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Poetic Devices within "The Raven"

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The Raven (pg. 282) Group Instructions

1. READ your group's stanzas ALOUD one time through. ALL group members must read! 2. In each of your stanzas, describe, line by line, what is happening. What is the narrator's mood? What is happening to him in your particular stanza? 3. What poetic devices are taking place in your stanzas? Look over your list and identify the places (in your stanzas) that each poetic device is happening. 4. In your group, identify: a. who will read your stanzas out loud (could be all of you) b. who will explain what is happening in the stanzas c. who will discuss the poetic devices


Poetic Devices within "The Raven"

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Poetic Devices within "The Raven"