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Software Management Suite

Excellent License Compliance and Software Asset Management System

Today most IT environments include client/server systems, terminal services, server virtualization, desktop virtualization as well as application virtualization. Software Management Suite is exactly built to manage contracts and licenses for this complex environment.

Leaving licenses and Software Asset Management out of scope puts every company at risk. Efficient use of license rights has a significant impact on any organization's return on investment. Software Management Suite efficiently assists in staying compliant and achieving significant savings.

When a "true up" is due or auditors are in the door, most often it is too late to plan and reconfigure. A system in place which automates necessary documentation of the technical and commercial assets and rights makes the world a lot easier in such a situation. Software Management Suite is such a system and provides the needed documentation just in time. This will give back the steering wheel and help achieving considerable savings as well as protecting license investments.

License Rights and Limits

Software Management Suite works with these license rights: Downgrades, full license history, license upgrade protection, secondary use for license savings, remote use based on Terminal Server and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Virtualization rights and others. These rights will be used automatically when a license balance report is created. Software Management Suite automatically checks the following license restrictions: Named user, Nonperpetual, Nodelocked, CPU for Microsoft SQL Server, Highest product version when an upgrade protection agreement expires, device licensing for Citrix/Terminal Server sessions and virtual desktop infrastructure, 90 day license assignment, Virtualization restrictions.

Automate your Software Asset Management documentation with Software Management Suite

Documentation Required

One of the most important tasks in license and software asset management (SAM) is documentation. There are obvious advantages in having all licenses fully documented in one place together with license documents and contracts as well as orders, bills, delivery notes and other information for immediate access in any format, such as PDF or JPG. Terminal Server and Citrix environments as well as desktop virtualization infrastructures will be documented automatically while scanning the sessions. Importing VMware vCenter or Microsoft System Center data ensures a mapping of virtual servers to hosts, clusters and datacenters.

Supported IT Environments

· Windows x86/x64/IT Client/Server · VMware ESX and VDI · Citrix · Microsoft Hyper-V and App-V / VDI · Macintosh System 9, X and X.x · Linux Distributions with RedHat package manager · All other platforms/environments manually · All publishers · All license types ­ definable license types · All contract types ­ definable contract types

Accurate License Balance Report

Software Management Suite's license balance report consists of the technical inventory matched against the commercial inventory. Accordingly license and contractual rights are matched with usages and installations. The report also provides the Microsoft ELP ­ the effective license position. Within the report the license rights and license limits are calculated. Optionally calculations use OU/cost center boundaries. Software Management Suite's heuristic approach for client access licenses (CALs) adds VDI, Remote Access, Windows and Exchange CALs automatically whenever needed. The balance report pools licenses either within the complete enterprise or defined OUs/cost centers as decided while creating the report. Software Management Suite's recognition engine reads ISO 19770II tags, file header and installer information and much more. A good example is the identification of SQL and Exchange Server editions. The scan engine does not need to be installed on any device. Basically the scan will be included in Group Policies or login scripts. Done!

Software Management Suite

Get the best possible results

Process Support in Accordance with SAM ITIL and ISO 19770I

With its functionality, operating principle and structure, such as automated validation, Software Management Suite supports ITIL Best Practice for Software Asset Management and ISO 19770I procedures. The system delivers full, highly automated documentation across all publishers, license types and platforms. Software Management Suite simplifies the processes of license and software asset management while making the most of specific license rights, and thus enables SAM managers to make quicker and better quality statements about the license inventory and the state of compliance. Auditors also have a much simpler time working through the complex license inventory, and they can find important documents much more easily.

Remote Use Rules Advantages of Software Management Suite

`Remote use' is access from a device to Citrix/WTS or VDI sessions. Software Management Suite ensures that the accessing device where the user is is always correctly reported and that all software in all sessions is assigned to this device. Furthermore Software Management Suite will ensure that if the same software is in several environments accessed by the same device only one license will be needed. Licensing Microsoft applications for access via Windows Terminal/Citrix servers and desktop virtualization infrastructure follow established rules. These rules are defined in the respective Microsoft Product Use Rights (PURs), and they are fleshed out in the available Microsoft License Briefs. Unfortunately, however, the explanatory information provided by Microsoft is not always easy to read, so it tends to get interpreted. As a result, it is frequently understood that licensees have to purchase licenses for all clients that can potentially access WTS/Citrix/VDI systems. That, however, is precisely not what is required: Remote use means that a license is only necessary when the software is used. This way there are two worlds for licensing: First, the client/server world where a license is necessary at the time of installation and second, the remote use world where a license is necessary at the time of use. Additionally the 90 days license assignment rule will be ensured. Software Management Suite correctly reports all accesses to VDI, Citrix and WTS servers, regardless of access type -- VDA, Published Desktop or Published Application. traces each VDI/Citrix/WTS access to the accessing device in order to map the used software to it, ensuring device licensing. detects the main user of a device for assessment of sideusage by a main user of a licensed device to accumulate such usage to the user's main device. reports remote assistance as nonrelevant for licensing. considerably adds value as a result of concentrated analysis and utilization of license rights with DVI/Citrix/WTS usage. This produces a faster ROI, and ultimately delivers more reliable compliance and considerably greater savings in the long term.

ROI with Software Management Suite

Software Management Suite efficiently supports the tasks of internal and external SAM managers, SAM consultants and auditors. Software Management Suite delivers significant added value that enables organizations to achieve and maintain compliance, to budget intelligently, and to make savings on license costs and resources. The solution automates license grants and license limit compliance and produces instant, actionable results. It creates the most accurate and complete basis data and process information. If offers best value through highly usable coverage of Microsoft License Statement (MLS), Software Asset Management Optimization Model (SOM) and the Effective License Position (ELP).

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