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Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC) 2009 SMC Industry Days

"The Road Ahead and Military Space in 5 and 15 Years"

Lt Gen Tom Sheridan SMC/CC 7 April 2009

2009 SMC/Industry Program Commitments

· · · · Maintain Mission Success on Spacelift and Target Launches, one launch at a time SDTW will support the following launches:


· · · · · · ·

· · ·

Successfully Complete ORS Sat-1 CDR Successfully Complete MMSOC (Increment 2) System Acceptance Review Deliver Standard Space Trainer Interface Control Document Complete operations turnover of EVCF and DT&E on RBC 2nd Article Approval of ESD Block 1 System Design Specification Achieve SMC-wide consensus on USB specification Complete DMSP F19 Dual MIMU Star Tracker Integration Deliver SSUSI space environmental data for operations Approve SSAEM acquisition strategy Transition ICBMs acquisition and sustainment programs to AFMC Deliver STSS Demonstrators ready for launch Deliver STSS Advanced Tech ready for launch Complete IMWS/IRAS Technical Requirements Document and solution space assessment Deliver a Launch Range Development Plan Complete 3GIRS R&D Development Lab Complete CSM PDR Complete CHIRP CDR


Characteristics of Effective Acquisition

· Respond to a quickening pace of need · Tech maturity demonstrated prior to development start · An ability to define and stick to "Good Enough" · Spiral or block strategies which cut down on "Design to Delivery" timelines · Assured delivery schedules and quality products

Partnerships & Cooperation


SMC Way Ahead

· Continue 100% Mission Success­One mission/launch at a time · Deliver five major new systems/mission capabilities in next 6 to 24 months


· Put new programs on path to success

· Example: GPS III/OCX

· Define, develop and demonstrate new space concepts, systems, capabilities­ SSA/DCS, ORS, PGS/CSM, low cost space radar, and 3GIRS research & development · Rebuild space development and acquisition workforce, expertise, processes, and culture · Strengthen partnerships across Government Space & Industry

SMC is Poised to Lead the Next Half Century of Space Systems Development



090415 - Industry Days Opener - CC V1

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