatestcollaborationwithMichael MaltzanArchitecture( Themixed-usecomplexwillhavefirstfloor retailspaceswith102brandnewapartments foramixed-incomepopulation.TheStar ApartmentscontinuestheTrust'straditionof inspiredarchitectureutilizedtotransform livesandcommunities.

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ConnecttotheTrustonFacebook anddon'tforgetto`like'ourpage. SkidRowOrgonTwitter. Formoreinformation,contact L.ReneeSmith,FundDevelopment [email protected] orcall213-683-0522x139.

The Abbey Apartments

The dates for the Spring/Summer tours are April 6th, May 4th, June 1st and July 6th at 11:00 am.

The New Carver Apartments

Tours are scheduled for April 19th, May 17th, June 21st and July 19th at 4:00 pm.

In the Charles Cobb: NayNay

Nay Nay is the first resident to receive a home provided by the Trust through the new Prioritization Project.* This program will assist the most vulnerable men and women on the streets to secure and sustain permanent supportive housing provided by the Trust.

NayNaysaysthatifitwasnotforthe supportprovidedbytheTrustandour communitypartnersthroughthePrioritization Project,shewouldstillbeonthestreettoday. "Iwasn'tlookingforanyhelp,"NayNay admits."IfeltlikeIwasdoingokay,butdeep downIreallywasn't." BeforemovingtotheCobbApartments, NayNayhadbeenhomelessfor10years, sleepingintrucks,cars,parksandanywhere elseshecouldfind.Shesurvivedonmeager cashaidprovidedbyLACounty'sGeneral Relief(GR)program.NayNayhassurvivedon GRaidformorethan30years,despitethe program'sintenttoprovidetemporary assistance.Whenshewouldgetsick,she wouldgototheERformedicalcare. "AtfirstIdidn'teventhinkaboutit[being homeless],"NayNaysaid."Ijusttookitone dayatatime." MonthsbeforemovingintotheCobb,Nay NaycamedowntoLosAngelesfromActon, CA.Shehadbeenreceivingtreatmentatthe ActonRehabilitationCenterandthenlivedat asoberlivingprogramfordrugandalcohol treatment.NayNayhasbeenbattlingalcohol addictionsinceshefirstexperiencedalcohol at12yearsold.Analtercationwithanother clientatthesoberlivingprogramresultedin NayNayleavingtheprogram. OnceshereachedLosAngeles,Nay Nay'ssisterDeeDeehelpedherreunitewith heryoungerbrother,Andre.Andrehad recentlymovedintotheTrust'sNewCarver Apartmentsafterovercominghisownbout withhomelessness. Thatnight,shestayedinAndre's apartmentattheCarver.Heaskedherifshe Trust'sLeasingSupervisor.Raymondwalked herthroughtheprocessofcompletingan initialapplicationduringtheblockparty. NayNaysaidthatifthesestaffmembers hadnothelpedherthroughtheprocess,she wouldhaveneverappliedforahomewiththe Trust.BecauseoftheTrust'spartnershipwith CommonGround,acommunitypartneron thePrioritizationProject,NayNaywas connectedtoCommonGround'sStreet-toHometeam.TheyhelpedNayNaygetanID, attendappointments,andcompletethe paperworkrequiredtoqualifyforahomeat theCobb. "All the support and people ­ everyone was behind me," Nay Nay said. "People were more happy [for me] than I was for myself." InJanuary,NayNaywalkedintoher apartmentattheCobb.Whilesheadmitsthat itwasinitiallyfrightening,shesaidthatshe hadneverbeensohappyinherlife. Today,NayNayisintheprocessof adjustingtohavingherownplace,andshe hasalotofsupport.Shemeetswith Francisco,hercasemanager,everyMonday morningandsheattendsawidevarietyof activities,suchastheweeklygardeningclub (seepage1).Shealsosaidshehasbeen gettingtoknowherneighborsbetter."I wouldn't give it up for nothing," Nay Nay said. "I don't want to go back there." At49yearsold,sheisexperiencing havingaplaceofherownforthefirsttime.As sheenjoysherfirstapartment,NayNayfeels confidentthathertimeonthestreetsisover thankstothehelpandsupportofstaffatthe Trustandourpartners. Today,fromthecomfortofherwarm apartment,shecanwatchasthecoldwinter rainrelentlesslypeltsherwindow."Idon't evengooutsidewhenitrainsnow,"shesays.

NayNayhugsherbrotherAndreasshe celebratesmovingintothefirstapartment ofherveryown.

wouldbewillingtostaynearbysothathe couldtrytohelpher.Thenextday,NayNay setuptoliveunderneaththefreeway overpass,acrossfromtheCarver,whereshe wouldcometostayforthenextseveralmonths. AndrebelievedthatifNayNayjuststayed close,somethinggoodwouldhappenforher. "Iwastiredofsleepingunderthe freeway,"saidNayNay. ThebreakthroughthatledtoNayNay beingabletobreak10yearsofhomelessness cameattheNewCarverBlockParty,in Octoberoflastyear."Atthetimeoftheblock party,Ijustwantedabed,butIdidn'twantto enternoprogram."NayNaysaid. Inplanningfortheblockparty,Carver Apartments'residentsaskedthatrepresentatives oftheTrustbeon-handtohelpguestswho werestillhomeless.Carverresidents expressedthattheyfeltfortunateforthe homesandsupporttheyhadreceivedand wantedtosharethosesameblessingswith otherslessfortunatethanthemselves. BecauseofthatsuggestionTruststaff werereadytoconnectwithpartyguestssuch asNayNay,whowasstillatherpost underneaththe10Freeway.NayNaywasable tomeetanumberofindividualswhoworkfor theTrust,includingRaymondFuentes,the


possiblethroughagenerousgrantfrom theConradN.HiltonFoundation.The Projectseekstoplace240ofthemost vulnerablemenandwomenlivingon thestreetsofSkidRowinpermanent supportivehousingprovidedbySkidRow HousingTrustoverthenextthreeyears.

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Thanks to the generosity of our contributors. Last year the Trust continued to make progress towards ending homelessness. Our success comes from an entrepreneurial drive to develop new beautiful homes, complete with onsite treatment facilities and services to help our residents regain their health, stability and dignity. We recognize and thank these investors for their commitment to transforming the lives of others.

Thank You!

Contributor List

January1,2010­March25,2011 FrankandLucyAlvidrez MikeAlvidrez AnthonyAnderson JeffAndrewsandRaymondWesley DavidArmitage Mr.andMrs.GuilfordBabcock OliverBaker DavidandCatherineBarrad JudyBerg Binney,Chase&VanHorneInsuranceBrokers ElizabethandVictorBoyce JillBrooks-Garnett WilliamBryan SiobhanBurke MichaelCahill CaliforniaCommunityFoundation CaliforniaCommunityFoundationinhonor ofKathrynGonnerman Citi RobertBenavidez RobertCarlson Jo-AnneCohen CommunityBank StephenandMadelineContopulos ChadandChristinaConwell FrankA.andJenniferL.Dolce JayR.Deuby BradleyandGraceEllis KathrynGonnermanandDarellTibbles WilliamD.Ellis EllynJohnson FederalHomeLoanBankofSanFrancisco EdwardFelman

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AnneFinucane ChristineSisley BruceandKariFraser SuzanneFurst EdwardandBrookeLarsenGarlock DanielGehmaninhonorofTCALosAngeles MichaelGlazer CarolGoldstein PaulGrossman PatrickHaden KristinHall Rev.RichardC.Hall,Ph.D. AdamHandler RichardandArleneHavel AdeleM.HayutininhonorofMarcHayutin MarcHayutin FernandoZepeda CurtisHessler ConradN.HiltonFoundation BruceHirsch TylerV.Jackson AdmasKanyagia MichaelC.andSharonS.Kelley JuanKivotos MosheandArleneKupietzky GlynisLaing JosephP.andAmyP.Lally DanielM.Leibsohn ThomasP.McGuire CherylLamm GeorgeM.andTerisaC.Means DonnaMiller RobertandGailMiller N.I.C.Protection,Inc. PeterOstroffandAnneYoung MichaelL.andE.BolivarOwen JeremyRosenthal HowardandTerryRubinroit CandyRuppandJackGardner MollyRysman JoelSamuels WitneySander JeffandReinaSchaffer RonieSchmelz AllisonSchulnikinmemoryofBonjunnie Comostales MaryEllenShay RobertS.Shriver,III ReneeandNathanSmith GregSpiegel PatrickD.Spillane

TSPProjectManagement EdwardStabler StarScrapMetalCo.,Inc. GeorgeE.andGretelG.Stephens Ms.ConnieSullivan ShermanandMarjorieTelleen PaulD.TripodiII MichaelSulloTurner UnitedWayofCapitalRegion UnitedWayofGreaterLosAngeles UnitedWayofMetropolitanDallas RobertandCarolynVolk TedVonDerAhe,Jr.Trust PaulandElizabethWalker GlennWassermanandAllyneWinderman WellsFargoBank RobertWycoff JoyceZaitlin

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ShaunBarber Binney,Chase&VanHorneInsuranceBrokers JoshuaCozine BillDavies BurtDragotis StevenEddy ErikFeig DavidGarrett RamonaGarrett,FamilyandFriends DannyGibson-WeinbergerandWilliam Weinberger CarolGoldstein StuartGottesman CherylandBobHaywood HeathCeramics VanessaJoyce PatriciaLaucella CyndyMartinez Rent-a-Crate FelixRivera SusanRosen,Inc. LALiveLuckyStrike LALiveTraderVic's KarenMcMahon ShelterPartnership Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this list. However if you find that your name has been misspelled, omitted, or listed incorrectly, please let us know so that corrections can be made immediately.

Policy Corner: The Prioritization Project

Permanent supportive housing is a precious resource. And sadly, it can take upwards of five years and millions of dollars, to bring a new permanent supportive housing development online. Here at the Trust, we believe that it is our duty to ensure, to the best of our ability, that we reach the men and women most in need of permanent supportive housing. So, with the generous support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Trust launched the Prioritization Project this year. The Prioritization Project is one of the first programs in Los Angeles to establish a leasing preference for the most vulnerable men and women on the streets. Skid Row Housing Trust has partnered with Common Ground Institute, JWCH Institute, Lamp Community and New Image Emergency Shelter to identify men and women experiencing homelessness with the highest mortality risks. These individuals will be prioritized for placement into the Trust's permanent supportive housing. Why are we doing this? On any given night in Los Angeles County, 48,000 men, women and children are homeless. The vast majority of them will be homeless less than two months, since most people only experience homelessness for a brief period before getting back on their feet. However, 25% or 12,000 of these individuals are classified as chronically homeless. In 2009, the Economic Roundtable released the study "Where We Sleep: Costs When Homeless and Housed in Los Angeles." The study analyzed the annual cost of services provided to 9,186 homeless General Relief recipients. [General Relief (GR) is a Los

To read the Economic Roundtable's full study Where We Sleep: Costs when Homeless and Housed in Los Angeles, visit

Average Monthly Costs by Decile for Homeless GR Recipients ­ 2008 dollars



Figure 4


Probation Sheriff mental health jail


Sheriff medical jail Sheriff general jail


LAHSA homeless services GR Housing Vouchers


DPSS General Relief DPSS Food Stamps


Paramedics Public Health


$1,949 $1,446

Mental Health Private hospitals-ER Health Srv - ER

$1,103 $602 $447 $500 $344 $397 $784




Health Srv outpatient clinic Private hospitals-inpatient Health Srv hospital-inpatient


Source: 9,186 homeless General Relief recipients in Los Angeles County

Angeles County program that provides temporary cash aid to indigent single adults without children.] The study showed the average annual cost of homelessness to taxpayers was $34,764 for every homeless and disabled individual. But, that figure does not represent the majority of people on the streets. The first 40% of those studied were averaging less than $6,000 per person ­ annually in public services. In contrast, the top 10% of them used a staggering $96,996 per person ­ annually in public services. Most, if not all, of the men and women in that top bracket were chronically homeless. These individuals were spending a disproportionate amount of their time seeking healthcare from paramedics, emergency rooms and local hospitals ­ because there is no other way for them to receive care. The Trust began formally targeting the chronically homeless in 2004 with the opening of the St. George Hotel. While the Trust has always encouraged chronically homeless individuals to rent from us, our leasing activities were based on a first-come, first-served model. Basically, once the leasing paperwork was completed, they were placed on a waiting list in the order received. On the surface, this seemed fair ­ the Trust was not employing any bias to allocate available housing ­ but once the Trust targeted the St. George to men and women experiencing chronic homelessness, it became clear that they were at a distinct disadvantage in accessing housing. Completing the necessary paperwork to access housing subsidized by the Housing Authority can be quite difficult. The process can take months, or in extreme cases, years. It requires government issued identification (a huge hurdle for many chronically homeless individuals), third-party certifications from clinicians and homeless service organizations, showing up to multiple appointments and a lot of follow through and leg work. Most men and women experiencing chronic homelessness are too busy worrying about where they are going to sleep, where their next meal is going to come from and whether their possessions are safe on a day to day basis, to even consider starting the long process of applying for housing. Since the opening of the St. George in 2004, the Trust has dedicated over 400 of the Continued on page 6.


Lowest Decile

Second Decile

Third Decile

Fourth Decile

Fifth Decile

Sixth Decile

Seventh Decile

Eighth Decile

Ninth Decile

*Provided courtesy of the Economic Roundtable

The Trust News PAGE 5

Highest Decile

Continued from page 5. apartmentswehavebroughtonlinetochronically homelessmenandwomen.Butevenwiththe adjustedleasingcriteriawenoticedthatthe mostvulnerablemenandwomenwerestill unabletoovercomethefirst-come,first-served leasingprocess. ThisfactwasmadeclearwhentheTrust partneredwithLosAngelesCountyonthe Project50programin2008.Project50wasthe firstprograminLosAngelestoprioritize individualsidentifiedwithCommonGround's VulnerabilityIndexforplacementinpermanent supportivehousing.Themenandwomen servedthroughProject50wereprovidedwith extensiveoutreachandhousingplacement assistance.Programstaffobtainedidentification documentsforprogramparticipants,transported participantstoappointments,andprovided muchneededsupportandencouragement duringthearduousapplicationprocess. Theresult?Menandwomen,whohad spent10,20,andeven30yearsonthestreets, endedtheirhomelessness.Wewouldnever havebeenabletohelpthesemenandwomen underthefirst-come,first-servedsystemora lotteryleasingsystem. ThisleadsusbacktotheEconomic Roundtable'sstudyandthediscoverythat10% ofhomelessGRrecipientsareresponsiblefor closeto$100,000perpersonannuallyinpublic servicecosts.L.A.Countyestimatesthatit's spendingmorethan$875millionayearintax payerdollarsonhomelessness.Ineffect, attemptingtomanageprofoundillnessesonthe streets,andthemenandwomeninthe EconomicRoundtable'stop10%aredrivinga hugeportionofthatcost. However,therealcrimeistheoutcomeof thosedollars­deathonthestreets.Research fromacrossthecountryshowsthatwithout housingthesesamemenandwomenare extremelylikelytodieonthestreetsdespitethe incrediblesumsofmoneyspentonemergency care,detox,jails,etc. WiththePrioritizationProject,SkidRow HousingTrustseekstoreversethistrend.We seektoprovidethesesamemenandwomen withtheopportunitytomanagetheirillnesses fromthecomfortofahomeoftheirown.A homeallowspeopletomovebeyondthinking aboutday-to-daysurvival,andrebuildselfesteem,relationshipsandarichlife.Andwhile deathisinevitable,wehopethatthemenand womenweservewillleadlonger,comfortable, andmorefulfillinglivesonceoffthestreets.

Welcome Home!

SkidRowHousingTrustrecentlylaunchedtheWelcome Home! Initiative.TheTrustinvitesindividualsandgroupstobuildWelcome Home!Kitsfornewresidentsmakingthetransitionfromthestreets intoahome.Thekitsincludeavarietyofhouseholdgoodsneededto transformanapartmentintoatruehome. Thisisagreatprojectforgroups!Ifyouarelookingforwaysto teachyourchildrenaboutsolvinghomelessness,orgetyourchurch involvedinsolutions,oryousimplywanttoshowhowmuchyoucare, considerbuildingaWelcomeHome!Kit. Make an immediate difference in someone's life now. Formoreinformation,contactL.ReneeSmith,FundDevelopment DirectorfortheTrust,[email protected]

Skid Row Housing Trust's philosophy is simple:Homes+Support=Success

TheTrustsolveshomelessnessbydeveloping,managingand maintainingpermanentsupportivehousing.TheTrustprovides HOMESforthemostvulnerablehomelessmenandwomenon thestreets.TheTrustensuresthatourresidentshaveaccessto thecriticalSUPPORTservicesneededtoachievestability,good health,anddignity.TheTrustensuresSUCCESSbyreducing homelessnessthroughopportunityforourresidentsandbetter neighborhoodsforourcommunities.

SkidRowHousingTrustisa501c(3)organizationtowhichcontributions aretax-deductible. | Skid Row Housing Trust, 1317 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (213) 683-0522

Board of Directors

MarcHayutin CurtisHessler PatrickSpillane DavidArmitage RobertE.Carlson CarolGoldstein PaulGregerson AdamHandler DanLeibsohn ItohanOyamendan CandyRupp

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