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Stepping into high school... but first let's eat!


Goodbye Miss Deomampo


The Eighth Graders had their first of many culmination activities on January 19th with their Breakfast and Pin and Ribbon Ceremony. As they entered Glenn Hall, one could tell how excited they were about being in their last year in middle school. The event began with a welcome address by class sponsor Jana Fowlks. She told the Eighth Graders about their future activities and the guidelines that they needed to follow in order to stay off the dreaded "No Activities List." Next, they ate breakfast and voted for their superlatives. Near the end of the meal, there was a musical performance by Jordan Berger on guitar and Theo Cohn on bass. After this, Mr. Weinberg and Mrs. Roberts shared some wisdom with the young students. And then, the Pin and Ribbon Ceremony began. Each homeroom teacher called up their students to receive a small pin, a symbol of their position as the oldest middle school students. The final part of the event was the one the eighth graders were

looking forward to the most--the superlatives. Patrick Khokogian and Rachel Chavez won Best Eyes, while David Leong and

and Zoe Rosenberg were voted the Craziest Dressed, and Jordan Berger and Roni Silberstein were voted Most Musical.

Theo Cohn, Jordan Berger, and others provide entertainment for the Eigth Grade Breakfast.

Jasmine Osuna won Best Smile and Theo Cohn and Lily MyersCook won Best Hair. Jared Soll and Gabi Manevich received the Most Athletic distinction. Dane Pearson and Anna Prewett were the recipients of Best Singer, while Doug Harris and Emily Moser won Best Joke Teller. Max Garland

"The breakfast was a great way to celebrate our eighth grade year," remarked Ramia Ramadas, a member of the class cabinet. "Everyone had a great time." Hopefully, the Eighth Grade Class of 2007 will have as much fun at their upcoming picnic and Grad Night.

"So Ms. Deomampo, why are you leaving us?" This is the question on everyone's mind as one of our beloved counselors has chosen to move to the Oak Parks School District, working for Medea Creek Middle School, Oakview Continuation High School, and Oak Park Independent Studies School. She was offered the job over winter break, which explains the suddenness of this decision. Even though she expresses her deepest regrets for leaving many great students, she sees this as necessary for her future. She explained by saying," It was the toughest decision I've ever had to make; it wasn't about not being happy; it was about doing what's best for me and for my future. It's bittersweet; I'm excited yet sad." On Monday, February 12th , Ms. Terry Adams will take over Ms.

Americans in Europe


A Report on the WASC Accreditation


Valentine's Day


Deomampo's duties: the HEART program, counseling students, and programing schedules for upcoming semesters. While it will be sad to see her go, we should welcome our new counselor with the same respect and affection that we have for Ms. Deomampo.

Alex Yanik and Lauren Sperling try to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Day 1- Time zones and jet lag Phrase of the Day: Buonjourno! (Hello!) Our first day on the Europe trip was spent in airplanes and airports. My group of 29 people had a flight at 8:20am California time, which stopped over in Atlanta, Georgia around 5:00pm EST. During the layover, a few of us exchanged useful phrases with those who had no understanding of the languages. From there, we boarded our Delta flight to Milan, flying a total of 8 hours and 30

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SOCES has been working on our WASC accreditation for several months now. The school's WASC committee has conducted Focus groups, passed out surveys, and has filmed several classes. This committee includes Ms. Tabares, Ms. Roberts, Ms. Aguilar, and Mr. Jackson. As the date for WASC accreditation is nearing, these people have worked tirelessly to prepare our school. They have spent countless hours editing the information that teachers, students, clerical staff, parents have provided about SOCES to create a report that accurately represent the school. Currently the goal of the accreditation committee is to review and revise the report on SOCES. They are working hard to make sure that they can answer all of the WASC questions correctly and accurately without grammatical errors. They would like to make a copy available to parents and students before WASC has a chance to see it. They hope Leadership and parents will read the report and make sure all of the information stated is accurate. The committee is also focusing on reviewing

our strengths and targeting the growth areas. Such areas include our attempt to bring the basic abilities level of all students up to proficiency. This report is a useful tool by providing the committee information on what they can do now and what they need to do in the future to improve the school. Students can aid the accreditation process by helping keep the school clean. The committee would like to address this issue by encouraging students to use the trashcans and pick-up after themselves because part of the report deals with the safety and cleanliness of the school. Gaining WASC accreditation is important. The committee may organize the school's accreditation process, but the students can provide their own input. The committee would like to remind students that this whole process is for them, and that it would be a big help if the student body would keep the campus clean. It is important to recieve Accredidation and allows for the Senior and Future Graduating Classes to get into the colleges and universities.

It's that time of year again, for cards, candy, flowers and L-O-V-E! Although it is only a commercial holiday to some, others take February 14th as a day to tell their loved ones that they care. It is the most romantic day of the year, and really, who doesn't love to get a box of chocolates or a handmade card? There are many different versions of the story of Valentine's Day, but the one believed by most is that of St. Valentine, a Roman priest who lived in ancient Rome during the third century. The emperor of his time, Emperor Claudius II, believed. So, he prohibited single men from marrying their loved ones. Neglecting the order of the Emperor, St. Valentine, a true romantic, secretly continued to marry

the lovers. The Emperor eventually discovered St. Valentine's disobedience and sent an order for his death. Heartwarming, don't you think? But Valentine's name lived on, and he is now the name sake of the day and of the "valentines" some people choose to send. On this day of love, gifts are exchanged between friends and loved ones. It's fun to be innovative with gifts for your sweetheart(s); being creative with gifts helps bring out the true spirit of the day. Why not show that special someone you care with a flower or box of candies? Whether attached or not, February 14th is the perfect day to just celebrate love. You don't need a specific holiday to say "I love you," but take advantage of this day to do so. Here's a few different ways to say, "I love you" to those you care about: Arabic - Ohiboke / Nohiboka Farsi - Tora dost daram! Filipino - Iniibig kita! French - Je t'aime! German - Ich liebe dich! Latin - Te amo! Russian - Ya tyebya lyublyu! Yiddish - Kh'hob dikh lib! Zulu ­ Ngiyakuthanda

Inside the February 2007 Issue

Page 2: Think you Winter teams. Also read know about the presi- how AcaDeca faired at dents? Test your knowl- its recent tournament. edge with our new puzzle. "KNIGHTS Page 3: Check out the sports stats for

check our reviews for the House is appointed; some big-screen movies see "Knights Watch: Poli- and other entertaintics" for some hard-hit- ment news. ting events.




Page 4: Saddam is Page 5: Read our executed, Gerald Ford interview with local cepasses away, and the lebrity Anton Yelchin, first female speaker of star of Alpha Dog. Then

Page 6: Read on the elemenatry tivities that have curred.

Page 7: Do you know what you are shaking hands up with? Find out in " The ac- Disturbing Truth about oc- SOCES Hygiene". Picture From:


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: I am an avid reader of the Knight Times and I always look forward to the next month's issue. Upon reading last months paper, I found myself reading the political report. The article was so interesting and well written that it held my attention until the very end. I had known that our Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsdfeld had resigned, but I did not know any of the details or who was to replace him. The knowledge turned out to be extremely helpful, as I was quizzed about it the very next day. I am looking forward to next month's issue, and can't wait to see more articles written Parker Gaims. Sincerely Tyler Luedke Hr. 206 Dear Editor, The review written by Sonia Joshi was impressively well done and engaging. As a member of the choir it was exciting to see us acknowledged with such praise and interest. Hopefully she can review our next concert and gather even more interest. Thank you, Galit Tashman Hr. 512 Dear Editor, I found myself deeply offended by the ineffective organization of the Entertainment article in the December 2006 Knightly News. Due to the confounding maze-like layout of the section, I found myself completely incapable of enjoying the otherwise delightful piece. I never knew where a story continued or even if the story had ended. I just hope you are content in knowing that because of this ineffective design you have lost yourself a reader. Thank you, Matthew Young Hr. 401 Dear Editor, I was thoroughly impressed by the variety of topics discussed in the December issue of the Knight Times. However, I wish you had included an editorial like you did in the November issue. Furthermore, I believe that you should place more emphasis on catching and correcting errors within the newspaper. Sincerely, Stacy Levine HR 803


Sandy Fernando Marc Jackson Editors in Chief

Adam M. Large Editor at Large Robin Randolph Sports Editor Devon Stern Asim Bharwani Robyn Chazen Yearbook Editors WRITERS Lilah Abrams Parker Gaims William Gurfein Jonathan Jager Sonia Joshi Alexandra Kaczenski Ross Klein Gina Mendoza Elyse PearlmutterGumbiner Alexandra Yanik Contributing Writers Dugan Cruz Philip George Dustin Randolph FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. Bruce Nomachi Mr. Bradley Jackson


As a voice for the SOCES learning community, the Knight Times seeks to share news and commentary that reflects our many diverse interests and backgrounds.

PTSA Bulletin


visits to classrooms. Although it is rare that Ms. Reynosa's intervention is needed for our school, she can resolve issues within 120 working days. She is available by telephone at (818) 654-3629 or by email at [email protected]

Booster Club


Patricia Reynosa District 1 Ombudsperson

Coming with the New Year


With the coming of a new year, Sherman Oaks CES Journalism has redesigned the newspaper to incorporate new material by adding four more pages. This reinforces our mission to share news and commentary that reflects our diverse population and its interests. With more room, we can give our readers more information regarding current events, school activities, and

viewpoints expressed by students. As an ever-evolving newspaper, the Knight Times needs a fresh perspective to help it develop. In the coming issues, we will be developing a whole new style for the newspaper, so if our readers have opinions regarding an improvement of the paper, please tell the Journalism staff. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Name the president who(se)... 1) ________saw the US through the Spanish American War. 2) ________died after a possible Independence Day food poisoning. 3) ________was the first to serve alongside female House Speaker. 4) ________appears on the 50 dollar bill. 5) ________did not stop the secession of South Carolina. 6) ________appointed Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court. 7) ________was a Quaker. 8) ________only served in the year of 1881. 9) ________won the 2002 Nobel Peace prize. 10) ________was born three weeks after George Washington's death. 11) ________assumed office after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. 12) ________nickname was "Old Hickory." 13) ________reportedly said the fewest words. 14) ________is on the lowest denomination of paper currency. 15) ________only served one month in office. 16) ________authorized the bombing of Hiroshima. 17) ________saw the US through World War I. 18) ________was James Monroe's Secretary of State 19) ________served when the millennium changed. 20) ________was the grandson of the ninth president. 21) ________was "the Father of the U.S. Constitution." 22) ________served the longest. 23) ________middle name was Gamaliel. 24) ________was Vice President under Ronald Reagan. 25) ________gave the Gettysburg Address. 26) ________was formerly Speaker of the House. 27) ________was never elected president or vice president. 28) ________weight required a custom White House bathtub. 29) ________was a general during World War II. 30) ________was the first president to be impeached. 31) ________served during the "Era of Good Feelings." 32) ________appointed John Marshall to the Supreme Court. 33) ________witnessed his son killed in a train wreck. 34) ________was the first Secretary of State. 35) ________wife went on to marry Aristotle Onassis. 36) ________took over after James Garfield was assassinated. 37) ________resigned. 38) ________had the biggest beard. 39) ________took over after the death of William Harrison. 40) ________took over after William McKinley was assassinated. 41) ________was Andrew Jackson's vice president. 42) ________served two nonconsecutive terms.

On Thursday January 19th, the PTSA (Parent Student Teacher Association) met for its monthly meeting. Furthermore, the association addressed the upcoming 25th anniversary dinner to be held at the Universal Hilton on April 25. When the new and old business addressed, Mrs. Rawlinson introduced the LAUSD District 1 Ombudsperson: Patricia Reynosa. The Ombudsperson is the advocate on behalf of the students and parents to bring resolution to matters that cannot be solved at the local school level. She outlines the series of steps in order to make resolutions: teacher contact, then counselor, then Assistant Principal, and finally Principal intervention. Mrs. Reynosa stresses that parents should take problems at the source, rather than get the District involved. However, if the local school cannot solve the matter, then the District Ombudsperson is the one whom parents must talk to. The issues an ombudsperson deals with include: Problems with grades or assignments, Opportunity Transfers, 504 and Special Education requests, and parent

At 7:00 pm on Monday, February 5, 2006, the SOCES Booster Club met to for its monthly meeting. Presiding over the meeting was President Nancy Sherman, who began with a reading of the minutes from last month's meeting. Next, Treasurer Jo-Ann Lung read her report on the Club's fundraising. Following this, Mr. Weinberg reported on the various comings and goings of the school. He began by explaining that a new counselor, Terry Adams, had been appointed to replace Ms. Deomampo. Ms. Adams will assume her position on Monday, February 12 th. Mr. Weinberg went on to explain the procedures necessary to implement grade changes on final report cards, if necessary. Also in his report, Mr. Weinberg reminded the teachers of the new locks on the school, as well as updated them about the school's concrete repaving project and the safety and technology project. Within a few weeks, "a new chime system will replace the bells within a few weeks". The Booster Club can only exist with active participation from members of the Sherman Oaks CES community. Thanks to the hard work from the Booster Club, Sherman Oaks CES is able to grow and develop into a school for everyone.

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Crossword Solution for December 2006 Issue



OUR MISSION: SOCES offers an uninterrupted comprehensive experience for students in grades 4-12. In a culturally diverse and safe environment, we prepare our students to be active, productive and contributing members of society.




SOCES Sports Report


We're about three quarters of a way through the winter sports season here at Sherman Oaks CES and we have a lot to be proud of. All of the teams currently have winning records and are looking forward to ending the season that same way, on top. The Boys Basketball team, coached by Shawn Hackett and Josh Sherman, has demonstrated much skill and determination thus far. Recently, the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams traveled to Fulton and captured two wins. David Arabian led the Knights with 12 points and sophomore Andrew Horn added 11 points in their 65-13 victory over Fulton. The Varsity squad beat Fulton College Prep with the score of 9123, Co-Captain Evan Shugarman leading the way with 15 points. The three other players in double figures were Jonathan Morris (15 points), Daniel Belyeu (12 points), and Daniel Reichman (11 points). Senior Co-Captains Abdullah Salehudin and Evan Shugarman have helped the Knights to a solid winning record and an overall successful season. The Junior Varsity team currently holds a league record of 4-2 and Coach Sherman is very satisfied with the way things are turning out. Coach Hackett's Varsity team continues play with a league record of 4-2 and the team is looking forward to making the playoffs in the very near future. Coach Crockett's Girls

Basketball team has also been very successful this season. With the Junior Varsity team undefeated, there is a lot to be proud of. Recently on January 18th the JV team took a strong win against Fulton, 36-16. Sophomore Michelle Rios led the way with 11 points and Jasmine Hardy added 10. With wins against Northridge Academy and

Perlmutter-Gumbiner with 16, Robin Randolph and Rebecca Stapornkul with 12, and Micha Manevich with 10 points. The team also took revenge on Northridge Academy after their first loss on January 25th. The two teams met once again, this time here at SOCES, and the Knights came out on top, winning by just three points, 49-46. After winning that game, it was clear that the Sherman Oaks CES Knights would soon become

The Knights basketball ball team warms-up.

Fulton College Prep, the Knights are definitely dominating the league at this point in time, with a league record of 5-0. The Varsity team is also demonstrating much success, with a league record of 6-1. Recently, they took on Fulton College Prep and won with the score 98-10. Six out of the eight players managed to get in double figures. Hannah Joo and Susana Landaverde with 18 points, Elyse

the league champions. The entire team looks forward to clinching a seed in the playoffs, something that would make Coach Jennifer Crockett very proud. Mark Sobel and his 1st place Boys Soccer team continue to work hard this winter season. They topped the league on January 17th when they beat formally undefeated Fulton College Prep 4-3. That game began with a the Cal Grant. This year's deadline is March 2nd. Despite the fact that these grants are free, many are skeptical as to whether they will receive any monetary help from the government, primarily for reasons like one does not qualify financially or an older sibling did not receive any help. However, in filling out these forms, those who are not in financial need can qualify for other programs, like work-study, scholarships, and/or loans to assist in paying for college. In addition, colleges can use this information to see if one qualifies for their specific grants. Just because an older sibling did not qualify for Cal Grant does not necessarily mean you will not qualify. Having two children in college can change a family's financial need. Tax forms will show that there are most straining financial circumstances, which could mean you could receive aid. Moreover, one does not need to be a US citizen (but must be an eligible non-citizen) to receive financial aid (see the College Office for more information on this topic). Last year, 85% of SOCES seniors submitted their GPA verification forms and an estimated 30% (approximately 60 seniors) received Cal Grants. So kick the scholarship find into high gear and start filling out those financial aid forms. Also, check in with the College Office for available scholarships (remember, Ms. Young has two thousand dollars to spend to put towards us, but we have to show her we're serious).

It's FAFSA time


Though the symptoms of Senioritis are common during the last year of high school, the life of a senior is still demanding and stressful. As early as summer, one should be seriously considering colleges to apply to as well as how to pay for it. The Cal Grant and FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms are probably the second most daunting applications for high school seniors; they are a bombardment of questions that are to determine how much financial aid one can receive for his/her college education. Nevertheless, no matter how discouraging and intimidating these are, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT EVERY SENIOR COMPLETES THE CAL GRANT AND FAFSA. The Cal Grant forms are easy enough: simply fill out the Cal Grant GPA Verification form, a single sheet of white paper requesting your Social Security Number and parent's signature and turn it into the College Office. One can qualify for one of three grants: the Cal Grant A, B, and C. The Cal Grant A is for those with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, the Cal Grant B for those with 2.0 - 2.9 GPA, and the Cal Grant C is for those who wish to enter a vocational program. GPA is based on a 4.00 scale, with no extra credit towards honors or AP classes, from grades received sophomore to junior year. While A is more upfront with its money, over the long run B usually pro-

vides more. A nice feature about the Cal Grant is that it provides you financial aid each year if you continue to meet the requirements. FAFSA is a bit more complicated and tedious: it requires you to choose your college, provide tax forms (which requires a lot of parent participation, so make sure parents have gotten a heads-up), etc,. Everyone, including parents, should have applied for a pin number (if not go to immediately) which serves as a form of identification. The College Office should have already provided you with worksheets to help you fill out the FAFSA (see College Office if you need more help). Apply online at or mail in a hard copy. Make sure to submit your application under the 2007-2008 school year, not 20062007. If you or your parents have not filed the 2006 tax forms, make estimates using prior tax report forms and then notify FAFSA of changes in the application if the real results prove to differ. Unlike the Cal Grant, though, you must renew the FAFSA every year. The Cal Grant form requires academic information while the FAFSA requires financial information. A misunderstanding among CES seniors is which forms they have to turn in. Both must be submitted, otherwise there will no consideration for either of the grants. It is also important to list at least one college in California as one of your choices on the FAFSA, otherwise one will not qualify for

goal by Fernando Mora, assisted by Edward Perez. Then Luciano Guarnieri had a tremendous kick that assisted Fernando's second goal of the day. This team effort was displayed in their recent defeat of Discovery Prep on January 23rd. SOCES won the game 10-1 with goals by Fernando Mora (2 goals), Ian Erlich, Israel Sandoval (3 goals), Rafael Ornelas, EJ Aljuwani, and Josh Salem. Thus far, the team has scored 25 goals, Fernando Mora and Israel Sandoval leading the way as the top scorers. The defense has an average of giving up only one goal per game and Coach Sobel looks forward to the remainder of the season. The Girls Soccer team has also proved to be quite the action on the field. On January 17th the girls beat Fulton College Prep 10-0. The goals were scored by Co-Captain Lauren Sanchez (4 goals), Antonia Aljuwani (2 goals), Evelyn Rodriguez (1 goal), Amy Erlich (1 goal), Co-Captain Samantha Meyer (1 goal), and Captain Margaret Sanchez (1 goal). More recently, the Knights traveled to Van Nuys and defeated Discovery Prep 5-0. Amy Erlich topped everyone with 2 goals as Lauren Sanchez, Kristian Sanchez, and Ally Maslik each contributed one goal to secure the win. The SOCES Knights have shut out their opponent 4 out of 5 times and currently hold an undefeated record of 5-0. Both accomplishments are sure to be rewarded later on this season when the Sherman Oaks CES Knights earn a seed in the nearby playoffs. With wins against everyone in their league, the Girls Soccer team has nothing to lose. They are in first place and from this point, it looks like they will most definitely have a spot in the playoffs. For more day-by-day results and analysis tune in to the SOCES Sports Report every day on the Public Address System here at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies.

AcaDeca's Final Showdown


of day one with their expansive Speech and Debate program, of which many decathletes are members of. When the competitions of day one are over, there is one final week of studying before the day two event, the academic exams, held at UCLA. The air of the UCLA banquet hall is filled with a bittersweet mix of relief and finality as the tests are passed out on day two of the Academic Decathlon. Competitors are tested on their knowledge of math, economics, language and literature, social science, music, art, and climatology (the "super-quiz" topic), and the relation of most of these topics to the Academic Decathlon theme for the year, which was China this year. Most of the information on all of these topics is found in colossal binders that were given to the decathletes many months ago, when this great journey began. Each subject area has its own 50 question test, which must be completed in 30 minutes. The final flare of the event is provided by the "superquiz oral relay" a televised portion of the test, where the decathletes answer ten questions each on the "super-quiz" topic, climatology. The choice of USAD to make Climatology the "super-quiz" topic was an obvious and commendable attempt to make a political statement by educating students about their impact on climate change. When the day is through, each student has performed to the best of their ability, and proven themselves worthy decathletes. On Tuesday, February 6th, the LAUSD Decathletes, parents, and alumni met at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Academic Decathlon Banquet, sponsored by KLCS and California Credit Union. There was a plethora of awards: medals, certificates, plaques, and trophies. There was an award for every imaginable category. As a team, SOCES was 31st in the district. However, as individuals, the Decathletes did excellently. In the Interview event, Anthony Denson, Bill Gufein, and Adam Large received a bronze medal, while Parker Gaims, Sam Karp, and Stacy Levine received a

Aca-Deca brings home the gold.

Academic Decathlon is divided into two days. Day one consists of a memorized speech, an improvised speech, an interview, and an essay. The decathletes represent the smartest and most dedicated students of the school. Sherman Oaks CES was represented by Debbie Cervantes, Anthony Densen, Michael Pishik, Parker Gaims, Bill Gurfein, Moses Kim, Samuel Karp, Adam Large, and Stacy Levine. SOCES is well equipped for the competition

gold medal. In the Speech event, Stacy Levine and Michael Pishik received a bronze medal, while Sam Karp and Adam Large received a gold medal. The award for the team's highest scoring student went to Adam Large, who received a plaque and a $100 Visa Gift Card. In all, the Sherman Oaks CES Academic Decathlon team did a great job at representing the school, and should be commended for their dedication to a semesterlong gauntlet.

Knights watch: Politics

Saddam Hussein Executed


Saddam Hussein fights back at his trial.

On Saturday, December 30, 2006, at approximately 6:00 AM (Iraq time), the Iraqi Government executed Saddam Hussein. Hussein was the Iraqi dictator from 1979 to 2003. He was charged with crimes against humanity on November 5, 2006, and was convicted of murdering 182 Shiites in retaliation of an assassination attempt that occurred in 1982. Hussein appealed his death sentence in the days prior to his execution, but the Iraqi court rejected his appeal. Hussein was hung in front of a group of lawyers, judges, and other government officials. President Bush stated that he approved of the execution because "fair trials were unimaginable under Saddam Hussein's tyrannical rule." The Prime Minister of Iraq stated that, "Justice, in the name of the people, has carried out the death sentence against the criminal Saddam, who faced his fate like all tyrants, frightened and terrified during a hard day which he did not expect."

Others did not approve of the execution. In India, public demonstrators burned effigies of President Bush and said that Hussein should have been tried under the United States jurisdiction. Shortly after his hanging, insurgents exploded bombs in Baghdad killing a total of 66 people, though it is not clear whether these bombings were related to the execution. Leaders of many European countries including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom expressed great disapproval of the execution. The world community seemed to agree that the execution was rather hasty. After watching a released cell phone video of Hussein's execution, nearly all experts agreed that the execution itself was unprofessional, horrific, and "medieval," due to the taunting of the witnesses. Before dying, Saddam Hussein yelled, "Allah is great. The Muslim Ummah will be victorious and Palestine is Arab." He also stressed that Iraqis should fight Persians and Americans. His legacy will be one of both terror and strength. Whereas the United States invasion of Iraq in 2003 ended the regime of a brutal dictator, the War in Iraq has currently escalated into a conflict that is nearly impossible to control. Picture from: abcnews.

Nixon was pardoned by Ford for the crimes he may have committed as president, stating that "the pardon was in the best interest for BY: PARKER GAIMS the country and the Nixon family." Most historians believe this to be the reason why Ford lost the 1976 presidential election. The Ford administration saw the withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam and the execution of the Helsinki Accords during the Cold War. Ford is still remembered today for his appointment of John Paul Stevens to the Supreme President Ford in the Oval Office Court and also as the latest modern On December 26, 2006, president who allowed his cabinet Gerald R. Ford Jr., the 38th Presi- to have opposing political viewdent of the United States, died points. at the age of 93. He is the only Picture From: person to hold the Commander- Americans, Continued; in-Chief position without being minutes. Some of us awoke to the elected president or vice president streaming sunlight over the Swiss by popular or electoral vote. Alps. We landed amidst fog and Gerald Ford was born on after going through the airport July 14, 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska procedure, we met our multi-lingual and moved shortly thereafter to and knowledgeable tour direcGrand Rapids Michigan (where, tor, John. He was to accompany from 1949 to 1973, he would serve us on our entire trip in Europe. in its congressional district and eventually earn the title of minor- D a y 2 - M i l a n o ( M i ity leader of the Republican Party l a n ) ­ Ve n e z i a ( Ve n i c e ) in the House of Representatives). Phrase of the Day: Mi dispiace, After the resignation of Vice non parlo italiano. (I'm sorry, I President Spiro Agnew in 1973, don't speak Italian.) President Nixon nominated Ford to replace him. He became the 40th After getting together Vice President of the United States with CES French teacher Madame on December 6th. President Nixon Lubim's group, combined with a resigned from his position due to group of eight from El Paso, Texas, his involvement in the Watergate we met our bus driver Marco. The Scandal on August 9, 1974, and city of Milan was a mixture of San Ford immediately replaced him. Francisco and New York with the Mediterranean style we often see in L.A. Our first photo-stop was at a castle, which was followed by a viewing of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. After the tour of Milan, we moved on to Venice.

Gerald Ford, 38th President, Dies

A painting from the Lourve in Paris.

boring after tunnel number 23. The ride presented the passengers with a beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea all the way until dusk when we arrived in Nice. Day 7 Nice ­ Monaco Phrase of the Day: Ou sont les toilettes? (Where are the toilets?) We were back on the bus early the next morning and stepped out the Fragonard Parfumerie, where we learned about the making and purchasing of the perfect perfume. Our adventure of the day landed us in picturesque and freakishly clean Monaco where we witnessed a changing of the guard that, to some, outdid the one at Washington, D.C. The tiny country deserved more of our attention, but John wanted us to see everything France had to offer so we were too soon on the bus driving back to Nice. Day 8 Nice - Paris Train Ride Phrase of the Day: C'est magnifique! (This is magnificent!) We spent a good portion of the day on the train to Paris. As we stepped out of the train station, we realized that we were finally in Paris. That evening, we were hastily ushered around the city to the Louvre Museum. The glass pyramids and even the museum itself were perfect to see at night, and we all made sure to see as much as we could in such a short period of time. We then drove around the city passing by many famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower.


On January 3, 2007, the and torturing by the United States 110th Congress of the United Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D ­ San Fran- overseas. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D States was sworn in, an ominous cisco) became the first female ­ CA) confronted Sec. Rice beevent for George W. Bush sup- Speaker of the House in over 220 cause "she will not pay a personal porters and a definitive statement years, an act that places her both price for the Iraq War." When Atty. for those wishing for an alteration third in line to the presidency and Gen. Gonzales avoided questions in congressional oversight. Until the most powerful woman in United pertaining to the United States' this year, the 43rd president and States history. In the Senate, Harry inside policies on torture, Judihis administration have not had Reid (D ­ NV) replaced Sen. Wil- ciary Committee Chairman Patrick to deal with basic oversight. Nor liam Frist (R ­ TN) as majority Leahy (D ­ VT) demonstrated his have they been checked at great leader. obvious frustration by yelling, Congressional hearings of "We knew damn well if he went lengths, due to the previous political standing of the 107th ­ 109th Bush administration officials began to Canada he wouldn't be tortured. immediately after the Democratic We also knew damn well if he went Congresses. Democrats have not held takeover. Secretary of State Con- to Syria, he'd be tortured. And it's a majority in Congress since 1994, doleezza Rice, newly sworn in Sec- beneath the dignity of this country a fateful year in the William Clin- retary of Defense Robert M. Gates, -- a country that has always been a ton presidency. Though Clinton Attorney General Alberto Gonza- beacon of human rights -- to send persevered and fulfilled many les, former Clinton Sec. of State somebody to another country to be objectives through six years with Madeline Albright, and others have tortured." Gonzales, hesitant and a congress opposite to his political testified in diplomatic issues like taken aback, declined to give an association, historians are pessi- the War in Iraq, negotiations with adequate response. mistic about the current president. Iran, leaking of secret documents, The Democratic control of Bush, in his six years Congress will change of office, has proven several commonplaces himself defiant to the in the Bush presidency. Supreme Court and has He will have to deal placed the country in a with checks and balnear impossible situaances, oversight, and a tion diplomatically. DeCongress that is disapspite this, Democratic pointed and maddened leaders in Congress are by his foreign policy. at least symbolically Pelosi has sure that they will be earned her entry into able to negotiate with the annals of American the "lame duck" ComHistory, but only time mander-in-Chief. will tell what her influThe 2007 ence on the American ­ 2009 United States political system will Congress also brings be. Picture Congresswoman Pelosi delivers an addres to the gov/pelosi/ a historic occurrence. 110th United States Congrees.


D a y 3 Ve n e z i a Phrase of the Day: Quanto costa? D a y 9 P a r i s (How much does this cost?) Phrase of the Day: Quelle heure We hopped on the bus to est-il? (What time is it?) catch our ferry to the beautiful Venice, a favorite among the students because of the smooth traffic, small streets, and the amazing canals. In the afternoon, we took gondola rides and spent some time at San Marco Square. The view from inside and on top the duomo was absolutely breathtaking.

We started our adventure with a city tour with our Paris guide. He informed us about several famous places and statues, including the Notre Dame cathedral. Our city tour sent us to Versailles and all its majesty. The late afternoon allowed us to take part in a cruise around the River Seine with authentic French Day 6 Firenze ­ Pisa ­ Nice music accompanying. Afterwards, Phrase of the Day: Qu'est-çe que we hiked up the hill to MontMartre, to the church, and turned ça? (What is that?) around to see the skyline of Paris. The bus ride on New Years Day The trip was a fantastic adventure with hundreds of photographs. Europe, although in just ten short days, filled us with fresh insight of the world and provided experiences thatv we can share withy others for the rest of our lives

Students stand in front of Saint Mark's Cathedral.

was a long, but scenic one. One of the pit stops was at Pisa and its famous tower. Looking from the top of the tower is like seeing a whole new world. Afternoon rays over the scenery made the never-ending road trip peaceful, and counting 170 tunnels on the way to France became The Eiffel Tower stands majestically.

One-on-One with Anton Yelchin


In recent days there has been quite a buzz at CES over the newly released movie Alpha Dog starring Sherman Oaks's own charter member, Anton Yelchin. I recently got the chance to sit down with Anton and ask him some questions that many Knights would love to know the answers to: So, how did it all begin for you? I went to an acting class because I was really shy when I was little. A friend of ours recommended it and I had no intention of enjoying it but I enjoyed it. Were you approached for your recent role in Alpha Dog? Um, yeah I got a script and then I went in to meet the director and he talked to me and was just like "What role do you like?" And I was like, "This kid." And he was like, "Alright, well I'll think about it and then maybe you'll come in and read." And then he called and was like "Come in and read." And I read and that's it. Can you tell our readers a little about your role? I play Zack Mazursky who gets

kidnapped because his brother, Jake Mazursky, owes this drug-dealing leader, Johnny Truelove, money. How long did filming last? We shot from the beginning of October right up until Christmas of 2005. How was it different for you to portray a character based on a real person as opposed to a fictional one? Well there's sort of more responsi-

bility. You're responsible for making any character as honest as you can. But when you have a character that actually lived... The movie is based on the true events but you still feel a lot more responsible because you know somebody actually went through this. And I felt really responsible and I tried to make it as realistic as possible. I don't do that normally but it was a driving force to push myself even more. How much research was involved on your part for this role? Well all the actors did relative amounts of research to what they could get. I spoke to a historian about the kid and the family dynamic ­ the family that he came from. And I researched online...some websites that his parents created for him that are really depressing. And then I just used the script and talked to as many people as I could. I met some dudes who knew him. The guy that was making my body cast for the dead body that you don't see in the movie because they cut that scene out...he knew the kid and he went to school with him at ElCo [El Camino High School]. I talked to as many people as I could, but I used the script more than anything because it was based on the true story. What was it like to work with such well-known celebrities like Sharon Stone, Emile Hirsch and Justin Timberlake? Well, I only had two scenes with

Sharon Stone. I only had a day onset with her because I'm kidnapped for most of the movie, so all our scenes are apart. Justin Timberlake was really cool. He's a really good guy, really down-to earth, intelligent, hardworking. More than anything he's hardworking. And you have to really be dedicated to

something if you're going to be onset. There's no screwing around. Emile is a good guy...he's an interesting, interesting person. How did you feel while filming the more explicit scenes in the movie? Like the pool scene? Yeah, like the pool scene. Delightful. It was actually really great to have spent an evening with two beautiful young women in a pool. But it was freezing and also

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"Godfather of Soul" Passes Away


James Brown put the funk back in music.

James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul," died on Christmas day of 2006. Brown was born in the South Carolina, during the age of Jim Crow laws and the Great Depression. James Brown started his career in show business in 1953, infusing gospel, blues, and other popular forms of music at the time. James Brown first performed with Bobby Byrd in a band known as the Famous Flames. Their first recorded single,"Please, please,

please," sold over one million copies in 1956. In the 1960's, James Brown's career continued to soar. He began experimenting with new forms of rhythm, and vocals. Songs such as "I got the Feelin'," "Licking Stick-Licking Stick," and "Funky Drummer" had a great deal of influence on the development of rap music. James first dipped into disco in the 1970's, with records such as "Get Up Offa That Thing" and "Bodyheat." James Brown also made his film cameos in the 70s, with roles in The Blues Brothers, Doctor Detroit and Rocky IV. James Brown has been a driving force for funk and soul since the start of his career. James Brown has left behind an incredible legacy. His music has touched the souls of many, and has influenced the imaginations of hundreds of artists. Picture from: http://www.

Movie Review: Pan's Labyrinth


Coachella `07


Movie Review: Alpha Dog


"Pan's Labyrinth", also known as "El Laberinto del Fauno", is a film earning some widespread attention and rave reviews. I found one of the most impressive facets of the movie to be its musical score. A quick background on the film itself: the setting of the film takes place in the year 1944, in a secluded region of Spain. Fascist Spaniards are hunting down rebels to the Nazi influenced leaders. Caught in the middle of this overwhelmingly brutal plot is a young and imaginative girl named Ofelia, who in actuality is princess from a magical kingdom. Any more detail would ruin the film, so the rest is left for you to uncover. One of the most important aspects of the film, that I found, was its musical score, as it effectively evoked the same emotions as those tied to the images on the screen. There were not many different tracks or numbers during the film. I believe the entire soundtrack may all be in the same key; nonetheless the music did its job. The songs are somber; i.e. the theme of a nursery song like that of "Mary had a Little Lamb" is recurrent throughout the film, though minor chords are emphasized as opposed to major ones. As a part thriller film, there were several scenes in which the audience is left at the edge of their seat in nail-biting anticipation and fear; and for these scenes the

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The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or Coachella, is an annual 2-3 day festival held in Indio, California. Established in 1999, its five stages showcase both big and upcoming bands. This year's dates are April 27th-April 29th, and over 68,000 people will attend. Coachella is the Woodstock of our generation and the Mecca for music-lovers. Gina Mendoza described Coachella as about "more than the music, but about the people and the culture." This year's lineup makes a bold statement. The festival's third day headliner, Rage Against the Machine (veterans from the very first Coachella), are reuniting for this one-night show in honor of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. David Weinstein is excited about attending Coachella for the first time: "I never thought I'd be able to see Rage, one of the most influential bands in my life. I have a feeling that Coachella is going to be my bridge to manhood." People stay for three nights, often in tents or local hotels, to see the bands that have shaped them into who they are. The festival provides a wide variety of genres, apart from rock, including underground hip-hop and electronica. The lineup includes: April 27 - Bjork, Interpol, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth, DJ Shadow,

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The long-awaited movie Alpha Dog opened in theaters every January 12, 2007. It is the highly controversial film about the notorious San Fernando Valley drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood (renamed Johnny Truelove in the film, played by Emile Hirsch) and his hit upon Nicholas Markowitz (Zach Mazursky, played by Anton Yelchin). It was initially supposed to be realeased at an earlier date (about a year earlier, I believe), but at the time Hollywood's trial was jsut beginning to take place. Releasing the film at that time could sway the jury's vote, according to Hollywood's lawyer, so the movie was held back. Hollywood is facing a sentence of either life in prison or death. The story of the murder plays out as follows: Hothead, drug addict, and half-brother to Nicholas ­ Benjamin Markowitz (Jake Mazursky, played by Ben Foster) ­ owes more than one grand to Hollywood. Beginning just as a stint to scare Benjamin into paying, Hollywood and his posse kidnap Nicholas, who ironically at the time was looking to get away from his parents (i.e. his overprotective mother Susan Markowitz (Olivia Mazursky, played by Sharon Stone)). However, Nicholas's role is uncertain ­ he parties and participates in drug-related affairs

Picture from:

with his "captors"; he's seems to be one of the gang. The biggest reason as to why Nicholas remains with Hollywood is because of the faith that his brother will bail him out. Unfortunately, Hollywood makes the rash decision to have Nicholas killed after contacting his lawyer. Nicholas is led to the mountains in Goleta, California by Ryan Hoyt (Elvis Schmidt, played by Shawn Hatosy) and the spacey yet fun-loving Jesse Rugge (Frankie Ballenbacher, played by Justin Timberlake), who befriended the youth during his capture, and is shot dead

and abandoned. Hollywood eludes the authorities for five years (placing him on the FBI's Most Wanted list) while his accomplices are captured almost immediately. Hollywood is eventually taken into custody when discovered in Brazil. The close interpretation of the film to the true story is noteworthy. The list of actors is pretty impressive. However, for the most part, the point of the film appears absent. With all the attractive girls, wild parties, etc., though depicting the stereotypical lifestyle of a thug, the powerful message is easily lost. It shows that there is no middle ground as a drug dealer, but the extremity is simply too much ­ too much testosterone, too many drugs and parties, too much promiscuity, etc. ­ that the movie seems unnecessarily longdrawn and monotonous. The film exudes sex appeal but little, or at least not enough, depth. It is not until the final moments that Zach has to live that one recalls the bitterness to this story (although, this scene is actually very well-planned as one is left feeling surreal and empty because of the quick and subdued climax). This movie is very appropriately rated (R) as it is almost the embodiment of every parent's worst nightmare.

I most admire George Washington. I like him because he could not tell a lie. I believe that you shouldn't lie and should always tell the truth. George Washington was our first president. I think they did that because he didn't lie and was a great man. George Washington may have had wooden teeth, but he had For the first newspaper of the new semester, the writers here at The Knights Times felt that heart made of solid gold.

Labyrinth, Continued;

song is changed by switching instruments from a very high pitched uplifting violin to a very low pitched cello. Such deep, creepy, and wonderfully dark sounds are amplified in such scenes. In other scenes such as, when Ofelia is having trouble resting and is sung a lullaby, the lullaby turns out to be the score it self hummed in a very soothing and familiar tone if any of you readers know that overwhelmingly comfortable feeling of being young and having a parent sing you to sleep. From the very first scene until the very last scene of the film the score is twisted and turned inside and out so that it was able to keep the viewers' ears as attentive as their eyes. It is a foreign film, now playing in theatres, directed by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy), and runs for about 112 minutes. Though its plot and music are beautiful, the film is rated R. bassist at this performance went by the name of Richard (I believe). The band performed cover songs including two versions of "Get Happy" and Cole Porter's "I Get a Kick Out of You". Fifth grader Janina Malapitan especially liked the arrangements. "I liked how they performed the original piece as well as their version. That way we knew what the song actually sounded like, and could compare the two different arrangements". Ms. Margolis expressed her enjoyment and gratitude, saying, "Any opportunity children have to see what professionals do is valuable and helpful in the classroom. It teaches them about real life, that you need to have a passion for what you do." Fifth grader Noah Somers furthered this claim saying, "It's better to see a band play than just learn music. " Senior Marlon Clark, guitarist for the Jazz A Band and numerous other groups, described the performance to be nothing short of excellent. "The musicians

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we should give more than just one question. This month features three questions about some major topics in February; being Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Black History Month. Congratulations to those whose responses were selected to be in the newspaper. We look forward to more of your responses in the next issue.

Black History Month is very important. It is important because it forces people to remember how bad African Americans have been treated. It also reminds us how the country overcame segregation. It doesn't matter what the color of your skin, but what you are like on the inside.

gorgeous hair! I love to see his movies. I loved Lord of the Rings. When I first saw it, I thought it was a little scary. After I had seen it for a second time, I fell in love with I would want Orlando Bloom be- the movie! cause he is a great actor. To me, he is sort of like a role model. He's nice, sweet, sensitive, and he has great hair. My favorite movie of his is Elizabethtown with Kirsten Dunst. I loved it so much. My friend and I were able to go to the premier, and Orlando Bloom was there. The cool part about it was the fact that I Montana Ellis was nearly one step away from him. While I didn't get his autograph, I The one famous person I would still what him to be my Valentine. want to be my Valentine is Channing Tatum. He is very handsome; Ruby Virchow "HOTT" in other words. He can The celebrity that I want to be my dance and act; which I love to Valentine is Emma Watson. She do. He is probably very rich and plays Hermione Granger, a very it seems like he has a great perbright and intelligent girl, from the sonality. It would be great to have Harry Potter series. I would really someone famous as my Valentine. like to meet her in person, even in It would be an honor if Channing just for a minute. She is bright in the Tatum was my Valentine. muggle (non-magical) world and Ousama Demirthyen the wizarding (magical) world.

Q: Who Would You Want To Be Your Valentine and why?

Gillian Johnson The president I admire the most is Abraham Lincoln because he was a great man. He was very calm, peaceful, and was not racist. He wanted everything to be fair. He died helping African American earn their freedom. That is why I admire Abraham Lincoln.

Jenny Philp Black History Month is important because it helps us recall the rich history of African American culture. It is a period of rejoicing and Jordan Rosenberg sorrow for many people. African American Americans make up a large portion of our population. Stacy Grinberg

Q: Who was your faQ: Why is Black His- vorite President and why? tory Month important?

"The Tierney Sutton Band" Pays a Visit


Mazbed Margossian I would want Dylan Sprouse to be my Valentine. He is so cute, funny, and a good actor. I love the show "The suite life of Zack and Cody" in which he plays Zack. He also has a cute twin brother named Cole. I like Cole, but my friends already called him. Dylan has dirty blonde hair and freckles. On the show he acts dumb but he is still so cute. I love every thing about him. Dylan will you be my Valentine?

My favorite President would be Black History Month is important Abraham Lincoln. He was a great because in February we remember President who stopped slavery and all of the African American people he had a great sense in hat style. who did something really good that helped to change the World. We remember people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks and all of the other African American that did good things. Mikaela Sand Black History Month is very important because it honors all the African Americans who have had a big impact on the world. Many African Americans have done important things to help the world. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped make segregation illegal and changed the world forever. African American and Whites are now treated equally. African American people invented the stop light, ragtime music, and even ice cream. Blacks have done so much to change our world that we need a whole month to celebrate, thank, and honor them. They have done so much that honoring them for less than a month would not be right. I believe, as you can see, that Black History Month is indeed unbelievably important. Schuyler Ross

On Tuesday, February 6th, The Tierney Sutton Band performed for selected elementary and band students. Tierney Sutton is a renown jazz vocalist with an accomplishments list including: JazzWeek's Vocalist of the Year Award in 2005, Grammy nominee for her album I'm with the Band, and performing at Carnegie Hall. The accompanying instrumenatlists are Pianist Christian Jacob, drummer Ray Brinker, and, usually bassists Trey Henry and Kevin Axt, although the

Antony Aziz I admire Abraham Lincoln because he believed that slavery was not right and that no one should be treated like a slave. If he hadn't done what he did, I would not know one of my friends. I look up to Lincoln. When I think of him I feel like I can make a difference. I know that I am someone.

Save the Last Dance for Me


Lauren Davidson Who would I want to be my Valentine? That's easy, Orlando Bloom! He is so cool. He is also a great actor. He has dreamy eyes and

Cadence Rosenberg

Leadership and elementary students show the school how to boogie!

At a school such as ours, the elementary students often get overlooked. However, on January 19, they had an event all their own. The Fourth and Fifth Grade Lunch Dance, sponsored by Leadership, was a great success. Glenn Hall was packed with elementary school kids who paid $1 each to attend. Music blared, lights flashed, and the kids had a good time. "It's really fun. I

like to dance," said fourth-grader Aaliyah Howard. However, there was clearly a schism between the two grades. "There are too many fourth-graders," remarked fifth-grader Jonathan Rosenblum. However, he did agree that the dance was "amazing." "Overall, it was a successful event, and we hope to do it again next year," commented ASB President Robyn Chazen.

Censoring the Dress Code


One of the biggest issues teenagers face today is popularity. Many teens try to "fit in" by "standing out". The easiest and most effective way to do this is with one's clothes as the way a person dresses immediately gives others an impression as to how they wish to portray themselves. Recently, many students have gotten into trouble for their rather "innovative" self expression. With the fads of fashion dictating that graphic tees are "in", many have used their clothing as a platform from which to voice their opinions. However, there is potential to offend someone when teenagers are trying to express themselves through their style of clothing. In a day and age where everything has to be politically correct, schools have cracked down by enforcing stricter rules on what can and cannot be worn. In a recent issue of National Education Association Today, an article entitled "Rights Watch" dealt with issues concerning controversial T-shirts. In certain cases, schools have sued students for wearing shirts that are considered offensive. The Supreme Court has even weighed in saying that "school officials can censor student expression only if they can show that it is likely to cause a `substantial disruption' of school activities or is `vulgar, profane, or plainly offensive.'" Our school's own dress code reinforces this by saying that

"clothing with vulgar, racist, pornographic, obscene and offensive or inappropriate messages ... are not allowed on campus." But shouldn't following the dress code be as easy as getting dressed in the morning? According to Mr. Maza, it should be just that simple. "For the most part, the majority of students do follow the dress code." While major violations are few, Mr. Maza added that we need to crack down on the little things. "If a student is wearing a non-SOCES hat, they should take it off. If a student's pants are not at their waist, they should pull them up." Our school's "dress for success" attire is in place to set up a frame of mind for stu-

with the dress code is that it is not enforced enough. "Adults need to enforce the dress code. And students need to realize that any adult on campus is a figure of authority." Disobeying an adult is considered defiance and may result in having a parent called in. Students at SOCES do not have to worry so much about being sued for wearing clothing that is "obscene and offensive" because of the family-like atmosphere of our small learning environment. Our school is a place of learing and the clothes one wears should reflect that. The trick to following the dress code is to play it safe. If

and Poetry. The CES team won the tournament's Grand Sweepstakes trophy, (awarded to the best overall team); and continues to dominate may now be worn on campus, just the Tri-Valley Forensic League. not during class time. For more Sutton, Continued; information on the dress code, be presented the concepts of what sure to check the school's website jazz really is ­ being improvisation at: and interpretation. Every aspect of

Speech and Debate


dents. "We want to prepare students for life outside of school, such as work or college. By dressing appropriately, you tell others that you want to be taken seriously." Mr. Maza's main concern

clothes appear to be inappropriate or its contents is questionable, save it for the weekend or anytime outside of school. One new change to the dress code to report; sunglasses

The Disturbing Truth about SOCES Hygiene


At this time of year, the common cold and flu seasons are in high gear. The spread of illnesses occurs frequently and often simply. However, the most effective method to preventing these viruses from spreading is an effortless washing of the hands ­ properly. Several Knight Times reporters were assigned to observe both Boys and Girls restrooms over the course of four days and count how many people (1) washed their hands with soap and water, (2) washed their hands only with water, and (3) left without cleansing the filth and grime from their hands. The results were astounding. One would think that the general student body of Sherman Oaks CES would have had better hygiene. The results are listed below: The 100 Boys Observed: Water and Soap: 53% Only Water: 10% Didn't Wash: 37% The 100 Girls' Observed: Water and Soap: 46% Only Water: 50% Didn't Wash: 4% Boys and Girls Combined (200): Water and Soap: 49.5% Only Water: 30% Didn't Wash: 20.5% After studying the data, one can clearly see several trends: (1) Girls on average are more cleanly than boys, (2) If boys did wash

their hands, they mostly utilized soap, and (3) Everyone should be more careful to whom they shake hands, greet, or touch. The Girls' correspondent noticed a few distinct behaviors. The first thing that many of the girls did after walking out of their stalls was to fix their hair without "washing" their hands. Also, a good portion of the girls just daubed their fingers in water exclaiming, "It's too cold!" Furthermore, approximately 75% of the girls who did wash their hands did so for less than 30 seconds, a time considered by most experts to be insufficient for ample cleaning to take place. The Boys' correspondent also noticed similar behaviors. Many boys, regardless of whether they washed their hands, immediately walked to the mirror and began touching their faces and hair, spreading germs directly onto their facial orifices. Boys who did wash their hands often refrained from using paper towels, making their hands more susceptible to germ transfers. On a side note, many boys did not flush their toilets, creating a breeding ground for germs. There are some objectives that the school could promote to insure better hygiene: (1) Get better soap. Students need soap with substance; not sticky, foamy goop that slides off one's hands. Also there is a theory among students that the soap itself spreads bacteria. (2) Get warm water. Freezing cold

water does not remove bacteria as effectively as warm water. (3) Post proper hand washing techniques. The hanging of official instructions above sinks will make the general student body aware of the importance of cleanliness. To further this last point, the proper instructions are written below (provided by http://www. ): (1) Wet your hands with clean running water and apply soap. Use warm water if it is available. (2) Rub hands together to make a lather and scrub all surfaces. (3) Continue rubbing hands for 20 seconds. Need a timer? Imagine singing "Happy Birthday" twice through to a friend! (4) Rinse hands well under running water. (5) Dry your hands using a paper towel or air dryer. If possible, use your paper towel to turn off the faucet.

On January 12th and 13th, the Speech and Debate team did extremely well at the Monroe High School "I Have a Dream" Speech and Debate Invitational Tournament. In Parliamentary Debate, Marc Jackson and Adam Large, Sam Karp and Bill Gurfein, and Sasan Ahoraian and Matt Young went undefeated, while David Silberstein and Felix Lurye received a superior certificate. In Public Forum Debate, Eric Moorman and Jonathan Brecher received a Superior certificate. On January 13th, the team continued to perform. In Thematic Interpretation, Jonathan Jager received a superior certificate. In Impromptu Speaking, Joseph Marashlian, Denise Leung, and Ryan Luong received an Excellence Certificate, with Sasan Ahoraian receiving a Superior Certificate and Sam Karp receiving a 5th place trophy. In Oratorical Interpretation, David Silberstein received an Excellence certificate and Michael Pishik received a Superior certificate. Stephanie Keats received a Superior certificate in both Dramatic Interpretation and Storytelling. Sam Karp also received an Excellence certificate in Extemporaneous Speaking. In DUO Interpretation, Stephanie Keats and Jonathan Jager received an Excellence certificate, and Anna Chalmers and Jordan Solorio received a 2nd place trophy. In Humorous Interpretation, Sasan Ahorain received 4th place and Anna Chalmers received a Superior certificate in Original Prose

the group was amazing, from the French, former child prodigy to the ecstatic singer. You can't help but have a lot of respect for people like them; who are capable of doing what they love." Part of the music program for elementary students, organized by music teacher Mrs. Leung, the performance was received with enthusiasm by the majority who attended. Fifth grader Fifth grader Petra Rickertsen simply said, "It's fun to have something like this every once in awhile to get out of the daily routine." Hopefully, SOCES will receive more visits from other accomplished performers and professionals in the near future.

Coachella, Continued;

Brazilian Girls, Peaches, Felix Da Housecat, Rufus Wainwright, Stephen Marley featuring Jr. Gong, Nickel Creek, Digitalism, Tokyo Police Club, Julieta Venegas, Circa Survive, Benny Benassi, Tilly and the Wall, David Guetta April 28 - Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Arcade Fire, the Decemberists, the Good, The Bad and The Queen, Kings Of Leon, Gotan Project, the Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Blonde Redhead, The New Pornographers, the Black Keys, Regina Spektor, !!!, Hot Chip, MSTRKRFT, Ozomatli, Ghostface Killah, Jack's Mannequin, Peter Bjorn & John April 29 - Rage Against The Machine, Manu Chao, Air, Paul van Dyk, Willie Nelson, the Roots, Kaiser Chiefs, Damien Rice, Placebo, Explosions in the Sky, Soulwax, Lily Allen, Amos Lee, Jose Gonzalez, Spank Rock, Against Me!, Ratatat, the Kooks, CSS, Klaxons, Teddybears, Tapes `n Tapes, and Lupe Fiasco. How has working on Alpha Dog affected you? Do you feel as if you've changed in any way? Um, I don't know. Because of the people in the movie and because they're not anybody out of the ordinary...they're just regular guys and what they did is so awful...It makes you view your own actions a bit more critically because you have to realize that this can happen to anybody and you have to be smarter. It's hard. It's hard when you're 17 to always be smart and know what you're doing ­ that's just part of being a teenager. What happened to these guys is just awful. It's so horrifying and so I'm just trying to avoid that, I guess. What are your future goals and plans after CES? I want to go to film school and I'd love to direct and write. I applied to a bunch of UCs but I really want to go to USC. It's like the best film school on the West Coast. Alpha Dog is rated R and still playing in theatres. Be sure to catch Anton on Showtime's Huff.

Anton, Continued;

you can't get too into it. I imagine only a perv would get really turned on. There are like 20 people watching and you're here to make a movie, not to get to it on with two girls. But it was cool. It was just freezing. That water was so cold because it was shot in November. Would you like to provide any clarifications on the movie for our readers? I've talked to people and they were like "I don't like tattoos and I don't like profanity." Too bad. They exist. If you listen to how everybody speaks, especially at school, you're gonna' hear the same stuff. These guys are a bit more chauvinistic. I think they treat women terribly. But I know guys like that. They're disgusting. I think they're pigs. But there are guys like that. It's pretty realistic when it comes to the concerns that I've heard people had. Somebody, somewhere said that they smoked too much pot. They don't. That's how much pot those guys smoked. And the actual guys tried to speak like Crips. So their personalities may be even a little understated in the movie. That's pretty much all.

A student washes his/her hands with cold water.


Corp. Headquarters: 22941 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills CA 91364

TOLL FREE: 866.954.2367


Corp. Headquarters: 22941 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills CA 91364

TOLL FREE: 866.954.2367



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