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September 2009


Sleek Physiques

60 ­ 62 Landsborough Pde Golden Beach Qld 4551 Allan: 0421 306 731 [email protected] Julia: 0418 774 858 [email protected]

What have we been doing lately?

Recently Allan and Julia attended the Sunshine Coast Health & Fitness summit at the Mooloolaba TAFE campus. This was an industry sanctioned event and helps keep us up to date with latest research around fitness, strength training and nutrition. Some of the topics covered were: Circuit Training Integration vs Isolation The role of the Glut Max One on One partner training Solving pain Games ­ a forgotten tool Walk to Run and running without injury Accredited boxing training Key Nutrition strategies So look out for some new techniques and ideas we will be using in our training sessions!

Indoor Cycle Classes

Indoor cycle has arrived at Sleek Physiques! With various terrains projected onto the wall in front of you our instructor (Julia) leads you through a simulated ride on a stationary bike through a series of hills, flats, sprints and mountain peaks. For experienced road cyclists we also have 4 high quality `wind trainers' so you can cycle the class on your own road/racing bike. With great music playing to match the terrain you are riding, you could find yourself travelling the roads of Hawaii, the deserts of Nevada, the jungle of Saipan or along the coast of California. It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice or an elite athlete, people of all fitness levels can benefit from this cardio program as the difficulty of your ride is determined by the resistance on your bike which is controlled by you! Research has shown that you can burn up to 600 calories in a 50 minute class, increasing your cardio fitness, strength and endurance, whilst burning fat and toning your legs, thighs and butt. This makes Cycle a great class to participate in if you want to increase your cardio fitness, and it is extremely popular with our 6 week weight loss clients because you can burn some serious calories in every class! Come along to a class and try it out ... you will be surprised at how much fun it is, and pleased at the results you get.

6 Week Weight Loss

4 of our weight loss clients are participating in a program to record their ongoing results, including photos and a diary of their experiences, for a health magazine article. Leona, Karen, Sonia and Stacy are all getting some great results and are fading away in front of our very eyes! We think they are all very brave to `bare themselves' for the article, but as Allan is always saying ... "accountability is what makes this work" so he is putting his own credibility on the line and participating in the program as well. Watch this space for all the results of our team ... Week 1 and 2 have seen everyone on the team losing body fat, but the challenge now is for them not to get complacent about their results and starting to revert back to old, bad habits! Sonia has recorded the biggest losses so far ... well done Sonia! We are closely monitoring everyone's calorie intake and exercise levels and ensuring that while body fat levels are dropping the team are not losing lean muscle as well. Carbohydrates are being limited and protein is being increased to ensure best results ­ now it's up to the team to stick to their plans. Summer is just around the corner

Personal Training

Do you need some help to focus on your individual fitness goals? Perhaps it's time to consider some One on One PT. This can include sports specific training, rehabilitation from injury or surgery or functional and conditioning training. We can build you an individual training program designed specifically for you that will accelerate your results. All of our PT packages include a Body Composition test and Posture Analysis to set a benchmark for you to measure your results from.

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