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A guide to setting up and using Bluetooth®

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Getting acquainted with your New Fabia / Roomster

A guide to setting up the telephone preparation kit (GSM II) with Bluetooth®. This option is not available on the Fabia or Roomster S trim levels.

Connecting a mobile phone using Bluetooth® wireless technology The first time you get into your new car you will have to pair a compatible mobile phone with the Bluetooth® telephone preparation kit. This only needs to be done once, after this the devices will automatically recognise every time you enter the car and will establish a link.

Road Safety comes first Please be aware that the Bluetooth® system is a very easy system to use but phone calls should only be made when it is safe and legal to do so. Remember that the safety of operating a motor vehicle in traffic requires the full attention of the motorist at all times.


A guide to setting up and using Bluetooth®

Skoda, Bluetooth® is available as an option on your Fabia and Roomster (excludes S trim levels). This easy to follow guide will help you connect your Bluetooth® devices. Key functionality, such as accessing your phone menu and telephone book, performing a voice activated call, deleting an existing pairing will all be explained to enhance your driving experience. Some media devices such as an iPod/iPhone or MP3 player can be connected through Bluetooth® to stream music and this will be covered in the guide. This guide is based on a Fabia vRS with the standard Swing Radio/CD player and 3 spoke multi-function steering wheel.

A multi-function steering wheel

A multi-function steering wheel (MFSW) lets you control the most commonly used vehicle features such as the radio and telephone safely and conveniently. There is no need to take your hands off the wheel and you can concentrate fully on the road ahead. Instead of fiddling with the control stalk or reaching over to the Radio/CD player you can change radio stations and accept or make a hands free telephone call. Fabia SE - Optional 3 spoke (MFSW) for Radio and Telephone. Fabia SE - Optional 4 spoke (MFSW) for Radio and Telephone.

Fabia vRS - Optional 3 spoke (MFSW) with control module for Radio and Telephone.

Standard on all Fabia/Roomster models. The Radio/CD Swing has a media function to play MP3 recordings and the ability to stream music through the Bluetooth® telephone preparation kit as well being able to play your standard CD's.

Amundsen satellite navigation system. Optional on all Fabia/Roomsters (excludes S trim) The `Amundsen' satellite navigation system has a 5" colour TFT touch screen with an SD card reader which can hold MP3/WMA files. In conjunction with Bluetooth® and a MFSW the touch screen menu gives you easy access to your telephone contacts. The intuitive menu makes making a call straight forward, just tap on the touch screen and the system will dial your contact.


Step 1 - Place the key in the ignition

Step 2 - Turn on and activate Bluetooth®

· Ensure the key is in the ignition and turned one step so that the electrics are on.

· On your mobile phone, usually under 'settings' depending on the make and model of your device, ensure that Bluetooth® is activated.

Step 3 - Search for New devices

Step 4 - Pair new device

· On your mobile phone perform a search for devices. A device should be found called Skoda_BT.

· A prompt will appear on your mobile phone to enter a pin number. The default for Fabia/Roomster is 1234.

Step 5 - Confirm user profile

· Having entered the pin number this will be shortly followed by a beep from the radio. This confirms a connection has been made and the car has found a new mobile phone.

· To create a permanent connection with the car you need to confirm the creation of a user profile.

· Confirm the creation of a user profile by selecting the button (OK/Reset) located underneath the right stalk.

· This will confirm the phone's identity and name. Click the OK/Reset button once more to complete a user profile.

· The system has now registered your phone and profile information on the maxi-dot display and Radio/CD or Amundsen Navigation system.

· Following a successful setup, the main menu will display the phones signal strength, battery power, the phone provider and user profile name. The media icon will only appear once a media device has been paired.


Accessing the main menu

· Access the main menu by selecting the (OK/Reset) button discreetly hidden under the right control stalk.

· To scroll through the menu use the up and down buttons on the end of the control stalk. To return to the main menu at any time hold the (OK/Reset) button beneath the stalk for two seconds.

· The menu consists of 5 key options, summarised below that can be conveniently used when stationery. We do not recommend the use of these functions whilst on the move. 1. Phonebook ­ accesses the phones contact library, select contacts by using the up and down buttons on the end of the control stalk to scroll through. 2. Dial Number ­ manually input a telephone number using the up and down buttons on the end of the control stalk to scroll through. Press the (OK/Reset) button to confirm the selection of digits. 3. Call register ­ contains a list of previous made and received calls. 4. Mailbox ­ contact your voicemail. 5. Bluetooth® ­ add new users, delete user profiles.

Accessing Phone book

· Enter the phone menu by clicking the (OK/Reset) button discreetly hidden underneath the right hand control stalk.

· Select `Phone book' from the menu by clicking the (OK/Reset) button.

· Scroll through the phone book using the stalk buttons until you reach the name of the contact you would like to call.

· Click the (OK/Reset) button to select the contact, then click again to select the number to dial.

· Confirm that you wish to dial the number by clicking the (OK/Reset) button.

· To end the call at any time press the OK/Reset button, whilst highlighting the 'End call' function.


Voice Activation

· A more convenient way of making a call is through the voice recognition function.

· To activate this hold down the volume/telephone button on the MFSW for two seconds. This will activate the voice recognition system.

· The Radio/CD player will confirm the voice recognition system is active with the display changing to 'PHONE'.

To make a call

· Hold down the volume scroll button on the MFSW for two seconds. · Speak the command "Dial Number".

· Hold down the volume/telephone button on the · Relay the number and the car will confirm by repeating MFSW for two seconds. back your selection. · A call can then be made by stating the command "call". · Relay the contacts name using the command "Call" · To cancel at any time the command is "Cancel". before the contacts name i.e. "call James Taylor". · Alternatively to call someone from your know contacts list.

Deleting a Pairing

If you need to delete a phone from the Bluetooth® memory follow the steps below:

· Enter the phone menu by clicking the OK/Reset button on the stalk.

· Once in the phone menu scroll to `Bluetooth® using the stalk buttons.

· Enter the `Bluetooth®' menu by clicking the OK/Reset button.

· Select `User' by clicking the OK/Reset button.

· Select name of the paired phone you wish to remove and select by clicking the OK/Reset button.

· Select `Delete' using the stalk buttons and click the OK/Reset button. The pairing will now be deleted.


Activating Bluetooth® Media devices

· This will enable you to stream music from your MP3 player to the audio system via a Bluetooth® connection.

· On your media device, ensure Bluetooth® is activated.

· Compatible media devices will display a media player icon in the centre display. No device icon means the media player is not compatible.

· Select your media from your MP3 device and play any song (Bluetooth® logo beside the volume control on iphone).

· Select Media from the Radio/CD device.

· The Radio/CD player will then ask whether you wish to activate the BT Audio (Bluetooth® audio function). Confirm this by pressing the button below the BT-Audio display.

The information in this guide referring to specification, design, equipment, material and external appearance relates to the time at which this guide was printed. Whilst every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, the information in this guide is not binding and is subject to alteration. Some illustrations in this guide depict left-hand drive models, with both standard and optional equipment shown. Edition: UK 02/11 Information: 08457 745 745 Internet: E-mail: [email protected]

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