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Supplying a complete range of metals and plastics to high technology industries

Smiths Advanced Metals is a leading stockholder and supplier of metals and plastics into aerospace, defence, oil & gas and other high technology industries around the world. Our expertise lies in making the highest quality materials available in a fast, cost effective and convenient package. We offer a complete supply solution to all of our customers from small, niche, engineers right through to the biggest multi-national enterprises. · · · · · · · · · · Sales team dedicated to aerospace & high tech industries Partnerships with the world's major metal producers Customer cost reduction programmes Comprehensive cutting and processing facilities A full selection of first stage engineering services 40+ aerospace approvals Wide range of international material standards ISO 9001 & AS 9120 at all our service centres A UKAS approved in-house materials testing laboratory Complete supply chain management

Bar Cutting


Plate Sawing





Tube Honing


Coil Slitting

Vinyl Coating


All information in this data sheet is based on approximate testing and is stated to the best of our knowledge and belief. It is presented apart from contractual obligations and does not constitute any guarantee of properties or of processing or application possibilities in individual cases. Our warranties and liabilities are stated exclusively in our terms of trading. © Smiths Metal Centres Ltd 2009 (Rev 1)

Aerospace Aluminium Bar

related specifications

2014A 2024 2618A 6061 6082 7010 7050 7075

L102, L168 QQ-A-200/3, QQ-A-225/6 AMS 4120, AMS 4339 DTD 5014A, AECMA 3553 QQ-A-200/8, QQ-A-225/8 L111 DTD 5130 AMS 4342 L160, DTD 5124, AMS 4124, AMS 4167, QQ-A-225/9, QQ-A-200/11

Rounds Flats Squares Hexagon Profiles

Aerospace Aluminium Plate

related specifications

2014A 2024 2124 2219 2618A 6061 6082 7010 7050 7075

L93, DTD 5010 L97, AMS 4035, AMS 4037, QQ-A-250/4 Full Plates Sawn Blocks Machined Blocks Profiled Blocks Rings Circles

AMS 4025, AMS 4026, AMS 4027, QQ-A-250/11 L115 DTD 5120B, DTD 5130, AMS 4203, AMS 4204, AMS 4205 AMS 4050, AMS 4201 L95, AMS 4044, AMS 4045, AMS 4078, QQ-A-250/11, QQ-A-250/24 AMS 4089, AMS 4090, AMS 4202

7175 7475

Aerospace Aluminium Sheet

related specifications

1200 2014A

2024 2618A 3103 5052 5251 6061 6082 7050 7075 7475

L16, L17 Bare: L156/7/8/9 Clad: L163/4/5/6/7 QQ-A-250/3 Clad: L109, L110 L59, L60, L61 QQ-A-250/8 L80, L81 QQ-A-250/11 L113 L88, QQ-A-250/12, QQ-A-250/24, QQ-A-250/13 (clad)

Datasheet available on website

Bare Sheet Clad Sheet Polished Sheet Guillotining Stamping Profiling Vinyl Coating

Aerospace Aluminium Tube

related specifications

1200 2014A 2024 3003 5251 5052 6061 6082 7075

L54,L116 L105, L63 AMS 4088, WW-T-700/3 AMS 4065, WW-T-700/2 L56 AMS 4070, AMS 4071 WW-T-700/4 L117, L118, AMS 4080, AMS 4083, WW-T-700/6 L114 WW-T-700/7

Round Square Rectangular Sectional Capillary

Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube

American Aluminium Alloys

related specifications

QQ-A-200/3 QQ-A-200/8 QQ-A-200/11 QQ-A-225/6 QQ-A-225/8 QQ-A-225/9 QQ-A-250/4 QQ-A-250/5 QQ-A-250/11 QQ-A-250/12 QQ-A-250/13 WW-T-700/3 WW-T-700/6

AMS 4165, AMS 4150 AMS 4173, AMS 4150 AMS 4169, AMS 4168 AMS 4120 AMS 4117 AMS 4124, AMS 4123 AMS 4122 AMS 4037 AMS 4040 AMS 4025, AMS 4026, AMS 4027 AMS 4044, AMS 4045 AMS 4048, AMS 4049 AMS 4088 AMS 4083 Round Plate Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Profiles

Commercial Aluminium Alloys

related specifications

1050A SigmaChip® A2 2014A 2618A 3103 5083 5251 5754 SigmaChip® A6 6063 6082 7068 7075

1B 2011 H15 H16 N3 N8 N4 6026 H30

Round Plate Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Profiles

Datasheet available on website

Aluminium Tooling Plate

related specifications


5000 series 7000 series 7000 series 7000 series 5000 series 5000 series 5000 series 5000 series Full Plates Sawn Blocks Profiled Blocks Rings Circles

Aluminium Lithium Alloys

related specifications

2090 2091 2099 2195 2199 2297 8090

C460 Round Plate/Sheet Profiles

Aerospace Stainless Steel Bar

related specifications

S62 S80 S124 S130 S143 S144 S145

420S37, 1.4014 431S29, 1.4044, AMS 5628 416S37 347S17, AMS 5646 FV 520B Round Flat Square Bar Hexagon

Aerospace Steel Bar

related specifications

S82 S95 S97 S98 S99 S106 S132 S140 S154 S155 S156

835M15 , EN39B, 1.6722/3 817M40, EN24 826M31, EN25, 1.6743 826M40, EN26, 1.6745 826M40, EN25, 1.6745 722M24, EN40B, 1.7365 Round Flat Square Bar Hexagon

897M39, EN40C, 1.8523 826M31, EN25 826M31, EN25, 1.6743

4340M, 300M 835M15, 1.6722/3

Datasheet available on website

Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel

related specifications

UNS S32760 UNS 31803 UNS 32750

ASTM 182 F55, 1.4501 ASTM 182 F51, 1.4462 ASTM 182 F53, 1.4410 UNS 32550, ASTM 182 F61, 1.4577 UNS S32550 Round Plate/Sheet Shapes

Ferrinox® 255 Aminox® 255

Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel

related specifications

A-286 PH 13-8 15-5 PH 15-7 PH 17-4 PH 17-7 PH S143

UNS S66286 AMS 5929, UNS S13800 AMS 5659, UNS S15500 AMS 5528, UNS S15700 AMS 5643, UNS S17400 AMS 5528, UNS S17700 FV520B Round Plate/Sheet Shapes

Aerospace Alloy & Stainless Steel Sheet

related specifications

S510 S511 S513 S514/S515 S524 S525 S526 S527

EN3A, 1.1151 EN2A 1.1169 EN14A Sheets Packs

Stainless Steels

related specifications

301 302 303 304/304L 316/316L 321 347 410 416 430 431 6Mo

1.4310, UNS S30100 1.4319, UNS S30200 1.4305, UNS S30300 1.4301/6, UNS S30400/3 1.4401/4, UNS S31600/3 1.4541, UNS S32100 1.4550, UNS S34700 1.4006, UNS S41000 1.4005, UNS S41600 1.4016, UNS S43000 1.4057, UNS S43100 1.4547, UNS S31254

Datasheet available on website

Round Plate Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Wire

Aerospace Alloy & Stainless Steel Tube

related specifications

T45 T64 T66 T67 T72 15 CDV 6 1020 4130 4140

1.4550 1.4541 1.4550 1.7734 UNS G10200 708A25, 1.7218 709M40, 1.7225

Round Square Rectangular Oval Aero Bespoke

Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube

Special Steels

related specifications

15 16 32 40

CDV 6 NCD 13 CDV 13 CDV 20

1.7734/6 S157, 1.6657 AMS 6481, 1.7765 AMS 6437, AMS 6485, 1.7784 AMS 6346 AMS 6382 S149, AMS 6322 S147, AMS 6484 S107, AMS 6269 4340VAR

4130 4140 4330M 4340 8740 9310 300M

Round Plate Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Wire

Maraging Steels

related specifications

C200 C250 C300 C350

UNS K92810 S162, UNS K92890, AMS 6512, 1.6359 UNS K93120, AMS 6514 1.6358 UNS K93160

Datasheet available on website

Round Plate/Sheet Shapes

For an up-to-date list of alloys plus a selection of over 70 downloadable material data sheets visit:

Engineering Steels

related specifications

EN1A EN3B EN8 EN16 EN19 EN24 EN32 EN36 EN40B EN41

230M07 080A15 080M40 605M36 708M40 817M40 080M15 655M13 722M24 905M31

Round Plate/Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Tube

Nickel Alloys

related specifications

Alloy 200/201 Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy 276 400 600 601 617 625 718 800 825 K-500

UNS N02200/N02201 NA11/ NA12 UNS 10276 UNS N04400, NA13 UNS N06600, NA14 UNS N06601 UNS N06617 UNS N06625, NA14 UNS N07718 UNS N08800 UNS N08825, NA16 UNS N05500, NA18

Datasheet available on website

Round Plate Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Wire

Copper & Copper Alloys

related specifications

C101 C103 C106 C109 C110 C111 Ultibron CNS

CW004, Cu-ETP CW008, Cu-OF CW024, Cu-DHP CW118C, CuTeP CW009A, Cu-OFE SigmaChip C2, CW114, CuSP CW111C, BSB25, DTD 498

Round Plate/Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Tube

Beryllium Copper

related specifications

Alloy 3/14 Alloy 10 Alloy 25

Alloy 33-25

UNS C17510, CW110C CuNi2Be C112, UNS C17500, CW104C, CuCo2Be UNS 17200, CW101C, CuBe2, AMS 4533, AMS 4534, AMS 4535 UNS 17300, CW102C CuBe2Pb, AMS 4533 AMS 4534, AMS 4535 CB101, UNS C17000, CW101C, CuBe1.7

Round Plate/Sheet Shapes

Alloy 165

Brass Alloys

related specifications

CZ106 CZ108 CZ112 CZ114 CZ115 CZ120 CZ121 CZ122 CZ126 CZ130 CZ131 CZ132

CW505 CW508 CW712 CW721 CW722 CW612 CW614 CW617 CW707 CW624 CW606 CW602

Datasheet available on website

Plate Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Strip

Over 40 group customer aerospace approvals including: AIRBUS, BAE SYSTEMS, WESTLAND, GKN, BOMBARDIER

ISO 9001

AS 9120

Copper Nickel Alloys

related specifications

CN102 CN107 NES 835 Ultibron NB

NES 779, UNS C70600 CW352H NES 780, UNS C71500 CW354H UNS C72420, DGS 357, DEF STAN 02-835 DTD 900/4805, 2.1504, UNS C72400

Round Plate/Sheet Profiles

Bronze Alloys

related specifications

DTD197A NES833 PB1C LB4C PB102

CA104 (B23), CW307G AMS 4640 DEF STAN 02-833 UNS C63000 CC481K CC494K, UNS C93500 CW451K, UNS C51000

Round Plate/Sheet Profiles

Engineering Plastics


Datasheet available on website

Rod Plate Sheet Foil Bar Hexagon Tube Profiles

A complete range of engineering materials and processing services.

Nickel Silver

related specifications

NS101 NS103 NS104 NS106

CW402J, CuNi10Zn42Pb2 CW401J, CuNi10Zn27 CW403J, CuNi12Zn24 CW409J, CuNi18Zn20 All Shapes

Magnesium Alloys

related specifications

AZ31 AZ61 AZ80 WE43 WE54 ZK60 ZM21 ZW3

AMS 4375, AMS 4376, AMS 4377, AMS 4382 L503, L512, L513 AMS 4360, QQ-M-31B & 44B UNS M18430 UNS M18410 AMS 4352, AMS 4362 QQ-M-40 BS 3370, BS3372, BS 3373 L505, L514, BS 3372, BS 3373

Round Plate/Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Profiles

Titanium & Titanium Alloys

related specifications


TA10-13 AMS 4911, AMS 4928, AMS 4935, AMS 4904, AMS 4907 AMS 4975, AMS 4976, AMS 4919 AMS 4975, AMS 4976, AMS 4919 AMS 4981B TA1, AMS 4940 TA 2-5, AMS 4902 AMS 4900 TA 6-9, AMS 4901

Ti-3Al-2.5V Ti-6-2-4-2 Ti-6-2-4-6 CP Grade 1 CP Grade 2 CP Grade 3 CP Grade 4

Round Plate Sheet Flat Square Bar Hexagon Angle Tube Wire


93W-Ni-Fe 95W-Ni-Fe 97W-Ni-Fe 90W-Ni-Fe-Mo 90W-Ni-Cu 95W-Ni-Cu

Datasheet available on website

All Shapes

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Smiths Advanced Metal Stock Prog

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