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Siemens Manufactruring and Engineering Center Ltd. (SMEC)

Welcome to Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Center Ltd., Shanghai The Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Center Ltd (SMEC) is a leading producer of switchgear systems. Our local expertise and long presence in China enables us to offer customized products on highest quality level and to provide innovative solutions and services the name Siemens is synonymous for. Launched in 1995, SMEC can look back on many years of experience as a qualified supplier and partner for the plant contracting and engineering industries as well as for the power utility sector. Our practical knowledge draws on the best of many diverse cultures for the benefits of our customers, our investors, our employees and our partners. We warmly welcome people of all fields to the Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Center Ltd. (SMEC) for business discussions and technical consultations.


Corporate Overview

Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Center Ltd. (SMEC)

The Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Centre Ltd., (SMEC) was established as a Joint Venture of Siemens Ltd. China Industrial Solutions & Services and Baosteel Group, Shanghai in February 1995, in which Siemens owns 51 % and Baosteel Group 49 % of the shares. Within the last few years SMEC developed into a qualified, reliable supplier and partner for customized solutions across the electrical industries. For our customers it is important to guarantee the trouble free operations of industrial plants and power stations. This is why we provide the best quality and products designed to our customers individual needs. The company comprises employees with high education and professional knowledge. The quality management system DIN ISO 9001, that we introduced many years ago (certified by TUEV Rheinland) guarantees optimized processes and high quality products which meet Siemens world class standard. The switchgear SIMODRAW®, SINERGON® and SIVACON® are all suitable for Low Voltage Distribution, Motor Control Center, Power Control Center and lighting systems. Additionally SIMOCON® can be used for AC / DC drives and PLC Systems. We also supply DC-switchgear SITRAS® (especially designed for subways) and Container Control Stations, fully equipped portable distribution station modules replacing conventionally designed buildings with power supply equipment. SMEC is present in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Jinan and Chengdu to stay in close contact to our customers. Our services include basic engineering, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of low voltage switch-boards, PLC boards and industrial AC / DC drives, which are developed by our own Engineering Department respectively to the needs of our customers. All our corporate product lines are CCC certified by the China Quality Certification Center. Our core business is the design and manufacture of customized switchgear systems characterized by a blend of high quality and good price-performance ratios.



License & Certificates ............................................................................................................06 SIMODRAW® ­ intelligent withdraw able low voltage switchgear ...........................................07 SIVACON® 8PT ­ the versatile low-voltage switchgear for industry application ........................08 SIVACON® 8PT ­ the versatile low-voltage switchboard for ship application ............................09 SIMOCON® ­ fixed mounted / plug-in switchgear for LV-Distribution, MCCs and PLCs..............10 SIMOCON® ­ for AD / DC drives .............................................................................................11 SINERGON® ­ the low voltage solution combined with intelligent switchgear ........................12 SITRAS ­ DC switchgear for metro systems .............................................................................13 OEM Products ­ for different applications .............................................................................14


License & Certificates

Certificate of Advanced Technology Enterprise

Certificate of High Technology Enterprise

Business License

Certificate of ISO 9001 English

Certificate of ISO 9001 Chinese

License of Approval

In Process 2006 ISO 14001 Certification OHSAS 18001



The intelligent withdrawable low voltage switchgear

Processes become more automated and complex, power supply and control systems face an increasing demand of safety and intelligent operations. SIMODRAW® ensures not only the safeness of a product, but also for the personnel. Testing and interchanging modules can be carried out in an isolated position so that the risk of accidents is minimized. Type tested at 80 kA/1s and constructed according to IEC 60439-1 and GB 7251.1-97 SIMODRAW® offers maximum reliability and quality.

Withdrawable Unit Design

The withdrawable unit design offers maximum of operating and safety convenience. Drawers units can be tested safely by using the special "test" position, in which the internal power connection is isolated. In addition the drawer unit can only be removed in the "remove" position, where all contacts are automatically disconnected.


The intelligent PROFIBUS System guarantees continuous power supply and trouble-free operation by interacting with switchgear and automated control devices. Passed CCC Test by China Quality Certification Center Passed inner Arc-fault Test



for industry application

Economical, requirement-orientated and type-tested (TTA) these are the identifying features of the new low­voltage switchboard from Siemens. SIVACON® is suitable for all power levels: Type tested at 130 KA / 1 s. From the power center with a rating of 7400 A, through main and sub distribution boards to the motor control center, they can be installed whether in fixed-mounted, plug-in or withdrawable unit design.

High packing density with up to 17 feeders per cubicle Test and disconnected position with door closed Visible isolating gaps and points of contact Standard operator interface for all withdrawable units Solid wall design for safe cubicle-to-cubicle separation Alternative bus bar positioning at top or rear Cable or bar connection from above or below

Quality and Safety

The precisely engineered mechanical sideways and interlocks of the circuit-breaker withdrawable-unit technology prevent maloperation Computer-aided configurations ensure error free selection and placing of equipment Effective quality management Passed CCC Test by China Quality Certification Center Passed inner Arc-fault Test



for marine and offshore application

The SIVACON® 8PT low-voltage switchboard is the standard solution for marine and offshore applications. SIVACON® 8PT is available throughout the world and can be used at all power levels up to 7400A as withdrawable as well as plug-in and fixed-mounted unit solutions.

SIVACON® offers advantages that set new standards;

Type-tested standard modules (TTA) Standardized busbar position at the top of the cubicle Deep switchgear compartment for universal installation Modular structure of device compartments Single-front and back-to-back installation Cable supply from above or below Passed CCC Test by China Quality Certification Center Passed inner Arc-fault Test

Modular Technology

E v e r y S I VACO N ® 8 P T i s m a d e e xc l u s i v e l y f ro m standardized and type-coded modules. All modules embrace a high quality conforming to Siemens design specifications. Multiple possibilitiess to combine the components fulfill every requirement. The exclusive use of high-quality Siemens switchgear ensures a long service endurance and reliable operation.



fixed-mounted / plug-in switchgear for LV-Distributions, MCC, PLC Systems

SIMOCON® has proven long-term reliability and success distinguishing itself by its high flexibility, quality and efficiency. Type tested at 80 KA / 1s.

SIMOCON® is constructed in accordance with German and Chinese standards, including IEC 60439-1 and GB 7251.1-97 For the following applications both, fixed-mounted and plug-

SIMOCON® is suitable for power levels up to Return: 660 VAC 50-60 Hz including power distribution, power change-over, power compensation and lighting systems. According to customers needs it can be installed in either fixed-mounted or plug-in design. Providing and organizing the power, it represents the heart in industrial plants, airports, hospitals, office tower and power stations.

in design is suitable: Low Voltage distribution systems Power Control Center Motor Control Center Lighting systems Passed CCC Test by China Quality Certification Center Passed inner Arc-fault Test



for AC/DC drives

SIMOCON® for AC/DC drives are fully digital drive cubicles constructed according to latest technologies. All control functions are fully digital and can be controlled by parameter settings Commissioning and maintenance software records the commissioning curve and the mechanical status Comprehensive automation and network commission enables simple and fast communication Safe and reliable overall protection Standard software for convenient engineering and commissioning Passed CCC Test by China Quality Certification Center Passed inner Arc-fault Test



The low voltage solution combined with intelligent switchgear

SINERGON® is one of the world advanced Low Voltage combined intelligent switchgear systems the new door locking mechanism "continuous-latch". It provides three advantage features: Highest degree in safety Highest availability Highest modularity Developed SINERGON® LV combines intelligent switchgear especially for the Chinese Market. Rated current 6300A(up to 7400A) Rated short-time withstand current 100 kA / 220 kA (Icw / Ipk) Enclosure protection degree IP41(up to IP54) Double Transfer System and Mechanical Coding System, new type Cross-opening, Whole-enclosed, Vertical Busbar Device System, Wire-tightening, Anti-violence Locker Device System, and Technical patent for many of studying projects. Passed CCC Test by China Quality Certification Center Passed Inner Arc-fault Test



DC switchgear for metro systems

The DC switchgear SITRAS® meets all the demands occur for DC power supplies in modern metro and railway systems. Panel and DC high-speed circuit-breaker are type tested in accordance with IEC / VDE and are suitable for DC from 600 V to 3000 V. Minimal maintenance and a long service life assure operational reliability. The cubicle is controlled by a programmable logic controller (SIMATIC) or the digital protective unit and controller SITRAS DPU 96. The DC high-speed circuit-breaker can be operated via A button in the cubicle Command devices in the cubicle door Binary signals from the telecontrole or serial signals via PROFIBUS Seperate compartments for Busbar Cable termination Test circuit DC -High speed circuit-breaker Low-voltage gear (control, protection and signaling devices; terminal block) Passed CCC Test by China Quality Certification Center Passed inner Arc-fault Test


OEM Products

for different application

Our OEM production is an additional pillar and enriches the portfolio of SMEC. Together with our partners and customers, we developed many different products for Original Equipment Manufacturers of different industries. Our engineering know-how and our long-term experience in customized production are only some important abilities. They enable SMEC to develope products that exactly meet our customers' requirements in OEM business. Our quality assurance, prompt delivery and excellent service are highly appreciated by our partners and customers. Currently we can classify our products in four main product lines: Air Condition Control Equipment: For our Partners, we provide different power supplies and control units for various air condition systems especially produced for the pacific-Asia market. Intelligent Traffic System: We supply customized control cubicles which are the core of control systems of signal lightnings, traffic lights and lightning systems.

Power Supply for Medical Equipment: We provide power supply and protective equipment for medical magnetic resonance imaging and x-ray systems. These are manufactured in accordance to German design requirements and guidelines. Airfield Lightning Equipment: Our product line "SIGN" are runway guidance signs and control units for runway guidance lightning systems. They are produced according to the individual requirements of our customers.



For further information, please contact:

Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Centre Ltd. 2128 Shitai Road Luodian Town Baoshan District Shanghai, P.R. China Post Code: 201 908 Tel: +86-(0)-21-3889-1188 Fax: +86-(0)-21-3889-1166 E-Mail: [email protected]

The information provided in this brochure contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in actual case of use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract.

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