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Seasons Greetings

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies


Head of School- Alfredo Martínez-Expósito

This year has been without any doubt one of the most challenging and intense since the creation of the School. The global financial crisis has prompted more students to undertake tertiary studies and to stay longer at universities, which, for us, has meant more students in our already crowded classrooms and labs. In addition, some of the initiatives that LCCS put in motion to encourage students to enrol in languages have started to blossom in recent months. The Bonus Ranks Scheme has generated interest in secondary schools around Brisbane and some have already reported increased enrolments in languages. The agreement between UQ, QUT and Griffith to share some language programs has resulted in a massive expansion of LCCS operations in French, German, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese, with expected expansion of Spanish and Russian as well. The University has finally approved the relocation of the Linguistics program from EMSAH to LCCS, which will eventuate formally on January 1st. Undergraduate diplomas have been approved by UQ, with Languages likely to benefit from increased demand as from next year. A new Bachelor of International Studies due to start in 2010 will have a compulsory language component. UQ has signed an agreement with Tianjin University for the establishment of a Confucius Institute in St Lucia, which will contribute to the promotion of Chinese language and studies in Brisbane. Conversations are under way about the possible establishment of Russian Mir and Spanish Cervantes centres. New adjunct and honorary appointments have been offered to HE Kim Woosang, Ambassador of Korea, and Mr Makoto Hinei, Consul General of Japan, both of whom have kindly accepted. The list of major initiatives goes on and on, both at School and discipline levels ­ indeed, all disciplines have increased their number of outreach, extra-curricular and `engagement' activities this year, with unprecedented success in terms of public lectures, talks/seminars, film festivals, symposia, engagement with secondary schools, etc. This high level of activity has generated a tremendous pressure on our administration team. Fortunately, we have been allowed to expand the team, which is now 50% larger than it was a year ago. We have also felt the pressure in terms of the physical space allotted to the School, but we are still waiting for a solution to this very real problem (and, unfortunately, this is an issue that cannot be addressed within the School). The pressure is also felt by most permanent academic staff. While T&R colleagues must be congratulated for a huge increase in publications, and all teaching staff must be congratulated for maintaining the outstanding levels of student satisfaction, it is a fact that some of us (including myself) are facing dangerous levels of stress. I keep reporting chronic understaffing situations to my superiors but, again, solutions are not always readily available to us. Finally, the pressure is also felt by the School's committees. The School Executive Committee has been expanded with two new ex-officio positions: Deputy Head of School (Professor Ping Chen) and Director of Internationalisation and Engagement (Dr Morris Low). The Executive will have one further ad-hoc position (Coordinator of School Review: Associate Professor Helen Creese) between now and the School Review Week in July 2010. The School Review will, of course, keep us busy for the next few months. Changes to UQ policy mean that our review will be focused on future planning, rather than on past achievements. This will be a great opportunity, I hope, for us to reflect about our School and the future of languages at UQ and beyond. At the School Retreat on 9th-10th February I would like us to initiate a meaningful conversation about our future, which will be followed in late February and March by other smaller meetings focusing on the future of each of our programs and teams. Finally, I would like congratulate you all, students, permanent and casual academic staff, general staff, friends and associates, for the wonderful achievements of this, truly unforgettable 2009. Thank you for your hard work and commitment. Yours truly, Alfredo

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies


Congratulations to

Staff NewS

Roly Sussex, who has been appointed to Chair the Board of the State Library of Queensland. Roly will also once again be an Australia Day Ambassador in Queensland's Australia Day Celebrations Helen Creese, who will be a fellow-in-Residence at the Netherlands Institute for advanced study in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Wassenaar, Netherlands from September 2010- June 2011 Tiina Lammervo, who will recieve the Kone Foundation grant for post-doctoral research for her project `Bicultural Competence in the context of remigration'. Only 15% of applicants were successful! Obaid Hamid, who has been appointed as Lecturer in ESL in the School of Education Karen Sullivan, who joins SLCCS as the new lecturer in Linguistics Associate Professor Takeru Arakida who has had his visiting scholar status extended and will be with us until September 2010 Yuriko Nagata participated in an International Symposium on Immigration Studies coordinated by Wakayama University, Japan on the 28th November 2009. The Symposium was via Web camera and connected Wakayama University, UCLA, University of Hawaii and UQ

Farewell to Darma Putra who returns to Indonesia, with his family, in December. Good luck for the future!

Congratulations to all of our staff who have published this year, including: Julian de Nooy and Barbara E. Hanna `Learning Language and Culture Via Public Internet Discussion Forums' 2009 Rosmary Roberts `Maoist Model Theatre: the Semiotics of Gender and Sexuality in the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)' 2009 Tomoko Aoyama (ed) `Girl Reading Girl in Japan' 2009 Ki Chune Nah `Language Learning Through Mobile Phones' 2009 The new Linguistics staff will be joining us in January 2010: Dr Ilana Mushin Dr Rob Pensalfini Dr John Ingram Dr Michael Harrington Assoc. Professor Ghil'ad Zuckerman AVAILABLE Dec 2009-mid July 2010: Fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment in a quiet complex, close to the West End city cat stop. If interested please contact: Larry Duffy- [email protected]

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies


Staff NewS

Meeting in Bogota Roberto Esposto recently took part in the UQ Alison Campbell, Patricia Robinson, Peter Beattie, Stuart Kellie and delegation Roberto Esposto visit to Latin America. The delegation, inlcuding Professor Alan Lawson (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research International), Patricia Robinson (Faculty) and Peter Beattie (former Premier of Queensland), visited numerous tertiary institutions and government bodies in Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Introucing our new Postdoc: Felicity Meakins Felicity is returning to UQ after 9 years. Since she did her Masters degree in Arts at UQ, she has worked as a community linguist at Diwurruwurru-jaru Aboriginal Corporation in Katherine (NT). She then completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne and was a postdoc at Manchester University for the last two years. Her interests are in the documentation of Aboriginal languages, particularly Gurindji and Bilinarra, and her research focus has been on grammatical aspects of language contact and the creation of new Aboriginal languages such as Gurindji Kriol and Kriol. She is an ARC postdoctoral research fellow in the school and will be working further on Gurindji Kriol. staff/felicity-meakins

Nanette Gottlieb, Tamaki Mino and Yuriko Nagata

Congratulations to our Graduates for December: PhD Graduates Sharin Jamarani, Lucy Li, Bill Fryer, Tamaki Mino and Honours Graduates Cathy Arnold, Ellen Holmes, Michael Mihaly and Stefanie Page

Sharin Jamarani and Lucy Li

StudeNt NewS

Michael Mihaly, Ellen Holmes, Cathy Arnold and Helen Creese

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies


Congratulations to

StudeNt NewS

Pham Hong Nhung, PhD in Applied Linguistics 2008, who has been elected Vice-Rector of the College of Foreign Languages at Hue University, Vietnam. This is a huge achievement as Pham is the youngest Vice-Recor ever elected at Hue University Maya Doma, who was awarded the Delegation of the European Commission Language Excellence Prize

Mingling Li, who completed her PhD, with Dick Baldauf and Roly Sussex in 2008 and tutored in Applied Linguistics, is commencing employment in a level C position in Education at Griffith University

Richard Gilbert, who recieved a special Award (Best Speech) at Japan Foundation Video Festival in Sydney. see more:

Tomoko Aoyama and Richard Gilbert

Tomoko Aoyama and Maya Doma

Tim Mason, who was selected to participate in the 22nd Ship for World Youth Program Jonathan McLean and Melissa Wilson, who both recieved Australia-Japan Society 2009 Japanese Language Prizes Past and Present MAJIT students: Joe Grealy, Akane Oyama, Victoria Oyama, Mariko Senoo, Chihiro Saito and Hideaki Maruoka, who won first place at the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Alumni Association's Annual Quiz night in September; displaying the varying talents and general knowlege of our MAJIT students

MAJIT students

Eliza Strickland, Aaron Frederiks and Andros Zhu, who were all selected to participate in the JENESYS Programme Thuy Nguyen, a former student of Applied Linguistics, who has been awarded a Leadership scholarship by the Australian Government; a very prestigious award Blake Baguley, UQ graduate and past Valedictorian who studied Japanese in SLCCS, took out the top prize in the English division of the 7th Shizuoka Japanese Translation Competition. Blake competed against talent from as many as 17 different countries, and this is the first time an Australian has won this highly regarded competition

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies


seminars & PubliC leCtures


13 November 2009 PhD Confirmation Seminars Francisca Ivone "The Use of Webbased Listening Materials in Promoting the Development of Listening Skills of English Department First Year Students" Retno Wulandari "Kresnadhaka Kakawin. A Balinese Kakawin: TextEdition, English Translation and analysis of the Krsnadhaka narravtive in Old Javanese literary and archaeological sources" 20 November 2009, 214-32, 9am Karen Sullivan "Metaphor in Language and Thought". This forms part of the selection process for the position of lecturer in Linguistics. 4 December 2009, 313-32, 12pm Dr Tiina Lammervo "Significance of Fininish Language and culture among second and third generation Finns".

4 December 2009, 32-215, 10am Francesc de Borja Moll "The Importance of the published word in order to maintain a `minority' Language: The Catalan Case" 8 December 2009, 32-209 12-12.30pm Confirmation Seminar Nicola Clavarino `Cassanova as a Celebrity: a Historical Study of his fame and what it is to be famous' 11 December 2009 Tomoko Aoyama gave a talk at Berkeley on 8 November entitled `Food and Gender in Yoshinaga Fumi's Manga'. Tomoko also presented a longer version in Japanese on December 11, at Ochanomizu, as part of a "Developing International Communication Skills in Japanese Cultural Studies" seminar series. see

Catalan Film Festival 1st november 2009

The Catalan Film Festival was opened by Alfredo Martínez Expósito, Head of School and Albert Mireia, a representative of Casal Català de Victòria. The Catalan Film Festival is designed to highlight the visual culture of Catalonia, with a variety of films screened in Catalonian (with English subtitles); The Big House, Cinema Dali, Three Days with the Family and Shiver. The event was a success with good attendance to all films and to the refreshments following the film screenings

Attendees of the film festival outside the venue

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies


the 2nd languages symPosium 2nd november 2009


The 2nd Languages Symposium, hosted by SLCCS in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University, was a great success. Representatives from schools all over Queensland and New South Wales attended to receive information on new initiatives for students considering second language study at university, such as the Brisbane Universities languages HUB (

More than 40 staff and RHD students enjoyed the following: Research Seminar Presentations Marcia Espinoza Vera Laughing Medusas: Three Latin American Women Writers Simon Patton Masculinity, Illegitimacy and the Performance of Exclusion in Yi Sha's Early Poetry John McNair Not The Cherry Orchard: Boborykin and his Plays for the Times Morris Low Art, Photography and Remembering Hiroshima Alan Corkhill Negotiating Room for Literary Constructs of Happiness Highlights included talks by staff members on their recent publications: Yuriko Nagata, Voices from Japan, Tokyo: Kuroshio Shuppan, 2009, Barbara Hanna on her collaborative research with Juliana De Nooy, Learning Language and Culture Via Public Internet Discussion Forums, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

lCCs researCh day 2nd nov 2009

Sol Rohas-Lizana on Discourse and Genre in Everyday Texts: Letter to the Editor in the Local Press of Australia and Chile, Saarbrücken , Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG, 2009; Geoff Wilkes on Michael Hofmann's English translation of Hans Fallada's Everyman Dies Alone, Melville House, 2009. Tomoko Aoyama on Tomoko Aoyama and Barbara Hartley eds., Girl Reading Girl in Japan, Routledge, 2010 (released in 2009). Jo Grimmond gave a presentation on bibliographic data collection ­ what to do when your publication is out. The presentation will be made available in S-Drive. Ki Chune Nah (linguistics, applied linguistics, pedagogy) and Larry Duffy (literary and cultural studies) reported on the Seminars and Public Lectures. november 2009 The annual morning tea was held to show our thanks and appreciation to all of our tutors in SLCCS throughout 2009, and to aknowledge and congratulate students who achieved special awards and scholarships this year. We also farewelled postdoctoral fellow, Darma Putra.

Appreciation Morning Tea

aPPreCiation morning tea

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies



4th & 5th February A Conference for Postgraduate and Early-career Researchers. Keynote speakers include Professor Ian Lilley and Dr Yuriko Nagata. see htm 9th & 10th February- Riverview Room Emmanuel College This a requirement for the school review. All staff will be required to attend.

Rhizomes V Diaspora: Language and Place

School Review

26th-30th July 2010 The Review will be future-focused, pre-viewing our future as a School. Associate Professor Helen Creese will be Co-ordinator of the School Review.

Careers that Shape the World

21 july 2010 An Arts Sbs Collaborative Event for highschool students to workshop the ways in which languages can be of benefit in different careers.

School Retreat

OzCLO 2010

`taste oF' Programs

12th February 30 April 7th May 14th May

French Japanese German Chinese

The Third Computational and Linguistics Olympiad 24th March The program is designed for students years 9-12 and consists of a State and National round (held at UQ) and an International round, held overseas. Students work in teams to solve a range of analytical problems, the best progressing on to National and International rounds. see

Best Wishes for the Festive Season

The School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies



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