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Sample Books for Teaching Expository Text Structure

Type Descriptive Sequence Definition tells about something series, steps, numerical chronological or place order problem, attempt, solution or question & answer format similarities & differences between 2 or more things reasons why something happens or exists Examples Most common-found in many textbooks & trade books Lifecycles: From Egg to Chicken by Gerald Legg How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis & Clark by Rosalyn Schanzer Watch Me Grow: Butterfly by Lisa Magloff If You Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake by Ellen Levine Everything Cat: What Kids Really Want to Know About Cats by Marty Crisp You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Railroad by Ian Graham (Children's Press series) Lizards Weird and Wonderful by Margery Facklam How to Save the Planet by Barbara Taylor (Children's Press series--technical for 4th-6th grades)


Compare/Contrast Cause and Effect


Sample books for teaching expository text structure.xls

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