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Changes to our product line for the hp49g+ and HP50g Calculators. We will also have Solutions Books for the NEW HP35s calculator, available later this year.

Our software is keeping pace, with programming written to specifically take advantage of the enhanced features of the new calculators. We are currently working with Samson Cables and others to develop a HP50g compatible cable. The addition of a serial port to the new calculator once again will allow surveyors to interface their calculator to their instrument for low-cost data collection, once a cable is available. Look for our DATA Pac later this Fall. Software by D'Zign's software products (HP50g Ver. 2) will now work with either the HP50g or an hp49g+ which has the operating system updated to 2.08 or later. We will no longer include our CONVERTOR, the HP to ASCII conversion programming for the PC, as part of the packages, allowing us to lower the prices on the Surveying and Transportation Pacs. The CONVERTOR will be sold as a separate product for those who want this capability (see below).

HP50g Basic Cogo+ Ideal for the student, engineer or surveyor who doesn't need the field


surveying programs, but we've also added a radial Stakeout program for better use in the field. Complete COGO, Circular and Spiral and Vertical Curve solutions, Triangle solutions, Volumes, some extra programming includes Curve through 3 points and Curve common to three tangents. stock # 5031 MSRP $175.00 US

HP50g Surveying Pac adds all of the layout routines to the basic package. Automatic


staking of points by either coordinates or point number. New completely re-sizable file system allows users to use only the memory space actually needed for each job. Files may also be backed up to the SD card. Continuous Vertical Alignment program for symmetrical or asymmetrical vertical curves. All you need for boundary or construction staking. stock # 5081 MSRP $275.00 US

HP50g Transportation Pac is ideal for surveyors or engineers who do highway work, and


is also a time-saver for anyone working on subdivisions. With the Alignment/offset program in this pac you can stake offsets to any alignment directly, without setting up on centerline. It can do multiple offsets to any point along the alignment, with the ability to use preset offsets or intervals (or both) Also includes Remote Slope Staking. Stock # 5083 MSRP $375.00 US

D'Zign Version 2 File Convertor Transfer and Transformation software to let the user

convert HP files to and from ASCII format for use with Cadd programs on the PC. Also includes a PDF instruction booklet for use of the program, an update for the calculator's Operating System and the instructions for upgrading the calculator. Stock # 5050 MSRP $65.00 US

SOFTWARE FOR THE HP50g & hp33s CALCULATORS · All of the HP50g products are on a standard 64 Megabyte SD card, leaving

approximately 62 Megabytes of backup/storage memory for the user.

· ·

All angular addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are done directly in Degrees, minutes and seconds format. D'Zign handles all of the software support directly so there is no need for the

total order 1 5 10 25 - - - 4 9 24 up

The flexible discount schedule for our HP50g products is as follows:

percent discount 30% 35% 40% 45%

Bundled order discounts.

10 - 24 25 - up Any product + other products in quantities of 5 or more of each, Any product + other products in quantities of 5 or more of each, Total order discount Total order discount 40% 45%

hp 33s Solutions Book for use with the NCEES TESTS

Stock # 3310, MSRP $42.00 (same discount schedule, but not subject to bundling with other products)

The revised and expanded "Surveying Solutions for the hp33s, 2nd Edition" of our do-it-yourself book for the hp 33s calculator, which may be used during NCEES tests for all surveying and engineering examinations. · Add and subtract directly in Degrees Minutes and Seconds · Change bearings to azimuths or azimuths to bearings · Traverse and inverse with closure output and sideshots, they work in either bearings or azimuths · Circular curve solutions and layout and Triangle solutions · Vertical tangent and curve solutions including hi/low point, elevation at any station, station at known elevation, etc.

HP 35s Surveying Solutions Book, NEW, available in OCTOBER 2007

Stock # 3511, MSRP $50.00 (we also will have a second book, with advanced surveying solutions, Stock # 3512, MSRP $35.00 later in the year)

Authorized Dealer Agreement and Procedures

1 2 No required minimum. Dealer may elect to order products only as needed and is not required to maintain stock prior to sales. Customer/Software support. All support will be handled by D'Zign, The customer may call D'Zign directly at (559) 297-8025 between the hours of 10 AM to 6 PM on Monday, 6 AM to 2 PM Tuesday through Thursday and 6 AM to Noon on Friday. Returned products. Returned products should be shipped, with a copy of the original purchase receipt, directly to D'Zign at P.O. Box 430, Tollhouse, CA 93667. D'Zign will ship a replacement product to the dealer at no charge.


S oftw a re b y

P.O. Box 430 · Tollhouse, CA, U.S.A. 93667 · Phone (559) 297-8025 FAX: (559) 297-7498 e-mail: [email protected] · web:


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