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250TH FORWARD SURGICAL TEAM (ABN) Jumped in with the 173d in Option NOrth

Mon 03/22/04 OK this is what I can provide for you: the 250th Forward Surgical Team (ABN), is one of only two Airborne FSTs in the Army (the 274th from Bragg is the other). We are the first FST to ever participate in an Assault Landing. Personnel; Eschelon" · · · · · · · · · SFC SFC SSG SSG SPC COL MAJ MAJ CPT Nine Jumpers from the team (We call these personnel and the equipment the "Alpha

Luke Fullerton (ME, Advanced Trauma Life Support NCOIC) Robert Novak (Team Sergeant at the Time) Robert Burns (Emergency Treatment NCO) Abel Tavarez (Operating Room NCOIC) William Goldsworth (Operating Room Specialist) Harry Stinger (Commander and General Surgeon) John Devine (Orthopedic Surgeon) Brad West (Nurse Anesthetist) Glen Carlsson (Advanced Trauma Life Support OIC)

Equipment to mention: 1ea DRASH Shelter as tentage 1ea 5KW generator (small and portable) various Medical Chests, to treat 10 surgical patients as needed 30 Units of Blood for transfusion 2ea HMMWV, M998s, (Heavy Drop) Thats about it for the main body of the equipment. The remaining 6 HMMWVs with trailers followed the next day, via Airland, along with the remaining 11 personnel. 1LT LTC MAJ MAJ MAJ CPT SSG SGT SGT SPC SPC Marc Welde (Admin Officer and XO) Robert Rush (General Surgeon, Deputy Commander and OIC of Airland) Ben Starnes (General Surgeon) Allen Smith (ICU and Chief Nurse) Paul Asetre (OR OIC) Gregory Hann (Nurse Anesthetist) Duval Culler (ICU NCOIC and Airland NCOIC) Beecher Whiteaker (Energency Treatment NCO) Derik Joshua (OR NCO) Kaitlin McMeekin (ICU Specialist) Osvaldo Cuevas (ICU Specialist)

No injuries on the jump for our team. The injuries that we treated were all minor, mostly spained and twisted ankles, one paratrooper had a preexisting orthopedic condition that caused him not to be able to carry really heavy rucks and since all the rucks were heavy that night, he dislocated both of his shoulders to the rear. We wrapped him in his Gortex Jacket with his hands tied to the front and waited for the Evac to come. We also had a guy with a broken lower leg (a tib/fib fracture). We and the shoulder guy were evac as soon as planes started landing. As far as guys that died in the 173rd. They didn't have their first death until April 03, and that was an accident in Kirkuk. There were some other deaths that can to us DOA but we did not see then all. I think is was something like 9 or 10 deaths. The 173rd is the best source for that.

Time line: We were alerted 19 Jan 03 at Ft. Lewis, we were on line 23 Jan 03 and didn't leave until 21 Mar 03. Due to the Turkey route being turned off we were waiting until something opened up. On 19 Mar 03 we got the call from the 173rd that they wanted us in Italy ASAP. We caught a C-5 to Aviano, landed 23 Mar 03, 0730. We rigged two trucks for heavy drop and proceeded to get integrated right away. The 173rd was great. All of the 9 jumpers were given between 7 and 10 person in their respective chalks. We knew we were getting out. We jumped after about a 4 and 1/2 hour flight from Italy. The DZ was muddy and tough but safe, I am sure you know all about it from the "Herd". 13 April 03 we convoyed to Kirkuk and departed Kirkuk on 19 Feb 04, we Kuwait and Ft. Dix, 8 Mar 04. got home, through

I became the team Sergeant in about June 03, we are now back safe any sound at Ft. Lewis, enjoying leave. 13 April 03 we convoyed to Kirkuk and departed Kirkuk on 19 Feb 04, we got home, through Kuwait and Ft. Dix, 8 Mar 04. No females jumped from any unit. I have attached a picture of our patch, we wear the 62nd Medical Brigade Patch, with an Airborne Tab, we are all stationed in Ft. Lewis, WA. Hope this was good information. If I can do anything else please let me know. Take care, P.S. We are know is our Brigade as the "BlackSheep", that is our motto. Just FYI Luke J. Fullerton, SFC, USA, Team Sergeant, 250th FST (ABN) [email protected]


250th Forward Surgical Team (ABN)

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