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One of the major distinctions between plants and the green algae is? Which phylum contains organisms that most closely resemble the common ancestor of fungi and animals? most recent common ancestor of all land plants was most similar to modern-day members of which group? What characteristics are common to both charophyceans and land plants? Draw a diagram of alternation of generations for ferns & angiosperms.What do bryophytes lack that all other land plants have? What fungal structures are associated with asexual reproduction? For the following characteristics please indicate how each helps the plants survive on land; nonflagellated sperm; tracheids and phloem; secondary compounds; cuticle; alternation of generations. What fungal structure is associated with asexual reproduction? What does ATP stand for? What characteristics helped seedless plants become better-adapted to land? Which types of plants would not have been present in the forests that became coal deposits?What are angiosperms are most closely related to? Which was the dominant plant group at the time that dinosaurs were the dominant animals? Chemicals, secreted by soil fungi, that inhibit the growth of bacteria are? What does heterosporous mean? Why are plants with a dominant sporophyte so successful? What most closely represents the male gametophyte of seed-bearing plants? How are gymnosperms different from ferns? Wind pollination is most likely to be found in seed plants that grow where? Stamens, sepals, petals, and pine cone scales are all modified what? A hypothetical angiosperm opens its flowers only at night. The flowers are brown and emit a putrid odor. The pollinator is most likely to be which organism? How have fruits contributed to the success of angiosperms? Which of the following flower parts develops into a seed? Which of the following flower parts develops into a fruit? Do angiosperms have flagellated sperm? Over human history, which process has been most important in improving the features of plants that have long been used by humans as staple foods? What is the greatest threat to plant diversity? Who is likely the closest relatives of fungi? What do all fungi have in common? When a mycelium infiltrates an unexploited source of dead organic matter, what are most likely to appear within the food source soon thereafter? What is the role of a mushroom's underground mycelium? What is the photosynthetic symbiont of a lichen? Discuss the patterns of sexual reproduction in plants. Compare and contrast reproduction in nonvascular plants with that of flowering plants. INCLUDE the following in your discussion. a. alternation of generations b. mechanisms that bring female & male gametes together c. mechanisms that disperse offspring to new locations Angiosperms have wide distribution in the biosphere and currently have the highest number of extant species in the plant kingdom. d. Discuss the function of 4 structures for reproduction found in angiosperms and the adaptive (evolutionary) significance of each e. Mosses (bryophytes) have not achieved the terrestrial success of angiosperms. DISCUSS how the anatomy and reproductive strategies of mosses limit their distribution f. Explain & draw a diagram of alternation of generations for either mosses, ferns, gymnosperms, or angiosperm The fungi kinddom is very impt in the biosphere g. Explain & draw the structure of the fruiting body of a fungus h. Discuss 2 ways in which fungi are important to ecosystems i. Explain how fungi obtain their food. j. Explain 2 major contributions of fungi for Homo sapiens


One of the major distinctions between plants and the green algae is

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One of the major distinctions between plants and the green algae is
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