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Small Wind Conference ­ Monday, June 13th

6:00 ­ 10:00 PM Social in the Exhibit Hall Poster Session Opening KidWind Challenge: Compare your wind turbine blade design to other conference socializers and wind "valuable prizes"

Poster Presentations

The KidWind Challenge - Student Driven Wind Turbine Design Competition ­ Joe Rand, KidWind Building Blocks of Wind Resource Assessment: Wind Analytics as a Teaching Tool Russell Tencer, Wind Analytics Wind Resource Assessment for the Purpose of Wind Turbine Siting in Complex Terrain Jason Smith, California Polytechnic State University Wind for Illinois: How a State Level Trade Association Can Benefit the Small Wind Industry Jonathan Nieuwsma, Chairman, Small Wind Committee, Illinois Wind Energy Association Fostering Rural Electrification Through Locally Built Small Wind Turbines Jay Hudnall, Ti'eole - énergies éoliennes, France Personal Experience Installing a Bergey Excel as a Do-It-Yourself Project Ken Kline, owner Design Procedure of the Cost-Effective Electrical Drive for a Small Wind Turbine Dr. Nikola Milivoievic, MagDrive

Small Wind Conference ­ Tuesday, June 14th

7:30 ­ 9:00 8:00 ­ 6:00 9:00 9:15 ­ 10:15 10:15 ­ 10:30 Breakfast served in the Expo Hall Exhibit Hall open Welcome ­ Small Wind Conference Coordinating Committee Keynote address ­ Randy Udall, Energy Analyst Break

10:30 ­ 11:30

Wind Resource and Siting Lessons

Ian Woofenden, Home Power Magazine, session moderator Beyond Wind Maps: Improving Resource Assessment for the Small Wind Community ­ Steve Woll, Small Wind Options at Altus Air Force Base: Comparison of Purchased Versus Collected Data ­ Robi Robichaud, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Montana State University Great Falls Campus Wind Study: A Case Study ­ Mel Lehman, Wind Montana Project Manager Understanding Power and Yield for Small Wind Turbines ­ Graeme Allan , Proven Energy Break Policies that Support Small Wind Installations

11:30 ­ 11:45 11:45 ­ 12:30

Trudy Forsyth, NREL, session moderator LIPA's Backyard Wind Initiative: Harnessing the Wind Across Long Island ­ Pat Dorsch, Long Island Power Authority Improving Distributed Wind's Bottom Line: Comparing Policy Impacts of Turbines from Top Manufacturers ­ Heather Rhoads-Weaver, eFormative Options LLC Lunch in the Prairie Ballroom Reality Check! Legal and Insurance Issue

12:30 ­ 1:30 1:30 ­ 2:30

Roy Butler, Four Winds Renewable Energy, session moderator Lessons Learned in New Jersey ­ Roger Dixon, Skylands Renewable Energy LLC Lessons Learned in New York - Roy Rakobitsch, Windsine, Inc. Appropriate Business Structures Risk Management for Small Wind Installers ­ Michael Allen, Energy Law Wisconsin How Do You Insure Your Small Wind Business ­ Alan Virgil, South Bay Risk Management Break Results of Short Tower Installations

2:30 ­ 2:45 2:45 ­ 3:45

Jenny Heinzen, Lakeshore Technical College, session moderator The Impact of Tower Height on the Installed Cost of Energy for Monopole Towers ­ Paul Migliore, AnemErgonics, LLC Alfred College Wind Turbine Performance Report ­ Jeff Stevens, Associate Professor Arizona's Experience With Tower Heights and Siting ­ Steve Crouch, UniSource Energy Services The Economic and Educational Value of Small Wind Installations ­ Jonathan Nieuwsma, Illinois Wind Energy Association Tower Height Panel and Discussion: "It's the customer's choice."

3:45 ­ 4:45

Brent Summerfield, "How Tall is Too Tall?", Small Wind Certification Council, Technical Director, session moderator Mike Bergey, Bergey Windpower David Blittersdorf, AllEarth Renewables Inc. David Sharman, Ampair

4:45 ­ 5:00 5:00 ­ 6:00 6:00 6:30 ­ 10:30

Break Introducing the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA)

Mick Sagrillo, session moderator Jennifer Jenkins, DWEA Director, session moderator Mike Bergey, DWEA President, Chair of the Federal Policy Committee Kevin Schulte, Vice President, Chair of the State Policy Committee Lisa DiFrancisco, Co-chair of the Permitting and Zoning Committee Roy Butler, Co-chair of the Installers Committee Adjourn to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association BBQ Sponsored by Bergey Windpower

Working group discussion: What do installers need? ­ Trudy Forsyth and Roy Butler Working group discussion: Input on NEC 694 ­ Rob Wills and Robert Preus

Small Wind Conference - Wednesday, June 15th

7:30 ­ 9:00 8:00 ­ 6:00 9:00 9:05 ­ 10:15: Breakfast served in Expo Hall Exhibitor Hall open Welcome Back Issues and Solutions

Grading Turbines and their Manufacturers: Results of a Survey of Installers ­ Mick Sagrillo, Sagrillo Power & Light, session moderator Panel of Installers Tal Mamo, Talco, California Ry Thompson, Seventh Generation Energy Systems, Wisconsin Joe DiFrancisco, North Coast Energy Systems, Pennsylvania Randy Faller, Kettle View Renewable Energy, Wisconsin Gary Harcourt, Great Rock Windpower LLC, Massachusetts Break Turbine Testing and Test Results

10:15 ­ 10:30 10:30 ­ 12:15

Small Wind Testing and Certification ­ Brent Summerville, SWCC Technical Director, session moderator Design, Constructing; and Performing Tests at a New Regional Wind Test Center ­ David Carr, Alternative Energy Institute Windspot 3.5 Test Results at a French Test Site ­ Jay Hudnall, Ti'eole - énergies éoliennes, France Small Wind Installations in the US: Things We Found Out the Hard Way ­ Craig Jones, Gaia Wind Small Wind Installer of the Year Awards Lunch in the Prairies Ballroom

12:15 ­ 12:30 12:30 ­ 1:30

1:30 ­ 2:30

Towers and Foundations

Trudy Forsyth, NREL, session moderator Foundation Design Considerations for Small Wind Towers ­ Dilip Khatri, Khatri International Support Structures for Small Wind Turbines ­ Gunes Demirbas, Valmont Proposed Design Standard for Towers ­ Dave Brinker, Rohn Products Break Reports and Updates

2:30 ­ 2:45 2:45 ­ 3:45

Safety Best Practices for Small Wind Installers ­ Jenny Heinzen, Lakeshore Technical College, session moderator NABCEP Installer Certification and Small Wind Site Assessor Updates ­ Ezra Auerbach, Executive Director, NABCEP The Impact of Wisconsin's Electrical Licensure Law on Wind Turbine Installers ­ Mike Bernhard, Seventh Generation Energy Systems Woodland Dunes Bird Study Around the Orion Wind Turbines ­ Jim Knickelbine, Director, Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve Break New Small Wind Entries

3:45 ­ 4:00 4:00 ­ 5:00

Ian Woofenden, Home Power Magazine, session moderator MC Energy ­ Cory Arnold, Director of Business Development Sonkyo Energy ­ Dan Johnson, US representative, Windspot Viryd Wind Technologies ­ Marty Price, Vice President of Engineering Enertech ­ Dylan Jones, Sales Manager Small Business Development

5:00 ­ 5:45

Roy Butler, Four Winds Renewable Energy, session moderator The Real Cost of O&M ­ Kevin Schulte, Sustainable Energy Developments Building Relationships: How to Create Win/Win Scenarios that Insure a Successful Project ­ Steve Wilke, Sustainable Energy Developments Closing Remarks ­ Mick Sagrillo Social on the Terrace at Amber Grill

5:45 ­ 6:00 6:00 ­ 10:00


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