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Written, Directed and Produced by Lee Storey Producer Bari Pearlman Executive Producer Jack Lechner Editor Penelope Falk Associate Editor & Graphic Designer Aimée Lyde Director of Photography Ezra Bookstein Original Music John Kimbrough Featuring David Allen Elizabeth Belk J. Blanton Belk Linda Blackmore Cates Paul Colwell Steve Colwell Ralph Colwell Margaret Inge Frank Fields Stewart Lancaster John Parker Eric Roos Don Saul John Sayre Patricia Sayre William Storey and Mark Crispin Miller P.J. O'Rourke Jim Steeg Peter Yarrow

Executive Producers Don Kile Ross Wilson Associate Producer Tatille Jackson Sound Recordists Richard Gin Chris Grehan Additional Camera Ryan McCoy Sean McGinn Sound Design 701 Sound Ira Spiegel FX Mariusz Glabinski music Bruce Kitzmeyer dialogue Marlena Grzaslewicz dialogue Dan (Diego) Fulton assistant editor Sound Mix Tandem Sound Martin Czembor Online Edit Post Factory NY Jimmy Drakoulias Mishel Hassidim Adam Greenberg assistant Forensic Research Intelligation LLC Soundview Intelligence LLC Archival Research Jeff Krulik Terrence Hodgins Additional Research Michael Herold Philip Halpenny Production Assistants Keanan Casey Jeff Herold Transcription Karen Aronowicz Andres Epstein Lisa Smith Post Production Facility Post Factory NY




Eduardo Aguirre Herbie & Jane Allen The Axton Family William Birdsall Howard Blatt Michael Bowerman Sam Caster William Cates Gert Claasen Glenn Close Catalina Quinn Colwell Delmonte Davis Dorothy Martinez Donaldson Patricia Ector Bob & Patsy Fleming Nico & Loel Ferreira Keith & Pamela Frohreich David Garcia Archer Goodman Rudy Hahnloser Mia Hansen Jarvis & Nancy Harriman Mizuki Hashimoto Kevin Howard Jan Horn Tom Houghton Jerry & Martha Jerrett Susan Soest Johansson Jill Johnson Thomas Kreitzer David Kreitzer Diana Lancaster Tim Lane Carolyn Lee Jim & Carol MacLennan David Mackay Henry Marrow Morris Martin Hans Magnus Henry Moreau Pat Murphy Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Dick O'Neal Ann Parker Andrew & Laura Peppetta Mirea Pineda Jackson & Day Ravenscroft Korey Riggs Cyddia Rodrigo John & Linda Ruffin Richard & Randy Ruffin J. Gilbert Sanchez Ralph Score Gary Shantz Tommy Spaulding Tommy Sullivan Julian Sonn John Tracy Pamela Traficanti Lauren Wailes Maria Reay Wailes Christian Walton Chuck Wansley Marcy Ward Van & Anne Wishard Steven & Terry Woods Rob Wright Gary Wysocki Up With People 2007 Cast Up With People 1985 Cast A And Nancy Abraham Noah Amos Glen & Sandy Atkins Phil Boag Beth Bradford Rich Collier Arlenis Cruz Agnes Dahan Caitlin Dixon Christina Figueroa Katy Finch Kerthy Fix Amy Foote Robin Goble Barry Goldwater, Jr. CC Goldwater Charlie Green Alex Halpern Henry & Donna Herold Tom Hurxthal Aimee Keogh Paul Kloss Dahlia Kozlowsky Allan Levine Matt Luxembourg Lynne Mannino Paul Maragay Kim Masterson Kyle McCabe Mike McSweeney Tina Meyerhoff Guy Morgan David O'Connell Jim O'Hagen Kathryn O'Kane Charlie Olivier Tina O'Rourke Jim Pavett Anne Pearson Penelope Price Tim Russell Peter Sagal Dave Sanderson Joe Savastano Toby Shimin Alexandra Shiva Enat Sidi Jim Siler Elisabeth Smith Andy Steiner Jason & Felicia Storey Jenifer Storey Michael Stier Milton Tabbot Myron Tookes Rose Vincelli Crystal Whelan Lem Wimbish Alexis Wiscomb Adam Zucker Jaime Wolf, Esq. Stanley & Elsie Wolf Up With People Up With People International Alumni Assoc. Initiatives of Change Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP CBIZ Miller Wagner Delta Airlines DuArt Film & Video JoyCo Media Law Office of Tony S. Cullum "Made in NY" PA Training Program Matt Wenslau Law Offices Millennium Film Workshop Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island North Star Media Qualcomm Stadium San Diego Film Commission Scottsdale Community College Wells Fargo Bank



MUSIC "Up With People" "Freedom Isn't Free" "The Ride of Paul Revere" "Man's Got To Go Somewhere" "Don't Stand Still" written by Paul Colwell & Ralph Colwell "Sing Out" written by Paul Colwell, Ralph Colwell & Steve Colwell "Don't Keep It To Yourself" written by Paul Colwell, Ralph Colwell & Herbie Allen "Keep Young At Heart" written by Paul Colwell, Herbie Allen & Glenn Close "You Can't Live Crooked and Think Straight" written by Paul Colwell "Life is Getting Better Every Day" "Showboat - Go Boat" written by Paul Colwell & Herbie Allen "200 Years and Just a Baby" written by Paul Colwell, Ralph Colwell, Herbie Allen & John David Mackay "Fiesta Humana" written by Paul Colwell, Ralph Colwell, Herbie Allen & Paul Howard Murphy "What Color is God's Skin" written by David Stevenson & Thomas Wilkes "Beat of the Future" "Hello" written by Paul Colwell, Ralph Colwell, Herbie Allen, Ken Ashby & Paul Howard Murphy "Somebody Smiled On Me" written by Ken Ashby & Doug Holzwarth "A New Tomorrow" written by Ted Colwell & Herbie Allen "Which Way America" "Design For Dedication" written by David Bliss Allen "Sing Out Express" written by David Bliss Allen & Herbie Allen "Robbie Robot" written by Paul Colwell & Paul Howard Murphy "Hey Look Around You" written by Frank Fields & Ken Ashby "Live It Live" written by Cabot Wade & Ken Ashby "I Get a Kick Out of Life" "And It's Happening Now" written by Frank Fields & Dick Smith "A New Dimension" written by Finis Fator, John Warren Tracy & Marylee Martin "Just People" written by Paul Colwell, Ralph Colwell, Ken Ashby & Digby Richards "Shine Man" written by Frank Fields "There'll Be A New World" written by Cecil Broadhurst "Somewhere" written by P. Howard & G. Fraser "Upbeat Main Street" all songs published by Up With People Publishing (ASCAP) "The Fighting Ninth" "Ten Thousand Voices" "This Is It" "Write the Thought Down" courtesy of Moral Re-Armament "When the Ship Comes In" written by Bob Dylan performed by Peter, Paul and Mary published by Special Rider Music "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore" traditional "Stand Up!" written by Wm. Timothy Sprague & Ross A. Wilson performance by and courtesy of Crisis "You're A Grand Old Flag" traditional



ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE COURTESY OF Up With People Inc. Initiatives of Change ABC News Archives Albuquerque Tribune BBC Motion Gallery Bettman courtesy of Corbis Bolivar Bulletin The Chicago Tribune Comedy Central The Curtis Publishing Company Cutler Manikas Productions The Daily Californian Democrat Chronicle The Denver Post Goldberg Diego courtesy of Corbis Sygma The Disney Company Alfred Eisenstaedt courtesy of Time and Life Pictures, Getty Images Evening News Footage Farm FremantleMedia Getty Archive Films GOAL Productions The Harvard Crimson HBO John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Los Angeles Times London Times National Archives NBC News Archives The New York Times NFL Films/NFL Productions LLC John Olsen courtesy of Time and Life Pictures, Getty Images Philadelphia Inquirer Steve Shapiro courtesy of Corbis 20th Century Fox The Washington Post Worcester Telegram

SUPPORT PROVIDED BY Sundance Institute Independent Producers Conference IFP Documentary Lab

© 2009. Storey Vision Productions All Rights Reserved.




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