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Night Vision Goggles, AN/PVS-7B, Gen III

s Increased Resolution s Higher Gain s Better Performance at Starlight Levels and Below s Gen III Technology s Photoresponse to Near Infrared s "Momentary" IR Switch s Lightweight ­ 680 grams s Uses Universally Available AA or Military Batteries s Unity Magnification s Performance in Accordance with Upgraded U.S. Military Specifications s High-light Cutoff Feature Protects Image Intensifier s Operational Life Five Times More Than Gen II s Optional 3X Magnifier, SlipOn Compass, IR Spot/Flood Lens, and C-Mount and Tripod Adapters

ITT Night Vision, the world's leading producer of Generation (Gen) III image intensification devices, continues to improve its AN/PVS-7B night vision goggle for ground forces. Most significant are new improvements in the optical train and image intensifier that increase system resolution to .95 cy/mr, boost photosensitivity, and improve gain. These enhancements provide increased range performance and detection. In addition, there is a new OFF-ON-IR switch that allows momentary use of the IR illuminator without the risk of leaving the IR turned on. ITT's enhanced AN/PVS-7B maintains its simple and compact character providing user comfort, versatility, and nearly maintenance-free reliability.


The enhanced AN/PVS-7B uses our latest Gen III highresolution MX-10130C image intensifier tube. This new Gen III tube even further improves the advantage of previous Gen III tubes over Gen II. By employing state-of-the-art gallium arsenide technology, Gen III image intensifiers operate into the nearinfrared region of the spectrum where night light is more abundant and contrasts are higher. When compared to Gen II, our enhanced MX-10130C provides significantly better resolution, more than quadruples photosensitivity, and delivers much greater luminous gain. This enhanced performance enables the user to see

even better at star-light levels and below and to see objects not visible to Gen II devices. Regarding tube life, ITT's new Gen III tube now provides five times the tube life of Gen II by increasing operational life from 2,000 hours to 10,000 hours.



Scene Illumination Spectral Response Field of View Magnification Resolution Brightness Gain Collimation 10­6 to 1 fc Visible to .90 µm (IR) 40° Unity .95 cy/mr, minimum (vs .68 cy/mr*) 2,250 fL/fL, minimum (vs 2,000 fL/fL*) 1° ±1° convergence 1/ 2° dipvergence +2 to ­6 diopters 55 to 71 mm 15 mm EFL 26 mm, F/1.2, T/1.3 EFL 26 mm 20 cm to infinity 2.7 Vdc ­ 3.0 Vdc, battery (50 mA, maximum) Two AA size 1.5-V alkaline or one 3.0-V lithium (BA-5567) 680 grams ­51°C to +45°C

New to ITT's enhanced AN/ PVS-7B is the "momentary" IR capability. This feature allows the user to hold the OFF-ONIR switch in the IR position for temporary illumination and have the IR immediately shut off as soon as pressure on the switch is released. This prevents accidental exposure of the IR to other night vision devices. Included in these goggles are many other useful features such as a quickrelease lever that permits onehand mounting and unmounting, an IR-ON indicator, an automatic high-light cutoff to protect the image intensifier, and a low-voltage indicator. The AN/PVS-7B has been engineered for quick installation or removal and longwearing comfort. Extremely lightweight, the AN/PVS-7B can be hand-held, headmounted, or helmet mounted, making it useful in any situation requiring night vision. Additionally, the AN/PVS-7B is very simple to operate and can be powered by two universally available AA batteries or one standard military battery.

Export of this product is regulated by the U.S. Dept. of State in accordance with guidelines of "International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)" per Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 121-128. © 1998 ITT Corp. Specifications subject to change without notice. 1-98

Diopter Adjustment Interpupillary Adjustment Eye-Relief Objective Lens Eyepiece Lens Focus Range Voltage Required Battery Type Weight Operating Temperature Range

*Performance requirements of mil. spec. MIL-G-49313(CR) dated 16 March 1992


· Convenient, flexible, and durable carrying case with shoulder strap and beltmounting clips. · Optional rugged, compact, and lightweight shippingand-storage case for physical and environmental protection.


· Helmet mount · C-mount adapter (ITT part no. 263063) that accepts any Cmount objective lens · Tripod adapter (ITT part no. 263636) that allows mounting on a wide variety of hardware TRUST THE NIGHT TO ITT ITT is the largest manufacturer of Gen III night vision equipment for U.S. and allied forces. As a full-service supplier, ITT offers capabilities that cover the spectrum: design/development of new equipment; high-volume manufacturing and after-sale support, including manuals, training and depot maintenance. When your mission involves night operations, you can TRUST THE NIGHT TO ITT.

This system is available in the enhanced military version AN/PVS-7B (ITT Model F5001C) or the standard military version (ITT Model F5001B).

Optional Accessories


OFF-ON-IR 4-position switch · OFF -- All power off · ON -- System on · IR -- System on plus IR on momentarily · IR -- System on plus IR on continuously

· Slip-on or screw-in 3X magnifier lens · Slip-on compass for nighttime orientation · Slip-on adjustable spot/ flood lens for the IR illuminator


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