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A Senior's Farewell Address

Becoming a New Alumnus Jacob Ewing, Senior Class President So this is what the end feels like. I think it's true that we all have mixed feelings about this moment, but despite these feelings, the truth of the matter is that within the hour all of us here will be graduates of Saint Mary's High School and off to the rest of our lives. Now when I started writing this speech I really wanted to come up with something amazing! Something that when everyone left, and then later thought back on tonight, would think "Oh that was a nice farewell speech." You know, something inspirational. Then I realized that I was going to be talking after Ann Schuler and Lane Gallett? How can I possibly top those two? If you haven't been inspired by our valedictorian or our salutatorian, then there is no way that I'm going to be able to do the job. So, with this said, I've decided to be speaking to you all as an audience who has been inspired and as a class that has heard some fantastic words from two fantastic girls. They've done the tough part. This is the farewell speech. After this wonderful evening that has been planned for us, we will be going our own ways. Some are leaving town, some are leaving the State, and some will just be at the opposite sides of the Valley, but come August many of us will be separated from this Saint Mary's family. This isn't a bad thing. Our paths will cross again. With some people more often than with others, but in the end we all have this school that ties us together. We are all Knights and Lady Knights and in this way we are connected to one another. This connection, the way that we all mesh with one another, is what makes us the Class of 2008. Next year when they are telling the students what it means to be Knights and Lady Knights, they will be talking about us. In our own individual way we are truly SM. Each one of us here tonight is why Saint Mary's is the way it is. All that has been done over these four years is what it means to be a Knight and Lady Knight. Saint Mary's is what it is because of the mark we have left on it. We are and will be forever a part of this school. As the Walrus says, the time has come. I hope that you all have the best that life can offer. And now for some parting words from the oh so eloquent Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip: "The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care." So my fellow graduates, be that person for someone else. Just like my speech, you don't have to do something amazing to have an impact. Just care about what you do and how you do it and people will remember you and love you. Congratulations Class of 2008, the time has come.

Saint Mary's Joins With University of Incarnate Word ("UIW")

The University of the Incarnate Word, a Catholic university with a home base in San Antonio, Texas, has signed a lease agreement with the City of Goodyear to provide an institution of higher learning in that city. "When we started the effort to bring the first full-service university, and the first fully committed Catholic university to the West Valley, Phoenix and the state of Arizona nearly two years ago, we have been lucky to immediately make good partners and good friends," said Cyndi Porter, vice president of extended academic programs for UIW. "We look forward to our future, which will include a full service liberal arts university with 3,000 students at full capacity and then two single-sex Catholic high schools here in the West Valley." The construction of the new campus will occur over a period of years. UIW has offered on-ground classes in its adult evening programs since August 23, 2007, at Desert Edge High School in Goodyear. The establishment of a West Valley college campus is not the only program UIW is bringing to the Valley. UIW has also reached an agreement with Saint Mary's to add a second site on the Knights campus. "We will be working with the staff at Saint Mary's to begin offering our traditional liberal arts courses to qualified high school students using our Brainpower Connection," Porter said. "Brainpower allows UIW to jump start a high school student's college career by having dual enrollment in both the high school and university." Principal Mark Mauro welcomed the opportunity to join forces with UIW. "I am very honored that Saint Mary's has been selected by the University of the Incarnate Word to assist Bishop Olmsted fulfill his desire to bring a Catholic university to the Phoenix area. We are also enthusiastically looking forward to working with the University to extend its geographical presence into the heart of the Phoenix business district while at the same time opening up great opportunities for our students and faculty to benefit from the Brainpower Connection." UIW will begin offering adult classes within its extended academic programs at Saint Mary's in the 2008/2009 year, while at the same time exploring with Saint Mary's ways in which the two organizations can best achieve their respective missions in the Valley. Mr. Mauro said committees will meet throughout the year. "We hope our students will benefit from broader co-enrollment opportunities and that our faculty may enjoy teaching opportunities at the collegiate level."

UIW website: and

Oh Happy Day, For Students, Families, and Friends Our 89th Commencement Exercise at the ASU Activity Center

We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to share in the lives of some very talented and committed young men and women. We thank their families for entrusting them to our care and express our admiration for the sacrifices made to make a Catholic education possible for these young adults. We wish them all well as they move to the next stage of their development.

The gathering of graduates

Boys in green

Salutatorian Ann Schuler

Checking out the facility

Girls in white

Valedictorian Lane Gallett

Julio's happy folks

Ashley's happy folks

Senior Farewell Address

Some Senior Award Winners

Some Short News Items

Student Council Recognized

At the recent 2008 state convention of the Association of Student Councils, our Student Council won a "Council of Distinction Award," a recognition of excellence by people who know what they are talking about. Congrats to our hard working students and their advisers. In the words of STUCO moderator, Dr. Susi Rockwell, "I am so proud of our kids" ­ and so are the rest of us. Our Student Council has become a real force for enhancing the quality of the Saint Mary's experience, not only for the Council members, but for all members of our school community and the wider community as well. Whether it be organizing pep assemblies and other spirit-building activities on our campus, or sponsoring major events like the Smiles of Christmas or the Easter Basket Drive, our Student Council has worked hard to be of service to many people.

Mr. Mauro with Kyle Stanley and Lane Gallett, Knight and Lady of the Year Lane Gallett was also the Valedictorian

Dee Wood and Kevin Mallaire, School Spirit Award

Senior Retreat ­ April 29, 2008

Amidst the rush and hustle of all the activity that marks the end of a high school experience, our seniors were given the opportunity to pause from the rat race and reflect on the deeper meaning of this experience. In a world dominated by a cultural materialism and self seeking careers, Saint Mary's set aside a day at the Franciscan Renewal Center for our seniors, to bring their spiritual lives to the forefront. This annual event brings together all the threads of the tapestry being woven over a four-year period, a tapestry that is both beautiful and durable.

Carlos Sanchez Named Athletic Director

Franciscan Award winners (from left): Timothy Hintze, Regina Georges, and James Hollins (not pictured, Leah Carbajal Carlos Sanchez has over 30 years of experience in athletics and in the coaching field. Mr. Sanchez has been apart of the Saint Mary's High School family for many years. His wealth of knowledge working in education, the community, and the ability to follow through with task are just a few of his major strengths. The Saint Mary's athletic program will strive to a high level of success because of his tireless work ethic, his ability to reach goals, and his ability to communicate with the community. Carlos has been in the classroom as a math and science teacher from 1998-1990 and from 2001 to present. His coaching experience extends to several sports, He was Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach from1998 to 2005 (State Championship 2001), Head Swimming Coach from 2002 to Present (Top Ten Finish State 2007), and lower level coaching in football-, basketball, baseball, and softball. The Sanchez family includes daughter Erin, a 2007 UofA graduate, and three Saint Mary's students, Derek (class of 2007), Taylor (class of 2008), and Zach (class of 2010).

Our Lady of Saint Mary's

In celebration of Saint Mary's 90th anniversary, we have a new image of Our Lady made especially for Saint Mary's. The image, as an oil painting, is being created by Eric Ahern ('91). Eric lives in Colon, Mexico, where he teaches art and English at Santa Maria del Mexicano Orphanage. The painting will be unveiled at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year. Copies of it will be available in the school's Spirit Shop or online at

Our Response To A Tragedy That Affected Everyone At Saint Mary's

Nicole Ann Rodia, Class of 2009, died in a traffic accident that occurred as she and a friend were returning home from Mass. The tragic death of a student has a paralyzing impact on a school community. Nothing else quite matches such an event as a cause of deep introspection and feelings of sadness, confusion, and even despair. It is in times like these that our community's strong Catholic tradition distinguishes itself as a healing balm that protects and purifies those deeps wounds brought on by tragedy. On the Monday after the accident, the school day opened with an all school Rosary in the gymnasium. Tuesday began with a school-wide prayer service that focused largely on remembering Nicole and the beautiful gift she was to our school. Wednesday and Thursday both offered a morning prayer service in the chapel following the 7am Mass. One especially healing moment witnessed a balloon release, done as a sign of entrusting Nicole to the Savior and Lord she believed in so deeply. On Friday school was suspended so that all might have the opportunity to attend Nicole's funeral service, in support of her family and as a moment marking a turning of our attention to a renewed sense of purpose in our own lives. The Rodia family said: The Rodia family would like to express their deepest gratitude to the St. Mary's community of students, faculty, staff, teammates, friends & families for their overwhelming support. Words cannot express the uplifting effect that it had on us in our time of need to have the rosaries, vigil, balloon release, cards, letters, financial support and so much more. It shows us that Nicole's spirit & inspiration will live on in your hearts. We have truly felt the power of your prayers. May God bless you all. In honor of Nicole, a scholarship fund has been set up at Saint Mary's to help fund a student's education. Gifts may be sent to The Nicole Rodia Scholarship Fund, Saint Mary's High School, 2525 N. Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Darfur: Raising Student Awareness Of the Horrors of Genocide

The Sudan is the largest country in Africa, located just south of Egypt on the eastern edge of the Sahara desert. Darfur is an area about the size of Texas; it has only the most basic infrastructure and development. The approximately 6 million inhabitants of Darfur are among the poorest in Africa. The current crisis in Darfur began in 2003. After decades of neglect, drought, oppression, and small-scale conflicts in Darfur, two rebel groups mounted an insurgency against the Sudanese central government. In seeking to defeat the rebel movements, the Government of Sudan increased arms and support to local tribal and other militias composed mostly of Arab Muslims. Government forces have wiped out entire villages, destroyed food and water supplies, and systematically murdered, tortured, and raped hundreds of thousands of Darfuris. This scorched-earth campaign by the Sudanese government against Darfuri civilians has, through direct violence, disease, and starvation, already claimed as many as 400,000 lives. In all, about 2.3 million Darfuris have fled their homes and communities and now reside in displaced persons camps. On Saturday, April 25, Saint Mary's hosted the "Dinner 4 Darfur" event in our cafeteria. Unlike the usual "dinner" for good causes, this meal featured a simple fare of soup, rice, and some fresh fruit in order to be in solidarity with Darfuri who might receive much less in a day. The cost was $5. No frills, no give-away items. The event, moderated by Sister Mary Magdalene, was designed to promote public awareness of the situation in Darfur, particularly among our students and their families. In Sister's words, " I was struck by the generosity of parents, students, and faculty, and proud of the diverse group of students who carried through with their commitment to help out with the dinner." The evening included a brief overview of various instances of genocide and the situation in Darfur by Juliana Manzanarez and Rosario Mireles. This was followed by a slide presentation on the Darfurian people and their struggles. Lyle Skillen, a resident of Phoenix who has done humanitarian work in the Sudan, took the audience through the presentation. Those in attendance were visibly affected by the images cast on the screen. [Sister Mary Magdalene with students and staff helping with the event.]

Sixth Annual Saint Mary's Fashion Show

On February 9, 2008, at the Wyndham Phoenix Hotel, Saint Mary's High School hosted our Sixth Annual Fashion Show, "Return To Oz and The Emerald City." The afternoon was a tremendous success with over 140 models participating and 300 guests in attendance. The models included current Saint Mary's students, alumni, the Dean of Students, and past and current Saint Mary's Parent Organization Presidents. Fashions from our anchor sponsors Azteca Bridal Plaza and Dillard's Fashion Square were modeled. Fashions were also featured from Junky Trunk, Hush Hush, Brides By Demitrios and the Saint Mary's Spirit Shop. Molli Cody, from Molli Cody's The Hair Studio, organized the hair and makeup portion of the show. This year the Kohler Academy brought 24 stylist and makeup artists to help our girls get ready for the show. Dillard's Fashion Square brought Chanel makeup artists to assist with the girls makeup. Everyone looked stunning. The afternoon also featured a silent auction and a live auction that helped raise over $27,000 for the Saint Mary's community. In addition, the afternoon featured a gourmet luncheon, Alex Ship (Class of 2010) singing the "Star Spangled Banner," Mary Graham (Class of 2008) singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and the Harmony Dance Team. A fabulous time was had by all. Plans are underway for the Seventh Annual Fashion Show that will be held on February 7, 2009.


Beautiful Ladies

Handsome Knights

SPRING PLAY: "The Miracle Worker" An American Theatre Classic by William Gibson

Young Helen Keller, blind, deaf, and mute since infancy, is in danger of being sent to an institution. Her inability to communicate has left her frustrated and violent. In desperation, her parents seek help from the Perkins Institute, which sends them a "half-blind Yankee schoolgirl" named Annie Sullivan to tutor their daughter. Through persistence and love, and sheer stubbornness, Annie breaks through Helen's walls of silence and darkness and teaches her to communicate. Initially written for television, The Miracle Worker first aired in 1957. After it was warmly received by television audiences, it was rewritten for the stage and opened on Broadway in 1959. The audience response was very favorable and during its run the first production of the play rarely failed to fill the 1,000 seat theatre. Congratulations to the Drama Club for undertaking this challenging and provocative effort. The story of Helen Keller is truly a "miracle" and the commitment of her teacher, Annie Sullivan, is inspiring to anyone who seeks to serve others.

Mr. Eddy Zubey Named Head Football Coach

The Saint Mary's welcomes Eddy Zubey as its Head Football Coach. In addition to coaching, Mr. Zubey will be a full time staff member on campus for the 2008-09 school year. Coach Zubey has been on campus to take charge of spring practice and become familiar with students and players. For the past two years, Coach Zubey served as Head Football Coach at Mesa's Westwood High School. Prior to that he was the Defensive Coordinator at McClintock High School for two years and was a Graduate Assistant at ASU for three years. Coach Zubey is very familiar both with Catholic education and with success on the football field. He attended De La Salle High School in Concord, California - the school that holds the longest winning steak in high school football, 156 straight wins and thirteen straight undefeated seasons. As a player, Eddy's high school teams were 44-0. His teams won three state championships. Coach Zubey played linebacker at ASU during the 1997 season. His team went to the Sun Bowl that year and beat the University of Iowa. Coach Eddy is married to Lizzette Zubey. They have two children - Andrew (2-1/2 years old, shown above) and Daniel (5 months old). He is Catholic and an active parishioner in Corpus Christi Parish.

2008 Track & Field Highlights

Saint Mary's continues to post improvements in performance and is beginning to make a mark at the State level as a result of the efforts of our athletes. This year saw a number of old school marks surpassed and new marks established. Senior Alyssa Lout completed an outstanding career as a Lady Knight runner and will be moving her talent to Seattle University next year to compete from the Redhawks. Alyssa's accomplishments included record setting performances in five events this year; the 100 (12.56, sixth at the State meet), the 200 (25.46, third at State), the 400 (58.83), the 800 (2:29.66), and the 4x800 relay team (10:48.80). Other members of the recordsetting relay team were junior Julia Grose, sophomore Shapri Romero, and freshman Danage Norwood-Peterson. Other outstanding performances: sophomore Mary Nickerson, Saint Mary's first female triple jumper, set a new school mark for future triple jumpers with a best of 31'8". Junior Brandon Jenkins broke two school records, in the 400 meter dash and the high jump, both meeting the State Meet qualifying standards. Finally, senior James Morrison ended his career with the Knights by placing fifth in the long jump in the State Meet.

Softball Has Another Great Year

Basketball Shines Once Again

Boys Play For 5A-1 Title

The Knights entered the season without Jerryd Bayless, who has taken his considerable talents to the University of Arizona, and the community was abuzz with speculation about the prospects for this rather young team. After a slow early season start, the Knights captured the Desert Valley title during the regular season, posting an 11-7 in-State record, beating Brophy twice in the process, and then won the regional tournament as a tune-up for the State Tournament. At year end the Knights ranked #10 in the AIA power point rankings. The Knights then continued their strong team play in the 5A-1 playoffs, defeating Tucson (#6), Mountain View (#15), and Hamilton (#1), before falling to a very strong Desert Vista team in the Championship game.

Girls Win Region

The Lady Knights entered the season with a new coach, Curtis Ekmark, and high hopes for a continuation of the program's stellar record of accomplishments, hopes that were fulfilled with another fine year. The girls ended the season with a 13-5 in-State overall record, capturing the Desert Valley regular season title and winning the regional tournament. The Lady Knights won two out of three games against Xavier. The season included a trip to New York for a game with a top New York team and entry in the Nike Tournament of Champions in Southern California. The girls ended the season ranked #6 in the AIA power point rankings. The Lady Knights won their first State Tournament game, beating Xavier, before losing to Highland, the eventual 5A-1 State champion.

Let's face it, it is tough to repeat championship years in any sport and softball is no exception. The Lady Knights, however, made a great run at it, reaching the State semifinals. Led by First Team All State pitcher Dallas Escobedo and Second Team All State catcher Molly Smith, pictured above, the girls lost an opening game heartbreaker to Salpointe in the double elimination tournament. Reflecting the fighting spirit that marks all successful SM teams, the girls then strung together wins against North Canyon, Gilbert, and Red Mountain. Next came Basha in the semi-finals and the need to win two games in a row. After winning the opener 4-2, the Lady Knights lost a 2-0 game to Basha, the ultimate State Champions. Above l to r,, pitcher Dallas Escobedo (1st team AllState) and catcher Molly Smith (2nd team All-State)

Graduate Stars At the Next Level

Patricia Moreno (Class of '06), a four-year pitcher for the Lady Knight softball team, continued her success at the next level. Patricia pitched the winning game for Phoenix College in the 2008 NJCAA National Softball Championship. She did the same in 2007 and was named Most Valuable Player. She has signed for a full-ride scholarship to West Virginia Wesleyen University. Congrats to her for a job well done.

Tax Credit for "C" Corporations ­ A Great Way To Make Catholic Schools Affordable For Everyone

Enacted in 2006, the AZ Corporate Tuition Tax Credit allows C-Corporations to claim an income tax credit for contributions made to organizations that provide educational scholarships to children of low to moderate income families, like the Catholic Tuition Organization of the Diocese of Phoenix (CTODP). Instead of sending taxes to the state, your business could provide lower income children the opportunity to attend a great Catholic school and receive a spiritually rich, academically sound education. Over the past 2 years, CTODP has raised nearly $4.8 million dollars through this program and was able to send 749 children to Catholic school using corporate dollars this past school year. This year, an aggregate statewide cap of $14.4 million dollars is available to C-corporations on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning July 1, 2008. This "tax re-direct" opportunity will not last long, so immediate action is required. If you have a Ccorporation, or know someone who does, please contact Pat Lavin at 602-595-2349 or visit for more information. Take the credit.

Graduates Come Home to Saint Mary's

One of the contributors to continuity of spirit at Saint Mary's is the return of its graduates to teaching or administrative positions. Last year three of our graduates held full-time teaching positions at Saint Mary's: Reggie McGill (`87) in PE, Mike Jenkins (`97) in Social Studies, and Greg Fahrendorf (`96) as Chair of the PE Department. Two more of our graduates will be joining our faculty for 2008/2009 (and hopefully for many years thereafter). Jacquelyn Scarduzio ('04) will be a Math teacher and head volleyball coach. Kelly Sweeney ('03) will be an English teacher and active in moderating student government. These alumni not only bring us considerable talent and energy, but also a respect for the school's traditions and a belief that Saint Mary's can make a difference in the lives of young people, a belief grounded in their own experiences. NOTE: If you have ever thought about returning to Saint Mary's in a professional position, don't dismiss that thought as an unrealistic one. All of our on-staff graduates have, and have always had, other opportunities to pursue their careers. They chose Saint Mary's because it was, and still is, important to them.

Some of the Boys of 1970

For a substantial number of years, a group of former Knights have gathered each summer, usually in the mountains and near lakes, to rekindle the spirit that entered their lives more than 40 years ago. Pictured above is this year's 14-man crew, at a cabin near Forest Lakes, AZ. Like all of these get-togethers, folks don't remember the fish caught or the steaks burned, but they remember each other and their smiles reflect a comfort and serenity that has become all too rare given the pace of today's world. Front Row L to R: Larry Spade, Tim Sanford, Tim Gallagher, Mike Larkin, Pat Farrell Back Row L to R: "Shoeless" Lou LaScala (former SM principal), Bill Eden, Chris Ackel, Frank Maldonado, Jim McShane (`71), Tom Moore, Tom Contreras, Tom Westfall, Mike Ciani.

Weddings Bring Friends Together

On May 8, 2008, Meghan Dowling ('00) married Michael Yee. The occasion brought together a number of our alumnae who served in the bridal party. This is one of the great tributes to the family atmosphere at Saint Mary's, when high school friends remain amongst a graduate's closest friends some years after their high school years. Meghan graduated from ASU in 2005 with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering. I(n addition to Meghan (Dowling) Yee, fourth from the left, the picture includes Cydney Landels, Kristine Marayag, Susie Chester, and Meredith Cawthorn. Meghan's brother, Kyle Dowling ('02), returned from Iraq for the wedding.

CLASS OF 1958 50th REUNION: NOVEMBER 15,2008 Let's Get Together and Have a Good Time, Again

Plans for the 50th reunion for the Class of 1958 are running smoothly and our goal is in sight. We have an email list of 74 classmates and three of our teachers: Father Barnabas Hughes, Sister Mary Linus Bax, and Sister Eleanor McNally (we knew her as Sister Thomas). Classmates have been able to email each other and generate interest in the November 15 reunion. Father Barnabas and Sister Eleanor plan to attend. We have mailing addresses for 137 classmates but we don't have everyone's address. If you and your friends from our 1954-1958 class haven't received any of our reunion updates in the mail or by email, please contact Kay Butler. The events scheduled so far are a Saturday morning downtown walking tour of our old haunts, lunch, and dinner and dancing in the evening. The tour is free and will be led by the Copper Square Ambassadors. Vera Pressendo Williams and Michael Viliborghi are coordinating this event. Our dinner will be held at the Mountain Preserve. There will be a live band and recorded music throughout the evening. We'll enjoy music of the 50's, although some 60's melodies may sneak in. Details for these and other activities will arrive in our classmates' mailboxes in mid-September. Interested in something that's available immediately? You can buy reunion T-shirts from Esther Mariassy Kmetty right now! Our quality T-shirts are white with a St. Mary's logo in a variety of adult sizes. Cost is $10.00. There is a postage and packaging charge of $3.00 per shirt for those who would like to order early by mail. T-shirts will be sold at all reunion events. Your hardworking committee: Esther Mariassy Kmetty, Tom and Fran Miller Walsh, Willena Dodt Conley, Bill Landry, Vera Pressendo Williams, Mary Ann Wenc Marc-Aurele, Tom Reyman, Gwen Abboud Fitch, Michael Viliborghi, Diane Bertoia Rich, JoAnne Hintze Garrett, and Kay Butler wants to thank Eileen Nolan White for getting us together, organized, and off to a good start. We're looking forward to seeing all of you! Walking Tour Information: Contact Vera (928-776-0804 or [email protected]) or Mike (602-809-3400 or [email protected]) T-Shirt Information: Contact Esther ( 602-265-5068 or [email protected]) General Information/Referrals: Contact Kay (480-838-2923 or [email protected])

Reunion: Class of 1968 ­ They Say They Were the Best Ever

Friday, October 3, 2008 Morning Golf Event: Tee time will be at 9:30 a.m. Open to everyone. Vistal Golf Club, Seventh Street and Dobbins Road in South Phoenix. Evening Tailgate Party: Gather to "meet and greet" at the St. Mary's 40th Reunion RV located in the SW parking lot of the Phoenix College Stadium. The Homecoming Field of the St. Mary's Knights! Evening Homecoming Game: Game tickets and name tags will be available at the RV. We will enter the stadium as a group. If you prefer to purchase a ticket at the gate, seats will be saved for you (and your guest) in a designated section of the home side of the Phoenix College Field. If you are having too much fun, hang out at the RV! Kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. After Game Activity: Location to be announced. Saturday, October 4, 2008 Memorial Mass: We will celebrate a mass in memory of our deceased classmates in the Chapel on the school campus starting at 3:00 p.m. [2525 North Third Street, Phoenix, between McDowell and Thomas.] St. Mary's High School Tour: If you haven't seen the new campus or the newly completed additions to the campus, you will enjoy a tour guided by current Saint Mary's students. We will meet on the campus and go touring together starting at 4:00 p.m. Dinner and Dance: Enjoy catch up with all your classmates at the Arizona Country Club! Guest registration starts at 6:00 p.m. No host bar will be open at this time. Buffet dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. Activities and dancing will carry us through to midnight. No telling what happens next! Check out the registration details at: Picture of the Reunion Committee at the website.

Class of 1959: Planning A 50th Reunion

The Class of 1959 steering committee has started planning for the 50th Reunion. Although a specific date hasn't been selected, it will be sometime between mid-October and mid-November 2009, excluding Halloween. The committee is anxious to update our email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers for all our classmates. Any information can be sent to the committee's email address, [email protected], or call Mike Dalton at 602-992-7167.

A 70th Birthday Bash For Class of 1956

Your are cordially invited to a 70th Birthday Bash November 7th, 8th & 9th, 2008. Food, Fun & Frolic. Sponsored by the class of "56". For more info call Nancy Jo Sheridan Schmidt, Class of 56. The class that still has class. 602-861-8051. Food provided by Town Talk II. More info to follow.

Honoring Legacy Families

The Emerald Ball Dinner Auction was a great success with over 320 guests in attendance. Legacy Families were honored with a power point display of graduates, graduating years, and photos. A Legacy Family is a family with three or more generations that have attended Saint Mary's High School or a family with five or more family members that have attended Saint Mary's. If you or a family you know fits this criteria, please notify the Development Office at 602-251-2546. This year was just the start of compiling the Legacy Family List. There are many more Legacy Families out there, please help us recognize them. The evening was a fun way to catch up with old friends and make new friends. Event chairs were Mimi Robertson and Kelly Hansen, both parents of Saint Mary's students. A huge thank you, to the Emerald Ball committee members, volunteers, Carol Mellis and her band members, Cher Norville and her stage craft students, Michael Morrin and the yearbook staff, and Liz Serrano. The event was a showcase for the talents of our students in several art disciplines. Thank you all for sharing your time, talent and treasure. Early estimated profits for the Emerald Ball is over $50,000. The funds raised will help support extracurricular activities, educational development, student scholarships and the community of Saint Mary's High School.

The Pacheco family

The Rideau family

Senior MaryBeth Graham sings "Amazing Grace"

The Herb Tiffany family

Editors Note: Please notify us of any change in address. Parents, please update the address of your children. We look forward to receipt of more news on our graduates as well the various reunions. As always, we welcome news on weddings, births, and accomplishments. The Knightline is published twice a year, in January and July. Submissions can be sent to the editor, Tom Reilly, at [email protected] or via mail at the school address: 2525 North Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Brett Hite ('98) Top Bass Fisherman

Professional bass fishing has become a major sport in the United States. The Forrest L. Wood Tour (FLW) is a major factor in this exploding sport. FLW Tour Pro Brett Hite ('98) has always been an extremely good angler. In 64 entries as a Bassmaster Professional angler between 1999 and 2005, Hite earned more than $146,000. To go with his BASS earnings, in 24 entries as an FLW Tour pro since 2003, Hite has earned $401,522. More than half of his FLW career earnings has come in the last three weeks -- in two tournaments. Hite opened 2008 by finishing 13th at the FLW Series East-West Fishoff, qualifying for the 2008 Forrest L. Wood Championship February 7 ­ 9 at Lake Amistad. Three weeks later, at the FLW Tour season opener at Lake Toho, Hite beat the other 199 pros by a record-winning margin of 20 pounds, 4 ounces, in doing so he earned $125,000. Two weeks later, on the opposite end of the country at the FLW Series National Guard Western Division season opener at the California Delta, he did it again. Hite claimed the first place prize of $125,000 again by crushing a four day total of 106 pounds, 11ounces. "This has been kind of a dream story, said Hite, I have wanted to be a professional bass angler since I was eight years old." While attending Saint Mary's, at age 17, Brett won a fishing boat in a local competition. Little did we know that a little more than a decade later his dedication to his sport would lead him to national prominence, demonstrating once again that perseverance and hard work can lead to great success. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "I believe in good luck and the harder I work the more I have of it." Congratulations Brett!!!

Brian Matusz ('05) Becomes A Baltimore Oriole

Brian Matusz (Class of `05) was the fourth person taken in first round of the 2008 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft, selected by the Baltimore Orioles. This is a very high honor. In 2005 Brian was drafted in the fourth round by the LA Angels but he elected instead to attend the University of San Diego. Brian has completed his junior year at USD. A 6'4" left-handed pitcher, Brian has had a spectacular college career, a result not surprising for Arizona's Big School Player of the Year in 2005. With a 10-3 record last year and a 12-2 record this year, Brian is the most decorated pitcher in USD's baseball history. The Toreros ranked as high as fourth in the Nation this year. Brian is a two-time first team All-America and two-time West Coast Conference Pitcher of the Year. Also, he is one of five finalists for USA Baseball Golden Spikes Award, for thirty-one years presented to the nation's premier amateur baseball player. Brian was a Golden Spikes finalist last year as well. In the summer of 2007 he represented the United States as a pitcher for Team USA.

Other Alumni As Pros

Andre Ethier ('00), drafted in the second round of the 2003 MLB draft by Oakland, is now a mainstay in the outfield of the LA Dodgers. Nick Evans ('04) the NY Mets` fifth round selection in the 2004 MLB draft, was enjoying a solid 2008 season at AA Binghamton when he was promoted to the majors on May 24. He is once again at AA Binghamton. Channing Frye ('01), the eighth overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft by the NY Knicks, was traded to the Portland Trailblazers last year. You can follow Channing on his blog at

Jerryd Bayless ('07) Becomes a Portland Trailblazer

One year after graduation from Saint Mary's, Jerryd Bayless "graduated" from college hoops to the NBA, basketball's pinnacle of skills. After a strong freshman year at the University of Arizona, finishing third in NCAA scoring per game, Jerryd was the eleventh person taken in the first round of the 2008 NBA Draft. But the excitement didn't end there. That same day, Indiana traded Jerryd to Portland, where he will join former Knight Channing Frye ('01) in the Portland lineup. "He is extremely competitive and he is an extremely good talent," said Channing. "I'm happy we have him here and he's gonna make us better, not only on the court but off."


Father Michel Gagnon OFM. . With a heavy heart, we note the passing of Father Michel Gagnon, a former Saint Mary's teacher. Father Michel visited our campus last October to join in the festivities surrounding the 40th reunion of the Class of 1967; Father Michel concelebrated the Sunday Mass. Father Gagnon suffered a stroke. Born in 1931, Father Michel became a Franciscan Friar in 1950 and was ordained in 1957. For many years he was the pastor of Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, California, retiring from that post in 2002. His activity in the community reflected a respect for life at all stages, with membership on the boards of the local hospice and a school for developmentally disabled children. It is our sad duty to report to you the death of one of our friars, Father Lester Mitchell, OFM, former teacher and Principal at Saint Mary's, passed away on April 1, at the Beatitudes Campus of Care in Phoenix. Father Lester was 79 years old, 58 years professed, and 42 years ordained. Father Martin Phillip Wurth ('43) passed away in March, 2008. After graduation from SM, he joined the Seebees and served three years in the Pacific. On return, he enrolled at St. Mary's college in CA and received a BS in economics and business administration, then joined Crown-Zellerbach Corp. He received the call to his vocation while living in San Francisco. He was ordained in the Carmelite Order in 1959, saying his first solemn Mass in Saint Mary's Basilica. He served in various parishes in Texas for almost 50 years. He is survived by his sister Angela Wurth Ronan and many Pembertons. Daniel Gallagher, father of Keith Gallagher ('89), passed away on October 17, 2007 in Joliet, Illinois. He was 69 years old. Dan was a former Chicago Police Officer from 1962-1982, and a Captain for the State of Illinois Dept. of Human Services in Rushville, Illinois. Let us all give Keith & the rest of his family our prayers & deepest condolences. David Powell ('55) passed away March 15, 2008, in Aguanga, CA. He is survived by five children and twenty grandchildren.

Short Notes

Annie (McCall) Poetzl ('98) received a master's degree in July, 2007 and married Eric Poetzl in March, 2008. She currently works as a computer teacher in Phoenix for the 7th and 8th grade. Vanessa Imperial ('04) became a state certified police officer after graduating at the top of her academy class for the Mesa Police Department. She has been working as a patrol officer for more than a year. Bernadette Califell ('93) received both her BA and MA in Communication Studies from ASU. She then received her PhD from the University of North Carolina. Thereafter, she was a faculty member for three years at Syracuse University and then joined the faculty at the University of Denver in 2006. In 2007 she published the book "Latina/o Communications Studies: Theorizing Performance." Abe Balderrama ('65), at left in picture, retired from America West Airlines, now US Airways, where he was a commercial airline pilot for the 23 years. After graduating from Saint Mary's, Abe received a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from ASU. He then joined the Air Force as a second lieutenant, leaving after nine years of service as Captain Balderrama. His career in commercial aviation began with Air Florida before he moved to America West. He and his wife Karen (married for 28 years) live in Tempe with their children, Edward and Andrea. Joe Vales ('68) retired from the Phoenix Fire Department as a Battalion Chief with more than 33 years of service to his community. Joe coached football for 20 years and assisted Pat Farrell with the football program for another ten years. J.J. Vales ('01) and Jonathan Alcocer ('98) were recently redeployed to Iraq. Mike Rush is also serving in Iraq. We keep all our troops in our prayers. Samantha (Robledo) Hamblin "95 and her husband Frank, announce the arrival of their son Lucas Daniel Hamblin on April 18, 2008. He is welcomed by big brother Jackson. Frank and Samantha recently celebrated their 9-year anniversary and are currently living in Goodyear. Melissa Eddy ('02) and Richie Campana ('00) are engaged and plan to marry in July in Dublin, Ireland. They intend to live in Ireland for a year or so. Catherine Coury ('02) and Daniel Scholz ('02) married November 17, 2007. Lance Corporal Kyle R. Dowling ('02), United States Marine Corps, is currently serving in Fallujah, Iraq. He enlisted in USMC in August 2006 and is Air/Ground Task Force Specialist. He will return from Iraq in March 2009. Sarah Barkley ('02) married Staff Sgt Michael Criss (Luke AFB) in October, 2007.


Having a reunion? Need a gift with an SM theme? Contact Magnalite Distributors, alumni owned by Jack Ahern ('68) and Todd Ahern ('97). A full line of SM merchandise, including mugs, shirts, key chains, custom orders. Visit or call 602-2690009.

Reunion for Class of 1998

Attention class of '98! Reunion planning for our ten year has started. If you would like to help or update your information please call or email Mikki Galindo (Trujillo) at (480) 205- 0895 or [email protected] The reunion will take place at the end of October or beginning of November.

About the Saint Mary's Scholarship and Benefit Fund

The Saint Mary's Scholarship and Benefit Fund was founded in 1984 to provide a foundation to assist Saint Mary's High School. The mission of the Scholarship and Benefit Fund is to acquire and raise funds to provide tuition assistance to students with a demonstrated financial need, to provide funding for capital improvements and to assist the faculty and staff of Saint Mary's High School with maintaining the school's rich tradition and history.

presents The 8th Annual Steve Beltran Memorial Red Tee Tournament Saturday, September 20, 2008 at McCormick Ranch Golf Club Cost to play in the tournament is $125 Funds raised will provide tuition assistance for Saint Mary's students and support the School's efforts to maintain its rich tradition and history. You can help by sponsoring the tournament, donating money or prizes, playing in the tournament, even all three! For more information and registration forms, please visit or call (602) 256-4909

How you can help . . .

There are many ways you can help Saint Mary's Scholarship and Benefit Fund meet its goal of raising scholarship funds and resources for Saint Mary's High School and our students. · Become a POSSE Sponsor (See below) · Create an endowed fund · Make a gift via United Way ­ our code is 8250. You can always write our name on your pledge card! · Be a golfer or sponsor of the 8th Annual Steve Beltran Memorial Red Tee Tournament ­ September 20, 2008 at McCormick Ranch Golf Club · Volunteer for the 2009 Saint Mary's Hall of Fame Dinner If you have questions, need additional information or want to make a gift, please contact Karen Nikoloudakis at (602) 2564909 or at [email protected]

THE POSSE PROGRAM 2007-2008 A Partnership of Students, Sponsors & Educators Helping Those With Most Need

Started in 1995, this program recognized that students with the greatest need required special help to make the Saint Mary's experience a reality. POSSE sponsors help provide financial assistance to such a student for a 3 or 4-year period and have the opportunity to provide encouragement and inspiration throughout the year. Recipients are selected as a part of the school's overall financial aid program. POSSE sponsors can choose from among a number of different annual gift levels, ranging from $500 to full tuition amounts; several sponsors fund multiple POSSE students. Thanks to our POSSE sponsors for the 2007/2008 school year. If you would like more information on becoming a POSSE sponsor, contact Karen Nikoloudakis at (602) 256-4909 or at [email protected]

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bertrand Mr. & Mrs. Matt Cunningham Ms. Margaret Gabaldon Mr. & Mrs. Clint Magnussen Mr. Mike Ricke Ms. Susan Hurley Deconcini Mr. & Mrs. Herb Bool Mr. & Mrs.Sean Cunningham Mr. Mike Halvorson Mr. Robert Mayhall Ms Aleta Speier Mr. Sonny Rodriguez Mr. Tom Boyle Mr. Gary Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Clem Hellman Mr. Terry McGillicuddy Dr. & Mrs. Jay Standerfer Mr. & Mrs. Ben Butler Mr. Greg Dudo Ms. Judy Wischer Ms. Patricia Malkoon Muecke Mr. & Mrs. Mike Tiffany Mr. Joe Contadino Ms. Lorie Futch Ms. Kathy Machmer Mr. Bill Reilly Ms. Norma Fitzgerald



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