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Genuine Accessories



If you have already bought a Skoda car, you couldn't have made a better decision. Even in its standard equipment version, your Octavia offers you elements underlining safety and functionality, and also details emphasising the attractive design. We are aware however that your requirements for a car's equipment can be highly specific, because every person or family has an entirely different lifestyle. Therefore we are offering you Skoda Genuine Accessories. With this equipment you can adapt your car to your lifestyle and make it into an original which will conform precisely to your requirements.

In view of the fact that Skoda Genuine Accessories are a logical addition to, and an expansion of the standard and extra equipment, you can be wholly sure that the selected product is intended directly for your car and has been approved by Skoda Auto. The other advantages are: long life, safety, original technical solutions, precision of fit and preservation of your car's warranty. In addition to Skoda Genuine Accessories, each authorised Skoda partner also provides qualified advice and servicing with verified quality.


INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 SPORT & DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 MUSIC & COMMUNICATION . . 12 COMFORT & UTILITY . . . . . . . . . 16 TRANSPORT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 SAFETY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28



Do you long for an original and, primarily, sporty look to your new Octavia? In that case we offer you the styling kit, including front and rear bumper spoilers, boot spoiler and exhaust pipe end piece. The kit for the

Octavia Combi model includes the RS version rear bumper and a roof spoiler on top. If you choose from the offer of alloy wheels, your selection will be complete and, most importantly, right.



Alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" Sputnik for tyre 225/45 R17 (CCA 600 002)

Alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" Pegasus for tyre 225/45 R17 (CCB 600 008)

Alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" Zenith for tyre 225/45 R17 (CCH 600 008) Alloy wheel 7,5J x 18" Zenith for tyre 225/40 R18 (CCH 600 009 ­ for RS model only)

Alloy wheel 6,5J x 16" Apollon for tyre 205/55 R16 (CCH 600 007)

Alloy wheel 6,5J x 15" Helios for tyre 205/60 R15; snow chains CEP 300 002A can be used with tyre 195/65 R15 (CCR 600 004)

Alloy wheel 6,0J x 15" Orion for tyre 195/65 R15 (CCA 600 003)

Alloy wheel 6,5J x 16" Twister for tyre 205/55 R16 (CCA 600 001)

Alloy wheel 6,5J x 16" Vega for tyre 205/55 R16 (CCR 600 005)

Alloy wheel 6,5J x 16" Sirius for tyre 205/55 R16 (CCB 600 006)

Hub covers for 6,0J x 16" wheel, 4-piece set (CDB 600 001)

Hub covers Avantgarda for 6.0J x 15" wheel, 4-piece set (CDZ 600 002)

Hub covers Castle for 6.0J x 15" wheel, 4-piece set (CDZ 600 001)



The front bumper spoiler harmoniously develops the design of the front of the car and the covering of all unlacquered parts contributes to even greater compactness, not to mention the highly confident look. (FAA 610 001)

RS boot spoiler for Octavia (FAA 610 004)

The aerodynamics of the new Octavia with the styling kit have been thoroughly verified and optimised at our development centres.

The rear bumper spoiler for Octavia with its proprietary cut-out for the exhaust pipe end piece and with integrated "cat's eyes" (FAA 610 002) Boot spoiler for Octavia (FAA 610 003)

Roof spoiler for Octavia Combi (FAA 620 001)

Exhaust pipe end piece made from quality steel for engines 1.4 MPI and 1.6 MPI (FDC 610 003)*, 1.6 FSI (FDC 610 004)*

RS rear bumper for Octavia Combi (FAA 620 002 for cars without rear parking assistant, FAA 620 003 for cars with rear parking assistant)

Exhaust pipe end piece made from quality steel for engines 1.9 TDI and 2.0 FSI (FDC 610 001)*, 2.0 TDI (FDC 610 002)*

In addition to an impressive appearance, the styling kit of the new Octavia ensures improved aerodynamic parameters resulting from lower wind resistance. When looking at the rear of the car, several features will attract your attention: boot spoiler, alternatively a roof spoiler on a Combi - suitable especially for the RS model, decorative

exhaust pipe end piece and, last but not least, the "cat's eyes" reflectors in the rear bumper spoiler which reinforce the dynamic appearance of the rear of the car. In addition, they also contribute to the better visibility of the Octavia and thus to increased safety in traffic.

* Available for cars with a rear bumper spoiler FAA 610 002, alternatively with a rear bumper FAA 620 002 or FAA 620 003.





Decorative door sill covers with stainless steel inserts (KDA 600 002)

4x4 decorative door sill covers with stainless steel inserts (KDA 600 003)

1. Leather steering wheel (FBA 600 000) 2. Leather gearshift handle (FFA 600 001 for cars with 5-speed gearbox, FFA 600 002 for cars with 6-speed gearbox) Leather gearshift sleeve (FBA 600 001) 3. Leather handbrake lever (FFA 600 010 for cars without Jumbo box, FFA 600 011 for cars with Jumbo box ­ see picture)


Sport Line decorative door sill covers with stainless steel inserts (KDA 600 004)

Door sill covers, black (KDA 600 001)

Not only the exterior of your car can be decorated with Skoda Genuine Accessories. A quality leather steering wheel, gearshift handle and a gearshift sleeve serve to give a feeling of comfort and a

luxurious flavour to the interior. In addition to fulfilling an aesthetic function, door sill covers are also practical because they prevent mechanical damage to the sills.





The Melody car radio features an AM/FM receiver, RDS, CD player, easy encoding, a 4 x 20 W amplifier and connection for a handsfree set (AAO 600 011)

The Stream car radio features an AM/FM receiver, RDS, MP3-compatible CD player, large DOT-display indicating outdoor temperature and time, and a connection for parking radar, Climatronic, and a handsfree set. It can be controlled from the multifunctional steering wheel and connected to the Maxi-DOT dashboard display or a CD changer. (AAO 600 012)

The Nexus navigation system based on the DX platform with the dynamic module (TMC) enables you to receive traffic reporting and adapt your route to up-to-date information. Of course you can also use it to play CDs and connect a CD changer. (AAN 600 002)

The Cruise navigation system supports map data on the TravelPilot E platform and offers the Koridor function which under certain circumstances enables uninterrupted navigation to the specified destination even when the navigation CD is ejected. It is also MP3-compatible. (AAN 600 001)

The Audience car radio is the top model in our line of car radios. It has functionalities similar to the Stream MP3 unit, including the large DOT-display and an MP3-compatible CD player. In addition it is equipped with an integrated 6-CD changer. (AAO 600 013)

6-CD changer designed to be installed in the luggage compartment (AAP 600 001) Connecting cable for installation of a CD changer (AZO 000 002)

Mobile phone holder for cars equipped with the universal GSM phone preparation with a handsfree set (ATC 600 001-0XX ­ depends on the phone type)

After the leather-bound elements have satisfied your sense of touch, we have also prepared something for your sense of hearing. Even the most demanding customers will be able to choose from our three uniquely designed car radios. Furthermore, only the original car radios can get the most from all the technical equipment and can preserve the compact

impression of the car's interior. Your driving pleasure will also be greatly enhanced by the Nexus and Cruise navigation systems which will reliably lead you to your destination, or a 6-CD changer designed to be installed in the luggage compartment.



Cruise control for all engine versions (BEA 600 002)

Sunblind for Octavia (DEA 610 001)

Front mud flaps (KEA 600 002)

Rear mud flaps (KEA 600 001)

Foot mats of rubber and textile (DCC 600 001) Foot mats of textile PP (DCA 600 001) Foot mats of textile PA (DCA 600 002)

Foot mats 4x4 of textile PA (DCA 600 003)

Foot mats Sport Line of textile PA (DCA 600 004)

Even practical and useful things can look elegant and valuable. One example of this are the 4-piece sets of foot mats from rubber and textile, through polypropylene (PP), up to high-quality mats made of polyamide (PA). These are all products which fit the new Octavia like a glove.

The sunblind offers greater comfort to passengers in the rear. One doesn't need to write much about the importance of mud flaps ­ they are a benefit for your Octavia and for the drivers behind you. The cruise control will then help you stay easily within speed limits.



Trunk grille for Octavia Combi (DMM 620 001)

Parcel shelf storage bag for Octavia (DMA 610 001)

Folding hook for boot for Octavia (DMA 610 007)

False boot floor, 3-part (DAA 610 001-003 for Octavia, DAA 620 001-003 for Octavia Combi)

Storage box behind rear seats for Octavia Combi (DMB 620 001)

Large boot storage bag (DMA 600 001) Small boot storage bag (DMA 600 002)

Ski sack (DMA 600 004)

You can improve the already fantastic and well-designed luggage space of the new Octavia still further with Skoda Genuine Accessories. Do you need to separate the passenger seating area from the luggage

space in the Octavia Combi? We offer you the trunk grille. Do you want to prevent your luggage from moving around? Get the multipiece netting system. For those who love cleanliness, we recommend

the rubber/textile boot mat or the plastic boot dish with a raised edge. Other intelligent solutions are the false boot floor, the storage box behind the rear seats, the folding hook for the boot, the parcel shelf

storage bag, the two bags for small luggage attached with Velcro, and a practical ski sack for up to 4 pairs of skis.



Rubber/textile boot mat (DCD 610 001A for Octavia, DCD 620 001 for Octavia Combi)

Textile boot mat 4x4 PA (DCA 620 001)

Plastic boot dish (DCE 610 001A for Octavia, DCE 620 001 for Octavia Combi)

Netting system, 2-part (DMA 600 003 for Octavia, DMA 620 003 for Octavia Combi)





Basic roof rack for Octavia (LAS 610 001B)

Lockable bicycle carrier (LBT 000 003)

Lockable bicycle carrier with aluminium profile (LBT 000 004)

Roof railing for Octavia Combi (LAS 620 001)

Transverse roof rack for Octavia Combi (LAS 620 002A)

Surfboard holder (LBT 000 007)

Tow bar (EEA 600 001, tow bar electrics EEA 600 001A EL4)

Is there something which does not fit into the luggage area? Put it on the roof! The first condition for this is a high-quality basic roof rack. Our ones have also undergone the demanding CITY CRASH safety test. For lovers of water sports we offer a surfboard holder, and for drivers who want to spend their free time on a bicycle, we offer two different

lockable bicycle carriers. Don't miss the offer of Skoda bicycles: your authorised Skoda partner can give you an overview of them. Another classic item is the removable tow bar, which can pull a trailer weighing up to 1,600 kg.



Lockable ski box (LBT 000 001)

Lockable rack for skis or snowboards with aluminium profile (LBB 000 001)

Lockable luggage box (LBT 000 002)

Lockable rack for skis or snowboards (LBT 071 027)

If you want to go skiing in the winter, you can be sure that with Skoda Genuine Accessories you won't have to deal with the dilemma of where to put your sports equipment. If you choose one of the two ski racks, you can safely transport at least 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards.

If you choose the roof box, your transportation capacity is increased to 5 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. The luggage box has an impressive storage space of 360 litres.



Easybob Maxi (DDT 000 002A)

ISOFIX G 0/1 (DDF 000 009 rear-facing fittings, DDF 000 008 forward-facing fittings) Child seat frame fittings (DDF 000 003 rear-facing fittings, DDF 000 002 forward-facing fittings)

Isofix Duo Plus (DDA 000 003A)

Original Skoda child seats have undergone demanding tests and simulations with excellent results.

Name Easybob Maxi ISOFIX G 0/1 Isofix Duo Plus Kid Wavo 1-2-3 Wavo Kind

0+ (0­13) 0­13

Category (according to weight in kg) 1 2 (9­18) (15­25)

3 (22­36)

0-18 9­18 15­36 9­36 15­36

Kid (DDA 000 004)

Wavo 1-2-3 (DDF 000 006)

Wavo Kind (DDF 000 007)

There is no doubt as to the basic function of a child seat: to protect the child from danger. But for a child seat to perform its function successfully, it must correspond to the size and weight of the child. Therefore we offer you original Skoda child seats for all age categories of children up to 12 years or up to 36 kg. Your Octavia is also equipped

as standard with a proprietary system for attaching two child seats with the safety system ISOFIX. This makes it possible to fix child seats of this type directly to the car body, which represents the highest level of safety currently available. Child seat ISOFIX G 0/1 can be fixed to the passenger's seat, if equipped with ISOFIX brackets.




Mechanical drive locking system (DVC 600 001 for manual transmission ­ see picture, DVC 600 003 for automatic transmission)

Snow chains for 15" wheels and tyres 195/65 R15 (CEP 300 002A) Snow chains for 16" wheels and tyres 205/55 R16 (CEP 300 003A)

Rear parking assistant (BEA 600 001)

Fire extinguisher (GCA 000 001) Fire extinguisher holder (GCA 600 001)

Spare bulb set (BDB 600 001A for cars with conventional headlamps, BDB 600 002A for xenon headlamps)

First aid box (GFA 093 016DE in plastic box ­ see picture, GFA 410 010DE in fabric container)

Protective lateral strips (KGA 600 001) Protective lateral strips with paint option (KGA 600 002)

Safety bolt set (CFA 071 004)

Warning triangle (GGA 093 001)

Tow rope (GAA 500 001)

Car care products (information about the complete offer from your authorised Skoda partner)

Even during regular journeys you may get into various situations which it is good to prepare for, be it driving on a snow-covered road, parking in an isolated place, helping others who have got into difficulties etc. Our offer of Skoda Genuine Accessories will help you to significantly increase the

safety of the driver and passengers and protect the entire car, which can be very useful under certain circumstances. In the end, protecting your car also means caring for it properly. Choose from our branded car care range and treat your car to the best products available.


These products represent just a part of the wide range of Superb accessories. For more information on the complete range, current prices, delivery terms and lead times, contact your authorised Skoda partner. All details of technical specifications, design, equipment, materials, guarantees and appearance were accurate at the time

of going to print. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes (including changes in technical parameters or individual model equipment). This catalogue was printed on cellulose paper which was bleached without using chlorine. The paper is 100% recyclable.

Your Skoda partner:

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