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Chemistry 11

Santa Monica College

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Lab Report for Paper Chromatography

Data, Observations, Calculations and Analysis Known Ions

Ion Spot Color (Stained) D (SingleIon) F (SingleIon) Rf D (Ion Mixt.) F (Ion Mixt.) Rf






UNKNOWN ID CODE _____ Unknowns D F (Unknown) (Unknown)

Spot Number (from lowest Rr) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5

Spot Color (Stained)


Identity of Spot

Paper Chromatography

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Chemistry 11

Santa Monica College

Sketch of Chromatogram


Unknown ID Code Ions Identified

Questions and Conclusions 1. What criteria were used to identify the ion(s) found in your unknown? Explain your answer in at least three sentences. Include any difficulties in identifying any ions.

2. If you let the experiment run for only 30 minutes, what would be the likely result? Would any problems arise in identification of the unknown?

3. If Co2+ and Cu2+ spots were the same color, would the identification of an unknown be any more difficult? Explain your answer.

Paper Chromatography

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Lab Report for Paper Chromatography

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