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22nd November 2010 KHP Board Update Governance Professor Robert Lechler

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Professor Robert Lechler

Purpose of the report: To inform the Board of Directors on the progress made on the development of SLaM/IoP Mental Health Clinical Academic Groups and the wider developments across King's Health Partners Action required: The Board of Directors is asked to approve the report. Recommendations to the Board: The report is for information. Relationship with the Assurance Framework (Risks, Controls and Assurance): One of the purposes of the King's Health Partners Executive is to ensure that the impact of the development of King's Health Partners is positive with regard to each constituent organisation's risks and controls

Summary of Financial and Legal Implications: The current report does not contain any legal implications. As the work develops, any significant legal or financial implications will be brought to the Board of Directors for consideration. There are resource requirements to ensure that the Trust contributes to delivery within the King's Health Partners Strategic Framework 2010-2014

Equality & Diversity and Public & Patient Involvement Implications: A key purpose of King's Health Partners is to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. In developing their strategies, the CAGs are specifically required to state how they will address the health inequalities reflected in the "heat map". This of necessity requires that service users and their carers are actively involved in their own care and the developments within services. It also requires that no service user receives less favourable services or outcomes as a result of their ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, faith or age.


Board of Directors Meeting King's Health Partners Update A paper prepared by and presented by Robert Lechler, Executive Director, King's Health Partners 1.0 Introduction and Context

This short report provides a brief update on the ongoing developments within King's Health Partners and seeks the support of the Trust Board across the range of these developments. In particular it includes a specific reference to the CAG accreditation process in order to ensure that the Board are fully briefed as to CAG development processes and to engage the Board in discussion as the CAGs begin to work towards accreditation. 2.0 CAGs & CAG Accreditation

Since the last report to the Board there have been a number of leadership appointments. 3.0 Acute CAGs

Medicine ­ Mrs Sue Bowler and Dr Adrian Hopper have been appointed as joint leads and all acute CAGs now have leads in place. 4.0 Mental Health CAGs

The remaining 3 Mental Health CAG leadership appointments will be made on 2 November. The CAGs involved are Psychosis, Psychological Medicine, Mood , Anxiety & Personality and Behaviour & Developmental Psychiatry. 5.0 CAG Accreditation

The CAG accreditation process has been approved by the Partners Board and is under significant discussion across the Partner organisations. The accreditation process has been divided into three modules in order that the process remains rigorous but is also manageable by the CAGs. The three modules are: · Mobilisation · Strategy Development · Operationalisation The accreditation questionnaire is attached and this has supporting templates to enable CAGs to move through the modules in a consistent fashion. The Performance Council which will meet for the first time on 9th November , will be charged with overseeing the completion of Modules 1 and 2 (Mobilisation and Strategy Development). Module 3 (Operationalisation) will be reviewed by the Partners Board which is responsible for conferring final accreditation. The CAG leaders meet with the KHP Executive on a fortnightly basis and this meeting will be attended by the three Foundation Trust CEOs on 8 November to provide an opportunity to discuss how the CAG structure can best be supported across the Partner organisations. 2|Page



The KHP Director of Research ran a successful Research Retreat where the 4 "Grand Challenges" received broad endorsement and these will now form the backbone of the research developments over the next 12 months. These are : · Drug Development - all the way through experimental medicine to late phase trials; · Informatics ­ clinical informatics, bioinformatics and biostatistics and the major opportunities offered by increasingly complex datasets; · Personalised Medicine ­ biomarkers and genomics in stratified medicine in clinical trials, individualised therapies and early identification; · Primary Care, Prevention and Public Health ­ absolutely critical to the KHP mission. This challenge overlaps with, and may be contiguous with the agenda of the HPEI. 7.0 Education & Training

The agreement of the arrangements for commissioning for Medical and Dental Education (MDECS) remains the focus of current discussions with the current requirement being to respond to an Invitation to Tender (ITT) by Friday 29th October The Director of Education ran a successful Education and Training Retreat with the CAG Education and Training leads and the strategy continues to develop 8.0 Clinical Services Strategy

The Director of Clinical Strategy is taking forward 4 key areas of work. These are: Site Strategy All CAGs have been asked to participate in a "bottom up" process to develop site strategy. This has also been discussed with the Chairs and Chief Executives of the Acute Trusts and the process shared widely across the Partners. Following the receipt of the CAG responses (19th November) the clinical strategy group and the KHP Executive will review these in order to plan for the next steps. Key recommendations have been made around vascular surgery and bone marrow transplantation and are being taken forward through the Trust Boards. Engagement, including GP Engagement A further GP event is planned for 9 November. A Pilot for Integrated Care The Programme Director has been appointed to take forward this work under the leadership of Stuart Bell as Senior Responsible Officer on behalf of King's Health Partners. Developing the physical and mental healthcare interface Professor Matthew Hotopf (Psychological Medicine CAG) has spoken to the CAG leaders encouraging them to consider this as part of their accreditation. An initial pilot will begin in rheumatology and a formal work plan has been produced. 9.0 Fundraising

Fundraising plans continue to develop and the Fundraising Council has now met for the first time in shadow form. A governance structure has been agreed and the meeting will formally reconvene in December to review finance, human resources and legal issues as well fundraising priorities for the Partners.


10.0 Some recent developments from Kings Health Partners and the Clinical Academic Groups Cardiovascular The first ever training course of its kind designed to up-skill surgical teams from across the world in minimally invasive heart valve surgery was held in London last week with over 840 attendees. King's Health Partners ­ together with cardiovascular experts in PCR ­ hosted the interactive two-day event, which featured live surgical cases (broadcast via video-link) from the UK as well as Switzerland. King's Health Partners contributes to WHO Intervention Guidelines The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched new mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) Intervention Guidelines on the management of depression, alcohol use disorders, epilepsy and other common mental disorders in the primary health-care settings in low and middle income countries, with important contributions from Professors Graham Thornicroft, Martin Prince and Colin Drummond, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London and Centre for Global Mental Health, King's Health Partners. Millions of people with common, but untreated, mental, neurological and substance use disorders can now benefit from new simplified diagnosis and treatment guidelines drawn up by 200 specialists from around the world. The Intervention Guidelines extend competence in diagnosis and management to non-mental health specialists including doctors, nurses and other health providers. These evidence-based guidelines are presented as flow charts to simplify the process of providing care in the primary health-care setting. Genetics, Rheumatology, Infection, Immunology and Dermatology Researchers within KHP increase understanding of genetic susceptibility to psoriasis; one of the studies was led by King's Health Partners and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University, and involved multiple UK institutions. The team of researchers led by Professor Richard Trembath, CAG Leader, in collaboration with Professor Jonathan Barker carried out a genome-wide association study of 2,622 patients with psoriasis and 5,667 healthy individuals from across the UK. The results were replicated with European studies involving more than 9,000 individuals. The study identified six regions of the genome newly associated with psoriasis, and found evidence for an interaction between two associated regions ­ HLA-C and ERAP1. Grant to transform African mental health education King's Health Partners is part of an international consortium, led by the University of Zimbabwe, to enhance the mental health education and research capacity in Zimbabwe. The project is funded by President Obama's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and by the US National Institutes of Health and is linked to a further $10 million USD Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) award to Zimbabwe for HIV/AIDS education. South London Health Education and Innovation Cluster (HIEC) The South London HIEC has made appointments to two positions ­ Relationships Manager, and Communications Manager. As of Monday, Ms Alison Berridge will be working as the Communications Manager for the South London HIEC and Mr Aaron Hamilton will be working as the Relationships Manager. Both posts will be based in NHS Lambeth's office at Waterloo and working across the South East and South West. King's Health Partners Global Health The King's Health Partners Global Health programme will be officially launched internally at an event on 5 November. Interested staff from across the member organisations, are invited to get involved and make linkages with existing global projects, as well as share ideas of how to develop new global health programmes.




The Board of Directors is asked to: · Note the Developments emerging from Kings Health Partners; · To consider the emerging evolution of the Clinical Academic Groups and the support they require, to deliver the tripartite mission.

Robert Lechler Executive Director, King's Health Partners

10th November 2010



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