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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

This truly describes our approach to the Salon business. We have totally revolutionized the future of the industry. We have adapted a totally new concept in Salon management and ownership. Change is a fact of life, for individuals as well as entire industries. However, the beauty salon industry has actually made very few changes in the past 25 years that significantly change the way business is done. Most all salons still operate the same way - rent space, hire contract salon professionals, and conduct business as usual. The big issue with this approach is that the major problems still exist. The major problem in salons today is two-fold: managing contract beauticians, and managing people. Sola Franchise Corporation's concept eliminates these two problems and allows for a smoother and more profitable operation. The totally unique approach of Sola Salon Studios is that we provide high impact, modern, and upscale rental space in a "salon mall" concept that allows salon professionals the opportunity to have their own business and make more money without the risks and challenges of owning a conventional salon... all for the same rate as a chair rental, and often less. This concept has proven to be very successful and lucrative. Sola Salon Studios has opened 3 locations with all steadily increasing in tenancy. By the end of 2005, all are expected to be rented to capacity. But we are not stopping there! Sola Franchise Corporation is now offering this dynamic opportunity to a select few individuals. We hope that this package illustrates to you the aggressive profit system that we have established and are so proud of. We also hope that you decide to join our team, and invite you to talk to us personally about your future with us.

Building Opportunity

We build our business around long-term relationships.We focus on gaining competitive advantage and creating lasting value for our franchise partners by cultivating relationships that uncover opportunities for growth and profitability. Our franchise operation is built on the premise that we will be successful only if our franchisees are successful. We are completely committed to a partnering relationship with our franchisees. The system has been designed with YOU in mind. Enormous strength, limitless potential, greater security ... and an unprecedented franchise opportunity. Consider the pleasure of being your own boss. The security of joining an innovative team with a proven track record. The strength of a leader. The security of a stable market.

The BEST of 2 markets!

Imagine having your own business in 2 of the hottest markets today! The first part of the winning combination is managing your rentals of beautifully designed, highly plush suites for salon professionals. The salon industry has always been very stable and leading in growth. Today's consumer demands quality, value, service, and convenience from a trusted brand. In our segment of the industry, where the small, independent operators find it difficult to start a business because of the cost, we are a welcome concept. With us, you become part of this $50 BILLION industry! And the best part is that you do not have the major problem of managing people. You simply lease the space to salon professionals - they manage their business. The second market that comprises Sola Salon Studios is the real estate rental market. Over just a few short years, Sola Salon Studios has already risen to be the top owners of salon malls in Colorado. Sola Salon Studios' success is one of quiet diligence and clear focus. It's the result of an experienced team that capitalizes on its cumulative knowledge of retail and real estate to constantly find new opportunities ­ to acquire and build its portfolio, to improve and increase its performance, and to grow and build value for its franchises. This growth and strength is a testiment to our approach and the viability of our markets. The real estate rental market is one of the largest anywhere, and when you combine it with a $50 Billion dollar industry, it is a profitable combination.

Our TOTAL Support

What's in it for you?

Site Selection & Design:

with assistance in:

From vast real estate and franchise experience Sola Salon Studios understands the importance of a support structure for the franchisee - not just at the begining of the business relationship but throughout the many years that it evolves. A Sola Salon Studio franchisee receives support across many fronts, from initial site selection, through the etablishment of our Salon Property Management System and tenant database systems to operating and marketing your business. All our franchisees receive comprehensive support and guidance in all aspects of `franchise life' and is regularly updated.

We assist our franchisees in growing their businesses

· Lease negotiations · Demographic studies · Site evaluation and selection · Studio design and space utilization · General contractor selection · Construction specifications and ordering of fixtures and equipment

Additionally, we have developed construction and development assistance plans, which address design, décor and equipment selection to build locations that project a positive image to customers as well as a safe and comfortable environment for tenants.

Our system performs all property management, accounting, and payment processing functions web site. To assure the manageability of your business, we've developed a system which enables you to enjoy much more free time and eliminates the need to be on-site all the time. This means that your business will always have the flexibility of adjusting and scheduling. All rents from tenants are automatically collected electronically on a weekly basis.

Our layout & Customer Flow guides the customer through the entrance in which they immediately become aware of the

multitude of salons and the various services each salon offers. The layout and decor then draws them quickly and easily to a plush and comfortable area and easily guides them to the salon professional that they came to visit.

Complete Design Services:

The design of your location is a critical factor in its success. The design services provided are a perfect match and compliment our concept like no others. Our designs are dynamic, modern, and our salon rental services complete, our studios plush, and our rental rates are very reasonable. No where do you find such a combination. What this means for you is that you are ensured of success, security, and opportunity.

Tenant Marketing Assistance: Our tested and proven tenant acquisition strategies are designed to emphasize the ease and locations of our studios, and the sensational variety and the inviting experience afforded by our locations. At the same time, we'll show you how to attract the right professionals that rent your salons and increase your exposure. Proven direct marketing programs and proven B to B marketing programs as well as helpful hints on local advertising, you can depend on Sola Salon Studios for assistance that will build your reputation, new traffic and return visitors. We also provide assistance in public relations exposure in identifying your franchise to the community at large.



What we are looking for...

We are seeking qualified individuals to become Sola Salon franchisees either for single or multiple franchises. We are looking for individuals with a demonstrated ability to lead and have good business sense and a track record of success in whatever they are doing. A business, real estate, or salon background is not necessary. You will also need: · A strong desire to succeed, to contribute to a winning team and be prepared to work hard to achieve success. · Personal integrity and strong interpersonal skills. · The willingness to follow a proven system · The necessary financial resources and good credit. The franchise fee is a low $25,000, however, a typical initial investment can ranges from $400,000 to $1,000,000, of which, up to 75% possibly can be financed with your bank. Are you ready to take the next step, be your own boss, and harness the power of the Sola Franchise Corporation system? If you'd like to be considered for a Sola Salon Studios franchise, please complete the confidential franchise application included in this package and fax to us at 1-866-213-1535. After we have received your application, a representative will contact you to schedule a meeting and provide more details on our franchise opportunity. If you qualify, owning multiple franchises is an option. All information will be held in the strictest confidence, and submitting the confidential franchise application does not obligate you in any way.

If you desire a unique and exciting future - this is it!

Getting started is simple.

Below are the three steps for being awarded your own Sola Salon Studio Franchise:

1 - Contact our Franchise Development Department

During your initial communications with we will answer your questions regarding your interest and what it takes to be awarded a Sola Salon Studio Franchise.

2 - Complete and Submit The Confidential Personal Statement and Franchise Application

This can be done through this information package and then mailed or faxed to our corporate office at (866) 213-1535.

3 - Schedule A Phone Meeting With Our Franchise Team

This meeting will allow you to speak with the key people behind our success and will be your opportunity to evaluate the necessary aspects of owning your own Sola Salon Studio Franchise.

Call TODAY! 1-303-377-7652


Confidential Personal Statement and Franchise Application This application does not commit you to buy a franchise. It merely gives both you and us a starting point to determine if our Franchise is right for you. Please fill out clearly and completely, and mail it back to us to us at Sola Franchise Corporation, 517 Garfield St., Denver, CO 80206, or fax to 1-866-213-1535. I understand that the information I am receiving from Sola Franchise Corporation or from any of their employees, agents, or franchisees is highly confidential and is being made available to me because of this application, and I will hold it in the strictest confidence. We will immediately send you our Franchise Offering Circular with full details. Personal Information Name: _____________________________ E-mail address______________________________ Age: _________________________________________________________________________ Marital Status: Married Single Spouse's name: _______________________________________ No. of Children: _______________ Ages: ___________________________________________ Residence address: Street: ________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________State: ________Zip: ________Country: ____________ Telephone: ( )________________________________________________________

Present Occupation: ___________________________________________________________ Position: ________________________________________How Long: ___________________ Business address: Street: ________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ( ) __________________________________________________________ City: _____________________State: ________Zip: ________Country: ____________ Education Circle last year completed: High School: 1 2 3 4 College: 1 2 3 4 M.A. Ph.D. Other:______

Describe any training in marketing, management, real estate, academia or other business: _____________________________________________________________________________ Describe any experience which would help you to own a business: ________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Personal Reference (Friends, Neighbors, Business Associates)

Name (In full) Address Occupation Yrs. Known

1. 2. 3.

Credit Reference (Company)

Address Account No. Telephone

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What area are you interested in? (City/State) 1st choice: _____________________________________________________________ 2nd choice: _____________________________________________________________ 3rd choice: _____________________________________________________________ Will you devote full time to this business? Yes No If no, explain: ___________________________________________________________ Will your spouse be involved in this business? Yes No Are you considering a partner? Yes No If so, who: _______________________________________________________________ Total capital available to invest in a business: _________________________________________ Have you ever been involved in bankruptcy? Yes No If yes, explain: ___________________________________________________________ Are you currently involved in any lawsuits or legal actions? Yes No If yes, explain: ___________________________________________________________ How did you learn of our franchise program? _________________________________________



Assets Cash on hand or in banks U.S. Government Securities Amounts and Loans Receivable Notes Receivable, not discounted Life insurance, Cash Surrender Value Stocks, Bonds, Money Market Real Estate Automobiles Other Assets (Itemize):

Amount $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Liabilities Notes Payable to Bank Notes Payable to others, unsecured Loans against life insurance Accounts Payable Interest Payable Taxes and Assessments Mortgages Payable on Real Estate Brokers margin accounts Other Liabilities (Itemize):

Amount $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Total Assets $

$ $ $ Total Liabilities $ Net Worth $ (Total Assets - Total Liabilities) Total Liabilities $ + Net Worth

Annual Income Salary (Exclude bonus) Spouse's Salary (Exclude bonus) Securities Income Rentals Others: 1. Commission & Bonuses 2. 3. 4.

Amount $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ Total $

Annual Expenditures (Exclude ordinary living expenses) Mortgage Real Estate payment(s) Rent Income Taxes Insurance Premiums Other (Include installment payments and other real estate) 1. 2. 3. 4. Total

Amount $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $

The signature below authorizes the release and verification of credit information to Sola Franchise Corporation. Signed: ___________________________________________________________________ Dated: ____________________________________________________________________ Print Name: ________________________________________________________________ Social Security #: ___________________________________________________________


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