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Volume 37 Number 12 December 2003

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SMACNA 1943-2003

New Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 6th Edition, Now Available

The new sixth edition of SMACNA's "Architectural Sheet Metal Manual" provides the most complete and comprehensive set of recommended practices available for proper design and installation of custom-fabricated architectural sheet metal in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. A first for this internationally acclaimed standard, the CD-ROM version features a collection of 3-D SpinFire drawings. These figures allow designers to magnify, rotate, section and view minute, but often critical, construction details from any angle improving their understanding of architectural sheet metal construction. This substantially expanded 496-page book emphasizes increased quality control for detailing and the expansion of model specifications for designers. A primer on metal application and specifications, this standard contains roof drainage system design for scuppers, gutters and downspouts. An upfront, fast "look-up" key speeds information retrieval. A new historical restoration section covers skylights, cornices and spires and encourages contractor pre-qualification for historic preservation work. While a

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Helmets To Hardhats Receives CURT Award

The Helmets to Hardhats program was recently recognized by the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) among the recipients of the first annual Workforce Development Award. The award acknowledges "extraordinary, exemplary and innovative recruitment, training and education programs which encourage people to pursue careers in construction." The Helmets to Hardhats Web site,, has registered more than 13,000 candidates and referred more than 2,000 workers to apprentice training programs in 2003. More than 6 million people have viewed advertising for the site thanks to an aggressive Internet marketing campaign. The Center for Military Recruitment, Assessment and Veterans Employment guides new veterans toward a career in the construction industry. Through this federally funded workforce enhancement program, registered candidates will have their on-the-job experience in the military assessed for relevancy to construction industry specialties and be steered to appropriate job openings or to apprenticeship opportunities. Supported by the Department of Defense through its appropriation budget, the Center will receive increased funding for 2004. The Center is sponsored by groups that include SMACNA, Mechanical Contractors Association of America, National Electrical Contractors Association, North American Contractors Association, National Association of Construction Boilermakers Employers, International Council of Employers of Bricklayers, National Erectors Association and the Finishing Contractors Association.

SMACNA's mission is to provide products, services and representation to enhance members' businesses, markets, and profitability.

Washington State Voters Rescind Ergonomics Rule

Through an initiative on the November ballot, voters in Washington state rescinded the state's controversial ergonomics rule by a 53 percent to 47 percent margin. Initiative 841 contained two provisions supported by business owners in the state. It required an immediate repeal of the existing state ergonomics regulation and directed the Department of Labor and Industries not to adopt new ergonomics regulations unless a federal OSHA standard is required. When passed in 2000, the rule was the nation's first comprehensive regulation aimed at preventing ergonomic injuries such as carpal-tunnel syndrome, back strain and shoulder tendonitis. It required all employers to identify ergonomic hazards and take drastic steps to eliminate them. Many state business owners, including sheet metal contractors, were concerned the rule would force the loss of jobs and inhibit job creation. Efforts to repeal the rule were led the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW), an organization representing the interest of building-related industries.

A Publication of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association

New Mexico Chapter Receives Multi-Service Status

The New Mexico Sheet Metal Contractors Association was awarded Multi-Service Chapter status for the first time in 2003. Earlier this year during SMACNA's annual convention in Washington, D.C., chapter members accepted the award. SMACNA's Multi-Service Chapter Program is designed to encourage chapters to adopt sound operations and administrative practices and to expand services to their membership. The program recognizes those chapters that have achieved a level of service, operation and administration based on the SMACNA "Chapter Management Guidelines" by granting them the designation of SMACNA Multi-Service Chapter. Multi-service chapters must renew this designation every three years.

SMACNA Leads Whole Building Design Guide Resource Effort

SMACNA is one of the first national organizations to provide resource information on the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG), a Web-based portal offering government and construction industry practitioners with one-stop access on a wide range of building-related advice, criteria and technology from a "whole buildings" perspective. Development of the WBDG is a collaborative effort among federal agencies, private sector companies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Its success depends on industry and government experts contributing their knowledge and experience to better serve the building community. "SMACNA is proud to take the lead in providing information for this outstanding effort that will enable architects, engineers, and project managers to improve the performance and quality of their buildings by following the guidance and recommendations provided on this Web site," noted Mark Watson, SMACNA president. To date, SMACNA's contributions include information on commercial, industrial, and residential ductwork (Section 15810), metal roofing (Section 07410) and seismic restraint for mechanical systems (Section 13080). Each section contains a succinct overview and summary of the topic and provides links to relevant SMACNA technical manuals and standards on the SMACNA Web site, The links provide the user with direct access to SMACNA's technical library of internationally-respected standards and manuals on specifying sheet metal installations and the fabrication and installation of HVAC, architectural and sheet metal systems. SMACNA is also providing the WBDG site with resource information on commissioning; kitchen and food service ventilation; seismic restraint of mechanical systems; louvers; flashing; architectural sheet metal; and testing, adjusting and balancing. The WBDG Web site is offered as an assistance to building professionals by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) through the funding of the NAVFAC Criteria Office, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the Department of Energy (through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), and the assistance of the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC). A Board of Direction and Advisory Committee, consisting of representatives from more than 25 participating federal agencies, private sector companies, and non-profit organizations, guide the development of the WBDG.

From left to right: David McCoy, chapter executive director; Darrin Putman, J.B. Henderson Construction Co. Inc.; Richard Montgomery, Sheet Metal Products Inc.; SMACNA Board Liaison Steve Bunting, Schoppe Company Inc.; Keith Wilson, Miller Bonded Inc.; and Kevin Yearout, Yearout Mechanical and Engineering Inc.

Collective Bargaining Orientation Announced

A one-day Collective Bargaining Orientation Session is scheduled on March 4, 2004, in Atlanta. Offered every other year, the program provides participants with a basic legal course on collective bargaining and offers guidance on preparation as well as an update on industry trends. Registration forms are available at or contact the Labor Relations Department at (703) 803-2980.

2 December 2003


Holidays Observed

SMACNA national offices will be closed Thursday, Dec. 25 and Friday, Dec. 26 for the Christmas holiday. The offices will also be closed Thursday, Jan. 1, 2004 in observance of New Year's Day.

President's Column

Las Vegas Partnership Program Promises To Deliver New Approaches To Gaining Market Share

This coming year's SMWIA/SMACNA Partnership Conference, slated for May 3-4, 2004 in Las Vegas, will be an action-packed program that won't disappoint. This partnership program will kick off the first Sheet Metal Industry Week (May 2-7, 2004) and feature eye-opening Mark C. Watson examples of best practices locals and chapters are using to expand into residential, industrial, commercial and institutional markets. Among the topics this popular conference will cover are: · Details of the landmark Florida project to regain market share. · Research findings on residential retrofit and service and residential success stories from local labor and management groups. · What industrial decision makers say it takes to get their business. · British Columbia labor-management road show to educate union and contractor members on market realities and the changes in attitudes and business techniques that will be necessary to excel in the market. · A powerful presentation that will make your school officials think twice about hiring a non-union HVAC contractor. · How a labor-management team can deliver a powerful one-two punch in the legislative arena. · How proper use of the HVAC Expertise slogan and logo can maximize partnership efforts. · Why and how a federal subsidy may pay for your local new market expansion efforts. · Owners describing the scary details of "reverse auctioning" that considers construction as merely a commodity. Sheet metal contractors, local union leadership, training coordinators and SMACNA chapter executives seeking to improve industry relations and create work opportunities that benefit both labor and management will want to attend not only the Partnership Conference but also the entire Sheet Metal Industry Week. The industry week program will be packed with technical, business, safety, and market opportunity workshops and close with the Apprentice Contest. More details and a registration form will be in the next Partners In Progress magazine. See you there! Sincerely, Mark C. Watson SMACNA President

New Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 6th Edition, Now Available

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new moisture and maintenance guide encompasses design, moisture transfer methods, maintenance and repairs, as well. The revised publication also includes a new chapter on mechanical fasteners and soldering. In addition, SMACNA's new "Architectural Sheet Metal Manual" offers commentary and illustrations supporting new construction techniques as well as alternative methods of design and installation reflecting climatic conditions and rainfall rates. Wind uplift test reports confirm the superior performance of custom-fabricated metal roofing. SMACNA members may purchase SMACNA's "Architectural Sheet Metal Manual," 6th edition, at the member price of $42 for the book, $50 for the CD-ROM and $42 for the PDF download. The IFUS price for the book is $139, $166 for the CD-ROM and $86 for the PDF download. Architects and engineers may purchase the new publication at the discounted price of $184 for the book, $220 for the CD-ROM and $114 for the PDF download. The list price for the book is $262, $315 for the CD-ROM and $163 for the PDF download. To order, call SMACNA's Publications Department at (703) 803-2989 or visit

Free CAD Symbols And Drawings Available To Members

Think you need to buy expensive software packages to created customized CAD drawings? Think again! The 169 drawings from the "Architectural Sheet Metal Manual" are available free only to SMACNA members. To access these files, members must log into the "Members Only" portion of the online Publication Store, After finding the "Architectural Sheet Metal Manual," select the "native file format" icon and a list of the files available will appear. Members may select as many files as they need. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, it may be modified for project bids ­ saving valuable staff time. Drawings, tables and charts for many other SMACNA technical manuals are also available at no charge to members through the "Members Only" section of the SMACNA Web site. If you have any questions or concerns about downloading technical items, please contact Sue Baker at [email protected] or (703) 803-2980.

December 2003 3


Legislative Efforts Highlighted In SMACNA Annual Report

Not only does SMACNA's 2003 annual report describe the latest products and services specifically designed to give your firm a competitive advantage, it previews programs for 2004. Available at, the annual report is great tool for members to review the many programs available to them. Copies of the 2003 annual report were distributed to SMACNA members through a special membership mailing. If you did not receive a copy or would like additional copies, contact Danielle Dobiesz, communications manager, at [email protected] or (703) 995-4036. Sections of the annual report will be featured in upcoming issues of SMACNews. Among the issues SMACNA's Legislative Department worked on this year are: Energy Efficiency SMACNA endorsed and worked to pass a number of energy efficiency initiatives in 2003, many in the context of the major energy legislation before Congress, S. 14 and H.R. 6. A number of additional energy bills were introduced with increased performance contracting emphasis and other positive benefits to the nation's energy efficiency received SMACNA's support on the Hill. Position: SMACNA supports tax incentives and program grants promoting greater energy efficiency in residential, commercial and public facilities. Davis-Bacon Act SMACNA opposed H.R. 2672, legislation that would repeal the Davis-Bacon Act on federal and federally assisted infrastructure projects. SMACNA further opposed H.R. 2283, a bill to allow the unlimited use of helpers on Davis-Bacon projects and an effort by the Department of Defense to ban prevailing wages on defense projects below $1 million. SMACNA worked to prevent amendments undermining the Act and its enforcement. SMACNA also joined other construction industry associations to form a coalition in support of H.R. 20, legislation to provide energy and water related infrastructure financing with prevailing wage coverage. In addition, SMACNA endorsed school construction legislation, H.R. 717 and H.R. 930, which provided billions in financing incentives for state and local governments, also observing the need for prevailing wage coverage. Position: SMACNA supports appropriate reform of the Davis-Bacon Act. It vigorously opposes any efforts to repeal the Act entirely or to so water down its provisions as to make it valueless. Estate Taxes H.R. 8, legislation that would make permanent the repeal of federal estate and gift taxes in 2010, passed the House and a similar bill, S. 169, awaited Senate action. While SMACNA supported efforts to make the repeal of taxes on small firm transfers permanent, attempts at passage failed due to budgetary considerations. Unless the tax repeal is made permanent on business transfers and other assets, the tax will return in 2011 when the phase out provision of the recently passed tax law will expire. Position: SMACNA supports the elimination of the estate tax, at a minimum, on estate transfers of small businesses.

4 December 2003


Call For Nominations To The College Of Fellows

The SMACNA College of Fellows is now accepting nominations for candidates. The deadline for receiving nominations is March 4, 2004. A jury selects inductees to the College based on their service to industry at the local and national levels. A separate criteria for evaluating chapter executives for membership was approved by the College at its last meeting. For more information or to request nomination forms, contact Bob Roach at [email protected] or (703) 803-2983.

Welcome New Members

The following companies have recently joined SMACNA: · AANDA Inc. (SMACNA of San Diego) · Accurate Balance and Commissioning (SMACNA ­ Colorado) · Arpis Industries Canada LTD (Sheet Metal Contractors Assoc. of Alberta) · Buffalo Balance LLC (SMACNA ­ Buffalo) · C&C Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. (SMACNA ­ Kansas City Chapter) · Eagle Air Test and Balance (SMACNA ­ Colorado) · Engineered Comfort Systems (SMACNA ­ Colorado) · FCM Custom Metals Inc. (SMACNA ­ Kansas City Chapter) · i2 Trade Service (Associate Member) · Master Mechanical Contractors Inc. (SMACNA ­ Kansas City Chapter) · Neudorfer Engineers Inc. (SMACNA ­ Western Washington) · ProMetals Inc. (SMACNA of Western Pennsylvania) · Robert Ganter Contractors Inc. (Sheet Metal Contractors Assoc. of Philadelphia and Vicinity) · SRR Services Inc. (Sheet Metal Contractors Assoc. of Central Pennsylvania) · Thelen Heating and Roofing Inc. (SMARCA of Minnesota)

Meets With...

New Seminars Added To Chapter Education Program

SMACNA's chapter education program allows SMACNA chapters to bring high caliber education seminars to their chapter's area. New for 2004 are Mike Henning's half-day program, "Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating Key Employees" and Kevin Dougherty's full-day program, "Making the Numbers Work." Also, Bob Langdon will offer a half-day program on increasing profitability, "Three Routes to Increased Profitability in Your Business," and Tom Piscitelli's "Customer T.R.U.S.T.TM Program" is now a one-day program. Additionally, three sessions designed to enhance SMACNA's High-Performing Contractor Program are being offered: "Customer Feedback ­ Breakfast of High Performers," "Enhancing Workforce Motivation for High Performance," and "Leading Your Company by Design." These programs will be hosted by Dennis Sowards. The program requirements remain unchanged; SMACNA pays the instructor's fee and the chapter is responsible for the speaker's travel expenses, program promotion and facility expenses. Since funding is limited, chapters are encouraged to submit their requests by Dec. 12, 2003. The complete Chapter Education Program includes: · Introduction to Design Build · Design-Build Project Management · Design-Build Risk Management · Developing a Service Department as a Profit Center · Effectively Managing Key Employees Across Generations · Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating Key Employees · Customer T.R.U.S.T.TM Program · Basic Sheet Metal Estimating · How to Get the Job at Your Price · Making the Numbers Work · Customer Feedback ­ Breakfast of High Performers · Enhancing Workforce Motivation for High Performance · Leading Your Company by Design · Three Routes to Increased Profitability in Your Business Course descriptions/outlines, instructor bios, contact information and the terms and responsibilities/request form for conducting a chapter education program are available at For more information contact Carol Novak at [email protected] or (703) 995-4025.

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Orange Empire SMACNA members enjoyed a round of golf with Rep. Ken Calvert (R-44-Calif.) during the "Calvert for Congress Golf Tournament." From left to right: Mike Tardif, of Tardif Sheet Metal and A/C Inc.; Russ Beaulac, of R&R Sheet Metal; Rep. Ken Calvert; Linda Hughes, chapter executive director and Rick Lawrence, of ACH Mechanical Contractors.

During the SMACNA annual convention in Washington, D.C., Montana Chapter SMACNA members make a visit to Sen. Max Baucus's (D-Mont.) office on Capitol Hill. From left to right: Steve Donaldson, Ginny Kalchbrenner, of Merit Mechanical Services Inc.; Cindy Donaldson, chapter executive; Sen. Baucus, David Harmon, of Midwest Heating and Cooling and Gloria Harmon.

SMACNA Long-Term Goal

SMACNA And Union Partnership Provides Unprecedented Competitive Advantage In The Marketplace

SMACNA's Board of Directors has adopted several long-term goals and objectives as part of the core values to guide SMACNA in planning future programs. SMACNews highlights one long-term goal in each issue. Customers will recognize the advantage of using SMACNA's skilled labor force. Union and management will recognize that our futures are interdependent, we will have a common vision and mission and will work collaboratively to achieve our common goals. We will have trades and jurisdictions based on the needs of the HVAC and sheet metal industries and a training program that is responsive to rapidly changing industry needs. Pay level is commensurate with skill, and we have the best of the available workforce and the highest wage levels. Productivity is our competitive advantage and all of our employees are engaged in making us and the union successful.

Do Your Employees Really Care About Your Company's Success?

Ever wish your employees took the same interest in your company as top management? SMACNA's High-Performing Contractor (HPC) Program may offer solutions to this ageold problem. Not only does this exceptional program generate employee involvement, but an indirect benefit can be an increase in manhours and productivity. Just ask Bill Edwards, founder and president of MESA3 Inc., a 40-person, testing services company performing balancing, commissioning, certification and calibration services specializing in the high-tech and bio/pharmaceutical markets. Why would this Bay Area SMACNA contractor that's already ISO 9001:2000 certified by Underwriters Laboratories consider SMACNA's High-Performing Contractor (HPC) Program? According to Bill, ISO certification doesn't cover all the aspects of quality that his firm needs to progress to the next level. So impressed was the management team at MESA3 with the HPC assessment model, their quality program now requires that each employee rate the company annually. This is accomplished by completing an assessment questionnaire--a two to four hour per employee investment with a potentially big return. Typically, most companies that conduct the High-Performing Contractor program only have department heads participate in the questionnaire process, but MESA3's corporate culture encourages employees to openly express opinions. That's why Bill wanted all of his people to complete the assessment questionnaire and rate the firm in such areas as customer relationships and loyalty, employee development, operations and support processes, as well as supplier and partner management. By involving the entire company Bill paid his staff a huge compliment, noting that the best way to exhibit that you trust an individual is to ask for their opinion, listen to what they say, activate change as a result or explain why conditions are such that change isn't possible. During the HPC meeting, the MESA3 staff had a lively give and take of ideas. Some owners may not have appreciated the feedback, but by including facilitator/consultant Dennis Sowards the right balance of leadership and direction was maintained during the meeting.

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Chapter News

Long Island Chapter Sponsors Indoor Air Quality Day Seminar

A one-day seminar featuring discussions on building science, duct cleanliness, filtration and mold prevention issues was sponsored by SMACNA of Long Island to recognize New York State Indoor Air Quality Day. Held annually, the program featured discussions of a variety of IAQ issues. Sessions were hosted by Joseph Lstiburek, PhD., of Building Science Corp.; Jack Webster, of the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau; Howard Bader, of Tiffany Bader Environmental and Edward Karpinski, of National Air Filter Co. SMACNA's Director of Technical Services Eli Howard spoke on "HVAC Air Duct Cleanliness ­ Guidelines for New Construction." During the accompanying trade show, the chapter sponsored a tabletop display of duct construction methods demonstrating the use of internal tie rods, fire/smoke damper testing and spiral duct connections. Another show display presented a duct system with five pressure classes illustrating the varying metal gages, sealants and connections required by SMACNA specifications.

SMACNA of Long Island members with their duct construction display. From left to right: Al Sapio, of Arlan Damper Co.; Tom Luerssen, of Anron Sheet Metal; Randy Buchter, of Anron Sheet Metal; Bob Lawless, of Blue Diamond Sheet Metal and Bill Reichling, of Blue Diamond Sheet Metal.

6 December 2003


SMACNA Thanks And Urges Support Of These Convention Sponsors





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Stromberg Metal Works, Inc.

December 2003 7



SMACNEWS is published monthly by the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association for its national, international and associate members. Editor: Rosalind P. Raymond Assistant Editor/Writer: Danielle A. Dobiesz Communications Specialist: Denise J. Ladd



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December 2003

Do Your Employees Really Care About Your Company's Success?

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January 2004 · Basic Principles of Project Management ­ Jan. 5 (10 weeks, Drexel University online) · Chapter Executives Institute ­ Jan. 11-13, Maui, Hawaii · Business Management University ­ Jan. 26-29, Tempe, Ariz. March 2004 · Collective Bargaining Orientation ­ March 4, Atlanta, Ga. · College of Fellows ­ March 19-20, Scottsdale, Ariz. · President to Presidents ­ March 26-27, Lake Las Vegas, Nev. · Construction Planning and Scheduling ­ March 29 (10 weeks, Drexel University online) April 2004 · Construction National Issues Conference ­ April 21-22, Washington, D.C. May 2004 · Industry Week ­ May 2-7, Las Vegas June 2004 · Council of Chapter Representatives ­ June 6-8, New York City October 2004 · SMACNA Annual Convention ­ Oct. 24-28, Maui, Hawaii December 2004 · Council of Chapter Representatives ­ Dec. 5-7, Newport Beach, Calif. Future Conventions Oct. 16-19, 2005 ­ Palm Desert, Calif. Oct. 8-11, 2006 ­ Scottsdale, Ariz.

Plus, his easy-going style allowed everybody to feel at ease and be comfortable as they shared their true feelings. Bill's advice to other SMACNA Contractors is they should all be using this program in their businesses, but they should be prepared to be good listeners. "Even if your initial assessment shows that employees don't rate management high, this gives you the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions, and you'll already be taking the next step in improving by providing the increased opportunity to express themselves and provide input into company operations," he explained. Oftentimes people get locked into their own job and don't understand why others in the company act the way they do, he noted. After participating in the High-Performing Contractor assessment process, the entire staff has more interest in the process and also has an increased commitment to making improvements and understanding why. For more information on the High-Performing Contracting Company, contact Tom Soles, executive director of market sector councils at (703) 803-2988 or [email protected] For a copy of the "Creating the HighPerforming Contracting Company" visit SMACNA's Web site at _Book_Final_Version.pdf or call Carol Novak in SMACNA's member services division at (703) 995-4025 for more information. Contact Dennis Sowards at (602) 740-7271 or [email protected]



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