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Lesson Plan Taking Numerical Tests

Supporting Materials:

Taking Numerical Tests PowerPoint Psychometric Tests (Numerical) Booklet Loop Card Activity ­ Introductory (online version here) Loop Card Activity ­ Advanced (online version here) eFinancial Careers Test Questions Percentages ­ short questions

Anticipated issues:

Varying amount of previous knowledge/experience of taking numerical tests

Designed and developed by [email protected], University of Leeds, 2010

Timing 5 min

Subject / Heading Introduction

Activity / Notes Welcome, introduce yourself and the aims of the session. Activity: Loop card activity - Introductory. Game to be played in pairs. Cards handed out and instructions given. The cards are to be arranged in a circle so that each card is placed next to the card containing its answer. This can be done with the paper version of the cards, or the online version.

5 min

What are psychometric tests?

Illicit from students what they know about the tests and why they are used; what to expect Some info from students about what they know from.

10 min

Before the test

Activity: Percentage short questions worksheet/loop card activity. Students work in pairs or independently. Can use a calculator. Tutor to help students as they complete the question sheet. Give out answers. Talk about misconceptions and pitfalls.

Designed and developed by [email protected], University of Leeds, 2010

15 min

Sample questions

Test based around info in 2 forms ­ tables and graphs. Usually 4/5 questions on a table or graph Maths topics: basic numeracy, percentages, ratios and estimation 2 Sample questions: table and graph...students work in pairs with a calculator and tutor directing Students have a go at some more questions either on paper or online

5 min

During the test

During the test top tips. Illicit from students who have already taken tests some tips and then show PPT slide Further resources for help slide After the test tips.


Reflection on workshop

Show PPT slide of aims of workshop and any questions Get students to fill in feedback form and give out summary booklet

Designed and developed by [email protected], University of Leeds, 2010


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